Have You Ever Thought About the Origins of Prison? – by Pepe (a.k.a. Scott)

One day I was staring out the window with a smirk on my face as I looked across the farmland hat surrounded the prison on all sides. Another inmate came over and asked what I was laughing at. I responded with a question of my own, “Have you ever thought about the origins of prison?”Continue reading “Have You Ever Thought About the Origins of Prison? – by Pepe (a.k.a. Scott)”

Dear Anarchists – by Jeffrey Prager

Dear Anarchists We are anarchists At war, the government the target We won’t stop till it’s a carcass Politics, we shall abolish it All of it! Police officers… The ones sworn to protect? Ha Ha I object! I better stop before I get a bullet in my back or a knee on my neck, chokingContinue reading “Dear Anarchists – by Jeffrey Prager”

I’ve Been Thinking – by Jeffrey Prager

Hello Comrades! It’s me again. I know, I know, it’s been a while since y’all heard from me. For those of y’all who didn’t know, about 8 months ago, due to the pandemic, my now 8 year old daughter passed away. I’ve been battled depression and punched down suicidal thoughts. I literally went to theContinue reading “I’ve Been Thinking – by Jeffrey Prager”

Fire Ant: Anarchist Prisoner Solidarity #9

From bloomingtonabc.noblogs.org Fire Ant is a quarterly publication focused on spreading the words of anarchist prisoners and generating material solidarity for our imprisoned friends. Begun as a collaboration between anarchist prisoners and anarchists in Maine, Fire Ant seeks to raise material aid for anarchist prisoners while fostering communication between anarchists on both sides of the walls. Issue #9Continue reading “Fire Ant: Anarchist Prisoner Solidarity #9”