While the Culprits Come and Go, The Problem Persists – by David Annarelli

November 16, 2022, Wednesday

To Whom It May Concern,

This is regarding a problem that has existed for some time, and while the culprits come and go, the problem persists. Complaints have been filed with outside advocates, and a letter is en route to the US DOJ: Civil Rights Division. An in-house complaint has been lodged, PSCC-22 INF-04245.

The problem is with a specific night shift in ALPHA building. It is always on the same shift, and every time the problem guard is removed or replaced, the problem ceases, for a couple of weeks. Then, it starts right back up again. One might start to think it was being “ordered”.

Misuse of the PA system, like unruly children who enjoy hurting small animals, with malicious and cruel intent to create anxiety, panic, upset and deep frustration. There is no doubt it is deliberate. The PA volume, and the guard yelling in the microphone, is so loud it can be heard through two concrete walls with closed almost soundproof doors. I have been told that the guard is named ‘Brocks’ or ‘Serpent’. It might be both guards, but given the regular and business-like dishonesty of many of the staff, who knows if that is their names.

This behavior is a clear sign of sociopathic behavior, a prerequisite for the job it appears. These people take great pride in being vigilantes (state sponsored terrorists) and take no interest in their actual job – public servants committed to rehabilitation.

For those who are interested I have an extensive documentation of my firsthand experiences, as a wrongfully convicted and unlawfully incarcerated political prisoner of the Virginia DOC. I can also provide you the state statutes which show how and why I am unlawfully incarcerated.

David Annarelli 1853637
Pocahontas State Correctional
PO Box 518
Pocahontas, VA 24635

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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