Draconian Gang Policies and Procedures – by Shine White

All Power To The People My intentions aren’t to give a dialectical and historical context of the relationship between today’s “Gangs” (street formations) and past revolutionary movements, although there is an inextricable link between the two. The origins of today’s street formations were strongly influenced by the original Black Panther Party and other similar organizations.Continue reading “Draconian Gang Policies and Procedures – by Shine White”

June 11 Statement from Eric King

Greetings comrades. Let me tell you about this prison, the federal supermax ADX [in Florence, Colorado]. In this joint there are different levels and units with varying levels of physical isolation and communication, but there are things we all experience. Everyone is locked down at least 21 hours a day, at max 24. When youContinue reading “June 11 Statement from Eric King”

State Sponsored Domestic Terrorists – by David Annarelli

Dear Mongoose (& readers) As previously reported, numerous times, the Pocahontas State Corruption Center, one of the Virginia Department of Corrections’ most nefarious & dangerous prisons, has been openly targeting mail for tampering & interference (please see the enclosed form). The culprits, by name; Haggerty; Stacey; M’Call; Campbell & Smalling are politically motivated & usingContinue reading “State Sponsored Domestic Terrorists – by David Annarelli”

A Message for Activists – by David Annarelli

April 27 2023, Thursday To Whom it May Concern, In yet another disgusting display of Virginia Department of Corrections Corruption, by a staff whose criminality is obvious & well documented, Pocahontas State Corruption Center staff, including Counselor Slade (ALPHA Unit); Ms. Brittany Farmer Gross- Institutional Program Manager; Ms. C. Smalling- Grievance Coordinator; & the RegionalContinue reading “A Message for Activists – by David Annarelli”

No to Industrialization, Yes to Green Anarchy – by Noah Coffin

Comrades, today my article is concerning this nonsense that rulers, elites  and  their ilk spread to the people of this planet to instill not only fear but false ideas which benefit their agenda. Who do you know that does NOT agree that the earth is over populated? Don’t YOU believe this to be the truth??Continue reading “No to Industrialization, Yes to Green Anarchy – by Noah Coffin”

The Politics of Prison – by Mwalimu Shakur

Behind enemy lines, inside the prison slave kamp, you have to deal with unjust circumstances such as: the rules and regulations that if not followed, there’s repercussions by those who have control over you. We call them oppressors. These oppressors, or overseers, can attack an inmate if they choose to, and lie by saying theContinue reading “The Politics of Prison – by Mwalimu Shakur”

Call to Action for Shine White

“As written, the zap includes out of date information, although this is no fault of Shinewhite’s. The Department is being very shady and refusing to make their current Clinical Practice Guidelines public. For that reason, this C2A contains incorrect information about the results of the test he took. It’s a bit in the weeds, butContinue reading “Call to Action for Shine White”