Dear Anarchist Abolitionists – by Comrade Z

Dear Anarchist-Abolitionist,

As the music of Les Brown plays in my ear my soul is transported to the Ben Fletcher days. The world’s greatest black organizer of his era, and his Wobbly band, how awesome it must of felt to have your down-ass homeboys/comrades to ride with you, sink or swim. (Sigh!) In this day and age, the TDCJ policy has been effective, no doubt, but no longer the whip we fear. On this side you’ve got slaves holding the TDCJ. Slaveholders arm, as they try to inflict the same old tactics, only this time, we are being watched by city council members and state representatives.

Today, slave catcher Warden Armstrong is using his intimidation and retaliative tactics to silence one fellow worker inside. Why? You ask. Well, it doesn’t take much to ask about m agitation of the past 9 months, through multiple abolitionist and IWW organizational campaigns. I’ve really got under this entire unit’s skirt. Please, call here. Ask for yourself. He’ll love it!

Some men are wondering, “Hey Z, why after 9 months of agitation are they just now writing you up for inciting a riot.” * shoulder shrug * I dunno! I’m not with “rioting”. There are too many older men on Darrington who’s safety and freedom is my primary concern. I am guilty of “creating” the Texas Unconditional Work Stoppage, a peaceful demonstration. Something my slave catchers have been knowing about. Only their egos have blinded them so badly I bet they thought, “That spic couldn’t possibly do the impossible”. Well this “spic” has done it and I’ve done it with every other degenerate, a derogatory term Armstrong uses with his KKKind heart.

Black and brown and poor white communities are now under no one’s spell, especially TDCJ, so I say to all: empower yourselves, for the cause that will finally end prison slavery. Not only that, make your demands. Get your parole reform set in stone. It’s that simple y’all. Unite now and get back at your oppressors for fucking up our mailrooms, for not giving us A/C, for not updating our phone systems, for not giving us cable, for charging us for everything and paying us shit, not even an extra portion of food.

Fuck your extra portion. Fuck all of you corrupt motherfuckers setting up inmates to keep them away from their families. Warden Armstrong asked an inmate, “Do you wish prison was like back in the day or present time?” Here’s my answer: I wish for the abolition of all prisons and their systems in place that mass incarcerate brown and brown people for frivolous shit, as they did back in AmeriKKKan days of racist discrimination. Nothing has changed today. Warden Armstrong is guilty of torturing mentally ill, mentally disabled, handicapped people, forcing people to suicide by refusing access to families, oppressing the mailroom, but not for his own benefit. If the drugs are coming in, he’s conspiring with intelligence officers to entrap inmates and has been for over 4 years now. Ask Angela Chevalier and Warden Powers.

How about this? Brazoria County “Special Prosecutor” has been convicting all the victims of this scheme. It’s simple to get a federal investigation going by asking for the data of convictions coming out of this unit and every other TDCJ unit in Texas. I guarantee you, your minds will be blown by the amount of contraband found in TDCJ. Do not fail to ask: How did that get in there? Easy. There are Warden Armstrong’s corrupt intelligence officers controlling it. Today, since I am receiving bogus disciplinary cases for asking Warden Armstrong for access to family and media, with them on a conference call, to address these issues on The Farm. Mostly I wanted to talk about the solidarity coming out of Houston, Texas city council and state representatives to share ideas of how we as prisoners can help in the transition of new bills being set before Texas congress to make sure we get what the communities are fighting for us to get. But in classic KKKulture of the slave catcher, they sent Officer Reyes to intimidate me with an “Inciting to Riot” case.

Officer Garcia sent him, during a Covid-19 medical lockdown, in an ad seg cell, which keeps me locked in 24/7. I am accused of “inciting a riot”. All of my I-60s will prove to all that. I asked nicely and they attacked me for it. Now I am attacking back by exposing his criminal scheme on Dirty Darrington.

I want the people to come look for themselves, to see the truth. I want the truth to be known and since slave catcher is revered as a God Fearing Man, lets see how true this is. Comrades, I am calling for all of you to make this place the focal point of repressive tactics that are threatening to halt progress in the State of Texas. I stand for parole reform and pay wages, oversight committee, ending Texecution, ending TDCJ and bringing in a new form of criminal justice system from the core to the crust of this sphere. I am requesting that all comrades on social media, instead of losing focus on our main objective, that a choice few lay the groundwork to bring an investigation on these administrators and ensure that a conviction is brought forth for the injustice they continue to impose on the poor black and brown communities through entrapment.

I fear no one, not even death, and I take responsibility for my past actions that were birthed by TDCJ designed and orchestrated desperation. I’m only human. I missed my family. I had no money for soap, toothpaste, deodorant. I was being denied adequate amounts of food. No phone access. My humanity was dying and I know what happens to inmates in Texas that are thrown away. They are forced to perform sexual favors or take cellphone cases or drug cases for others, or live in constant poverty and rely on the human decency of some like myself who chose to keep our humanity intact and survive on a shot of coffee donated by someone who knows how embarrassing it is to walk to commissary and come back empty handed time and time again.

You know what administration tells the guy who gets caught with cell phones and drugs brought in by TDCJ? “Listen man, we know what goes on in here. We know why you chose to pick up that phone. Help us and we can possibly help you.” Now, where in TDCJ policy does it say that only when you’re caught can officers dangle a Desperation Card for you. It’s unheard of.

Computer is an algorithm of indigent data that lets them know who to throw under the bus, because no one in Texas is going to miss him or her. Cha-ching! More profit for administration and TDCJ, because the state pays for convictions. Special prosecutor Cynthia Bridges has no clue that is what happened to the vast majority of her convictions. Lets not give them names. It’s too humane. But her convictions are all brought by the same people for the past 5 years and no one has ever had the guts to say it’s wrong! You have committed federal crimes by doing this and are abusing your position in life to make these humans miserable vessels who have now lost hope because of the message you have taught them.

Furthermore, you send real Christian Brothers to come feed them the Word of God after you have used the Spirit of Deception to enslave and punish these unsuspecting victims you hand picked off your personal computer file. That classification Mayra Montez has chosen for you and your corruption crew. Algorithms can be used to change the face of the satanic cult that is the Texas Department of Minimal Justice. Here is the real question.

Here is a very unique opportunity given to every prisoner in Texas put exclusively to Darrington Unit prisoners because of the bible college seminary, tire plant and trustee plant. Democrats said, “No more unpaid labor” to the satanists in TDCJ-Huntsville and they meant it. They said they “stand with the communities most affected by it” so, in not so man word, that doesn’t take a genius to figure out they are saying to stop feeding your slave catchers. Those days are over. If you stop now it will set the laws into stone guaranteed in months, days… it won’t be long. It took the underground railroad longer to build than it would take to get your peaceful demands met.

Today TDCJ has taken everything from me through their concentration camp of torture through physical and psychological fashion. When Malcolm X says “by any means necessary” I intend to keep fighting with the demonstrations on the outside, until every unit in Texas hears my voice. Dirty Darrington fears the unknown. They fear the capabilities of one man in white, an indigent, a slave, not a good slave. I bite the hand that feeds me because it only feeds me what I won’t eat. Whoops! Did I say that?

I love triple meat burgers from Burger King! I used to at least. Now, I want to try all the new vegan treats and binge watch the new TV shows and movies. But, when I forgave myself for my past and did the best with what the slavemasters offer to rehabilitate myself with vocational training, programs for behavior problems, I get sent to KKKonsentrationslager Darrington to be sent into a downward spiral of desperation.

I don’t do drugs and I have not touched a cellphone in years. Why am I in ad seg? Because I was entrapped with a faux disciplinary case by Assistant Warden Angela Chevalier, who I exposed for having 2 too many suicides under her belt in such a short amount of time. 4 years, 13 dead Two of them in September 2020, when laws passed to keep us down. But now the rabbit has a sickle in his hands and he wants his carrots to work on your slave plantations. If Warden Armstrong would have not allowed his Assistant Warden to “ad seg” me, I would of never been this strong in my agitation today, so I’m proud to be this well informed by officers and inmates across Texas and by officials who are standing with me in solidarity. It is all appreciated.

My oppressors are Dirty Darrington Unit administrators and I fear not one. I do ask comrades in high places to advocated for this administration to stop imposing punishment by starving me with restriction and every man in ad seg during these stressful Covid-19 outbreaks.

Captain Cooper told me “everybody is guilty”, so anyone that comes before him will be punished, even if it’s a fake disciplinary case. Now you tell me, did you have a loved one get screwed out of parole because of Captain Cooper? What if I told you I know a whole bunch of them. Nothing has changed. Here’s the list of primary corruption officers keeping us from going home. Some are intentionally setting up your loved ones right now. I know who they are too. I’m telling you, if you do not get politicians in here to ask the prisoners the facts, the corruption is on their hands too.

Please contact:

Sergeant Estrada, Sergeant Williams aka Cameraman/Green Eyes. Ask why he is named Cameraman. Is it so he can keep track of his contraband? Yes!, Sergeant Akinsonu, Lieutenant Lott, Captain Cooper, Sergeant Baker, Lieutenant Wilcox, Lieutenant Dumbya, Officer Reyes, Officer Garcia, Lieutenant Brooks, Major Penkowsky and the Farm Crooks, Warden Powers, Warden Chevalier, Warden Armstrong and many more, but I’ll hold on to release those for last, for the best is always saved for last.

I am experiencing retaliation, but take note. Not a single person I’ve been exposing has denied and allegations nor has come speak to me about their corruption. I wonder why that is? #PrisonsKill has been exceptional in supporting me. I ask that Texans speak up, speak out, let your anarchist seeds sprout. #FreeThemAll, The Final Straw Radio, Central Texas ABC, Austin ABC, Empty Cages Collective, WPO and everyone at IWW-NARA, IWOC-NARA – 2021 is our year!

Comrade Z

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