TDCJ Retaliates on Comrade Z, Again

12/18/20 – Officer Garcia and Mailroom Supervisors, Intelligence Officers Sgt. Estrada, Williams and Reyes, illegally opened privileged media mail, directed to The Final Straw Radio and wrote a disciplinary case for being a member of IWW-IWOC, all by the order of Warden B “Dirty Deeds” Armstrong. They are blocking access to law library, grievance process, and are attempting to suppress my voice. They are stopping at nothing, even if it’s against the law.

1/11/21 – Monday sometime between 3:20-3:40pm, again, by order of “01” as the officers stated, theft of mail occurred on B-Line, 2 row, 8 cell, by Officers Sandoval, Obaseki, Penny and Reyes. Ms. Ford comes to my cell door and opens up legal mail and flipping through each article of content in view of camera she drops mail on the floor and runs off. Minutes later, Officers Obaseki and Penny roll the door and begin to ask me, “Where’s it at? Do you know what we are looking for?” Of course I did not. Officer Sandoval was searching my cell as Officer Penny held me in handcuffs, asking me, “So you’re an anarchist, huh? Give us the letter.” I said, “What letter? My legal team?” Sandoval said, “Yes, he wants it. Warden sent us for it! Give it to us and we won’t tear up your shit.” Penny then let me out of my handcuffs and I reached into an envelope with two disclaimers, one from Fire Ant Collective and the other from Bumpin My Music newsletter, also two print outs of #PrisonsKill for my Dirty Darrington essays with officers’ names in them and also a First Amendment Rights disclaimer. As the officers gathered up their stolen mail, I made sure I told them that it’s been scanned by Huntsville and my attorney and furthermore, I personally sent Warden Bruce Armstrong my essays so that he cannot ever accuse me of hiding who I am or what I do.

However, federal crimes are being committed against me. I need help. Dirty Darrington has blocked access to courts, access to grievance process, will not pick up my outgoing artwork to mail out and are refusing to preserve any video surveillance. As I mentioned in my writings on #PrisonsKill, TDCJ does not use these cameras for safety. It’s to fuck over people. They call it policy, I call it corruption. Huntsville is blocking my friends from putting money on my books and more plans to set me up are in progress now. I have already contacted attorney Charles Martin at the State Counsel for Offenders to report misconduct and also the office of Inspector General multiple times. I’ve gone to ACLU, NAACP, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and I am still fighting for prisoners’ rights.

Thank you comrades, for getting us Covid-19 tested again! The day after I got raided for my disclaimer and legal mail, the same officers came to test me for Covid, not even knowing it is I that agitated for it with the abolitionists, for painting H-Line dayroom, for spraying for water bugs in chow hall, farm safety, mailroom oppression/suppression. Again, they never denied mailroom corruption. They are trying to suppress it because I have intentionally thrown myself into their path of deceitful corruption. Huntsville quickly jumped in to defend their corruption scheme because as I’ve told the whole world this is going on all over Texas mailrooms, not just here. 100 units have their greedy, racist fingers in the cookie jar. You wanted truths, now you got it. Approach it with fury and without mercy. This is what Texas Department of Minimal Justice is doing to me for exposing what Houston Chronicle’s Dylan McGuiness wrote on November 24 and December 3, 2020.

I am under attack by Huntsville and administration y’all. I need Civil Rights attorneys to begin reaching out to me. TDCJ has blocked my due process avenues. Black and red flag is waving, calling in air support.

Solidarity and Sabotage,


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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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