A Prophet From Hell, pt. 2 – by Noah Coffin

How many of you have been at this awhile? There’s some comrades I’m in touch with that have dedicated decades to “damage control”, putting a salve upon the wounds of this struggle against the tyranny of the machine, a system that has been ever morphing, changing – adapting..The many faces of this monster across the breadth of human history paint us a seemingly bleak portrait.

Where there has been people gathered together, there has been too the opportunists that saw the potential of exploiting them. The fine tuning of control has taken some trial and error, and people aren’t agreeable with subjugation, so the modern methods are much more cunningly executed. Today, many people don’t even realize that they’re lost in a system of slavery. Slaves to dependence. Slaves to debt. Indoctrinated into belief that their lives are on a path that must be treaded upon. That the system is the only way. It’s tragic.

What freedom is there in your society? Choices are laid out before you, pre packaged and prepared. Should you refuse to choose one of these..Where do you go from there? You don’t want to spend your most vibrant years pursuing a “career” in the school system. You’re definitely not fond of the idea of being a laborer for some capitalist, nor do YOU want to become a company person that exploits the ones that are sleep walking through their oppression. I watched and experienced my widowed mother suffer under the weight of this system, sapping the life out of her as she tried to give us 6 kids the only options she herself knew.

The people that have no desire to be ruled often fall into the options that they THINK aren’t prepared for them. This place is filled with those people. Fulfilling their duty to the machine the same as the lower class minimum wage earner does. The masterminds behind these societies and Nations have painstakingly and meticulously designed the places for the business man and the dealer. The goal from each individual was the same – gather finance. “Get on top”. But tell me dear reader, where IS the top? what do you sacrifice to get there? Is that freedom? What is freedom to you? Do you HAVE to go somewhere this week? Do you have bills\debts to pay in order to maintain your “freedom”?

We do not lack for awareness. This network of people is vast and global. There will be people, always, that desire to be herded. They are content with being given options and directed where to go. As an anarchist I’m not about to say they shouldn’t have that freedom. My goal is to get the truth out there that more options exist, then to offer those people that seek freedom a place to be free.

While I’m not the first to visualize communities of self sufficiency and autonomy, my goal isn’t to grab a spot, become static, and hide out. What I want is to head up building back many pockets of resistance against this system, creating multiple locations. A network of free people that not only offer relief from the struggle to those whose options are running out, but something that will grow to counter that system. Its going to start with day one out there. Progress to location number one and become the pebble that skittered down the mountain which will cause that landslide.

We can be more than just weary people picking one another up as the weight of the system bares down upon us all. The most staggering concept of all is that we’re duped into accepting this slavery. The allure of society and the imprinted desires to reach its summit goads many people on in a climb that’s never going to take them beyond the facade. People are today ready and eager to get out of their families homes to gain the “freedom” of adulthood, along with their own debts.

Tell me comrade – what’s more valuable than self reliance? What good is a million dollars if “covid 2.0” shuts down the world economy again, and the governments decide for you – everything? I was in solitary confinement in Texas for that. Not a great feeling.

Solid@rity Forever!

Support and shout-outs welcome

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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