Remembering Manny (aka Tortuguita) – by Dan Baker

I just learned today that my friend Manny was murdered by cops in the Atlanta Forest.

I send my love, sympathetic outrage and condolences to everyone who knew Manny and loves him. I send his parents all my love, outrage, admiration and respect for raising this man who became a hero who put into practice the values which make human life meaningful. We need to come together as a community to take care of his family from now on. In Rojava the families of the martyrs are show special reverence and provided for for the rest of their lives. As a community we need to uphold this revolutionary practice of gratitude and respect, which even this corrupt and murderous government fails to show the fallen of its own in any meaningful way. I have spent time with the parents of martyrs and if Manny’s parents are willing I will spend time with them one day and try unsuccessfully to materially repay them for their contribution to the betterment of the world in the way they raised Manny. But we owe them a debt that can never be repaid, because the life of a single martyr like Manny is worth more than all the wealth in the world combined.

I won’t pretend that I knew Manny well but I will tell you what I do know. I know that Manny heard about me, my case and what the cops and feds did to me, and that Manny was moved to tears for my sake and came to my trial. This means a lot to me. We live in a world where less than 2% of the world’s water is drinkable and Manny shed precious tears for my sake. Now It’s my turn to do the same. While I’ve been in prison Manny sent me money, wrote to me and we spoke on the phone. These simple gestures mean the world to political prisoners and to me personally. Manny completed higher education at Florida State University, which is more than I can claim to have accomplished. He studied a field which explored compassionate treatment for traumatized peoples. This speaks to the high quality of his character. I am told he was a very compassionate person who felt deeply moved enough to take altruistic action to defend people, plants and animals from fascist death squads. He put himself between those killers and what remains of the living world and he lived and died defending that worthy cause. This is a hero’s death. This is what it means to give your life for a cause and for those who are precious to you. Manny is a martyr of this revolutionary struggle for liberation for all beings. 10,000 Manny’s will take his place, people will name their children after him, dedicate their activism to his memory and organizations bearing his name will liberate more beings than we can measure. I will personally make sure of this the rest of my life. Please send me everything you can about Manny’s life and about this tragic murder, including his picture.

We must remember Manny. We must say his name, share his face, hang up his picture in homes all over the world, and spread his memory far and wide on every platform available. In Rojava when a friend is martyred by the enemy tens of thousands of people line the roads from the hospital morgue to the burial ground and chant their names, carry their pictures and celebrate the life and memories of the martyred friend with gratitude and determination to make sure their sacrifice is not forgotten, not in vain. They chant SHEHIID NEMARIN- THE MARTYRS NEVER DIE. Manny lives on in our works, in our hearts and the fire in our eyes. The blood of the martyrs cries out from the soil of the Atlanta forest.

Remember Manny. Say his name. His name was Manny.

Remember Manny! Say his name! His name was Manny!


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