A Brief Message for Abolitionists – by Eric King

January 7, 2021 Action must be taken, risk must be taken, creativity must be invoked. Right now, people are pushing the “Revolutionary” tag, but our words have never moved walls. We need creative attention-grabbing protests against the Bureau’s benefactors, companies like Keefe, Bob Barker Co., etc. Shame them into divesting, shame companies from making moneyContinue reading “A Brief Message for Abolitionists – by Eric King”

Dear Anarchist Abolitionists – by Comrade Z

Dear Anarchist-Abolitionist, As the music of Les Brown plays in my ear my soul is transported to the Ben Fletcher days. The world’s greatest black organizer of his era, and his Wobbly band, how awesome it must of felt to have your down-ass homeboys/comrades to ride with you, sink or swim. (Sigh!) In this dayContinue reading “Dear Anarchist Abolitionists – by Comrade Z”

TDCJ’s Budget – by Mark Johnson

Today’s topic is TDCJ’s “budget”. If TDCJ’s budget is too high, which in fact I know that it is, I would like to know why it is so, what is being done about it, and if steps they are taking are affective, because I feel that when it comes to almost any topic of discourse,Continue reading “TDCJ’s Budget – by Mark Johnson”