Interview Between Comrade Z and Comrade GW at Dirty Darrington

(TDCJ Darrington Unit, Rosharon, Texas Dec. 23, 2020) Z: Can you introduce yourself and give some background on you and your time at Dirty Darrington Concentration Camp of Texas Department of Minimal Justice? What is the atmosphere there? GW: First and foremost, long live solidarity! And a special shoutout to all the brave men andContinue reading “Interview Between Comrade Z and Comrade GW at Dirty Darrington”

Slow Down and Love Someone – by Jeffrey Prager

Today I want to talk to you about making the people that you love feel as loved as you say. You never know what someone is going through mentally or how long they may still be around. My name is Jeffrey Prager, 30, and I’m currently at a psychiatric prison facility in east Texas. SuicidalContinue reading “Slow Down and Love Someone – by Jeffrey Prager”