Introducing R.(A).T.S.

From Comrade Kado:

Comrades, In a few months from now things will begin to move rapidly. Organizing then takes on a proactive and very hands on approach. Articles and essays will never cease to be part of this network, and its beyond important. Many involved have this alone to offer. Without online organizers or writers that put together the news of the various struggles, the efforts and the triumphs – we would be in darkness.

Today I would like to introduce a comrade to you. Toledo Ohio will be our initial location and our collective , “R.@.T.S”, is a small group of dedicated, driven and passionate people whom are motivated to bring about freedom for anyone that desires it. (as said previously, many people want to be led and that’s their choice). This is too an open invitation for any of you out there to reach out and tell The Toledo rebels YOUR story. We can struggle as individuals and, from my experiences in the scene, its often a safe bet. There’s plenty of posers and fakes. The point of this is to see who’s who and also to show you what we are about.

My observations of recent have shown me that protest and …other, less passive means of making a point or expressing disapproval is the common theme. While I’m not against those ideally, to the contrary – those actions have a pivotal role in this effort. My direction has more immediate results. While creating these free spaces, and generating autonomy, as well as self reliance is not as ” sexy” as wielding a Molotov or public displays -en mass, it certainly has valid points. You’ll find that even within’ our small collective, ideals vary. Which is important. No way would we ever grow as humanity, nor reach our potential if we didn’t have variances and share them!

You have something to offer. If you keep silent and struggle alone, then your struggle is in vain and your silence becomes submission by default. What would you do RIGHT NOW if you could do ANYTHING?? What would you change? What would that do to bring about that “revolution” we all so often speak of? Too often people are stuck in a sort of rut trying to envision a way to radically change everything at once. Its why most people take to the streets to gather in protest. There’s this hope that today, at this rally, on this issue – something huge will finally happen.

Facts are, nothing huge ever comes of anything in this struggle all at once. We must gain every inch. Consider it a field of battle. Gain ground and reinforce your position. That is exactly my reasoning for free spaces. A few acres here, a small plot there and eventually we have so many locations that people no longer have to be part of the system. Over the course of time our autonomous zones will be all over, everywhere. But with that for now, I would like to leave an open invitation for you to add your input, ideas or merely your responses to what I’ve put out to you… Comrade “J” with a bit about their story and how we have come together….Solid@rity!!

Noah Coffin 1795167
Ellis Unit
1697 FM 980
Huntsville, TX 77343

Commissary/Release fund:
$noahcoffin1312 (CashApp)

from Comrade J:

Who am I? I have always been a thinker, and until recently you could have called me a “knowledge worker”. School has been a major part of my life almost since day one. On the one hand this means that I have had access to outstanding educational tools which rightfully should be accessible to everybody who desires them; on the other hand it means that for most of my life I have been jumping through hoops laid out for me by “adults” and “authority” figures, all the way from preschool through college and into graduate school.

In grad school I managed to learn quite a lot of what I was “supposed” to learn and also quite a lot of what I wasn’t supposed to learn. While using the tools of the university to sharpen my mind it was impossible for me not to notice as well that I and my fellow grad workers were being exploited and expected to destroy our bodies and minds in order to expand the university’s financial and social capital. Through these labor struggles I was also introduced to broader political struggles in the local community, inside and outside of the university which dominates the town it occupies. I also used the resources available to me to research the university itself, and I understand now that bourgeois universities only intend for us to learn what capitalism wants us to learn—they want us to think, speak, and act like the Beast. (And if y’all knew how much snitching goes on in these places…)

For true education the bourgeois university must be overthrown and replaced with truly free modes of education. For the purpose of this message, it does not matter which universities I have been a part of, or whether the professors and administrators were “liberal” or “conservative”; they are all the same. From preschool to “higher learning”, our educational facilities are a major piece of (and mouthpiece for) the police state. In the end my love of learning was stronger than the university’s many traps and expectations of obedience. I decided that I simply could not present my research to the university and allow them (through the “thesis defense” process) to change it into something palatable to the powers that be (or, god forbid, actually useful to the Beast and its sick schemes—I mean shit, Einstein discovered E=mc2 and the awesome beauty of relativity and capitalism turned it into atom bombs). I had to leave the university world behind to preserve the integrity of my research.

This has meant entering the world of “work” outside of the ivory tower—same struggle, different battleground. Though I came up as a labor activist, I understand now that the existing forms of labor struggle (unions that have largely been bought out by and become dependent on the employers they are supposed to be fighting) are woefully inadequate to the task of getting us free. They might even call the police on you if you get too oppositional! So the question is how do people really unite; how can individuals seeking freedom for themselves and for each other come together and form a union that isn’t bound by any ties to the system? A union of thugs, you might say…

As I navigate this new stage of my life I have been very fortunate to link up with Comrade “F”, who has been doing a huge amount of work to free those who have been captured and condemned by the US prison system which rivals the Soviet gulag system. And Comrade K@do, who has been rebelling against the system since the day he was born. As well as some other quality human beings who are locked up in prison but struggle to keep their minds free. Together we want to find and create ways to live free and to help others get out of the grind, to fight and to keep fighting until every cage is empty. Fire to the prisons and the factory farms!

From Comrade Frankie:

From all of the way at the back of the grocery dumpster and straight out of fucking patience. Put your hands in the air for the good, the bad, and the leftover frankkkkkkk. Hell on 8 wheels and screaming about prisoner’s rights.

I’ve been doing prison abolition work for many, many, many years! Working to get those inside government slave camps, aka prison outta there. Until all are free, I will use my power to amplify those who are incarcerated. Formerly married to supposed Anarchist Sean Swain, I’ve since worked to help real people who are down for the cause. Always here to answer questions curiosities about prisoner support/prison abolition! Abolition feminism and much more!

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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