A Prophet From Hell, pt. 1 – by Noah Coffin

Greetings friends and comrades!

How many of you work to make ends meet? There’s a great many of you who must utilize the system in order to make the changes that you do: For the prisoner support, for the house or apartment you stay in – often paying rent (which is something of a crime against humanity).Those are necessary endeavors at this point. As long as money systems are in place, and governments or prisons exist – money is unavoidable to anyone active in this collective struggle.

The plans that I will put forth to you won’t immediately dispose of the reliance, at least in part, on the various currencies of this world (as we are comrades on many continents!). The trajectory will, in time, take us beyond the confines of that system. To gain that freedom, it’ll take some collective strength, dedication and determination. I’ve been inside a cage so many years that I’m not held captive by many of the shackles of today’s system. There’s nothing to hinder my full dedication to these proposed projects that I’m putting forth to you, my comrades in this struggle.

During my past 3-4 years inside I’ve gained knowledge, as well as college degrees in a subject that will change so much for us. Throughout my captivity I’ve studied the trial and errors of the many efforts beyond the wall. The global pandemic lock downs that effected the entire planet certainly opened my eyes to the priority we must place upon these first huge steps toward freedom and autonomy. Step one is for me to step out there the last couple months of 2023, and begin to generate funding necessary to build the foundation, (this is where the reliance upon that money system is the greatest).

The first step for my part is to use my talents to bring in these funds. As a great tattoo artist, I intend to host mobile tattoo events – attending organized gatherings of supporters and comrades and doing house calls. All for donations of course. A $25 donation would get anyone a permanent gift of expressionistic body art that would COST them hundreds at an establishment shop. The donation would be toward these goals ; gaining free zones where rent doesn’t exist and food is grown naturally, as well as sustainable prisoner support – one weekend a month will be to raise funds for whichever captive comrade is up on the rotation, needs to continue these events and training for comrades in the necessary knowledge to end our slavery to this system. A weekend tattoo event would likely generate a thousand dollars. With this funding the next steps toward these goals won’t take long to attain.

My knowledge and study as a Master gardener enables me to take raw, seemingly “unprofitable” land and transform it into a sustainable, beautiful place. Think Texas hardpan soil. Think Texas panhandle..These are merely examples of places that would cost very little to obtain, and almost nothing to keep. With a few years and dedication these would become free zones. Communities for us where rent doesn’t exist and grocery bills either. The freedom to pursue the talents and desires that this system rapes us of.

The future will bring about our ability to access the only free market left that the government doesn’t pillage – Farmers markets. For anyone who doesn’t know, There’s zero taxes on groceries. What’s more is these markets generate more funding than you’d think. Need an example? With a 50×90ft space, in 4 months grow season, utilizing intensive gardening methods, all natural – working 5 days a week, 5hrs a day, we would generate $90,000. This is a model based solely upon tomatoes, on the lowest end of profit. This is but one aspect of my model. I encourage all input, ideas and support. If we come together work and rent will cease to exist. Now I just need to build that foundation. Any support is welcome and encouraged. I’m getting out in Texas, after a great many years. A plan, knowledge, skills and drive, but nothing else. More will come as I have much to discuss.

All my love and Solid@rity Forever!!!

Noah Coffin 1795167
Ellis Unit
1697 FM 980
Huntsville, TX 77343

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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