Dentist Participates in Destroying Human Beings – by David Annarelli

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The deliberate denial of medical care in the Virginia Department of Corrections is well known and documented. The same can be said for Pocahontas State Corruption Center, a prison that is part plantation, part concentration camp and wholely evil. The deliberate denial of medical care extends to both mental health and dental care. It is this last part, dental, that will be the focus of this missive, because yesterday the absurdity was beyond the norm. 1pm, March 28, medical on camera.

I have been trying to get dental work for approximately 18 months without any luck. In June of 2022 I filed a complaint when several fillings popped out, bringing the cavity count to 9. Two weeks later, while attempting to get basic care, one of my teeth broke in half. That was in early July and I promptly filed another complaint. When I came to this hellhole prison my teeth, while not perfect, were not in terrible shape, now they are rotting out of my mouth as I watch. Those complaints, as is always the case, did nothing to resolve the issues. The response was simply “you’re scheduled”.

Pain began to set in, more complaints were filed, none of which mattered to VaDOC staff who are diabolical in nature and seem to thrive on causing such harm. I was repeatedly told “you’re scheduled”. For when was anybody’s guess. So, I pointed out that I would gladly file a second lawsuit against the dentist and the VaDOC. One is already pending and through that suit came the discovery of falsified psych records by senior psychologist Michael Murphy, so filing another legitimate suit is fine by me. This mention of a law suit drew some attention and in October 2022, 3 months after my tooth broke, I was brought over to dental.

X-rays were taken and Dr. Ahmed Miller confirmed what I already knew. 9 cavities and a surgical extraction of a broken tooth. Having confirmed the problem and having been made aware that I was experiencing greater discomfort and pain, I was certain that I would “be scheduled” as soon as possible. Given that dental is linked to heart and brain health, as well as stability in mental health, it only makes sense. There is zero sense in the VaDOC, and even less humanity, because after all, the VaDOC is an active slaver cabal profiteering from people’s suffering. When asked, Dr. Ahmed Miller informed me it could be 4-6 months or longer. I found this response to be not only an egregious level of malfeasance, but also worthy of filing a report with the Virginia health professionals whose job it is, at least in theory and on paper, to hold medical personnel accountable.

I am guessing that investigation is underway, though usually a letter is sent to inform the complainant and to provide the name of the investigator. In this instance no letter has been received, though it should be noted that the PSCC/VaDOC mail staff has taken it upon themselves to openly, and with impunity it would seem, violate state and federal mail tampering laws. Criminal complaints have been filed on this issue of mail tampering, which the Tazewell County Commonwealth Attorney has yet to act upon. It is assumed that he is complicit, or actively supports state employees violating the law, because evidence was presented with the complaint. The reason, therefore, that I guess the investigation has begun is due to my being called into dental yesterday, 1pm March 2023, and I have not filed any internal complaints lately.

Dr. Ahmed Miller, and this is totally absurd, brought me to dental and put me in a dentist’s chair at approximately 1:20pm and on camera. Did I receive dental care, 9 months after filing a complaint, 18 months after initiating requests? This is 5 months after this same dentist confirmed multiple cavities and the need for a surgical extraction. It is also 5 months from his telling me “4-6 months” (or longer). No, there was no dental care. Instead, he spent 30 minutes telling me that my mouth being in constant pain “is only sensitivity”. He spent 30 minutes explaining how, even though the problem is obvious, he has to “follow orders”, my pain and well-being be damned. This last part is especially disturbing on its face, but even more so given both the history of the VaDOC and PSCC, as well as its current standing, which is FAR from any kind of positive.

Think about the implications of such policy, written or unwritten, and that nay doctor would be told to deliberately ignore the suffering of a human being. Think of what kind of doctor would actually follow those orders. Depraved and despicable only barely describes such a lack of character without going into detailed references of World War II and Nazi “medical” treatment for its slaves and captives. First of all, those references seem exactly the same as what I am describing. Second, such a recognition means that immediate consequences would resemble the outcome of the Nuremberg Trials. After all, Nazis get hung and it is as simple as that. While that is at best rather extreme, there should be some level of reckoning, even if the consequences are less civilized than hanging. A loss of license seems a bit weak for my pain and suffering and there are toothless captives everywhere you look at PSCC.

So, yet again we find the VaDOC and those it hires have less than quality character. We see yet another event, and I have documented dozens, maybe even hundreds, where a VaDOC employee of PSCC is either too much of a coward to stand up against such violence (and denial of medical care IS violence), or they are one of the majority who took this job specifically for the opportunity to cause harm and be paid for such maliciousness. The latter camp are the bulk of VaDOC staff, who could not quality for ANY kind of useful place providing for society. I do not know that Dr. Ahmed Miller is that type of sociopath. I do think he is just one of the cowards, knowing full well he is doing wrong, but refusing to stand up against it. That makes him complicit, but also another 21st century American. That, and the fact that I was sitting in a dentist’s chair while he tried to explain and justify why he would not do his job and stop my pain and suffering.

David Annarelli 1853637
Pocahontas State Correctional Center
PO Box 518
Pocahontas, VA 24635

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