You Cannot Swat a Swarm (Addendum to The War of the Flea) – by Greyscale the Mosquito

The War of the Flea. You cannot swat a swarm and it would appear that the idea is spreading like any good infestation of minute pests. With mobs of people involved in smash and grab robberies, the economy takes another small hit, from both the robbery and the black market it fuels. This alone diffuses any concerns about these actions being the creation of law enforcement themselves, which is not as unlikely as it might seem. It should be noted that crime spiked shortly after citizens demanded that police receive less funding for their bloated budgets. Smash and grab mobs are only the most recent iteration of what is likely a larger plan initiated by the police unions and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). A fop, by the way, is the olde English word for the useless, spoiled son of nobility.

Nonetheless, the tactic of swarming seems to be especially effective, and we see this clearly as the media repeats and regurgitates the footage. Other than stealing from Lorde & Taylor or whatever elite caste store of overpriced crap, where else might this tactic be applied? Of course we want to focus most on infrastructure, as I laid out in the first flea bite. I think this tactic might come in handy where we disrupt shipping and transportation of goods, an especially soft spot for this failing country. While it might be grand thinking to hit ports of entry, I think a better target would be those hubs labeled as “the last mile”. Those are the local warehouses that are a final hub before items reach your home.

Using this as the example, the target is not the packages per se, though, feel free to target those as well. I would leave those be for the bigger prize, which fits in more with the hit and run model I propose. The bigger prize?… Trucks, or any transport. Tires, peripherals (lights, mirrors, etc.) and engines, trains, which includes tracks and stations – these targets can be hit locally, but also scaled up to national sized hits, as per the comfort level of yourself and your band of fleas. These are physical assaults, and may not be your thing. That is okay.

Another suggestion of mine is hacking, which is something easy to learn and a clear soft spot on the American dog. In fact, just recently the legislative branch of Virginia, its General Assembly, was targeted with ransomware. I applaud this action, and while the news stories didn’t release too much information about the ransomware demands and information taken, it was a first of it’s kind and left Virginia rattled. Virginia, in case you weren’t aware, is a breeding and training area for the neo-nazi/fascist movement that has now openly usurped large swaths of local, state and federal government positions. These dangerous people have clearly shown a proclivity for violence if and when it is necessary. I would put forward the opinion that we should do the same, but with the understanding that violence is not always physical.

A simple hack, to my mind, targets ATM machines. Specifically, with a bit of searching you can find online the operator manuals for ATMS. These are what the maintenance men/women use to access all sorts of mechanisms in the software from the keypad any customer would use. This doesn’t just allow you to rob the machine, but also tell the machine to spit our $10s, in place of $1s, for example. To me, that is far better than simply robbing it because it has a ripple effect through the local economy. It is also innocuous enough to not be noticed immediately, which is the best sort of flea infestation. Get into the carpet and couch cushions!

Prisons… these are a bread and butter industry for the oppressors and I cannot emphasize my disdain enough. Along the lines of disruptions, both the targeting of their suppliers and hacking their system is of paramount importance. But that seems a too generalized statement. What about targeting prison staff for serious harassment? After all, prison staff spend their entire day at work harassing those who often cannot defend themselves, usually out of a sense of self preservation. This returned harassment can include things like keying cars, slashing tires, and the like. You could apply similar harassment via online attacks. Prisons and state DOCs have their own websites, often among the easiest of areas to hack online. Change simple things, for example “correction” to “corruption”… two letters closer to the truth and a tactic I used on my return addresses for years, until someone actually noticed. Most people don’t pay attention to such details, but subconsciously they do see it and it plants a small little flea bite which, with a bit of luck, will fester into something bigger. On this same tactic, order a magazine subscription and repeat this same little change. I still get catalogues from certain booksellers and my address has that changed. I would avoid this on political materials, which already draw a condescending eye from prison staff. There are no rules in a war. Anyone who claims there are have already lost.

Prisons are at the top of my target list, clearly, but not solely due to my illegal captivity and the gross inhumane abuses I’ve suffered. They are easy targets because no one expects them to be targeted. But more than this, they are filled with “fleas” just waiting to get out and bite the dog that has been scratching at them for years. Very few prisoners learn anything more than a disdain for the system. Prisons are filled with allies. They are not all anarchists, but they are all enemies of the system. While in this instance “the enemy of my enemy” may not be “my friend”, they most certainly are a useful tool if they too are out to bring down the system. It is of great value to turn every captive into a hero and every captor into a villain.

Take a lesson from the daily media blitz about misinformation. It would seem that a small hacker collective, REvil, who used to just crack games, music and assorted software to upload on Pirate’s Bay, now manage hundreds of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. accounts to create echo chambers to foster misinformation and create dissent. What are you waiting for? Go make a dozen sock puppet accounts and use them to post and share and echo each other.

There has never been a better time, and everyone seems aware of this, at least every activist group that I receive literature from, which is equal to the number of addresses I get my hands on to write. I write them all, and most of the time, I eventually get something back. Revolt is now. Not just among the leftists and anarchists, but certainly among the fascists who went all out to stage a coup, and are certainly moving their pieces into position for further actions. So it is time to act, and no act is too small, though I once again reiterate that haste is required to seize the momentum.

I am Greyscale the Mosquito and

this is the War of the Flea

A poem on climate change – by Mr. King Gilliand

Hello & Season’s Greetings!!

What’s up my new friends? This is my climate change poem. Feel free to share it with EVERYONE interested in written art!

I just love a climate that has a fragrant aroma,

and change is like a dewy red rose in the morning,

a cool climate change is like a moon beam dancing among pretty stars

I like a gentle breeze that wafts through gardens rustling leaves of majestic trees,

if the climates gets too “hot” we won’t be able to hear the song birds’ sweet melody

The winter climate change has children flitting all around just like butterflies and bees,

climate change is like the essence of thought transcending reality

A hot climate change exists because of mans poor decisions,

but if we all come together we can become triumphant in cooling our healing…

which will give more rays on to our being,

I function better in a cool climate which allows the secrets of my heart to bring sweet dreamin’ in the cool night

I want to embrace a climate of change,

full of spring colors that harbor warmth and beauty on a nice summer day,

a climate of love, joy and happiness is the most wondrous concept ever conceived

No matter what tomorrow brings, hot or cold, be sure to greet the day with kindness

for the earth and compassion


Thank you for your time

  • Be good *

Mr. King Gilliand F60435

480 Alta Road

San Diego, CA 92179

Holiday Message from Dan Baker (12/25/21)

Hello friends,

I’m writing today on Christmas because I was not able to call anyone. Here at FCI Memphis in each unit there are 4 phones for 100 people. In other prisons there were 6 to 8 phones for less people. In addition to this they have been practicing a policy in which they open all of the cells but refuse to let us leave the cells until the last cell is unlocked. They they say “GO!” and laugh while they watch everyone scramble for the phones and computers. It creates the circumstances for a fight to break out. They are intentionally pitting us against each other by providing limited resources, emotional tension and then creating a stampede. They do this to turn us against each other and to instigate violent incidents so they can justify locking us down. People who become cops are lazy bullies. They don’t want to do their fair share of labor for the community, they want to get paid to sit around, sleep through the night shift and get paid overtime to do nothing. They are parasites. Today I sat in line for several hours for one phone call and then we were locked down right before I got to the phone. After lockdown I got back in line, and when I got to the phone it did not work. Several others around me were also unable to complete calls. The call went forward as usually but right when it was supposed to ring there was a sound like someone hung up the phone repeatedly. This institute does not have the resources to provide everyone they are keeping here with the required constitutional rights and conditions. They are understaffed and undertrained. They have become complacent due to long covid lockdowns and they want to return to the indefinite lockdown. In order to do less work and get paid even more to do less they are allowing people to get hurt by holding us hostage and extorting us for phone calls. Every day we have to remind each other that this is a conscious, malicious strategy forced on us by the enemy of the common people, the police class. We are organizing ourselves to avoid conflicts, to avoid playing into their lazy, sadistic hands.

On a less bitter note I watched “It’s A Wonderful Life’ today on TV and was reminded of all the amazing solidarity I have received for the last year, and the solidarity I have experienced in Tallahassee and worldwide since I hit the road to become a full time activist in 2012. I was once again moved by the scene of this movie where the main character confronts the richest man in town for treating the working people like cattle. He asks the decadent banker if he even knows how long it takes a worker to save up $5000, and reminds him that these people wouldn’t even be able to live in a home if his abusive business practices continued. He then goes to work to undermine this rich banker and he builds a strong community through mutual aid, infrastructure, building homes and putting others before his won personal interests. The paradox here is that through building community by helping others with daily direct actions we too are taken care of. Despite the blind patriotism and mythology indulged in by this classic film, I found my Grinch heart softening. The final scene where the community comes together to raise funds for the main character’s freedom moved me deeply. It glosses over the fact that he was about to go to jail at the hands of corrupt police, politicians and bankers. It reminds me of how my international community has come together for me, sending books, assigning me ACLU lawyers, putting money on my account and writing heartfelt letters to me and those involved in my case. It is through seemingly mundane work, often boring and time consuming labor, paperwork, farming, construction, companionship, maintenance, healthcare and education that we build strong communities. Capitalist society wants us to romanticize and glamorize violence, authority, hierarchy and selfish ambition. But these kinds of activities do not build a healthy home, much less a community. They divide us and create the illusion of independent patriots fulfiling some mythological manifest destiny of colonization. In reality we are all INTERDEPENDENT. We rely on farmers, plumbers, construction workers, healthcare workers, educators, electricians and all the other ordinary people who are our neighbors. We rely on so called foreigners, friends and family. The health of so called strangers directly effect our health.

So please continue to take good care of yourselves and each other. I send you all my heartfelt love, gratitude, strength, courage, rage and motivation! Please help your homeless neighbors and think of me while you do this. Please make daily direct actions of solidarity and courage. Stop when you see police have pulled over or arrested minorities and other neighbors. Hold them accountable and you will see your neighbors released – who otherwise would have been jailed for no reason other than there were no witnesses. Live stream these interactions from your phone and declare your presence to these cops betraying the working class. I have done this. I would not ask you to do anything unless I had already done it. Anything I can do, you can do better – you can do anything better than me! I only wish I had done more community building before I went to prison. I pledge to spend the rest of my life making up for this lost time by supporting other prisoners and reaching out to neighbors, both the housed and the unhoused. Together we will make a better world, because we have to in order to survive. We are responsible for every person who dies in prison and on the streets from exposure and preventable violence and diseases. Murray Bookchin says we must be practical by doing the impossible. We will create a world where everyone has food, shelter, healthcare and community. One day we will look back on this era as the age of corrupt police, illegal imprisonment, neo-slavery, wage slavery and we will shame the oppressors. Help me by taking responsibility for each other and the social problems you see in your daily life. Thank you for being there for me.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
Don’t let the bastards grind you down!
Dan aka Alishare

Dan Baker 25765-509

FCI Memphis

PO Box 34550

Memphis, TN 38184

Post Apocalyptic Present – by Dan Baker

Hello Comrades! Revolutionary greetings and regards.

I’m writing because I feel moved by readings, thoughts and memories. Often all of us can realize something extremely valuable, but we don’t write and share it because we underestimate ourselves and it is our own thought. I want to improve as a person, a writer and a member of the world community, so I push  myself to communicate the highest truths I know. I encourage all of you to do the same/ Please offer me criticisms and I will offer self criticisms. For example, my writings are often disorganized, disjointed and confusing, so I offer this as a self criticism and I will strive to improve my communication skills.

I have traveled around the United $tates and around the world. I have seen so much suffering that I feel deeply moved to action. In the United $tates a popular form of fiction is “post apocalyptic society”. The irony is that this has already arrived. Amerikkkans make a big show of standing on patriotic pride and referring to “third world” countries as less than themselves. But all over Amerikkka people are starving, homeless, unemployed, living in poverty, while sincerely believing that they are temporarily embarrassed millionaires. They have fully bought in to the idea that one day they will make it big and hoard enough resources, by hook or by crook, to live a stable life. The Amerikkkan dream involves a large house with a large yard, heteronormative family with several crotch gremlins, several vehicles, brand name clothes, soap, food and medical insurance for all emergencies. Only a tiny minority of people actually manage to live this way, and they get there by inheritance or by a life of crime.

I have travelled to The Dominican Republic/Haiti, The UK, Ireland, France, Germany, The United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Syria, Rojava and Germany. In all of these places I saw the same human conditions, and despite the superiority complex expressed by capitalist states there exists poverty, hunger, crime, war, violence and despotism in Europe, The Middle East and the Americas. So called developing countries are kept in a state of constant conflict, being used as the worlds military playground and testing site for new weapons and war technology. These places are still members of our community, no matter how much rich people bleach their hair and skin, whiten their teeth, consume vitamin rich, organic foods, we all bleed red.

We share a moral obligation to humanity to take responsibility for the suffering of the poor in all territories as a world community. It is delusional to think that the world is not already in a state of apocalyptic disarray. We have been surviving on the streets all around the globe, living on emergency foods, living nomadic lifestyles, not by choice but by necessity. Many who live that way like to portray themselves as lifestyle travelers, but the fact is that we do not have the resources to settle down in any place because of the concept of private property. This exclusive land principle keeps homeless people homeless. We have been adapting to emergency rations for so long that we no longer consider canned and powdered foods to be emergency food – it is what we buy from the grocery store for our daily meals, because we cannot grow our own food anymore – that would be illegal in Amerikkka. We have become accustomed to trauma and unhealthy relationships with our community which encourages isolation and selfish sense gratification at the expense of our neighbors.

SO I hope that we can all slow down and look around us. Here in prison they have us putting up Christmas decorations, as if this were a normal way to live. In keeping with the hollow spirit of capitalist modernity our decorations include a fake tree, synthetic wreaths and empty presents wrapped in shiny paper with bows and ribbons. Of course there are Disney decorations. I was deeply amused when I saw that someone set the Christmas tree on fire in New York City. In prison many of the people here call their cells their “house”. This is not a home, and there is nothing that I can learn in prison which I could not have learned in a healthy, functional society, a wholesome community, which capitalist Amerikkka is not.

Every day we can identify these mental gymnastic which our fast paced lives take for granted, and we can push ourselves to overcome unhealthy conditioning. That is our personal responsibility, no one else can do it for us. Once we each discover the ways that we have been fooled and ripped off we can then take direct actions to improve our community by helping our neighbors. This requires more than simply wishing them well – people need companionship, food, shelter, medicine, mental stimulation, education and transportation. They may also need protection and to be defended or trained to defend themselves. This involves putting ourselves at risk. So please consider looking closely at the world around and deciding whether you really want to do something about it, or if you have been appearing to want to do something about it. No amount of prayer, meditation or discussion can compare to one daily direct act of mutual aid.

With love and rage,

Dan Baker 25765-509

FCI Memphis

PO Box 34550

Memphis, TN 38184

Broken Like Me – by Steven McCain

The paper is crumpled. I know not why. Should I now break down and cry?

It’s been abused. I know it’s true. A fate like ours, like you and me.

It’s sits beyond, just out of reach. I ponder what it has to teach.

There’s more I know than I can see. I guess at what’s hiding there from me.

Silent, steady, its palette waits; the colors it anticipates.

Green for grass, yellow for flowers, and grey for the mountain that beyond sight towers.

If wings it had would it fly away? Then come again another day?

It must not know just where it fell… in the very pit of hell.

If eyes it had what would it see? If ears and mouth would it talk to me?

Crushed it is, and broken too, but still it speaks to me, and to you.

People who have been damaged, thrown away, marginalized and traumatized are more capable of apprehending the abuses that have affected them then those who have not been so affected. So many people crying, and most don’t know they are doing it. I’m glad you are listening.

Steve, In Solidarity – Happy Holiday!

Steven McCain 2096064

Wainwright State Plantation

2665 Prison Road 1

Lovelady, Texas 75851

A Convicted Anarchist Speaks Truth to Injustice – by Dan Baker

I cannot remain silent in the face of corrupt authority and recent events. My friends would laugh and ask when I have ever remained silent. I tried to tone it down before my trial and sentencing, but I told my defense committee that I even if I “bent my knee”, as they say in Game of Thrones, and kissed the ring and licked the boot, even if I degraded myself this way, the judge would try to throw the book at me. I have been falsely charged with “Extortion – transmitting an interstate threat to kidnap or injure a person” because I posted flyers encouraging my community to defend itself from a fascist coup, that failed, on January 6th 2021, to overthrow a democratic election’s results. In the same year Kyle Rittenhhouse was acquitted after he traveled across state lines with an assault rifle and killed several protesters. This is why the United States is the laughing stock of the world. It makes me sick. For the past year I have been bounced around the country between 4 prisons, detained illegally pre-trial and been subjected to conditions and torture worse than a zoo, all because I am an anarchist. For my love of freedom, I am a political prisoner.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, by incompetence or complicate cooperation, failed to stop Rittenhouse from his mass shooting, yet managed to organize a SWAT raid against me for posting flyers online. While spending obscene amounts of resources tracking me, harassing me, calling my family, friends, employers and trying to tempt me into antisocial behavior, the FBI has failed to stop dozens of mass shootings. In doing so they have proved right all of our anarchist criticisms of the prison and military industrial complex.

Anarchism is an evolving, living idea based on mutual aid, freedom and direct democracy. Anarchists demand maximum human liberty because human nature is social and prone to working toward the mutual benefit of all. We reject government, hierarchy, domination, private property, coercion and authority. Freedom depends on equality, and that equality is the product of free individuals working together to make sure everyone has equal access to collectively produced resources. Rejecting the privatization of wealth by state-socialism and state-capitalism, we believe that all states are unnecessary and that social organization is best left to free-associating individuals to decide their fate through direct democracy. People should be free to associate in the creation of social organizations designed to structure social life. Anarchist movements pose challenges to liberal democratic states, which empower the criminalization of poverty, creating a dystopian police state. Criminal justice and law are just another form of coercion.

There is nothing I can learn in prison which I could not have learned in a healthy, functional, social community. The more I am oppressed by the US government, the more I am motivated and empowered to remove all the obstacles of oppression. I was raised by a Palm Beach County Sheriff Deputy who took me away from my mother because she was on drugs, which he supplied for her. I am the result of her affair with another man. I was taken from her, then put out on the street as a teenager. After a childhood of being forced to train, shoot and fight, I felt I had no choice but to join the Army. There I was assigned to a unit which bragged about the rape, pillage and murder they committed in Afghanistan. I went AWOL when they deployed to Iraq, absent without leave. I managed to avoid deploying with this unit, and while they were in Iraq they committed the Mahmudiyah Gang Rape Massacre – Google it. So, even though I was kicked out without an honorable discharge, I preserved my integrity. But “society” in the US is harsh to homeless veterans and I struggled to find work, housing and education. I used begging money to train in jiu jitsu and fight in tournaments. When I got strong again I used that begging money to fly to Iraq, where I crossed the border into Syria and then Rojava, where I joined the Kurdish YPG, the People’s Protection Unit. I did this because I believe in the Rojava Revolution, which is based on feminism, social ecology, direct democracy and the ideas put fourth by Murray Bookchin and Abdullah Öcalan. There I fought against ISIS and I saw the US Military slaughter a crowd of women who had escaped from the jihadis and were trying to surrender. They were disintegrated by an air strike and their body parts rained down on us for several long minutes. When I returned home, to help take care of the man who raised me while he died, I was hounded by FBI agents like Brian King and Nicolas Marti. My mother died right before I went to Rojava. I was targeted for criticizing Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Trump. Despite staying out of trouble, and refusing to engage in “
criminal” behavior that undercover agents tried to entrap me with, I was told that they “were coming for me hardknock style”. I even told them I’d surrender peacefully if they had a warrant, but on January 15th 2021 the FBI kicked my door down, right after I got off the street and into a home, fresh out of homelessness. I was dragged straight to prison and thrown into a shit covered cell for six months of isolation, pre-trial. Having been subjected to criminal abuse I have a few criticisms, which are included in my lawsuits against the prison guards.

Prisons enslave people and traffic their bodies for labor and to justify their bloated budgets. Jailers are indoctrinated in an ideology which convinces them that all prisoners are subhuman criminals, the worst of society. In truth most inmates are merely uneducated and struggling against poverty, a crushing poverty which exists by design to keep a mass of people enslaved as so called “unskilled labor”. Prisons also target the disabled. One of my neighbors in isolation was an autistic man who was clearly disabled and suffering from an ongoing mental health crisis. He would scream constantly whenever his light was on and punch and kick his door every 30 seconds. The guards would say, “Fuck you nigger, I’m leaving your light on!” After 3 days of screaming he had become inarticulate, no longer screaming, “Hit my light!”, but just shrieking. The guards would refuse to collect our styrofoam meal trays for days, then tell my autistic neighbor to flush his trays down the toilet. When his toilet clogged they’d accuse him of trying to flood his cell and they’d shut his water off for 3 days. This man would only say 20-30 phrases, over and over again. The captain of the unit sprayed him with mace, then shot him with pepper balls and finally threw a CS gas grenade in his cell until he passed out. The guards openly spoke about trying to get him to kill himself, telling him to hang himself with his sheets. He’d spread his feces all over his cell, himself and push it under the door into the hall. For several months I was not taken outside. I did not see the sun or breath fresh air, and all I heard was screaming day and night.

Inscribed on the bodies of many prisoners and the walls of cells and cities you will find the circle-A symbol. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon argued that anarchy is the reality of the human condition out of which true freedom emerges, like a flower growing from the ground of existence. The circle-A is believed to be taken from Proudhon’s proposition that anarchy is order – the A in the O.”

from ‘Classic Writings in Anarchist Criminology’ (AK Press, 2020)

As international revolutionaries we must receive into our ranks any foreigner, isolated individuals, provinces, communes, associations and countries which have rebelled in the name of the same principles, even though they belong to different political systems. Take an example from the International Volunteers of the YPG International Battalion.

During my trial the prosecutor accused me of hating the American government. I denied this accusation and I deny it now, as I sit in prison. I don’t even hate ISIS, even when I fought against jihadis on the front lines. As on anarchist and a philosophical ascetic I am content to sit back and distribute food while the economy collapses under it’s own spoiled decadence. I teach yoga, meditation and first aid. The resilience of our health, healing and mutual aid is stronger than any temporary power structure, no matter how fascist and authoritarian they are. At the same time we engage in Tyler Durdan inspired support groups. Everything is temporary – your body, the planet, the sun, empires, everything. Eventually all petty tyrants fall. We don’t even need to push them over, If you are so restless that you need to take a direct action, remember the first two rules of Fight Club: we don’t talk about it. I love my city, my neighbors and all peoples. Nations and states are not the people, not society itself. These governments are mere ideas disguising a corrupt power structure. This is a war for your mind, a spiritual war of ideas. You must define yourself by reading, discussing and acting on the conclusions your community agrees on. I recommend making soap and community gardens.

Daniel Alan Baker 25765-509

FCI Memphis

PO Box 34550

Memphis, TN 38184

The War of the Flea – by Greyscale the Mosquito

On the subject of revolution, those proponents of such an action would tell you that no better a time than now has a legitimate revolt against the U.S. System been possible. I do think I would agree with this assessment. Our country is splintering now that so much of its workings have been quite clearly revealed as illusions, or window dressings, to cover up and hide those evils which most citizens were aware of, but were able to brush aside as they looked the other way. The days of “as long as it’s not in my backyard it is not my problem” are long gone. Fascists are openly usurping fundamental rights. Nazis openly march in the streets. Establishment soldiers (the police) are openly murdering people which shows them to be no more than state sponsored terrorists and at least one group of political militants were able to successfully mount an insurrection, even if they were too stupid to know what to do with their political and military victory. Revolt is in the air, moreover, it is likely the only option left. Reform is merely a window dressing for the continuation of the status quo.

The question then begs to be asked: How do you go about taking down the system? There is certainly a need for a level of haste. To seize upon the moment and sentiment of an angry citizenry tired of never seeing change, among all the growing crisis and perpetual failure of the elite caste. Yet there is also the need for temperance and prudence in the planning and execution of such an action. You certainly wouldn’t want to charge into, say, the Capitol bulding without more of a plan than to take selfies of yourself and your compatriots. That would be the height of folly and arrogance, the likes of which has led us to this very point of history in America. So, how do we go about removing the establish,ent, its system and the brainwashed lackeys who defend it?

This seems an easy thing to answer, to my mind, and it is the mustering of those who are willing to act that will be the more difficult thing. There are many glitches in the system, so creating disruptions is simple. Just look at how simply a virus, a microscopic organism affected the entire country: the economy, resources, political divisions, morale, trust in any agency that is government-related, from the local to the national level. The for-profit healthcare system, the for-profit justice system, the for-profit tech giants who deliberately or by weay of complacency are aiding in the festering of dissent and conflict… The “how” of it is a simple matter of “Which failed system or glitch would you care to exploit and in what way would you care to do so?” Easy.

But “who” will commit the acts? That is the biggert question, the one that asks those who want to see such things occur and elevate into national (armed?) resistance, to risk all their “freedom and liberty” in acting according to their convictions. That is the hard part of the plan. We’re not discussing protests or the burning of a local neighborhood without purpose. We’re not even discussing something akin to the January 6th psuedo-insurrection, though, much as I hate to give those Nazi hicks credit, they certainly took things to a new level, giving every U.S. Citizen an example on how to act accordingly or even raise the bar another notch. We’re talking of coordinated national disruptions of every system mentioned above and in the ensuing conflict and confusion taking down establishment holds such as local and state governments, specifically police and courts, banks, industry and other resources that are the fulcrum of oppressive power used against us.

We’re obviously not going to see that happen in the timeframe it needs to. It is quite likely that the January 6th incident and the resulting FBI crackdown made every group a bit shy towards acting in such a way. Others may have become aware of just how real it is when it’s an act as opposed to a chatroom conversation and only theoretical. A few were probably empowered by the realization of what could be, and they are currently plotting while biding their time, wisely, though again: haste is needed now to accelerate things.

So I think what is needed are more diret actions that disrupt the system. We need hackers to target very near to the core: police departments and state DOCs, not only to expose the internal corruptions, but to also delete huge swaths of data from being accessed in use against us. Target distribution chains and further erode supply chains. “A hungry mob is an angry mob”, as the saying goes. In fact, target all parts of the economy, not with the intent of leaking data, but with the intent of causing long term disruptions of services, of every kind. The same logic applies to infrastructure too. Knock out the power grid, especially in those regions still using coal fire and gas plants. The oil industry. Death by a thousand paper cuts. There is no need for hitting the problem in one big attack, where a swarm of fleas or misquitoes would fair far better, much quicker and with more likelihood of remaining mobile and active to bite again.

But again, where the people who are willing to act? That is the question to which we have an answer. At least one reason that there is no answer, to my mind, is that in truth Americans, whose “freedom and liberty” came at the cost of a revolt 244 years ago, no longer have any convictions. Americans talk a big game but are too lazy and apathetic to risk their own comfort for real and lasting change. Americans are mostly armchair-quarterbacks who drink shit beer and have all the courage it takes to type up whatever on the internet but readily crap their pants when trouble shows up at the door. I say this as I am held illegally in prison, after police with no warrant and no justification for being on my property, in the dark of the night, kicked open my door without knocking or identifying themselves and opened fire on me during a mental health crisis. I returned fire and five pellets of birdshot caused a minor injury from a richochet. I had never committed a crime in my life. I defended myself from unknown intruders and I was the one put in prison. America is a sinking ship of tyranny.

I put every effort into flushing this corruption-center of money. I destroy every piece of clothing and flush it down the toilet. I flush everything down the toilet. I send copies of official memos out to be photoshopped into harmful bits with official DOC headers and signatures. I write hundreds of letters a year to activists and advocates, leaking every little bit of info I am able to as long as it’s legimate. Honesty is a weapon. I’ve faced so many reprocussions for my activism, physical and psychological violence, all as I try to get back into court where I can prove, without a doubt, police and prosecutorial misconduct.

So I ask you… What have you done to tear down the system, which is so clearly an enemy of its citizens? What are you willing to do? What sort of paper cut are you able to inflict, get away with, and re-inflict on a different part of the system’s body?

I am Greyscale the Mosquito and this is the War of the Flea.

Don’t Tell Me Prison Saved Your Life – by Pepe (aka Scott)

While laying in my bunk, listening to a radio interview, I heard a man say “prison saved my life”, referring to his time locked up years earlier. As much as I tried to understand his point, I was still bothered by the statement. I’ve also heard this said when I was in the “free” world, before I became a a part of the criminal justice system myself. I kept my mouth shut back then, despite how much the statement didn’t sit right with me. Now that I’ve been sitting in prison a few years myself, I feel comfortable, and at times required, to speak up when I hear someone make the statement “prison saved my life”.

The concerns I have with a statement like this are plenty, but two come to mind right away: it falsely suggest prisons are life-saving institutions and it disempowers the individual who is stating it by giving all credit to the prison, not the individual, for changes made in their life.

Let’s further explore the first concern of suggesting prisons are life-saving institutions. Imagine a loved one of yours is struggling with a condition (physical, mental, emotional, an addiction or overall health, etc.) that is threatening their life. Would you suggest they try getting the help they need in prison? The answer is an obvious NO. I think deep down, whether we’ve been in a prison or not, we all understand they are harmful places. Now, I have no issue with giving prisons credit as long as we do so honestly. Prison culture is responsible for routine dehumanization, isolation, forced separation from family and community, destruction of social bonds, and institutionalized trauma. None of this is good. It impedes an individual from developing and maintaining the full range of human emotions.

Prison culture is low level psychological warfare that deprives the individual more than it gives. Under such conditions, a relationship is not sustainable. Over time the individual will break down (become institutionalized). To think prison is what is responsible for saving your life is absurd. To believe that prison culture can exist without destroying part of the individuals caught in its grasp demands that we be ignorant of the history of prisons and that we deny basic human biology and needs.

So, let’s instead acknowledge prisons for offering stunted cognitive and emotional development, fractured relationships, exploitation, violence and domination of the human spirit, and I don’t mean any of this in an abstract manner. Show me how prison culture can coexist with a healthy, fully developed human being.

As for the second concern of disempowering the individual by crediting prisons for the change they made in their life, it is equally, or even more, harmful, especially if we are aiming to become more whole human beings. Such statements rob us of our internal connection to our more whole selves and our ability to change on our own terms, something we are all capable of deep within ourselves. In no way am I implying people don’t change for the better in prison, many have and more will continue to. I myself have made personal gains while here in prison, but I’ve not accomplished any of them because of the prison itself. I developed them through and despite my imprisonment. In no way did the incarceration help me develop. It has not been a good thing. My response to it can be, and has been, good. But the incarceration, absolutely not.

Prison deserves no credit for an individual having the ability to transmute their incarceration into gifts. Only the individual and the people who’ve supported them are deserving of such credit. So, if you are crediting prison for yours or someone elses change – stop. Not only is it disempowering but, it is also disingenuous and harmful. It lessens the likelihood of the individual understanding that it is they, not the prison, who possesses the power to put a lot of thought into what they feel is right for them, choose to change based on their own internal relationship to the self, and finally, to take responsibility for the outcome of their decisions. This is no easy task, whether you find yourself in prison or not. The difficulty lies largely in the fact that all of us have been conditioned to experience authority as something external to us. This is why it is easy for someone to credit prison with saving their life, rather than developing personal authority and taking full responsibility for their life.

Stated simply, personal authority is the process of discovering what is most true for yourself and then acting it out in the world. It is a sort of refining fire. It burns away everything that distorts or compromises the true person you want to be. It burns away everything that is not you, leaving only your most whole, authentic self. Someone who develops personal authority is not a perfect person, but they are a more whole person, and that is something the prison system will never make you.

If we convince our psyche that we have no internal compass, that authority comes from outside of ourselves, then we confine our lives in a prison of our own making. As Shakespeare noted in The Twelth Night, “No prisons are more confining than the ones we know not we are in”. If you abdicate your authority to something or someone else, it might make you look good in their eyes, but it will never make you whole in your own eyes. Instead, strive to create a connection to your inner self and develop a sense of personal authority that you can rely on. This is an important step to becoming a more free and more whole human being. Sure, this will be difficult, but it will produce a more meaningful life, whether your life is playing out in a prison or not. Who of us would not benefit from assigning more meaning to the lives we currently lead?

Turn Up the Heat – by Dan Baker

Cops are a disease

Anarchists are the fever

Human society goes through cycles, but we are stuck on Capitalism right now. Cops defend that system because they live as parasites, profiting from the ruling class as they create a buffer between the workers at the bottom and the trust fund babies at the top of the pyramid. Whenever government gets authoritarian, the anarchists chip away at it until balance is restored. Like a baby, all the organs are equally important, and when germs attack, special cells go to war and the temperature rises. Anarchism is not meant to be a permanent state of being. It’s like a fever that makes the occupied territory too hostile for the invaders to stay. When cops murder people, fleece us like sheep, like highway robbers as we drive to work, like bridge trolls trying to meet a quota off oppression, then it’s time to burn it down.

One long term solution is an insurgency built into the very fabric of the culture as a direct system of checks and balances. I don’t think we can, or should, destroy infrastructure or create totally violent chaos, especially when so many people are comfortable and domesticated. Personally, I need glasses, and diabetics need insulin, and we all benefit from emergency medical rescue systems. But we need to realize that all slavery is based on the housewivisation of women and that housewivisation is based on animal husbandry. Don’t be cattle. Be brave people – and all people are angry, complicated primates with fancy shoes. During uprisings, after the state commits atrocities, yes – strike when the iron’s hot, but not when most people have retreated to recover from pandemic, election unrest and mutations. We must pick our “battles” wisely. Only fight when we can win.

Instead of thinking in terms of taking down the U.$. military, think in terms of an eternal struggle, with fighting seasons, like flu season, taking small bites, winning over the masses, spreading discontent, feeding the village, building solidarity. Retreat where they are strong, deny them targets, and take the moral high ground. Consider that the U.$. government has been on a solid losing streak since World War II, with its CIA, FBI, NSA, Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force, and now it’s laughable Space Force. They were defeated by rice farmers in Vietnam, goat herders in Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalian rebels in Mogadishu. Whenever facing insurgents the U.$. loses. The 2020 uprisings were described by government officials as “a chaotic maelstrom of willing hands”. Protesters found the ability to field tens of thousands of belligerents instantly via social media, and the government was terrified. Cops were shaking in their boots. If not for the police stations and court houses burned down they would not have convicted George Floyd’s murderer. Arson accomplished what legislation failed to do.

Opportunists will always try to seize power. Let them. Let it be a trap. Make all leaders a target for intense criticism and constant scrutiny. Rotate them as frequently as soiled diapers and for the same reason. Sling mud, spread rumors, slander them, libel them. Social media is a beast – use it. Another strategy is the strike, malingering and sabotage from within. We are in no position for all out guerrilla warfare. Even if we were, we would not write about it. Anything worth doing is worth encrypting. Anything worth encrypting is too dangerous to encrypt. Just whisper it, or write, then burn it, or better yet, say nothing and do it by yourself. Avoid taking lives – “collateral damage”.

As for long term power structures to replace the current corrupt, unjust military and prison industrial complex, Rojava is an excellent model. In northeast Syria there is a region of Kurdistan called Rojava where the Kurds have successfully defeated ISIS and the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Asaad. They have created a new social experiment inspired by Murray Bookchin’s writings on Social Ecology (environmentalism), feminism, direct democracy and militant self defense. It is called Democratic Confederalism. They reject the model of the nation state, borders and blind patriotism. Instead they cultivate love for their neighbor, the land where they live and the villages, towns and cities nearby. They keep their profits and invests in each other, education, housing, food, healthcare, infrastructure and recreation. Women learn to shoot, men learn to respect women, everyone respects nature.

Our revolution doesn’t have to be violent to win. You and I, and everyone, can start practicing Democratic Confederalism now, where we are. Just invite like-minded friends together, identify a need in your immediate community, discuss it, let everyone’s voice be heart, vote on ideas for a solution, then take direct action and solve the problem. Vote on a name for your group, assign roles, ask for volunteers and vote. You need a treasurer, a note keeper for meetings and records, a recruiter, and two chair people, ideally representing genders, orientations, ethnicities, etc. Now you have a legitimate political party, a community organization, a movement. History/Herstory will remember you, so act like it at all times. The Kurdish Workers Party started with 11 members in a small house in a tiny village to address lack of schools, infrastructure and resources in their villages which were being oppressed by racist factions of the Turkish government. They took matters into their own hands, much like the Black Panthers, the IWW and the Freedom Schools in the South of the United $tates, which were organized for black people who were kept from an education. Feed and house people, start guerrilla gardens everywhere, don’t ask permission. Hold town council meetings. Eventually you will have the love and respect and support of an empowered community as an organic growth of neighborly love.

Then, the government will attack you with physical violence. How you respond is up to you, but you will have the moral high ground. You don’t need to become a martyr, but there will be some who sacrifice everything for their neighbors. Defending yourselves from oppression will earn the respect of the international community and volunteers will come to support your struggle. That is how Democratic Confederalism grows from within rotten and corrupt nation states, like trees from a pile of manure or compost. Fill the rolls that the capitalist governments fail to, because it’s not profitable for them to build stable, healthy communities of well educated, militant and socially intelligent community members.

Connect with other neighborhoods, create a network, a confederation of communities, boroughs, towns and cities that practice direct democracy and refuse to answer to an authoritarian capital. Then you will have established Democratic Confederalism. No neighborhood or town party has authority over another city or neighbor, so when a dictator or despot tries to suppress a minority, naturally, anarchists will rise up to check them, be they fascist, socialist or communist. Historically communists turn against anarchists because of this dynamic.

There are two structures to build that will prevent tyrants from coming to power. One is a militant power structure of volunteers, unpaid, who live together, make their own uniforms, democratically vote on all decisions and who answer to a community, a commune, and it’s council. They train together but they focus on community service, education, environmental protection and restoration. The most powerful weapon is the daily practice of criticism sessions, which the Kurds call Tekmil. This is done weekly by elected team leaders, and every month the community gathers for a criticism session. The daily meetings are like this – roommates, teams, groups working together. Coworkers gather daily and sit or stand on equal footing to face each other. They have an elected leader who initiates the meeting and invites everyone to raise hands and offer criticisms and self criticisms. Try to offer at least one of each daily. This stimulates personal growth, development and real change. It also airs out drama and brings conflict to a head before it can get violent or become backstabbing in nature. One can criticize friends present or others not present. Criticisms must be accepted without argument, complaint or explanation. Just say, “Thank you, I accept your criticism” and make some effort to modify your behavior, see things their way and get along. This creates a safe space to criticize leaders and even remove them if they are incompetent. Serious criticisms should be documented by democratically, elected group leaders, such as sexual harassment, threats or racism. Everyone should try to offer self criticisms daily, honestly striving for self improvement, growth and even philosophical or spiritual enlightenment, depending on one’s chosen beliefs. For example, I offer the criticisms about myself that I was being a ridiculous internet personality and openly saying things that put me and friends in a legally vulnerable position, and in physical danger. I also offer the self criticisms that I didn’t read much theory, history or study languages well enough before I went to Rojava and then prison, and that I haven’t been criticizing my racist neighbors here in prison. I offer criticisms to Jack, a former member of my defense committee, because they were disrupting my defense committee meetings to complain about their trauma, systematically isolating me from my allies, demanding that I not associate with an ex-lover of theirs, and that I stop “being political”, and threatening to cut me off from my support group if I did not meet their demands. When I tried to compromise and accommodate them they bailed on me anyway and did considerable damage on their way out of the community in the process. At weekly meetings, the group leaders will bring two people together to encourage them to share criticisms and squash the drama. Monthly meetings are as large as possible and will go on for days. This is meant to be frustrating, but the release of emotions is great for everyone. It brings people together to struggle for progress, cultivate social cohesion, participate in decision making and release aggressive tension before it gets violent.

Buddhist monasteries do this, a kind of communistic democracy. By acting on matters ourselves we become empowered, skilled, socially intelligent and we effectively subvert unwilling states that don’t nourish us due to their oppressive, hierarchical power structures. We create horizontal power structures, webs of connected communities supporting each other, in touch with nature. Like the roots of a tree we slowly grow between the cracks in the sidewalk, sprouting in the light, spreading in the darkness underground. Over long periods of time we render their overbearing authoritarianism into a weapon against them. The cracks in the foundation spread until their pyramid of social classes breaks down. We just fold our arms and stop climbing it to beg for their scraps, instead of distributing resources at the bottom level.

Using the peaceful Buddhist community as a template is also very useful. Most people are not militant personalities and the community needs farms, gardens, medical workers, teachers, spiritual leaders, families, craft experts, engineers, scientists and legal experts. The commune is a great place for peaceful souls to advance revolution. Write books, read and discuss the cutting edge of political and philosophical discourse and share these new ideas with the world. I’m just an “American Idiot”, but you can get better explanations and templates for the future of democracy here: