Remember Tyre Nichols – by Dan Baker

Say his name.

Here at FCI Memphis they are talking about locking us down when the cops here are forced to release the video of the brutal murder of Trye Nichols after 6pm this evening. This video is so obviously malicious and shocking that the FBI and law enforcement all over the country are bracing for an uprising. The leaders of the police and the mayor here are tripping over themselves to release crocodile tears and ingenuine apologies. Tyre’s mother says “When the video is released it’s going to be horrific!” Memphis is tense, braced for inevitable unrest. These 5 cops beat a man to death even though they knew they were being recorded by their own body cameras. They felt they could get away with it, even after the 2020 George Floyd uprisings. That’s because the do this daily and get away with it. This is the police culture all over the world. The only reason these cops were charged and fired without pay is because of the George Floyd uprisings worldwide in 2020. Here in Memphis they’ve already canceled after school activities and are begging the people to be peaceful after seeing the brutality of this video. The literally said “When you watch this video you’re going to feel things… outrage…” No kidding.

This video shows the cops continuously beating a helpless man man for 3 minutes straight. I’ve fought in training, in the ring, in the cage, in the streets, at war. To attack continuously for 3 minutes without pausing to catch your breath, or to defend from a single equally matched opponent, is difficult and takes focused and aggressively applied willpower, focusing through fatigue to continue the onslaught. That’s what these 5 cops did- they continuously beat a man while he was down for 3 minutes despite his not fighting back. I challenge all of you to take a punching bag and hit it for a 3 minute round, continuously without stopping, and to take it down and lay it on the ground and kick and stomp and beat it for 3 minutes. Take note of how you feel and realize that these cops felt tired and maliciously decided push through fatigue to exhaust their hatred and psychotic rage on Tyre, unarmed and helpless.

These were black cops beating a black man to death. This shows us how deeply ingrained this betrayal of humanity is trained into Amerikkkan police, and how deeply the cops mindfuck working people to betray their own. Here at FCI Memphis the Lieutenants and guards regularly tell each other and the prisoners that this place is so dysfunctional because it is run by black people. The prisoners have even internalized this mantra and say it to each other. The prisoners say it about themselves and each other, especially the prisoners forced to work for things they need, who receive no outside support. This goes on until wiser heads check these characters. This is a psychological operation which cop culture uses to turn black people against each other. For the petty privileges that cops receive, some meager salary which isn’t enough so they take bribes, a fancy uniform with a shiny hat, cops will beat their neighbors to death, externalizing the rage caused by a lifetime of facing racism. The white cops don’t even respect them for this betrayal. Black FBI agents have openly stated that they refuse to join the FBI SWAT teams because they know that white agents will not back them up in a gun fight and will even shoot them if they can get away with it, especially the Trump supporters. The only reason these 5 cops in Memphis were fired and charged with crimes is because of the George Floyd uprising. Remember that when these cops are begging you to be cool about how they murdered Tyre, even after knowing what George Floyd’s murder provoked. You know what to do.

Say his name. Tyre Nichols.

Say his name! Tyre Nichols!


Dan Baker 25765-509

FCI Memphis

PO Box 34550

Memphis, TN 38184

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