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Remember Tyre Nichols – by Dan Baker

Say his name. Here at FCI Memphis they are talking about locking us down when the cops here are forced to release the video of the brutal murder of Trye Nichols after 6pm this evening. This video is so obviously malicious and shocking that the FBI and law enforcement all over the country are bracing…

Growing Fascism in Prisons – by David Annarelli

David J. Annarelli 1853637 A-137PSCC P.o. Box 518Pocahontas VA 24635 The growing spread of fascism, globally as well as here in the United States, is being at least noted by most main stream media outlets. It is the age old “hidden in plain sight“ fascism here in the United States that should be of grave…

Remembering Manny (aka Tortuguita) – by Dan Baker

I just learned today that my friend Manny was murdered by cops in the Atlanta Forest. I send my love, sympathetic outrage and condolences to everyone who knew Manny and loves him. I send his parents all my love, outrage, admiration and respect for raising this man who became a hero who put into practice…

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