Conquering Without War: World Rulers’ Tactics of Control – by Noah “Comrade K@do” Coffin

One of the oldest writings on how to apply force, oppression, and dominance over others would be Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. Though written many thousands of years ago the rulers of today’s world continue to utilize the cold, cruel and efficient logic to their approach in subduing an opposing force or an unruly mass of citizens under their “governance”.

To win a conflict without going to battle was considered by Sun Tzu to be the greatest victory. Some examples of this logic applied in grizzly detail would be the intentional spread of disease. One of the oldest recorded instances of a disease being weaponized was 1343 AD when East Central Asian tartars invading Crimea catapulted their own infected and dying of “The Black Death” or Bubonic Plague into strongholds of besieged Crimeans. The result was simply a waiting game. Skip a hundred years or so into the future and see smallpox do its dirty work throughout the Americas.

While biological warfare certainly still exist today, there are more stable, efficient means of winning without war and as little collateral damage possible. After all, governments are made rich and powerful on the backs of their citizens and by the spilt blood of their military men, women, etc. Make no mistake, every government rules its own people, be it by force or coercion. Whether or not the government is powerful enough to rule others through its politics, coercion, or tariffs, embargos, etc. it rules its own. The purpose of this article is to get you to question whether or not you yourself or others around you are in fact for “Freedom and Autonomy”, or are you promoting totalitarianism and the control of the masses?

Often I receive material that baffles me from folks claiming to be a voice for freedom from oppression or governmental rule. Why the confusion? In the same blurb I see cries for liberation and then support of Communism or Marxist (which is but red fascism) policies or rule. Please feel free to search history or find any modern Marxist, Communist ruled country in which you would like to be. China? Russia? Cuba or Venezuela? (Make the point that the latter is a collapsing “socialist” nation and I will educate you on Karl Marx’s own admittance in his and Friedrich Engels’ manifesto that socialism is the transition state between capitalism and communism, which is why following Venezuela’s collapse; Russia, Cuba and China have military boots on the ground there supporting Nicolas Maduro) Better yet, find any instance in history long past where governments with such absolute power over every aspect of peoples lives have not tyrannical. Don’t worry – I’ll wait.

I cannot fully blame those who’ve swallowed that pill whole because the new, improved method (although not brand new) of winning a fight without war is manipulation. There are a few fool-proof avenues for manipulation. That would be pulling heart strings and of course through an age old method of using organized religion. (While people have their beliefs, I’m in no way trampling on that, as I have my own, however I vehemently stand against organized religion, which has subjugated peoples, misled and coerced an infinite number of people into countless wars and oppression, as well as caused more turmoil than any standing government today, for organized religion is the ultimate example of rulership) Then of course there’s fear, which caps off my point here.

This Coronavirus nonsense has stricken fear into the hearts of the public around the world. Hong Kong’s protests against communist China were crushed without a thrown punch. Hysteria has people not only buying up masks (which openly stated upon the packaging does not stop Covid-19), sanitizer, and other nonsensical items, which people like Bill Gates and his elitist ilk have recently invested billions of stocks of, but also violently doing “police work” for the government, forcefully removing non-mask wearers or violators of this police state policy from public places. Sadly enough there are “snitch lines” ringing off the hook city-by-city across the USA of “friendly neighbors” reporting violators of the police state policy. All of this is conditioning people!

Yes, people have died having Covid-19. People die while having seasonal flu every single season! On average 100,000 for the past 10 years in the USA alone have died having flu viruses. However, Covid-19 is just that – a flu. The fact that the governments are utilizing that fear so effectively as to weaponize and even deputize people has sent me at a loss. A simple fact is this – there are millions of viruses in every breath of air you breathe, somewhere between 1.6 million and 40 million viruses in every cubic meter of air you walk through. Unless you live in an air locked, sanitized environment that would rival the space station, I am here to tell you – you’re breathing in and your body is beating millions of flu viruses constantly. You know how many dust particles are in the air of your car? Know how far some of them have traveled to get there? Guess how many viruses reside on one single particle? We’re being played and playing along. I’ve read “anarchist” papers calling for lock downs. I’ve read papers of “people’s liberation” subject matter promoting and calling for their own control. Wake up people – you’re losing a fight while fighting for the system.

I know a thing or two about absolute rule, also about “social distancing” or the “effectiveness” of it against Covid-19. I reside in solitary confinement, now coined Restrictive Housing, following he outcry of the inhumane practice of the former, but everything but the terminology remains as it has been. I can touch the peeling paint on both walls without extending my arms all the way and its two short steps from rusted iron bars to sink/toilet combo. I eat, sleep, dream and “live” here alone 24/7. I have for over 6 years. Many others have contracted that Covid-19 flu here despite the mask and gloves or fogger contraption spraying “vitaloxcide”, whatever the hell that is. None of that will stop a flu virus. So plenty here on my fell block have contracted and overcome Covid-19. It’s much the same as every flu season I’ve seen for the past 10 years on the inside. Some get flu and no big deal. Some get the flu (a very low percentage) and it’s not so good. The difference between my own social distances and the way mask wearer, glove and gown sporting people of the public go about it is the contrast between a democratic nation and a communist nations’ way of rule. See – in places with “democracy” coercion is applied. Utilizing media or even religion as an organized push, or fear, the government can obtain the desired control. Communist countries use brute force and Hong Kong citizens (however heartfelt and tragically brief their resistance was) know now how stark those contrasts can be.

So in the close of this little rant, take it from someone that knows what being controlled utterly is like. Don’t welcome it from any form of government. Don’t send me anything promoting communism because I’m a freedom fighter and government to include communism, socialism or by any name is the antithesis of freedom.

In Love and Rage

Solidarity Forever,

Comrade Kado

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