Unconditional Work Stoppage For Parole and Pay Wages – from Comrade Z

When the peace you are continuously urged to return to looks like powerlessness, humiliation, poverty, boredom and violence, it shouldn’t be a surprise many choose to fight and to witness the ferocity with which some of us flight, it’s almost as if we’ve been waiting for this moment our entire lives.”

-Dispatches from Ferguson, Vol. 1

Government has never been a tool to change people’s lives; it’s always been a force which organizes them for the interests of the wealthy and powerful. A state is a collection of hierarchical apparatus that holds a monopoly of violence in a given territory and has the ability to enforce it’s power through policing. States exist to ensure that the divisions that exist within society make the overall power structure fall apart. No matter who is in government, government has its own logic. The fact that this society is divided into classes opposing interests means that is is always at risk of tearing itself apart. The government is there to make sure that doesn’t happen. Whether the government is a dictatorship or a democracy, it holds all the guns and will use them against its own population to make sure that we keep going to work. But liberals paint a much different picture. They instead present a democratic state as a neutral institution that simply needs enough good people to become involved in it.”

-prole.info in ‘Work Community Politics War’

There is an immense system of violence and domination in place over us that keeps the wheels of this system running. While it appears we have a hand in shaping our lives, in reality there are clear systems of control and management in place to make sure that the overall structure of this society is not threatened. No matter who is elected, no matter what political party you join, the appearance of popular control, of democracy, is a total illusion. But a state isn’t a neutral coming together of human beings; it is instead an instrument of colonial and class dictatorship. This is how the American state has always been organized. America is a settler nation created out of colonies managed by imperial powers. As one of the founding fathers, John Jay put it, “The people who own the country ought to govern it”. The reasons that every day working class and poor people can’t get ahead in politics is not because not enough people don’t get involved in changing or participating within the state, but because the people that run this government have invested interest in keeping the status-quo. This has not been any more clear than with the election of Donald Trump, as the entirety of the political class lines up to work with a fascist in order to preserve the social peace. The state is designed to ensure the ability to govern and police a territory through force and violence for the interest of those in power; it is not a means in which our lives can be changed for the better.”

-From ‘After Bern: An Open Letter to the Newly Disheartened’

People have been saying this for years; I’ve done the same. By the amount of retaliation I’ve been getting by Warden Armstrong is to continue the amount of retaliation I’ve been getting by Assistant Warden Angelo Chevalier, so those of you who know and understand administration in prison know that this power move was to attempt to silence me, and now that Asst. Warden Chevalier is not here I am going to make sure wherever she goes we have Wobblies in place to watch her every move. This way, TDCJ will force her into an early retirement too. She’s a liability, just as Warden Bruce Armstrong is a liability, and is more than likely being asked by TDCJ right now to abandon ship, take a job elsewhere.

Well, in this day and age, we can track viruses by phone, am I right? Simply know that, as an anarchist writer, my excitement is because of the current paradigm shift in politics and the nature of society. It’s highly unusual for the politicians to agree with us on the dynamic flaws of criminal justice and to acknowledge mass incarceration, prison slavery and the prison industrial complex. Right now, it’s the movement of the people that are changing the face of the criminal justice system. As an organizer within, I can give direct knowledge of the “evil empire” that prides itself on slaving black and brown people. Only difference is they call it Policy. It’s written on toilet paper, so they have to rewrite Policy every day and instill the “We Win, You Lose” mentality. I am not accepting that, so if we are all guilty and your disciplinary, classification, UCC is designed for all of us to lose, no matter what, why is TDCJ motto “Do the right thing”? So, your policy is perfection. Am I understanding this correctly? Is retaliation on free thinkers your policy? Is mailroom a tool for administration to to entrap and introduce your own contraband? Since Texas can’t tax your contraband you profit from state funding and the money you sold your cell phones for. That’s some good money. I sure hate to see you lose that, like tire plants’ $4.2 million (tisk tisk). My heart breaks for you.

Now, people of your unit, know that all it takes is to trend an Unconditional Work Stoppage. Give the jobs back to TDCJ and it would look like what? A medical lockdown, that’s it, and it would guarantee law makers to act so fast on parole reform you wouldn’t be able to finish a whole black bag of coffee. What are you scared of, hurting your warden’s feelings? What about your family? What about your freedom? Remove your blinders, comrades. You’ve got a political backing and the backing of the communities in Houston and every surrounding city. Texas Department of Minimal Justice is only hanging on by a thread because of you, the inmate. STOP WORKING – that’s the message coming from the outside world. If your mailrooms are retaliating, do what I did: Report them for illegally allowing contraband in, knowingly and intentionally. Get your hearts right. You want parole. Well, your oppressor is working to keep you here. What are you doing working to save TDCJ?

“Dont save her, she don’t wanna be saved” Every one in Texas units will read this and remember that they are the power. You want changes, demand it. Stop working free, fuck TDCJ. For all the ones who didn’t make it home. Stand up! Rise up! End this shit. Get their heart’s right. Lay it down. The ultimate heart check, for our rights, pay wages, end Texecution parole board is greedy as fuck, just as TDCJ, time is now. Lay it down. Contact your local media. Let them know we want change. It’s called Pay Wages and Parole Reform. Today is my “May Day” and I’m celebrating by speaking to the anarchists and abolitionists of the United States and asking them to flood every unit in Texas with these facts. Easy shit. NO MORE PRISON SLAVERY. Legalize marijuana, decriminalize drugs, whatever you feel is worth fighting for, let it be known. Texas is listening. Join up. Meet the demonstrators half-way. They fightin’ for you- what you doin? Darrington, Unite!

Solidarity and Sabotage,




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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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