The Proper Form of Politeness is Attack – by Comrade Z

“Wherever you find injustice, the proper form of politeness is attack”

T-Bone Slim, IWW

There is no doubt that I have disrespected my slavecatchers. Why not? If you were raised in South Texas, the best way to deal with your bully is to fight …lose, win or draw. My bullies are many, so they have every advantage, and take punches at me, like the cowards that they are. Yes, I’m talking about my Warden and is slavecatching dogs. Intimidation, retaliation, discrimination, demoralization, whatever torture is used in TDCJ, it’s ongoing now.

This year, I am ten times stronger than ever. My predictions of attack by administration were timed and studied closely; trapdoor spider patience, and I got my enemy back in the spotlight. Through all of my campaigning I’ve continually wrote grievances on Wardens, two of which are o longer employed on Dirty Konsentrationslager Darrington. As of December 2020 I am again under attack by Wardens anad again I filed yet another grievance for First Amendment Right’s Violations, only this time brought on by Intelligence Officer Garcia and Mailroom Clerk Ms. Ford.

“Leave my mail alone” is what I asked multiple times. My media mail was intercepted and destroyed illegally by mailroom and intelligence officers for attempting to “incite a riot. First and foremost, it’s “unconditional work stoppage”, statewide organizing that I am working on and have been for 9 months strong. Wardens know then and still know everything I do because I do not hide what I do or who I am. Anticipating this attack, I do admit to attacking the enemy by exposing an entrapment scheme that has been in progress since Warden Powers was lead corruption warden. This is involving the mailroom clerks, disciplinary officers, classification supervisors, majors, captains, lieutenants and sergeants. The spiderweb of deceit and corruption is woven from the exploitative capitalists’ slaveholding mentality and greed ad now I am going to attack with the solidarity of the black and brown and poor communities of every nationality in the US.

During these new, progressive changes in society, oversight committees are for the communities to take charge of how the new criminal justice system should operate, with justice at the hands of society’s finest, the people. While your sons and daughters have no idea that they are being set up by officers and wardens, to take their bait and lose, people, Dirty Darrington is called Dirty because of the corrupt officers in charge of introducing contraband into this facility for the purpose of entrapment. I, a victim of this scheme, stand indicted for a cellphone I used once or twice to reach out to family, to ease my desperation, and somehow a picture of me ends up on Major Pharr’s cellphone.

This was an eye opener because Sergeant Estrada was in the same room when he said it! And he gave him a look, like he said too much. After watching and watching, Sgt. Estrada, Sgt. Williams, Intelligence officers, Captain Cooper, Lt. Lott, Sgt. Akinsonu, Sgt. Baker, Lt. Dumbya, Lt. Wilcox, Major Penkowsky, Field Squad officers – all are tied in with this lucrative scheme. Mailroom supervisor Ms. Ford is working with intelligence officers, allowing contraband to flow at the order of Estrada, Warden Armstrong and others. They are illegally introducing their contraband to feed Cynthia Bridges, special prosecutor at Brazoria County, her convictions and to keep TDCJ segregation areas full. Majority black and brown people fill this shithole because desperation is capitalized on by TDCJ. I’ve been trying to tell the Mothers of Texas that something is really wrong here. So help me. Help your sons and daughters.

Tell them to stop working for free and fearing slavecatchers. They are no better than you. They just haven’t been caught. Yet. Unite with me. Come see for yourself. Bring in a practical investigation on Warden Armstrong’s corruption team. Hold them responsible for forcing suicides by allowing these mind altering narcotics into the facility just to keep state funding coming. It’s going straight into their bank accounts. My oppressor is attacking me, an indigent segregated political prisoner, a freedom fighter. I want pay wages and parole reform for these men, and I want justice for the mothers grieving for the murdered men that these individuals murdered by torture, by forcing suicide. No, I won’t be silenced. They’ve taken everything from me, so I have no attachment to property. I cannot own anything TDCJ can take away. Parole wants to attempt to hurt me by saying we deny your parole for agitating on Darrington. Listen to me, you can’t take something I never had and isn’t guaranteed. Parole should be ashamed for the moral values they stand by. Wardens are no better. Come find out for yourself.

Go to #PrisonsKill, contact Fight Toxic Prisons or Central Texas ABC. Ask any abolitionist standing with me in solidarity against the peace and dignity of the state. I understand this is a black holocaust that has never ended. Black people – if you disagree, I will end my fight for freedom. If I am wrong for standing up against my oppressor who hate’s the chicano movement, if I am wrong, I cannot remove my brown skin or Mexican-American heritage. My life’s blood will spill at the hands of my oppressor before I will cease to speak. The fascists bleed just like me Come and serve your community justice and bring these criminals to justice. I’ve paid my dues. Black and brown communities all across Texas are dealing with the same social injustices in all 100 units across Texas.

I guarantee you this, and if I am lying, you have every right to ask me, to leave the oppressor alone, to continue their criminal acts, and cruel and unusual punishment. The Final Straw Radio, April 23, 2020 episode proves to everyone that I’ve timelined all of my agitation with abolitionists posting it on Instagram, being the first in August of 2019. With the knowledge of all wardens, the only thing is they refused to acknowledge my I-60s. They wrote me off as a nobody. Here I am in 2021, and now if you ask Warden Armstrong or any officer at Dirty Darrington if they know who I am, they should, because my flyers are circulating in Texas prisons, occupied police stations, occupied city halls, book stores, media outlets, radio stations, and I’ve even sent copies to Huntsville, the Brazoria Sheriff’s Department, OIGs, STGs, inmates, IWW-IWOCs across America, the entire Eastern seaboard.

I love all of you for passing my message onto people of all walks of life, for those who are dropping sponsorship for my Texas Prison Podcast equipment, anarchist media. I love all of you. It’s been a rough ride, but I’m gonna expose one more fact. The entire time we built this network, Warden Armstrong tried very hard to pretend I did not exist. We made two wardens disappear through our campaigns. Now we need to remove the rest of the criminal administrators and let them sit in jails and prisons for their crimes against humanity.

This is my call to arms, all from a simple, bullshit disciplinary case brought to my door on E-Line 3 row 12 cell by intelligence officer Reyes, written by officer Garcia, by order of Bruce “KKKontraband KKKing” Armstrong. Stay tuned, for every case written in anger, I will not write grievances. I will write the black mommas and brown mommas who are dying to see their sons so they can serve their brand of justice.

People out there understand, I am human, first and foremost. TDCJ is now being addressed as the terrorist agency that it’s always been. Blinders have fallen off the Texans eyes. People deserve a chance. I’m not going to get that chance because I chose to sacrifice myself to end TDCJ, for raising the anarchist abolitionist flag. I’m okay with that. This isn’t about me. It’s about catching up with demonstrators, protests and positive changes being forced upon TDCJ and in classic TDCJ style, they want to teach the runaway slave a lesson and teach the other slaves a lesson by sicking the slavecatcher’s dogs on me, to de-flesh my bones. The dogs are these intelligence officers.

In the past, Texas slaves were tied to cotton gins, left out four days and five nights, and then the warder would send the slaves to retrieve their comrade, who had been gnawed on by rats and vermon. TDCJ is no different today. Today’s version of that tactic is called “Death Watch”. If I speak out, I’m “inciting a riot”for telling all the other slaves about an article that reads “TDCJ Loses City Contract to Unpaid Labor” (May 12, 2020) from by Dylan McGuiness. I am denounced for celebrating the $4.2 million Dirty Darrington lost, with Bruce Armstrong at the wheel. The walk of shame of the century belongs to him. That’s for all the forced suicies and torture of mentally ill in solitary confinement. Payback’s a bitch and I’m loving every fucking moment of it. TDCJ is on life support. Our parole reform, our pay wages, our choice to end Texecution, all of that belongs to Texas incarcerated workers, now and for the foreseeable future. We need to align ourselves with the Houston City Council members and State Representatives standing behind the changes that are a damn good start to abolition. I’ll give credit where it’s due. I can’t stand politics, but this is the chance of a lifetime. If the Texas Mothers do not begin sending the message to their sons to take power back into their lives, for the definite changes necessary, to end prison slavery and the prison industrial complex.

TDCJ has won far too long, shamelessly. TCI (Texas Correctional Industries) says online it is a for-profit company, but who profits? Not our families, not our children, not our loved ones, but they work your loved ones 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, no days off, until health is no longer repairable or parole available. Fuck that. The time is here. Please, I’m talking to all Texas families to end TDCJ’s life. Sentence TDCJ to death.

Hear me out Texas, it’s 2021 – We have no more time to waste. Organize your local prison units. Support them by keeping slavecatchers off their whips. TDCJ is a thing of the ancient racist past. There is a confederate museum dedicated to slavery in Huntsville. Vote for Comrade Z as Texas Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee – IU 613 Delegate. Let’s keep IWW-IWOC in charge of workers in Texas. I am begging South Texas mothers to contact me. I am willing to answer to all of you. Send media, newspaper reporters. Let me share with the communities a solution to social injustice in Texas. All voices count. In this struggle, I’ve learned a lot.

Please contact me. Let me share some facts with you. If you call my warden, expect lies and manipulation. If you want facts calls Brianna Peril at 510-368-3426. I am willing to lay my life down for these changes to this terrorist agency called Texas Department of Minimal Justice.

Thank you for reading this lecture.


Solidarity and Sabotage,

Comrade Z

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