Texas Reacts on Darrington – from Comrade Z

January 10, 2021

Solitary Confinement

Like every Proud Boy across America, Bruce “Dirty Deeds” Armstrong believed Trump’s reelection by insurrection, by attempting to silence democracy. I am in solitary by order of the warden. Lt. Demsey stated that her slave master wants to send a message that it’s a white world and that slaves are not human, but animals. Even the pay wage slaves aren’t worth 6 inches of bullshit, unless they’re doing his bidding in his corruption team.

Increased assaults on the slaves to psychologically deceive into believing TDCJ still holds the same hold on its populations. None of their criminology implemented crowd control tools are active, like “good time/work time”. It’s not profitable. You can’t vote; you are not even considered human. How many graduates of the bible college are getting released? How many of them are receiving any incentive to attend school? How many letters of recommendation are sent to BPP? Zero! Commodities are a meal ticket and I refuse to feed the racist machine. Sabotage cat will bite, and sabotage cat feeds on solidarity. Your class war is a weak and dying breed. Face it, you lose, Republican traitor.

We will now discuss in a little more detail the struggle for existence.”

-Charles Darwin

Like comrades in the struggle, my anarchist ideology is now, after 10 months of direct action on this unit, elevated. Their disbelief in an indigent, abandoned prisoner is now their worst nightmare, for exposing corruption in: mailroom and farm, schemes of entrapment, torture, inadequate mental health, which is vital in a crumbling torture chamber, with the worst drinking water in Texas, roach infestation, blackouts in Summer time, no hot water in ad seg areas in Winter, no air conditioning in dayrooms, no safety equipment. Officers get two masks per day, sanitizer, A/C in offices, dining rooms, new clothes, new caps, new key chains, new vests, new dogs, new drug test kits, new shoes, new communication tools, new tractors, new 18-wheelers, new parts for silos, new cars, new officers and tons of pepper spray for the ignorant slave that speaks his mind to acknowledge that what they are doing is wrong. If that slave refuses to be quiet he is assaulted, bloodied and shipped off to the unit to hide the assault from the families and courts.

Covid-19 deaths were staved off because of direct action by outside facilitators from IWW-IWOC. Suicides were down too. As soon as they believed no one was watching they continued to flood the unit with their tools of entrapment. Sgt. Estrada, Sgt. Williams, Ms. Ford, Lt. Wilcox, Captain Cooper are all corrupt. It’s no secret, this is why grievance process is useless. This is why no staff or officers exercise their freedom of speech, because TDCJ is an authoritarian communist agency. “Cease to speak or cease to breathe”. This is beyond cleanliness and proper storage. TDCJ is earning $90 million per year on free labor, and all the Kim Jong Un’s of TDCJ want more. They want absolute supreme power over the black and brown communities.

I am glad we got rid of two corrupt wardens. Now I want people to call in an outside investigation by the City of Houston. Of course I know any politician or council member would not dare talk to me, fo we know that second class, non-voters are still judged, even after paying debts to so called “society”. But I do encourage those who are able and willing to contract these individuals an demonstrate solidarity for men living in an inhabitable prison that is outdated and a structural liability. Again, is brown water safe to drink? My new campaign with abolitionist army is to bring a demonstration to Huntsville and to shut down corruption camps in Brazoria and Angleton and Beaumont. Again, I ask Wobblies to raise awareness about officers’ contraband scheme. All and any interviews are welcome.

PS – I am requesting legal assistance for First Amendment Rights violations. Contact Officer of Inspector General at Huntsville, Texas to report corruption on Warden Armstrong’s slave farm. Officer Garcia and Intelligence Officers opened privileged media mail on December 18th, 2020 that was addressed to c/0 Bursts O’Goodness, The Final Straw Radio.

Comrade Z

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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