Dear Anarchists – by Comrade Z

Dear Anarchists,

I come to speak about the personal stand that I am making against this slave camp. It is a known fact: Julio A. Zuniga, a.k.a. Comrade Z, is a certified member of IWW-IWOC. Said wobbly, is in fact a known activist to raise awareness about dangerous and illegal working conditions for any human being or animal. For the past months of the Coronavirus outbreak “Z” has been very effective in raising awareness and bringing in outside organizers to test, feed, clean, spray for insects, get phone calls, expose cruel and unusal treatment of offenders, reporting suicides and anything that is oppressive to the populace and reporting it to organizers and activists. We need organizers to register on and for media outlets to register to assist in organizing a strike at Dirty Darrington Farm. We need people to come and express solidarity on these grounds. We want the community to work to abolish solitary confinement, abolish disgusting work conditions and disgusting administrators who are abusing their positions and mistreating the workers at the Trustee Camp, like Lt. Wilcox and Major Penkowsky, who is the farm administrator. We need Sgt. Estrada and Sgt. Williams investigated for sanctioning the use of body-slamming offenders in hand restraints. Just this past weekend (October 15-20) it occurred. Its shakedown team officers Sandoval, Obaseki and others that are finding it real easy to assault inmates for no reason. We need these tactics that killed George Floyd to end here in this slave camp. Workers who do not have energy after slaving on the camp do not pose a threat in hand restraints. This needs to be taken directly to the regional director and the state capital. Their design has failed society and only serves their personal interests. I find myself with minimal means in combating the entire population. I need everyone to rise up and bring the heaviest, hardest campaign of love and solidarity. We need people out there to insist and encourage all members of the prison population in Texas to stop working for the state of Texas for free. They are abusing their power and using violence to keep slaves scared of them so they don’t try to say or do anything to expose them. You know what I say? Fuck Warden Armstrong, fuck Asst. Warden Chevalier and Warden Powers. Fuck Major Pharr and Major Gooden, the walking sexual harrassment himself. Fuck Captain Cooper, Lt. Brooks, Lt. Wilcox, Lt. “Dumbo”ya. Fuck classification for abusing the mentally ill. Fuck all of these motherfuckers. Let me show you all what “workers power” can do. This is a call to arms. Without you, I’m standing against all of these people alone. Register your #s. Help me organize this all out strike. We are not being treated the way a worker should be. People are being forced to work under threat of violence, under threat of solitary confinement and starvation. If this is policy, then all of their PREA posters and logos need to be removed, because administration is raping everyone. We need outside families to acknowledge that this is not justice. It’s racist, it’s slavery, it’s also a death camp. I will do everything to expose each member of TDCJ-Darrington in all their Confederate ideology. We live in 2020, not 1933. With all the suicides occurring, why nobody is asking for these warden’s resignations is beyond me. I need some serious communication with hardcore abolitionists who have time to agitate with me steadily. The more the merrier. We’ve got a lot of work to cover and without communication this is just getting worse by the minute. Last but not least, I am wondering how my ideology get’s retaliated against. For trying to do good for the workers, my tattoo magazines get denied. I noticed that while they say it is “sexually explicit” material, even though it’s not. Ms. Ford denies my 1040 forms and the guy behind me, I watched her give him books on “pimpology”, Penthouse and little naked women photos. I had just had a conversation with her about them retaliating on me for being an IWW-IWOC member. She denies it, yet the “sexually explicit” material is only being held from me. Solidarity in the form of a 1040 is sexually explicit? This is retaliation and I need it addressed by fellow workers. In the meantime, I need to begin organizing a strike for Squad 4/5 on H-Line, for abusive treatment of workers and foul working conditions with no safety equipment and a lack of medical treatment for the sick. We need help and I’m waiting for someone to help me steadily push this issue. All available hands on deck. To all fellow workers that have catapulted me this far, thank you. I appreciate y’all for the love and solidarity. These are the names of the entire operation’s slave drivers who do not advocate for better portions of food, safety equipment or medical: Lt. Sylvester, Sgt. Gilbert, Sgt. Irvan, Officer Eleoba, Officer Ellis and Officer Gipson. Field squad and Major Penkowsky need to get to know us pretty well, starting now. Please do not take this lightly and do not hesitate to attack the farm on your own terms. I can use all the help I can get.



Julio A. Zuniga #1961551

Darrington Unit

59 Darrington Road

Rosharon, Texas 77583

IG: @julioazunigaart


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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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