Interview Between Comrade Z and Comrade GW at Dirty Darrington

(TDCJ Darrington Unit, Rosharon, Texas Dec. 23, 2020) Z: Can you introduce yourself and give some background on you and your time at Dirty Darrington Concentration Camp of Texas Department of Minimal Justice? What is the atmosphere there? GW: First and foremost, long live solidarity! And a special shoutout to all the brave men andContinue reading “Interview Between Comrade Z and Comrade GW at Dirty Darrington”

Fight The New Normal – by Noah Coffin

Covid-19, whether real, imagined or blown outta proportion, there lies behind this scene a very real threat to us all non-elite. Check out Senate Bill HR 6666 116 Congress. If that doesn’t give you cause for pause, then this chip patent Code 060606 should. The well-known elitist Bill Gates is funding Powerhouse behind its production.Continue reading “Fight The New Normal – by Noah Coffin”

Dear Anarchists – by Comrade Z

Dear Anarchists, I come to speak about the personal stand that I am making against this slave camp. It is a known fact: Julio A. Zuniga, a.k.a. Comrade Z, is a certified member of IWW-IWOC. Said wobbly, is in fact a known activist to raise awareness about dangerous and illegal working conditions for any humanContinue reading “Dear Anarchists – by Comrade Z”