Radical Review Zine #3 – by Harlequin

Revolutionary greetings! In this issue, I will review the movie ‘The Circle’, which is based off a hit novel by the same name. The movie/novel is about a huge tech company which introduces total transparency of social media. In short, any kind of privacy is all but eliminated, and all have instant total access toContinue reading “Radical Review Zine #3 – by Harlequin”

Rants and Ravings #3 – by Harlequin

Revolutionary greetings! In this issue, I will talk about Covid-19, vaccines, the Capitol Hill Riot investigations, and Hurricane Ida. First off, Covid-19 and vaccines are widely being made a political issue. It began with Trump and his cronies, and it still continues. When are our governmental leaders going to realize and acknowledge that the pandemicContinue reading “Rants and Ravings #3 – by Harlequin”

TX T.E.A.M.O.N.E. Campaign to End Solitary Confinement & Repeal BP-3.91

The American reformers who first devised the penitentiary believed that criminals could ‘reformed’ through solitary confinement, labor and religious indoctrination. The use of solitary confinement and isolation-sensory deprivation began at Philadelphia Eastern State Penitentiary in the 1820s. What was actually discovered was that conditions of sensory deprivation caused mental deterioration and psychosis. Leading writers likeContinue reading “TX T.E.A.M.O.N.E. Campaign to End Solitary Confinement & Repeal BP-3.91”

Government Lies, Trumpism and Government Charity – by Harlequin

Q: How do you know when a politician is lying? A: Their mouth is open and speaking! This may be a quirky quip designed to get a chuckle out of people, but it certainly speaks the sinister truth! The truth is that politicians lie and scheme each step of the way to convince the peopleContinue reading “Government Lies, Trumpism and Government Charity – by Harlequin”

This Land – by David Elmakayes

Is this the “land of the free”? The land that was promised to our ancestors that died fighting to create “this land”? I thought this was the land where dreams of fairness and mutual respect lives on. The land where you are defined by your actions, not your looks or beliefs! But for too longContinue reading “This Land – by David Elmakayes”

Have You Ever Thought About the Origins of Prison? – by Pepe (a.k.a. Scott)

One day I was staring out the window with a smirk on my face as I looked across the farmland hat surrounded the prison on all sides. Another inmate came over and asked what I was laughing at. I responded with a question of my own, “Have you ever thought about the origins of prison?”Continue reading “Have You Ever Thought About the Origins of Prison? – by Pepe (a.k.a. Scott)”

Dear Anarchists – by Jeffrey Prager

Dear Anarchists We are anarchists At war, the government the target We won’t stop till it’s a carcass Politics, we shall abolish it All of it! Police officers… The ones sworn to protect? Ha Ha I object! I better stop before I get a bullet in my back or a knee on my neck, chokingContinue reading “Dear Anarchists – by Jeffrey Prager”