Dear Anarchist Abolitionists – by Comrade Z

Dear Anarchist-Abolitionist, As the music of Les Brown plays in my ear my soul is transported to the Ben Fletcher days. The world’s greatest black organizer of his era, and his Wobbly band, how awesome it must of felt to have your down-ass homeboys/comrades to ride with you, sink or swim. (Sigh!) In this dayContinue reading “Dear Anarchist Abolitionists – by Comrade Z”

Fight The New Normal – by Noah Coffin

Covid-19, whether real, imagined or blown outta proportion, there lies behind this scene a very real threat to us all non-elite. Check out Senate Bill HR 6666 116 Congress. If that doesn’t give you cause for pause, then this chip patent Code 060606 should. The well-known elitist Bill Gates is funding Powerhouse behind its production.Continue reading “Fight The New Normal – by Noah Coffin”

Dear Anarchists – by Comrade Z

Dear Anarchists, I come to speak about the personal stand that I am making against this slave camp. It is a known fact: Julio A. Zuniga, a.k.a. Comrade Z, is a certified member of IWW-IWOC. Said wobbly, is in fact a known activist to raise awareness about dangerous and illegal working conditions for any humanContinue reading “Dear Anarchists – by Comrade Z”

Conquering Without War: World Rulers’ Tactics of Control – by Noah “Comrade K@do” Coffin

One of the oldest writings on how to apply force, oppression, and dominance over others would be Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. Though written many thousands of years ago the rulers of today’s world continue to utilize the cold, cruel and efficient logic to their approach in subduing an opposing force or an unrulyContinue reading “Conquering Without War: World Rulers’ Tactics of Control – by Noah “Comrade K@do” Coffin”