Protecting Your Health and Safety Against the Prison Murder Squad Hierarchy – by Jason Renard Walker


The purpose of this report is to inform prisoners living in Polunsky Unit’s death row and ad-seg cell blocks on ways to protect themselves and their property against Polunsky’s deadly cell extraction teams and silent partners, that use their job titles to assist in the cover ups.

I’ve also listed the known actors and usual suspects that, I learned, make up a small piece of the administration’s murder squad hierarchy.

This is being done in an effort to fully update those living in these environments on who these clowns are and what to expect (if you aren’t already on point) when they surprisingly pop up at your cell door, for reasons unrelated to any need for a use of force, yet with clear intentions of a race-motivated beat down.

Meet the mob

Staff at the Polunsky Unit maximum security unit in Livingston Texas, center the acts of abusive and violently unprovoked cell extractions as tools of social control against prone and isolated prisoners of color, and unpopular social groups like gay and transgender prisoners. Simply, those not adhering to the happy slave status quo.

When I say “staff”, I’m simply referring to all TDCJ employees that are in cahoots; like nurses, grievances investigators, commissary workers and whatnot.

It is a well-known fact that a closet gangbanger by the rank and name of Captain Carter is the orchestrator and head of Polunsky Unit’s “murder squad”. Warden Dickerson serves as her underwriter, with Lieutenant Sligher and Sergeant Schwarz serving as the enforcers, coupled with a camera operator named Officer Wootley as the recorder of the beatings.

Their silent partners include a white female named Officer Barker, a white male named Officer Aragon and a white female named Officer Redding, aka Big Bird. All three of these individuals normally work 11 Building and other areas of the unit, where a prisoner is always isolated and toted around in arm and leg restraints.

Officer Barker is responsible for ordering the beating of Marquis Kingsbury #2303732 on July 22, 2021, by falsely telling Captain Carter he urinated on her through the food slot on his cell door.(1)

Carter notified Schwarz. The team suited up and tried to kill Kingsbury on camera with no regards to future consequences, since Dickerson and Carter involved themselves in the investigation. Both Aragon and Redding made failed efforts to get my “ass kicked” days before Kingsbury’s beating.

If any readers are aware of any other staff that are part of the hierarchy, please send me your detailed reports, affidavits, and evidence to add to the ongoing investigation, ℅:

Central Texas ABC

PO Box 7907

Austin, TX 78713

Simple ways to protect yourself

Incarcerated readers that have managed to keep up with my writings for years are aware that I stayed in Ad-Seg for nearly a decade. I was housed in both 12-Bldg and E.CB at Clements Unit in Amarillo(2). Many of my articles on Clements are posted to my website:

So I’m well aware of having my property taken and destroyed; bogus write-ups; being gassed and stripped naked for days; being denied meals, rec and showers under the “verbally refused” banner; while filing Step 1 and Step 2 grievances that are intentionally denied or misconstrued so that my concerns weren’t addressed.

Though it’s been years since my release from Ad-Seg, I still concern myself with helping those that remain under such restraints, even at the cost of expending my own time, money, and resources.

The following list and instructions are things you can practice to: increase your chances of avoiding vindictive cell extractions; minimize the amount of damage inflicted if a cell extraction does occur; reduce loss of property and ward off future attacks and retaliation for complaining. Not to mention creating bonds with your neighbors.

1. Unite with your neighbors and create a culture of resistance.

A culture of resistance is an act of creating a community for you and those around you, based on: respecting each other’s person, space and property; conducting yourself in a principled manner as men. Avoid feeding into the childish games guards tend to play. Since, in effect, it is the loss of a verbal battle and their cowardice to fight on equal terms that prompt assaultive cell extractions and property theft. Avoid dry taunting and instigating, based on the fallacy that they won’t jeopardize their job to carelessly retaliate; be more open to seeking help from each other without the expectation of charging or paying a fee; recognize who your real enemies are.

When guards enter your cell block, they should feel the vibe that weak divide and conquer tactics, Stockholm Syndrome and the like have no effect and are subject to immediate exposure and rejection by the residents: vis-a-vis, a culture of resistance.

This step will take time, effort, and agitated struggle. As most prisoners in isolation have a passion and need to emotionally attach themselves to those of uniformed authority, while happily rejecting the trust and care of those around them that offer it, based solely on the fact that guards treat those people this same way.

Cell extraction teams have a tendency to prey where the the least signs of united resistance are present, and thrive where inmates clap, bang, and applaud them to do as they please. The amount of injury they inflict is determined by the approval they receive as they build their momentum to enter the cell.

2. Always keep a jar of baby powder handy.

Following an illegal cell extraction, you will usually be tossed back into the empty gassed-up cell naked. So when a cell extraction is imminent, toss piles of baby powder under the toilet, inside the lockers and under the bunk. Patting it on your face and body will absorb sweat and the oily chemical agent. It soothes instantly. Also share it as needed. Never rub your body with water.

3. As the cell door opens: ball up in front of it, using your arms and elbows to protect your head and face. Bring your knees up to your chest to protect your stomach and ribs. This not only minimizes the damage you would normally receive. It slows down their bulldozing momentum and technique tremendously. It also hampers the last three guards (of the five-man minimum) from getting free licks without it clearly being on camera, as they will be unable to use their momentum to crash into you.

4. Scream out loud that you are not resisting. They will immediately tell you to stop resisting, while keeping you pinned on your back and your hands pinned to your side so you can’t block any punches, eye pokes, throat grips or testicle crushes. It’s best if you roll on your stomach as soon as they enter, but that takes practice. And keep your eyes closed. Some wear gas-saturated gloves, or ones with barbs on the finger tips, to assist with eye gouging.

5. Any witnessing prisoners should always keep in mind that the portable camera picks up sound. Demand witness statements by saying “my name is so-and-so, I live in so-and-so cell and witnessed so-and-so, I need a witness statement.” Of course you won’t get one! But what this does is provide audio evidence that the supervising guard(s) failed to follow policy, by providing witness statements to those reporting an excessive use of force. Your denial should be followed up by grieving it using a Step 1, then a Step 2.

6. Before “the team” arrive, anything you can’t afford to lose should be sent to a neighbor to prevent guard theft and destruction. As you’ll be without whatever they don’t toss for quite some time. Witnesses should keep journals of the events.

7. Keep your mouth closed and slowly breathe out of your nose once you’re thrown back in the cell. Don’t attempt to wipe gas off the wall. Toss baby powder on any visible stains and blotches.

It’s a shame that a report like this has to be made. But in environments where we are left to fend for ourselves, it’s always safety first.

Dare to struggle, dare to win! All power to the people!

Jason Renard Walker #1532092

Connally Unit

899 FM 632

Kenedy, TX 78119


(2) I give descriptions of the horrors unfortunate prisoners faced and more in my paperback book “Reports From Within the Belly of the Beast: Torture and Injustice inside Texas Department of Criminal Justice”, available on

Letter from the Editor

Thank you for your continued support. It means a great deal to the incarcerated writers who contribute to the project to know that people on the outside take time out of their day to take in their works. We have been doing this for a few years now, learning and growing on a daily basis. From the start, we have maintained a clear mission and a set of “dos and don’ts” that keep us accountable to it.

Our mission is to transcribe, publish and distribute writings from prisoners, including, but not limited to, anarchist prisoners. Our vetting guidelines pertain to the content of submissions that are in consideration to be published. For example, we do not publish works that advocate things that we find to be actively harmful, such as statism, authoritarianism, racism, sexism, etc.

That being said, we also do not exclude potential contributors based on alleged past wrongdoings. This is not a callous dismissal of people who may have been harmed by our contributors on the outside, but solidarity with those who are experiencing the hell that is prison. We do not wish to act as judge, jury, executioner to any of our contributors, and simply hope that, even in the smallest of ways, our project can help combat the State carceral system’s desire to silence its captives.


Mongoose Distro

July 28, 2022

New Support Website for Anarchist Prisoner Sofia “Comrade Candle” Johnson –


Sofia ‘Candle’ Johnson is a non-binary trans woman and 25-year-old Egoist Anarchist currently in the custody of the Oregon Department of Corrections, confined at Coffee Creek, a women’s Correctional Facility. Her pronouns are she/they. Raised in the white suburbs of Broward County, Florida, Sofia is an anarchist who was born to much privilege, though she has been closeted until her early 20s and afforded little political discourse with anarchists prior to her chats with Manning. Sofia has been undergoing hormone replacement therapy since March 23rd of 2018, and expects to undergo vaginoplasty sometime-in-custody with appropriate support. Sofia is half-Venezuelan, and speaks some Spanish.

Sofia has taken large-responsibility for orchestrating a riot in Portland that placed her in the public eye. Due to an FBI informant in her inner circle, Sofia was arrested at the scene of the riot by being led into a honeypot while injured. She had smashed open multiple windows of a shopping district, the windows of a church, and destroyed an ATM. Sofia has accepted a plea-agreement for these charges, and is now convicted of ‘Riot’ and ‘Criminal Mischief in the 1st Degree’, owing some $11,000 in restitution.

Sofia’s sentence is largely driven, time-wise, by her conviction in relation to her robbery of a 7/11 in Beaverton, Oregon; she robbed the cashier at gunpoint for around-$860 and a handful of Backwoods cigars. Though she succeeded in fleeing from the police, she was later indicted while in custody pertaining to charges that arose from her squatting of a vacant veterinary clinic. She accepted a plea-agreement of the mandatory-minimum, 90-months, per §ORS 137.700.

All of her convictions run concurrently, meaning Sofia’s hard-release date is set as 12/22/2028. She has no remorse for her acts and holds the State in contempt. Sofia is an intellectual, and though her acts arose of necessity they were not born of impulse. She believes it is always time to act, even alone, that no act is more or less significant than another.

Sofia’s favorite book is Max Stirner’s Der Einzige und sein Eigentum — she owns both the Wolfi translation and the older Cambridge Classic edition. She is similarly intoxicated with Friedrich Nietzsche’s work, and loves aphorisms. Her favorite aphorism is the French Le roi est mort, Vive le roi. Most of her time incarcerated is spent reading, writing, playing basketball, watching anime. She loves flowers and writing poetry. Her favorite commissary foods
are Chili-flavored Maruchan Ramen and FritoLay’s Cheetos.

Sofia’s favorite anarchist, other than herself, is the illegalist Luigi Galleani. Her favorite anime is the spin-off of JoJo’s bizarre adventure titled ‘Thus Spake Kishibe Rohan’. She loves Nihilism, Existentialism, Absurdism. She is on the spectrum, though she has declined formal diagnoses. Her favorite artist is Broward County’s Kodak Black, and she collects trimmings from every FritoLay product she eats in homage to his ‘Don’t Leave Me’.

Sofia is divorced, and identifies as pansexual. She is still searching for love. She believes in the ideal of communism, heavily distanced from any Marxist theories of a state or dictatorship. She is relatively opposed to civilization, and sees the evils of capitalist technology though finds it hard to damn a thing-in-itself of technology as a broader concept. Sofia grew up as a black hat hacker, starting in her early teens and distancing herself from the craft as an
adult-entering-college. Sofia is currently a student at the University of Oregon, after her scholarship essay on fucking the FBI was accepted.

Sodia plans to show her commitment to the Anarchist movement during her incarceration by continuing to create propaganda, furthering her intellectual studies, creating essays with her near-limitless time, staying devoted for her 90-month captivity, and, perhaps most importantly, continuing to set the standard of how-to-be-imprisoned: showing no remorse and giving no names or compromising into. After revealing the legal name of the informant in her affinity group, a well-seated activist who has had bail posted numerous times, Sofia is emboldened to dispel any idea of snitching being useful, in any
way, by example.

She likes her coffee as black as the flag. She writes fondly of bombers and robbers, assassins and arsonists. She won’t hesitate to quote Nietzsche or Stirner, maybe even to flirt. She’s immoral, a friend of murderers and drug dealers. Welcome the brave new insurrectionary enby of your dreams, someone whose pain has had to be the recipe, whom you can count on like-basketball to stick around.


Write to Sofia at:

Sofia Johnson 23976151

Coffee Creek Correctional Facility

24499 SW Grahams Ferry Road

Wilsonville, OR 97070

Prisoner Awareness – by Dan Baker

Hello friends,

I am writing today to raise awareness for friends all over the world who have been facing captivity due to human rights activism. At it’s core all anarchist activism is a struggle for human rights. Freedom of expression, bodily autonomy, freedom from captivity, freedom to live a life as one see fit, with access to healthcare, housing, transportation education and community- all of these are anarchist struggles. Often our work intersects with other movements who have similar goals for specific groups of marginalized people, and even compassion for animals and environmental activism. People who profit from the exploitation of people, plant and animals find the existence of motivated anarchists and intersectional class struggle to be a threat to their social structure of hierarchy and domination. We are often striving to exist within the nation state systems, at peace, solving our own problems in autonomous zones, if only so we can claim the moral high ground of non-aggression and let the overbearing authorities cast the first stone. But many of us sincerely wish to have happy, healthy lives of peaceful coexistence, living close to nature and each other, living honestly in the face of institutionalized lies, dogmatic stone age mysticisms and hypocrisies, living in a way that is separate from the profit driven economy which is doomed to endless cycles of class division, exploitation, collapse and violent ‘forever wars’.

Those who do act out in aggressive ways are often only struggling for survival again lionized police forces who outlaw their very existence- for example patriarchy religious structures like zealous adherents to Abrahamic mythologies; the Kurds struggling against genocide in many different nations; Black communities world wide, but especially in Amerikkka, where police and federal government are putting white supremacist ideologies into practice; the Jewish Diaspora worldwide; Palestinian communities; Indigenous communities who managed to survive colonialism; and the Irish, victims of the United Kingdom’s first colony.

Right now we are seeing anarchists under attack on a global scale, and it’s important that we know the names of those who are facing imprisonment so they are not forgotten. By raising awareness we protect their bodies with accountability. Police who work as prison guards are made aware that they are being watched by the entire world, just like Derek Chauvin. Please look into the conditions faced by Belarus political prisoners and European political prisoners. We should also look into the state of Chinese and Russian political prisoners, and Ukrainian anarchists. Here are the names of friends I am aware of. Please look up these people and reach out to them and their friends and family. They can also receive money for their prison commissary account. If you send me any money, please send me less money so you can also send some to these friends. Instead of sending me twenty dollars I would rather get one dollar and know that nineteen other friends are getting one dollar also. The Belarus friends are in particular need of help in relation to their stance on the Ukraine and Russian war. They can be helped by contacting this fundraiser:

Names of international anarchist friends who need help more than I do:

Mahmut Demir

Gabriel Bombo Da Silva

Claudio Lavazza

Monica Caballero

Francisco Solar

Giannis Michailidis

Juan Aliste Vega

Ihar Alinevich

Mikalai Dziadok

Mikita Jemialjanau

Jauhen Rubashka

Artsiom D. Salavej

Artsiom S. Salavej

Toby Shone

Eric King

Jessica Reznicek

Leonard Peletier

Mumia Abu Jamal

Dr. Mutulu Shakur

Please add names to this list and forward this message or write your own statement to friends and family and activists on a global scale. We will show the forces that attempt to dominate our ungovernable spirit of love and freedom that our solidarity is greater than their violence and oppression!

Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and for all of your actual aid. My own family loves white Jesus and trump more than they love me, so the only help I get is from the activist community. I receive letters, money and books on a regular basis and this cuts through the depression and keeps me going. I can imagine how much more difficult in other places where conditions are much harsher, like Eric King’s situation. I would very much like to receive pictures of as many political prisoners as you can send me, either printed on paper or through a photo app like pelipost or freeprints. In prison one of the only tools available to me is my imagination, which I use in meditation to send all my love, strength and courage to other political prisoners, and I imagine them being happy, healthy and free, receiving resources like money, books and healthy food and nutrients. Please join me in this meditation. Another aspect of this meditation is to imagine all of the negative aspects of the political prisoner’s existence coming off of them like a black cloud of smoke, which we then inhale and in doing so we share their burden by taking on the negative karma that is making their life difficult. I like to call it “smoking our own thoughts”! Then we imagine clean air and beams of light energy going from us back to the political prisoners. Please remember that this exercise is just our imagination, and it is worthless without physical action and actual support in reality. Its purpose is to motivate us to action and to help us through times when we cannot act, so that we remember to help when can act.

Thanks again for all of your love and support!

May all beings everywhere be happy and free!

Dan, aka Alishare

To All White Anarchists – by Dan Baker

…and liberals

I write this on the anniversary of the MOVE bombing by police (1985) and the execution of James Conolly, leader of the IRA’s Easter Uprising (1916).

May 12-13, 2022

I challenge all white anarchists, and liberals of all races, to read The Nation on No Map by William C. Anderson. I’ve been reading constantly, and building a dialogue with black prisoners, for the past sixteen months, and this book is the single best work that I have read. William has set the standard for all anarchists and allies of oppressed people worldwide. This book is easy to read, condensed, brief, accurate and brave. He tells truths I have been trying to share with the white and intersectional activist community, and the comfortably blithe liberals. I discovered this exceptional book through AK Press via the Noname Book Club out of Los Angeles.

William explains that liberals and pacifist civil rights leftists simply preserve and seek to mollify the same State that oppresses black people. This system is not broken, it was built on the foundation of slave labor, and functions by catching people and enslaving them, today in prison plantations, called “work camps”, “institutions” and “penitentiaries”. I’d like to add that the enslavement of white people by white people has been made possible by the enslavement of black people and so-called “foreigners” and “minorities”. Additionally, the captivity of men has been brought about by the housewivisation of women. All male prisoners and their captors are subject to what women have experienced since nation-states first began to domesticate strong women by turning them into dependent housewives. This process came about by applying animal husbandry to people. These are the roots of all slavery, and by changing the way we live, think and eat we can overcome civilization’s control and achieve true liberation.

William rejects the partial citizenship that the white supremacist United States government offers to black people, because for all Americans their patriotism is rooted in a myth of exceptionalism, a smug sense of superiority, and republicanism in the form of “representative” government officials who really only represent the business interests of their sponsors. He documents the fact that the “founding fathers” were slave owners and that modern police came about as a continuation of slave catchers who were recruited to patrol in order to quell slave uprisings, like Nat Turner’s, and to prevent slaves from learning how to read and write. There were times that Irish indentured servants joined black slaves in violent revolts, before the ruling class, especially the British, considered the Irish to be white. In exchange for betraying black slaves, some Irish were granted favors, including “Whiteness”. This also occurred in indigenous uprisings – the traitors were granted token “white status”. But, some Irish, indigenous and black slaves went “off the reservation” to join a more humane tribe of free communities. Many indigenous Mexicans are descended from tribes who refused to submit to diabolical colonialism.

I respect William’s rejection of celebrity, fame and leadership. His focus is on everyone’s needs being met. He is truly refusing careerism – there is no price tag on this book, and no copywrite restrictions. I also admire the bold principles he openly advocates in these times of State violence. We do need to abolish borders, nations and states. We also need to learn from black gangs – They are effectively organized self-defense structures who fill a gap otherwise colonized by slave catchers. White supremacist militias are actively recruiting homeless people, especially homeless veterans. If we don’t, they will.

These fascist gangs are training, hunting, and killing people, in their communities and on the Mexican “border” for sport. I grew up in a racist community in Jupiter Farms, Florida and have declined invitations for such pogroms. Those people enthusiastically agitate for a race war, and when they say “the south will rise again” they mean it with the same zealous tone I heard from Jihadis screaming “Allah Akbar!” while they tried to kill me. “Vanilla Isis” is Christian White Nationalists and their flavor of “Y’all-Qaeda” is just as virulent as Salafi Jihadism. While you sleep on them, they’re training to kill you. Learn to fight and shoot.

The Future is female and if we want to survive we must support women’s rage towards abusive and patriarchal structures and people. This means ending cycles of behavior, thoughts and speech reinforced by prison culture, profit driven politics and housewivisation. The criminalization of sex work, abortion and so-called infidelity all subjugate women. The concept of a man claiming a child as “his” is a root of violence, kidnapping and patriarchy. This violence is reinforced by toxic male egos demanding to know if they are the sperm donor for each child in question. Women are free to fuck whoever they want, and to bear or not bear whoever’s child they want. We must support structures for and by women which protect women from abusive men. At the same time men must not expect women to live with them in exchange for, or under threat of denial of, resources and emotional labor. As William points out, women are criminalized for defending themselves from violence and even passive aggressive abuse that ruins communities. Women are also turned against each other, being trained to view each other and themselves from objective male perspectives.

William also points out that the U.S. And its prison industrial plantation is not broken – It’s doing exactly what it was made to do. It is built on and perpetuates slavery, genocide, domination, colonialism and never ending wars. He documents the need to embrace a variety of strategies and tactics to defeat this Leviathan: legal, illegal, passive, aggressive, nonviolent and violent, harassment, debate, petitioning, donating, sponsoring lawyers, legal fees, supporting prisoners, sit-ins, lie-downs, boycotts, strikes, songs, prayers, riots and shooting from windows. The State does not have a monopoly on violence. We must not identify with our oppressor. We are from America, but we are not Amerikkkan.

He also quotes Lucy Parsons to remind us that voting in Amerikkka is largely a ritual that serves to pacify uprisings. All this electoral college does is allow us to look at one side of the same coin every so often. Both parties are part of the wealthy ruling class at the top of a pyramid. Under them the slave catchers keep us separated and exhausted from trying to survive. We don’t need to flip it over and receive a new tyranny – we need to rip the blocks down and form a horizontal, circular community, not a hierarchical triangle with haves and have-nots. According to the supreme court’s Dread Scott decision, this United $tates of Amerikkka was not made to allow black people true equality. Any “white” person who refuses to help the black community is implicit in this systematic oppression. The legal structure of England has been documented to be the same. Even “emancipation” failed to notify all slaves or even enforce their token “liberation”, as the grim holiday Juneteenth reminds us.

Along with rejecting police, the military and courts we must apply revolutionary intercommunalism. The Black Panthers laid down some groundwork in this respect, and by applying militant feminism we can continue to grow. This is a never ending process.

I offer the self criticism that I have idealized flawed figures from leftist history and herstory. William makes very good criticisms on this subject. While I am an anarchist because I reject leftist, and all, authoritarianism, I am still sentimental towards the Shehids, the martyrs. I particularly enjoy William’s references of Zen Buddhism’s methods for dealing with dogmatic mysticism and tyranny.

I support this book, the author, the people it’s for and its message. We are ungovernable. We stand in solidarity with the oppressed. We will never give up. We may feel there is no escape, nowhere to run to escape capitalist modernity’s colonization – so we choose to fight over flight. If we can’t run neither can they. They are trapped here with us, not the other way around. There is no going back. Harriet Tubman and John Brown pushed rebellion to an insurrectionary stage, then moved towards a social revolution. This war never ended. We have to be willing and able to fight.

Dan Baker 25765-509

FCI Memphis

PO Box 34550

Memphis, TN 38184

An Open Letter for Public Consumption – by David Annarelli

Monday, June 20, 2022

As the United States celebrates Juneteenth, and a day after Father’s Day, a gross and cruel abuse of humanity is unfolding in real time before my eyes.

House Bill 5148 passed in 2021 during a special session of the Virginia General Assembly. This bill made the attempt to, at least in part, bring the Virginia Department of Corruption (VDOC) into line with the majority of other state’s DOCs and the Federal Bureau of Prisons which provide Good Time Earned Credit reducing sentences to about 65%. Prior to this change Virginia demanded 85% at a minimum and at many VDOC prisons, such as Pocahontas State Corruption Center (PSCC) there has been a deliberate and concerted effort to defraud prisoners of that minimum by way of frivolous and petty in house charges, ensuring they serve 100% of their often already excessive sentences. This change in law goes in to effect July 1, 2022 – in 10 days. Those who are eligible were notified weeks ago.

From the beginning, the law was quite open it its blatant discrimination. Some people, mostly those with violent crimes and statistically the least likely to recidivate, would be denied an increase in earned sentence credit based solely on the crimes for which they were adjudicated and punished. No amount of good behavior would make a difference. Nonetheless there were those who would be eligible, meth cooks for example, and this created a level of hope for all captives. Perhaps, after 400 years of profiteering from the enslavement of other humans, Virginia was finally turning a corner – Enter Governor Youngkin and the new Attorney General.

From the outset of their campaigns, which every fact checker repeatedly pointed out were based on lies and misinformation, these two openly anti-American autocrats made it abundantly cleaar that things such as justice or the constitutional rights of citizens were no longer up for even vague consideration. They would, in fact, take Virginia from among the worst states for criminal justice, with an equally abhorrent DOC, straight to the number one position in both categories, On Friday, June 17, 2022, the autocrats took a major leap in that direction.

Essentially, the Virginia General Assembly, at the behest of the Governor, decided to further disenfranchise 500+ people by rescinding the new law from those who had mixed charges. That is to say, those with both eligible and ineligible charges. Those people, who were anywhere from 10 days to a few months from going home, and who, along with their families, had already been informed they would be reunited after years, sometimes decades, were now about to be informed that, no, they would not be going home after all. This is, to my mind, the sort of thing that makes one wonder – When are the yankees, or anyone, going to come deal with this dangerous threat of state? The answer is clearly: not soon enough.

It should be noted that in the same bill, a budget bill, the Governor asked for “certain demonstrators” to be labeled as felons. You read that correctly. The very dangerous Governor Youngkin wanted Virginia to be the first state where your First Amendment right to gather and redress grievances was made, not only illegal, but a felony. Thankfully, this did not get passed into Law. Again, given the history of Virginia, it should come as no surprise that the attempt was made. This is an occupied territory, a breeding ground and haven for dangerous right-wing fanatics. The VDOC is now and has always been a cabal of slavers hiding in plain sight.

Today is a federal holiday. Without memorandum the PSCC Assistant Warden, on his day off, and a PSCC Sergeant, both with equally notorious records, documented of abusive actions and behaviors towards prisoners, gleefully informed dozens of prisoners of the bad news. The general consensus among PSCC captives seems to be a mixture of terrible disappointment at the prospect of being not included and an understanding that this is the sort of twisted actions of PSCC staff and the maniacs who operate the VDOC.

Virginia is a threat to humanity and must be, forcefully, liberated and dealt with!

Hope For Tallahassee – by Dan Baker

Hope For Tallahassee

by Dan Baker

I’m told there is hope for Tallahassee, so I promise my friends – I won’t give up.

The union stands solidly beside me.

This is my village and we protect us.

Deep in my heart are spiritual longings, balanced by rage at daily injustice.

How should I love and honor both these things when we can only rely on us?

Should we take up arms like the PLO, Rojava and the IRA?

They share the same world and dangers you know,

giving up privileges to make a change.

Animal and Earth Liberation Front, not harming people, plants and critters,

going beyond mere publicity stunts, burning killers’ properties to cinders.

The Zapatistas, the army that don’t fight, Marcos says that “our word is our weapon”.

They remind us that might does not make right.

The world is still learning this sweet lesson.

But, whatever path you choose to apply, they’re all weeded in this revolution:

Construction, soldiers, medics and supplies, nurturing love is the core solution.

The theme of that poem is to make peace with our inner demons and to coexist as Buddhas with them. This is how I’ve found my place in our community, my identity in the world and Tallahassee. I like to think of myself as a “medical ninja”, belligerently loyal to my friends and village, like Narrator, and good with the ladies. In reality I’m more like Dan Quixote than Dan Juan. I was kicked out the Army and I’m not quite an EMT yet. I don’t have a trade mastered to offer my union and my community, unless you count holding a “hungry veteran” sign, doing yoga, thinking deep thoughts about why I don’t like patriarchal authority figures (basically my daddy issues), and maybe jiu jitsu strangleholds and joint locks. But really, I’m mediocre, or at most intermediate at these things. Personally, I don’t think being an “expert” at shooting is something to be proud of, like Atticus Finch would say. So I have very little to offer my community, but they have been there for me for a decade and I’m determined to give back. I want to help build up our home, by protecting nature, nurturing future generations, supporting women’s rage towards idiots like myself and planting seeds that continue to bare fruit long after I’m gone.

Dan Baker 25765-509

FCI Memphis

PO Box 34550

Memphis, TN 38184