Texas, Pay American Inmates Their Due! – by Comrade GW

To my fellow inmates, brothers and sisters, and to whom it all may concern: With the upmost respect, thank you all for your time and consideration. For is it not your own freewill who considers your own time? No one else? All the more reason to make this time we have the best imaginable. #TxPaidContinue reading “Texas, Pay American Inmates Their Due! – by Comrade GW”

The Proper Form of Politeness is Attack – by Comrade Z

“Wherever you find injustice, the proper form of politeness is attack” T-Bone Slim, IWW There is no doubt that I have disrespected my slavecatchers. Why not? If you were raised in South Texas, the best way to deal with your bully is to fight …lose, win or draw. My bullies are many, so they haveContinue reading “The Proper Form of Politeness is Attack – by Comrade Z”

Dear Anarchists – by Comrade Z

Dear Anarchists, I come to speak about the personal stand that I am making against this slave camp. It is a known fact: Julio A. Zuniga, a.k.a. Comrade Z, is a certified member of IWW-IWOC. Said wobbly, is in fact a known activist to raise awareness about dangerous and illegal working conditions for any humanContinue reading “Dear Anarchists – by Comrade Z”