Jason Renard Walker in Danger, Requesting Support

Jason Walker, an imprisoned writer and organizer in the Texas prison system, is facing immediate danger and has made a call for support. Jason writes:

“This is Jason Renard Walker. I’m currently at the Wayne Scott Unit. As of now I’m not sure where my property or I.D. is.

The purpose of this letter is to request as much support as possible in regards to not being transferred back to the Connally Unit, which is due to occur at the end of this month. The purpose is to avoid a contracted order to kill me.

Call to the Connally Unit’s warden’s office, Connally Unit’s Regional Director’s office, the Executive Director’s office, Governor Gregg Abbott’s office, Ombudsman complaints, and calls to the state classification committee will give me the best shot.

The reason it is important to contact these particular individuals is in case some or one or another give you the run-around or ignore the problem altogether.

I was transferred here from Connally on Dec 8th after spending five days naked in a Connally Unit strip cell, and being offered nothing but fish sandwiches every meal during that span. I have a documented allergy to fish.

On Dec 4th, Saturday, inmates on 8 Building J-Pod that live on one section had arranged to stab me with knives smuggled in by guards. Inmates from two and three section were also due to illegally come to one section through the “supervisor’s only” crossover doors, that connect all three sections, via the guard working in the pod’s door control picket.

The reason I knew this would take place is because I heard inmates talking out the back window Friday night, accusing me of being the one who led guards to two inmates that lived in J-20 cell and J-3 cell, that had contraband cellphones. These two phones were confiscated on Nov 22 2022 by Sgt Motes and other staff. I believe inmate Bruce Rogers told them that.

I was also accused of getting Officer Lopez and “Lieutenant OG” in trouble for allowing inmates from other sections through the locked crossover door so they could pass these same phones back and forth. Lopez was working the J-Pod picket.

The stabbing was to occur Saturday morning during dayroom time. I only assume, to ensure the stabbing took place, the guard (Alvarez) and his co-worker passed out commissary slips the night before (Dec 2nd, early Dec 3rd, before 1st shift) and stated we was due to have a commissary spend Saturday morning, so as to flush me out the cell and unknowingly prone to a sneak attack by inmates involved from all three sections.

Once I heard the 1st shift officer tell several inmates who asked that we weren’t having a commissary spend, I knew the lie was in support of the hit, so I played sleep in my cell, covered my door, and observed the dayroom from a peephole.

Sure enough, six inmates were in the dayroom in battle gear pointing and gesturing at my cell, shoes wrapped down with socks, hands wrapped and in their jacket pocket to keep the knife in place. When they saw the picket guard wouldn’t open my cell at their request, they unwrapped and told the other sections to “wait it ain’t good yet”, meaning I wasn’t around yet.

When it was near time for the first “in and out” (doors open briefly so we can go in or grab something), inmate working lackey “Leroy AKA King G”, who’s a G4 inmate that’s allowed to work, came to the pod and told them “when the door open, don’t do no talking, just go straight in and pop him”, then he mentioned if I come out Gordo would wear me down in a one-round fight, then the others would stab me. Leroy plays the Christian role, but actually serves the interest of guards and any illegal money-making activity. He was also allowed to pass out mail when he worked night shift.
With the guard coming for the “in and out” in five minutes, and me not having enough time to put together a home-made knife, I cut my wrist with a razor, laid down by the door, and played dead. Not only would this draw medical staff, cameras, and ranking guards. It would force all inmates in their cell and get me taken to the infirmary, safely on a stretcher. And to my current location, where I can get this letter to you.
Up to that point, my out-going mail wasn’t being mailed out but re-routed to an inmate named Tracy and stopped. A reply from an emergency letter to Nube from me is still out-standing, and incoming mail was delivered to me empty. I actually heard Tracy recite to others stuff that only the receiver of my mail would know.
An inmate named Bruce Rogers who lived in J-17 cell had sent me threatening notes suggesting if I didn’t help him escape, he would tell inmates I sent guards to the cells the phones were found in, and that I would be killed. The letter I sent to Nube cited each note. I sent them to the Warden’s office, but I believe the envelope was given to Tracy. My name wasn’t in it.

Rogers had been moved from another unit after getting caught trying to pay a staffer to help him escape. Somehow he wasn’t placed in solitary but put on the pod with me. He had been in solitary before for trying to escape.

The only action I can request that will give me any meaningful safety is placement in safekeeping until I’m released because I have already been in many past incidents that show I need it.

But in TDCJ it’s not something I can request, because the unit will say I don’t qualify. Not because I don’t, but because a lot of paperwork is involved. Plus, if anything further happens, a lawsuit is winnable.

So it can only occur if numerous parties demand that my classification file be reexamined, and each complaint that got me a unit transfer be reviewed, to show that there is a pattern of attempts to kill me since 2019, and at: Ellis Unit, Allred Unit, McConnell Unit, Bill Clements Unit, Michael Unit, Boyd Unit, Hughes Unit, and now Connally Unit.

A big focus should be on the Michael Unit because I was nearly killed with a fan motor, and investigations proved cell phones were used to initiate the hit, and the attempted murder charges and disciplinary charges I faced were dismissed, because it was self-defense.
Focus should also be on the Clements unit, because it was proven white supremacists were using cellphones to organize my death, and one was caught with the murder weapon, and even admitted his affiliation, his involvement, and turned over notes sent to him with my full name in them.

So the complaint that is filed should raise these issues and a demand should be made that I should be placed in safekeeping and for no reason be sent back to the Connally Unit. No complaints should be made to this unit, it’s useless.
And lastly, Bruce Rogers should be questioned concerning Connally Unit, since he has an escape history, but was placed around me and not in solitary. I’m not sure if he’s still at Connally.

I really appreciate any and all help with this issue, because at this point I’m not sure how to defend myself from multiple and simultaneous assaults.

In solidarity,

Relevant contacts are:

Connally Unit warden:
(830) 583-4003

Regional Office:
(361) 362-6328

Executive Director’s office:
(512) 463-9988

Greg Abbott:
(800) 843-5789, (512) 463-1782

Ombudsman’s office:
(833) 598-2700, (936) 437-5620
ombudsman@tdcj.texas.gov, io@tdcj.texas.gov

State Classification Committee:
(936) 437-6571

A template message you can use (adapting and personalizing it is recommended) is:


I am contacting you to request urgent intervention to protect the life of Jason Renard Walker #1532092. Mr. Walker is currently held at the Scott Unit, where he was transferred following an incident at the Connally Unit on December 4th 2022.

Mr. Walker was transferred from the Hughes Unit to Connally in the summer of 2022, despite staff being aware that threats made against Mr. Walker’s life at Hughes had originated with inmates at Connally. Mr Walker has been moved after receiving credible threats and attempts on his life at Ellis Unit, Allred Unit, McConnell Unit, Clements Unit, Michael Unit, Boyd Unit, Hughes Unit, and now Connally Unit.

I wish to demand that Mr. Walker’s classification file should be re-examined, with particular attention to each complaint that led to him being moved. In particular, close attention should be paid to the incident that led to his move from the Michael Unit, where he was forced to defend himself from a murder attempt, and the Clements Unit, where another inmate confessed to involvement in an organized murder plot. Inmate Bruce Rogers 01674443, currently held at the Connally Unit, should also be interviewed about his involvement in the attempt on Mr. Walker’s life.

Under no circumstances should Mr. Walker be returned to the Connally Unit, where his life is known to be in immediate danger. Full and appropriate arrangements must be made to ensure Mr. Walker’s safety throughout the rest of his stay in TDCJ custody, and he should be released if suitable safe accommodation cannot be found for him. Please be aware that TDCJ may be held legally responsible for any harm that may come to Mr. Walker as a failure to fulfill the duty of care towards him.

I look forward to hearing that speedy action has been taken to ensure a safe and satisfactory resolution to this situation.

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