A Brief Message for Abolitionists – by Eric King

January 7, 2021

Action must be taken, risk must be taken, creativity must be invoked. Right now, people are pushing the “Revolutionary” tag, but our words have never moved walls. We need creative attention-grabbing protests against the Bureau’s benefactors, companies like Keefe, Bob Barker Co., etc. Shame them into divesting, shame companies from making money off our slave labour. We need coordinated big protests at regional and national headquarters along with massive strikes and occupations inside. We need to set up blockades to prison entrances, we need to occupy headquarters with sit-ins or get armed and fucking take them (like we saw yesterday). On a county jail level, 20 people will take the jail and open every door. On a BOP level, if coordinated right, it could happen. Maybe this is my “Harper’s Ferry” and my own doom, but these are not pipe dreams, these are not fantasy ideas. Coordination, direct action, mass protest, media attention – they dont like these suggestions ’cause they require action. It also requires hard work and having solutions. We need to have solutions for how to implicate other forms of justice. There are savage monsters inside who will kill/rape someone for a stamp. How do we handle that? We need ideas and action. I’m telling you though, I’ve been in prisons that could be taken easily, and that’s a step, one of many that are needed. We can’t abolish prisons without abolishing courts and prosecutors. We have many enemies in this fight.

Published by mongoosedistro

"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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