Turn Up the Heat – by Dan Baker

Cops are a disease

Anarchists are the fever

Human society goes through cycles, but we are stuck on Capitalism right now. Cops defend that system because they live as parasites, profiting from the ruling class as they create a buffer between the workers at the bottom and the trust fund babies at the top of the pyramid. Whenever government gets authoritarian, the anarchists chip away at it until balance is restored. Like a baby, all the organs are equally important, and when germs attack, special cells go to war and the temperature rises. Anarchism is not meant to be a permanent state of being. It’s like a fever that makes the occupied territory too hostile for the invaders to stay. When cops murder people, fleece us like sheep, like highway robbers as we drive to work, like bridge trolls trying to meet a quota off oppression, then it’s time to burn it down.

One long term solution is an insurgency built into the very fabric of the culture as a direct system of checks and balances. I don’t think we can, or should, destroy infrastructure or create totally violent chaos, especially when so many people are comfortable and domesticated. Personally, I need glasses, and diabetics need insulin, and we all benefit from emergency medical rescue systems. But we need to realize that all slavery is based on the housewivisation of women and that housewivisation is based on animal husbandry. Don’t be cattle. Be brave people – and all people are angry, complicated primates with fancy shoes. During uprisings, after the state commits atrocities, yes – strike when the iron’s hot, but not when most people have retreated to recover from pandemic, election unrest and mutations. We must pick our “battles” wisely. Only fight when we can win.

Instead of thinking in terms of taking down the U.$. military, think in terms of an eternal struggle, with fighting seasons, like flu season, taking small bites, winning over the masses, spreading discontent, feeding the village, building solidarity. Retreat where they are strong, deny them targets, and take the moral high ground. Consider that the U.$. government has been on a solid losing streak since World War II, with its CIA, FBI, NSA, Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force, and now it’s laughable Space Force. They were defeated by rice farmers in Vietnam, goat herders in Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalian rebels in Mogadishu. Whenever facing insurgents the U.$. loses. The 2020 uprisings were described by government officials as “a chaotic maelstrom of willing hands”. Protesters found the ability to field tens of thousands of belligerents instantly via social media, and the government was terrified. Cops were shaking in their boots. If not for the police stations and court houses burned down they would not have convicted George Floyd’s murderer. Arson accomplished what legislation failed to do.

Opportunists will always try to seize power. Let them. Let it be a trap. Make all leaders a target for intense criticism and constant scrutiny. Rotate them as frequently as soiled diapers and for the same reason. Sling mud, spread rumors, slander them, libel them. Social media is a beast – use it. Another strategy is the strike, malingering and sabotage from within. We are in no position for all out guerrilla warfare. Even if we were, we would not write about it. Anything worth doing is worth encrypting. Anything worth encrypting is too dangerous to encrypt. Just whisper it, or write, then burn it, or better yet, say nothing and do it by yourself. Avoid taking lives – “collateral damage”.

As for long term power structures to replace the current corrupt, unjust military and prison industrial complex, Rojava is an excellent model. In northeast Syria there is a region of Kurdistan called Rojava where the Kurds have successfully defeated ISIS and the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Asaad. They have created a new social experiment inspired by Murray Bookchin’s writings on Social Ecology (environmentalism), feminism, direct democracy and militant self defense. It is called Democratic Confederalism. They reject the model of the nation state, borders and blind patriotism. Instead they cultivate love for their neighbor, the land where they live and the villages, towns and cities nearby. They keep their profits and invests in each other, education, housing, food, healthcare, infrastructure and recreation. Women learn to shoot, men learn to respect women, everyone respects nature.

Our revolution doesn’t have to be violent to win. You and I, and everyone, can start practicing Democratic Confederalism now, where we are. Just invite like-minded friends together, identify a need in your immediate community, discuss it, let everyone’s voice be heart, vote on ideas for a solution, then take direct action and solve the problem. Vote on a name for your group, assign roles, ask for volunteers and vote. You need a treasurer, a note keeper for meetings and records, a recruiter, and two chair people, ideally representing genders, orientations, ethnicities, etc. Now you have a legitimate political party, a community organization, a movement. History/Herstory will remember you, so act like it at all times. The Kurdish Workers Party started with 11 members in a small house in a tiny village to address lack of schools, infrastructure and resources in their villages which were being oppressed by racist factions of the Turkish government. They took matters into their own hands, much like the Black Panthers, the IWW and the Freedom Schools in the South of the United $tates, which were organized for black people who were kept from an education. Feed and house people, start guerrilla gardens everywhere, don’t ask permission. Hold town council meetings. Eventually you will have the love and respect and support of an empowered community as an organic growth of neighborly love.

Then, the government will attack you with physical violence. How you respond is up to you, but you will have the moral high ground. You don’t need to become a martyr, but there will be some who sacrifice everything for their neighbors. Defending yourselves from oppression will earn the respect of the international community and volunteers will come to support your struggle. That is how Democratic Confederalism grows from within rotten and corrupt nation states, like trees from a pile of manure or compost. Fill the rolls that the capitalist governments fail to, because it’s not profitable for them to build stable, healthy communities of well educated, militant and socially intelligent community members.

Connect with other neighborhoods, create a network, a confederation of communities, boroughs, towns and cities that practice direct democracy and refuse to answer to an authoritarian capital. Then you will have established Democratic Confederalism. No neighborhood or town party has authority over another city or neighbor, so when a dictator or despot tries to suppress a minority, naturally, anarchists will rise up to check them, be they fascist, socialist or communist. Historically communists turn against anarchists because of this dynamic.

There are two structures to build that will prevent tyrants from coming to power. One is a militant power structure of volunteers, unpaid, who live together, make their own uniforms, democratically vote on all decisions and who answer to a community, a commune, and it’s council. They train together but they focus on community service, education, environmental protection and restoration. The most powerful weapon is the daily practice of criticism sessions, which the Kurds call Tekmil. This is done weekly by elected team leaders, and every month the community gathers for a criticism session. The daily meetings are like this – roommates, teams, groups working together. Coworkers gather daily and sit or stand on equal footing to face each other. They have an elected leader who initiates the meeting and invites everyone to raise hands and offer criticisms and self criticisms. Try to offer at least one of each daily. This stimulates personal growth, development and real change. It also airs out drama and brings conflict to a head before it can get violent or become backstabbing in nature. One can criticize friends present or others not present. Criticisms must be accepted without argument, complaint or explanation. Just say, “Thank you, I accept your criticism” and make some effort to modify your behavior, see things their way and get along. This creates a safe space to criticize leaders and even remove them if they are incompetent. Serious criticisms should be documented by democratically, elected group leaders, such as sexual harassment, threats or racism. Everyone should try to offer self criticisms daily, honestly striving for self improvement, growth and even philosophical or spiritual enlightenment, depending on one’s chosen beliefs. For example, I offer the criticisms about myself that I was being a ridiculous internet personality and openly saying things that put me and friends in a legally vulnerable position, and in physical danger. I also offer the self criticisms that I didn’t read much theory, history or study languages well enough before I went to Rojava and then prison, and that I haven’t been criticizing my racist neighbors here in prison. I offer criticisms to Jack, a former member of my defense committee, because they were disrupting my defense committee meetings to complain about their trauma, systematically isolating me from my allies, demanding that I not associate with an ex-lover of theirs, and that I stop “being political”, and threatening to cut me off from my support group if I did not meet their demands. When I tried to compromise and accommodate them they bailed on me anyway and did considerable damage on their way out of the community in the process. At weekly meetings, the group leaders will bring two people together to encourage them to share criticisms and squash the drama. Monthly meetings are as large as possible and will go on for days. This is meant to be frustrating, but the release of emotions is great for everyone. It brings people together to struggle for progress, cultivate social cohesion, participate in decision making and release aggressive tension before it gets violent.

Buddhist monasteries do this, a kind of communistic democracy. By acting on matters ourselves we become empowered, skilled, socially intelligent and we effectively subvert unwilling states that don’t nourish us due to their oppressive, hierarchical power structures. We create horizontal power structures, webs of connected communities supporting each other, in touch with nature. Like the roots of a tree we slowly grow between the cracks in the sidewalk, sprouting in the light, spreading in the darkness underground. Over long periods of time we render their overbearing authoritarianism into a weapon against them. The cracks in the foundation spread until their pyramid of social classes breaks down. We just fold our arms and stop climbing it to beg for their scraps, instead of distributing resources at the bottom level.

Using the peaceful Buddhist community as a template is also very useful. Most people are not militant personalities and the community needs farms, gardens, medical workers, teachers, spiritual leaders, families, craft experts, engineers, scientists and legal experts. The commune is a great place for peaceful souls to advance revolution. Write books, read and discuss the cutting edge of political and philosophical discourse and share these new ideas with the world. I’m just an “American Idiot”, but you can get better explanations and templates for the future of democracy here:





Petition for David Annarelli – Overturn Excessive Sentencing in Virginia

Please sign at:


David Annarelli was arrested inside his Virginia home during a severe mental health crisis in 2016. Police arrived untrained and unprepared to handle a serious mental health situation.  Instead of using de-escalation techniques, an officer who never identified himself kicked open the door to the home and opened fire. David returned fire. Everyone survived without serious injury. David was charged with malicious wounding of a law enforcement officer and sentenced to 20 years in prison by Judge Marc Long, which was FIVE TIMES the recommended sentencing guidelines by the state. 

Some facts about the defendant:

  • No criminal record
  • No history of violence
  • Documented history of mental health issues
  • Documented Traumatic Brain Injury sustained before his arrest

All of these details were readily dismissed and/or ignored during sentencing. Instead, Judge Long declared from the bench that David would “be made an example of.” Judge Long was twice investigated by the Judicial Inquiry & Review Commission and in January, 2020, was denied reappointment to the bench by the VA General Assembly.

In 2020, VA General Assembly instituted Marcus Alert to assist police in handling mental health scenarios as well as a number of policing reforms including: body cameras, de-escalation, exhaustion of non-lethal options, more strict knock and announce procedures, and warnings before discharging a weapon. Thousands of prisoners today, including David, were never afforded these common sense protocols at the time of their arrest. When combined with the extreme judicial overreach and abuse of power deployed by Judge Long in Floyd County, it leads any reasonable person to conclude that David’s case, and many hundreds more, deserve a fair and proper review at the local, state, and federal level.  

Since his excessive and incredulous sentence, David has pursued every legal path to appeal and has been denied the opportunity to review and re-argue his case before the court. Virginia allows its judges too much dangerous and unfettered discretion to only whimsically abide by their own state’s laws and guidelines. This system of abuse MUST CHANGE NOW!

In his own words, from a concrete box where he now spends 22 hours a day, David has the following message for those who deserve change, and for those who have the capacity to affect change:

“I am told that I am lucky to be alive… I do not feel lucky and I do not feel blessed… after hearing a judge claim to know more about mental health than a twenty year neuro-trauma specialist who testified on my behalf, and after years of inhumane psychological treatment, ‘lucky to be alive’ is the lowest moral standard of justice imaginable.”


David Annarelli is a father, musician, activist, and contributing writer to the Prison Journalism Project. He is serving an excessive sentence after an avoidable incident with police while in his own home during a mental health crisis. To learn more about his unique case or to help support his son, check out Dave’s GoFundMe page.

Raising Anarchy in TeKKKsas – by Comrade Z

Dearest anarchists,

As many of you may know, I’ve been fighting so-called “Texas” with all primitive means and have damaged their forces of ignorant wardens and peon officers, and it’s a fucking great feeling to see the faces of their comrades contort with pain and anguish at the sight of me. Of course, many disagree with my tactics and continue to hate on me for doing it. Let me explain something to you haters: This is “Texas”, and I am a Mexican-American anarchist. Read a fucking book sometime about the history between those two subjects. Come back and tell me that I am wrong for decimating the enemy “by any means necessary”, because that’s exactly how they do it, been doing it, and will continue to do it. So long as you policing one motherfucker for fighting his heart out for humanity’s sake, ball your first up and punch yourself as hard as you can, for as long as you can, everyday. Don’t stop, and while you do that, tell me how I should not fight. Please, start punching, go ahead. All reformists are doing it to us. “Texas” loves it, especially those capitalist slavecatchers like Senator John Whitmeyer, who comes here to tell the slaves that there is no funding for air conditioning after I showed the unit a $3 billion dollar budget for 2021-2022, provided by Eris Services.

Now, for all of you backing my play and providing me with love and support from all four corners of the United Snakes of AmeriKKKa, please hear my words: I am starting a fund drive. I am asking all of my supporters to pitch in generously to begin our very own radio show in Texas. I anticipate to use a platform called Pacifica Radio. For a year now I have been trying to gather up people and just enough funding for what we need in TeKKKsas to battle our common enemy with greater force than ever seen by the racist regime.

Corruption runs deep with TDCJ. I have been successful in whistleblowing on the so-called Justice Center in Brazoria County and TDCJ is in bed with all the tiny little departments in here, even the United Snakes Postal Service. My goal of using Brazoria County as a model to uncover corruption by our state government officials is all I want to do to begin, to prove once and for all that these racist laws placed in effect today are aimed to keep slavery alive in TeKKKsas and support white supremacy.

While it is a fact the tactics used by state officials against me and my anarchist brethren has increased because of Senator John Whitmeyer, who is heavily invested in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and prison slavery. He ordered the TDCJ directors to attack us, assault us, retaliate by use of force. A state official encouraged violence on prisoners in July-August of 2021 because in 2021 prisoners demanded air conditioning and pay wages, parole legislation change, ending of administrative segregation, ending of TeKKKsecution, reported H-Pylori outbreak that was intentionally introduced into our drinking water by former senior-Warden Bruce Armstrong.

H-Pylori, lead, arsenic, aluminum and PCBs are all an issue here, but my goal is not to make waves here in this po-dunk town of ignorant fucks. Not at all. My aim is to show the world corruption within TDCJ and our TeKKKsas government. Today, I want to elevate our methods to protect against the racist attacks on slaves by TDCJ directors. We are in need of support, as anarchists fighting injustice implemented by wealthy capitalists. Donations can be accepted through mongoosedistro.com, mongoosedistro@protonmail.com or IG: @mongoosedistro.

I am accepting letters of support. If you are interested in assisting in serious agitation, please open up a line by registering on: texasprisonphone.com. If you use Jpay.com, please include your return address.

Fuck TDCJ! After attacks on multiple anarchists in Dirty Darrington, we are needing funding of $400 for legal fees to file a class action lawsuit. This doesn’t cover anything else but the court cost to file a US-1983 in district court. Our fight is real, it’s huge, and we are known in TeKKKsas for fighting against unjustifiable mistreatment of black and brown bodies. We are nothing without you. We have to defend ourselves on a daily basis. We cannot do it without our community watching our back’s while we abolish the slave state. End prison slavery!!

If you want to learn more about the events of the past six months, for security reasons, we’d rather tell you in writing or on phone conversations. We love having leverage on the Corruption Dept. of Minimal Justice.

If you have the means to send this out on multiple social media site, please help us. We are changing “Texas” and how it does it’s people. Help us create more ways to end this shit. Thank you for listening. Stay tuned to mongoosedistro.com.

End Prison Slavery,

Comrade Z

Julio A Zuniga 1961551

Memorial Unit

59 Darrington Road

Rosharon, TX 77583

Anarchist Think Tank Locked Out of PayPal (from Center for a Stateless Society – c4ss.org)

UPDATE – 9/25/2021

PayPal has gotten back to us. We’re unable to ever use PayPal again.

The reason given by a customer service rep was that “…your account is too much of a risk to continue a relationship with PayPal. This decision is final and irrevocable.” No further information was given and we were told no more information will be forthcoming about what “risk” was posed or what triggered this decision.

We will be able to withdraw the funds that are currently in PayPal accounts after 180 days, if PayPal determines that we don’t owe any of that to third parties. We don’t owe any of this to third parties, but of course it’s worrying given the lack of transparency so far that they could just make something up and keep it.

We’re still trying to figure out how to move forward but, in the meantime, we’ve set up a Venmo account so that we can take in a bit of emergency funding to pay writers, sound editors, and translators for their work in September. Please direct any donations in the near future to this Venmo account:


Radical Review Zine #3 – by Harlequin

Revolutionary greetings! In this issue, I will review the movie ‘The Circle’, which is based off a hit novel by the same name. The movie/novel is about a huge tech company which introduces total transparency of social media. In short, any kind of privacy is all but eliminated, and all have instant total access to individual lives.

This is concerning because we, as humans, expect a measure of privacy in our lives. It is expected to have privacy in our sex lives and also in our health, to name just a couple of areas. We all have our individual private lives. For others, even for some of those close to us, it is offensive when boundaries are breached. Privacy to one degree or another, is crucial to our individual well being.

The fact is, technology is evolving to a degree that we lose privacy. We have advancing Artificial Intelligence, or “AI” technology. Remember, Siri and Alexa are always listening, standing by to be of assistance. Gaming devices such as Playstation and Xbox are equipped with capabilities mirroring Siri and Alexa. Even cable television is accessible by voicing commands into a remote to access what you want to watch.

Fairly recent court decisions have made “evidence” captured on one of these devises permissible in any criminal or civil proceeding. We are losing privacy when we purchase these services. I know, for me, this makes me extremely uncomfortable. ‘The Circle’ is what I like to call “prophetic”, as the events depicted are actually happening. How many of us can honestly say we can live without modern and ever-evolving technology where everything we dream of is accessible at a voice command or click of a computer mouse? Even those of us who really truly desire to live “off the grid” meets significant challenges to do so in our modern world.

We are living in dangerous times, and it is only going to get worse. It’s time society “washes up” and faces reality.

Until next time,

In struggle,


Thomas Flick LJ9467

SCI Mahanoy

PO Box 33028

St. Petersburg, FL 33733

Rants and Ravings #3 – by Harlequin

Revolutionary greetings! In this issue, I will talk about Covid-19, vaccines, the Capitol Hill Riot investigations, and Hurricane Ida.

First off, Covid-19 and vaccines are widely being made a political issue. It began with Trump and his cronies, and it still continues. When are our governmental leaders going to realize and acknowledge that the pandemic is not a political platform and take this seriously? Governor DeSantis and other state governors are prohibiting mask and vaccine mandates, putting their citizens at further risk. The fact that masks and vaccines are crucial to saving lives doesn’t seem to matter to these people. Currently, the unvaccinated adults and children are dying and ICU beds are full. It’s high time that our leaders take this pandemic seriously and take action to curb the infection rate!

And what’s up with the Republicans scrambling to cover up the actions at the Capitol Hill riot? We have a Republican senator, who’s not to be named, threatening companies with legal action if they cooperate with investigators and turn over documents relating to the riot. I have to wonder, what are they afraid of? What do they stand to lose if everything comes to the light? Why not just let the truth come out?

Finally, we have the devastation caused by Hurricane Ida. All through the South and Northeast massive destruction was caused by Ida. At least 52 people died, and massive flooding took place in New Orleans, Philadelphia, New York City and elsewhere. Ida was a Category 4, just one step away from being the worst there could be. And yet politicians are divided about climate change and are reluctant to take necessary steps toward making changes to our care of the environment. Drastic action needs to take place, and NOW! We cannot afford to continue to procrastinate and wait. The next hurricane or other natural disaster may just be the end of humanity. We are living in the midst of a ticking time bomb. NOW is the time to act!

Until next time,

In Struggle,


Thomas Flick LJ9467

SCI Mahanoy

PO Box 33028

St. Petersburg, FL 33733

TX T.E.A.M.O.N.E. Campaign to End Solitary Confinement & Repeal BP-3.91

The American reformers who first devised the penitentiary believed that criminals could ‘reformed’ through solitary confinement, labor and religious indoctrination. The use of solitary confinement and isolation-sensory deprivation began at Philadelphia Eastern State Penitentiary in the 1820s. What was actually discovered was that conditions of sensory deprivation caused mental deterioration and psychosis. Leading writers like Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin, upon touring the penitentiary, spoke out against its conditions of mental torture. As Dickens observed, “I hold this slow and daily tampering with the mysteries of the brain to be immeasurably worse than any torture of the body.” The U.S. Supreme Court ultimately rules such solitary confinement ‘mentally destructive’ and outlawed it.

It stated, “A considerable number of prisoners fell, after even a short confinement, into a semi-fatuous condition, from which it was next to impossible to remove them, and others became violently insane; others still committed suicide, while those who stood the ordeal better were generally not reformed, and in most cases did not recover sufficient mental activity to be of sufficient service to the community.” (see; RE Madley, 134 U.S.160,168 (1890) )

Since that time, however, solitary hasn’t ceased. This is even after courts and legislators in the 20th and early 21st centuries have outlawed even the new and more ‘scientifically’ designed forms of solitary confinement.

TX T.E.A.M.O.N.E. was founded by persons who have endured years and decades of solitary in the forms of SHU (aka EOB) and Ad. Seg. (now called restrictive housing).

Many modern courts have found that the same conditions and injuries to prisoners from confinement in modern control units as did the high court of 1890 in the Madley case. see e.g. Madrid V. Gomez, 889FSupp.1146 (1995)

“Mant, if not most inmates in SHU experience some degree of psychological trauma in relation to their extreme social isolation and the severely restricted environmental stimulation in SHU. This court concluded that confinement under such conditions may press the outer bounds of what humans can psychologically tolerate. The psychological consequences of living in these units for long periods of time are predictably destructive, and the potential for these psychological stressors to precipitate various forms of psychopathology is clear cut. Another court found that isolating human beings year after year or even month after month can cause substantial psychological damage, even if the isolation is not total. Davenport V. DeRoberts, 844F.2d 1310, 1316 (1999)

As a study of sensory deprivation by a team of 4 psychiatrists at Harvard conducted for the CIA revealed:

  1. The deprivation of sensory stimuli induces stress
  2. The stress becomes unbearable for most subjects
  3. The subject has a growing need for physical and social stimuli
  4. Some subjects progressively lose touch with reality, focus inwardly, and produce delusions, hallucinations, and other psychological effects

Segregation is the modern form of solitary confinement. Segregation inmates are almost completely deprived of the commonplace incidents and routines of prison life. In theory, RHU is not a punitive measure. In practice, it can only be described as punishing.

It is with the preceding information that TX T.E.A.M.O.N.E. has been inspired to put our lives on the lins in the most literal sense, by refusing the necessary nutrients for survival, and good health. This coming Black August 21st, the 50th anniversary of the assassination of George L. Jackson, TX. T.E.A.M.O.N.E. will be leading the masses of TDCJ’s Allred Unit in a hunger strike to protest and bring attention to the fundamental injustice that is embodied in the mere use of isolation-solitary confinement. We ask the inside community to join us in struggle as we already have a case in the courts challenging TDCJ’s use of RHU. We ask the outside community to join us in solidarity. (Solidarity actions will be listed at the end of this pamphlet.)

What is BP-3.91

Board policy 3.91 has recently been revised and is set to take effect August 1st. These revisions seek to create an asexual environment in prison. If the penal system has its way, all publications or pictures which may possibly cause arousal will be considered contraband.

While We recognize the needs of some to rehabilitate themselves from what may be considered perverse sexual behavior, the same can not be said for all, nor even most, prison captives. For factually speaking, each individual inmate has individual needs in regards to the realm of recovery and redemption.

TDCJ, when it benefits their agenda, seems to agree. For, in recent years, they have mandated that each captive complete an “individual treatment plan”. All captive persons must complete the plan prior to their release on parole or risk remaining in prison.

What penological reason does BP-3.91 serve?

At the date of this writing TDCJ has refused to state any reasoning for this policy amendment. This refusal in itself is unlawful, by the standard set by the Supreme Court’s Turner case. That aside, since they’ve left the reasoning up to interpretation, let’s interpret it:

Why on Earth would anyone want an asexual environment? One where, in theory only, sexual desire doesn’t exist? We say in theory only because factually speaking, no matter the variations of sexual expression, desire and arousal are as natural as breathing. What then happens when large masses of people are warehoused, cut off from all social stimuli, as we are in RHU? Frankly, this act falls in line with historical missions of the American establishment, in terms of genocide, a slow and deliberate depopulation of outcasted sectors?

Remember eugenics? The selective breeding of persons in order to weed out unwanted social characteristics that were thought to be founded in ones genetics. Remember forced sterilization of both women and men who were largely held captive, were mentally unequipped, or otherwise considered a liability to the social order. This BP-3.91 is aligned with this grim history. But that’s not all! BP-3.91 will ban any material which depicts a person with their face covered! We are still in the middle of a pandemic. Enough said.

Solidarity Actions:

Those outside persons who’re not local should call the Texas Board of Criminal Justice on August 1 at 512-475-3250 demanding BP-3.91 be annulled as it has been revised, as it is an unlawful use of prison censorship.

On August 24 supporters should call the Executive Director of TDCJ at 936-437-2101. On the 24th we will have been on strike for 3 days, which makes it official. Demand that TDCJ begin to rectify it’s inhumane confining of RHU inmates indefinitely and without meaningful review. Express your support for the hunger strikers on Allred.

Those who’re local to this region: we ask to come out in droves to support our cause via an outside noise demonstration at the grounds of the Allred prison colony. We NEED and appreciate your support.

TX T.E.A.M.O.N.E. Triumphant

Government Lies, Trumpism and Government Charity – by Harlequin

Q: How do you know when a politician is lying?

A: Their mouth is open and speaking!

This may be a quirky quip designed to get a chuckle out of people, but it certainly speaks the sinister truth! The truth is that politicians lie and scheme each step of the way to convince the people to vote for them and get them in the office they’re running for. Time and time again, these same politicians fail to follow through with their promises to the people, although it was the people that put them into the seat of power. Then the game playing begins., Have you noticed that, especially a lot lately, that every time something goes haywire in this country, politicians are quick to blame everything on another country. Lately China and Russia are the USA’s favorite scapegoats. It never occurs to these corrupt people in power that the problem may come from within.

When Trump got into office as POTUS everyone looked at Russia for somehow rigging the election results. China was blamed for the Coronavirus pandemic. Russia was blamed for the attack on a vital pipeline system in the country. Yet, this isn’t something new. This practice of scapegoating has been going on since the beginning of the inception of capitalism and imperialism. The blame is always shifted.

Lets touch on Trump. What an utterly incompetent, egotistical maniac! He terrorized the nation when in office in 2016 and he refused to accept that he lost in 2020. Fascism will always attempt to gain power at any means necessary. In 2016, we were given the option of voting for two fascist idiots to be “commander in chief” of the nation. We live in a country where we are told who we can vote for. Biden is no better. Yes, he stepped in and pushed for trillions of dollars in aid, but it’s not free money, people! We will be paying for that for generations. Our taxpayer money will pay for both the CARES Act and the stimulus money. Also, a little known fact: The 1.2 trillion dollar bill that Biden signed payed for a nonessential subway system for speaker-of-the-house Nancy “Piglosi” Pilosi. She now has a subway system essentially in her backyard for use in commuting into work every day. We are paying for a luxury gifted to Piglosi.

We live in a world of greed. At the start of the pandemic, millions of tons of food was dumped, all because capitalist corporations couldn’t make a profit from it. Yet, we have millions dying from hunger daily across the globe. This nation produces enough food in one day to feed the entire world for a year.

We need a revolution to overthrow the capitalist pigs! How long will we stand by and allow all of this to happen? I know my conscience will not allow me to just sit back and watch this unfold. I am involved in teaching others, helping them to WAKE UP to reality. So – won’t you join me in this struggle to save our world before it’s too late?

In Struggle,


Write Harlequin at:

Thomas Flick LJ9467

SCI Mahaonoy

PO Box 33028

St. Petersburg, FL 33733

This Land – by David Elmakayes

Is this the “land of the free”? The land that was promised to our ancestors that died fighting to create “this land”? I thought this was the land where dreams of fairness and mutual respect lives on. The land where you are defined by your actions, not your looks or beliefs! But for too long these ideas have taken refuge inside works of literature, television programs and dreams. In this land “Equality should have no boundaries; opportunity should have no boundaries”. Worth should outshine color. The ball should bounce the same for everyone on “this land”. Funny how in this “land of the free” the only time we are treated equal is once you’re incarcerated. Ones name is replaced with a number. You’re given the same food, jumper and shoes, undergo the same subjugation and humiliation. If we can be equals in prisons, then we should be equals everywhere.

David is currently being charged for his participation in last summer’s George Floyd uprising in Philadelphia and is need of a new attorney. Please donate at: https://gofund.me/53f3ddb1

You can write David at:

David Elmakayes 77782-066

FDC Philadelphia

PO Box 562

Philadelphia, PA 19105