Community, Not Communism – by K@DO

Regardless of what the system may have people believe, kindness and sharing are naturally present aspects of humanity. While there is surely rogue personalities, even at young ages, a very real truth is until those traits are replaced by “society”, even children share and care naturally. (Ever seen a kid skin their knee and sit down to cry only to be joined by another out of guileless empathy?) It benefits ruling elites to make you feel that without their governance, those acts of community, sharing and kindness are unattainable. Their system of class, wages, and “society” condition us to believe it is true. Don’t fall for propaganda. Share and be kind because you want to, but never allow that to be “regulated”. That’s anti-freedom.

Instagram: @comradekado

Published by mongoosedistro

"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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