Lifelong Learning – by Brian Fuller

Ultimately, we are all responsible for our own education or lack thereof. I’ve always been secretly jealous of those who could make academics look easy. Most of us struggle. Yet it is in that struggle where we reach common ground and attain transcendence, because after all, if we are willing to invest in the effort, we will realize the possibilities.

Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be doing this again. You see, I’m on the thousands upon thousands who fell through the cracks in the “system”. Back when this nightmare first began, I knew I couldn’t continue making decisions based on emotional reactions. So very early, I set sights on education and outreach. They imprisoned the body… not the mind.

When we get locked up, something happens with our memories. Instead of forgetting them, they go into hyperdrive, permeating our thoughts at will. It’s as if someone else has grabbed the remote. The screen inside our head changes and all we can do is smile in sweet surrender as we bask in the splendor of days gone by.

I was working at a foundry before I got arrested. It was hot, hard, dangerous work. I loved every second of it. When molten metal is pounded from the crucible into the mold, it looks like hot lava flowing from a volcano. I’m immediately shot back through space and time to that inquisitive five year old sitting on the floor flipping through pages of National Geographic.

Dad walks in and I point to the caption “Etna is Grandnana’s name!”. He smiles and says, “Close enough. Maybe Etna is how they spell Edna in Italy.” I keep turning pages and don’t even look up to speak. “Itlee is where they make peetsa and skettee.”

Autistics are visual learners. I wouldn’t even find out I was on the spectrum until much later in life. Everybody always told me I was a smart boy. I was a good boy. All I knew was that the other kids picked on me. I was a little weirdo and they hated me. I didn’t dare tell the grown-ups what was really going on in my brain. Those were the days when kids were expected to be seen and not heard. To deviate from the norm would let everybody down.

Our public school system was considered top notch. Nowadays, kids can’t imagine a time without computers. I simply loved those old books. The weight of them. The smell of them. Beautiful illustrations and brilliant photography. Before I could even spell worlds like biology, architecture and geography, I’d already been absorbing them subconsciously. Those sneaky teachers had duped me into study-time. All the while, I thought I was doing my own thing.

The streets would bring a different kind of training. Navigating social awkwardness and shrewd business negotiations. Staying aware of one’s surroundings. Reading faces and body language. Skepticism means survival when so many people are trying to swindle you. Don’t even let anyone tell you that you are just being paranoid. Follow your instincts. Trust your intuition.

I entered the work force early in life. Mentally ill does not mean mentally deficient. Compensation is a poor measure of intelligence. I’ve worked for some complete imbeciles. All I could do was watch silently in horror while they ran perfectly good businesses into the ground. I had the willingness to work hard, I just lacked the confidence to speak up.

Moving from job to job broadened my skillset. Regardless of the task, I always struggled with concentration and attention span. My body could perform like a human robot, while my brain would detach itself to daydream; working out pressing problems on projects that really interested me.

I’ve done almost every job there is to do in this place. I’m at the age now where they don’t make me work if I don’t want to. However, I can still work circles around these youngsters. Our 50s really are the new 30s. Somehow, I still feel like a teenager in my head, I’m the oldest student in both of my college courses. I’m even older than one of my professors.

We’re currently locked down at the moment. While everybody is trying to figure out how to get their contraband through shakedown, I am preocccupied with when we are going to attend class again. This is the first time in roughly two years that our renowned professor has been allowed to come and give lectures in person. I truly enjoy his energy, focus, and enthusiasm.

Out of all the things they could have confiscated, I’ll miss those magazine subscriptions the most. For whatever reason, our captors seem to have such a perverse disdain for knowledge that it borders on fear and loathing. When I noticed the cart for the library, I asked the sergeant, “Can you please donate those to the education department?” Our art, history and literature must be preserved at all costs.

Although this relentless foolishness still makes me angry, I’m learning to channel that energy into fuel. It becomes the catalyst for change. Who knows? Maybe another renaissance will explode out of the kinetic forces locked inside of our own potential.

Brian Fuller 2046619

Torres Unit

125 PR 4303

Hondo, Texas 78861

It’s OK to Mock Sentimental Walmart Shoppers – by Dan Baker

For many Amerikkkans, shopping at Walmart has become the only realistic option for acquiring the bare necessities of life. Due to their blind acceptance of wage slavery, they live lives of quiet desperation, going from bed to work, many working at Walmart, then cashing their meager checks from one or two or three jobs, often chasing that check at Walmart, for a fee, then spending most of their free time shopping.

Much of what’s bought is so basically trash and junk food, also known as “American culture” or our “way of life”. This trash and junk food is “why terrorists hate us”. The good shopper may meet their drug dealer at the Walmart pharmacy, or their other drug dealer in the parking lot, casually ignoring the sex workers and houseless families living in their vehicles. In said parking lot roams armed guards, police, mobile camera towers and litter blowing in the wind. In the bushes of many Walmarts are homeless camps, beggars stand with hunger and signs at the entrance and exits to these temples of heartless wage slavery.

If the wage slave is properly conditioned they will feel a sense of gratitude and sentimental attachment to the seasonal decorations, ignoring that is from the very system that enslaves them. At home, if they are not homeless, they will sacrifice sleep and health to stare at screens, yearning to squeeze a few moments of fulfillment and meaning into their empty lives.

This routine is like a prison. The fences are made of limits imposed by poverty, gas prices, vehicle maintenance, lack of calories in diet and economic inflation. Wage slavery keeps people too tired and domesticated to even consider another option. In order to perform at their jobs they must ignore even family members who are struggling, and caring for homeless and hungry neighbors is out of the question. The busy day prevents them from noticing the deforestation of their community, or the non-biodegradable trash building up aside the roads, becoming part of the soil, with pieces of tires, plastic and aluminum cans as common as rocks and grass.

The sentimental Walmart shopper is emotionally bound to brands, fast food chains, and may openly declare themselves to be servants to an archaic diety. Think about these terms and their origins:

Brand names – cattle and slaves are branded. The reader can certainly remember a list of name brands, their colors, fonts, symbols and words. These are powerful images that occupy and colonize your mind. Your mind is branded by repetition. Chains of fast food encircle the earth, crowding out poor local restaurants, manufacturing the consent of wage slaves by removing any other option. They manipulate our perception of time, making themselves available on long routes between work and housing, so that we don’t have time to eat anywhere else.

The consumer becomes impatient. The worker is pushed to efforts that match the calorie-burn of higher paid employees of other industries. In order to find meaning in this flesh trade, the fast food chain wage slaves may turn to drugs or religion. They are like temple slaves making burnt offerings to the God of Profit – a historically inaccurate White Jesus, dipped in blood. It makes sense that these temples are installed in Walmarts, where the smell of burning cattle can remind the slaves that they are what they eat.

It is not just Walmart that enslaves masses, of course. Walmart just made the mold and set the standard for the prison industrial complex. Many of their brands are the same as those found in prisons – Hersheys, Mars, Heinz and Smuckers. But, now we see the “woke”, “conscious” Walmart shopper, buying organic, vegan brands. The next tier of social crust does not debase themselves by shopping at Walmart or Winn-Dixie – they go to Whole Foods, Publix and Greenwise, lest their pineal gland and third-eye be contaminated by common fare. These “higher beings” may pray to White Jesus for a new BMW, which they “manifest” by cutting the wages to the workers in Daddy’s business, which they manage, while cultivating blithe gratitude for such “divine abundance”. This mindset is justified by the lectures they just attended, in which the Christian leader extolled to them the virtues of business

The more open-minded upper crust shopper might go to Sam’s Club or Costco to buy organic, free range, all natural brands, in bulk, on their way home from hot yoga. In the name of “Good Vibes Only”, all the poor have been aggressively removed, or captured, from these areas. Instead of learning to cultivate compassion in action, and how to work for the liberation of all beings, this yoga crowd learns to market themselves in every single interaction, from the classroom to the office to the meditation hall, church, party, bedroom, and even while shopping. Any interaction which is deemed unprofitable is labeled as Bad Vibes and avoided.

The next tier prefers to shop at Walmart over the “fancy” options. This is the military and police who jealously guard the Walmart way of life. They aspire to shop at venues like Bass Pro Shop. Making sure to shop in uniform, they request the military discount while openly carrying firearms and other weapons. Thanks to this crowd, one can also buy rifles and shotguns while shopping for groceries. They are the slave catchers of Walmart culture. I’ve seen hungry mothers dragged out of a Walmart for trying to steal food and diapers, the babies screaming as they are taken from their mom, who the cops callously laugh at, telling her that she’s going to jail and losing her kids. She weeps and they stand above her in polished boots and crisp uniforms, bearing the badges and symbols of oppression. The babies may be “adopted” by cops and brainwashed. The cops think that White Jesus approves.

The owners of Walmart, the Waltons, may posture and claim to be like the commoners they enslave, but they do not work and shop at Walmart. That image is an illusion. Rich people live in gated communities with guards, golf courses, club houses and servants. Nannies raise their kids and do their shopping. They despise the workers who build and maintain their ridiculous mansions, distrusting their housewives and their neighbors.

To contrast this slavish culture of social quietude in the face of exploitation, is a culture of resistance. There is a green light, an agreement that all people living in poverty can and should take anything and everything they need to survive. All over the world there are migrating tribes of rubber tramps, full time travelers, who take full advantage of shallow Walmart “culture” in order to live free lives.

In addition to this phenomenon of dumpster-hopping drifters is the more recent revival of an old tradition of leveling the playing field by redistributing resources via flash-mob looting. Sometimes posted on social media, sometimes spontaneously popping up in response to killer cops murdering people of color, and in protest to working conditions, especially during pandemics, wildfires and during economic crisis’ brought on by constant wars, flash-mobs flood Walmarts with so many people that nothing short of a massacre can stop them. So far the slave-catchers have been too scared to go that far, realizing that the consequences would outweigh the lost profits. No one wants to die for Walmart.

When the Waltons created Walmart, it was in response to poor wages and high prices at K-Mart. Now Walmart employees and shoppers have a chance to create new alternatives. Using parts of plants that are capable of propagation, buying seeds, and planting these, we can build a new social ecology based on home and community gardens and homemade goods. Local farms and farmer’s markets will replace so-called “supermarkets” either by choice or because they are inevitably collapse, being inherently unsustainable. It’s already happening, just Google condemned Walmarts.

We don’t need supermarkets to have modern medical technology and a Star Trek-quality way of life. We will build utopia, either as an organic growth from seed to harvest, or by using the old as fertilizer for the new.

Dan Baker 25765-509, FCI Memphis, PO Box 34550, Memphis, TN 38184

From Within the Bowles fo the Amerikkka’s Babylon Slave Ship of Genocidal Mass Incarceration, of the Surveillance, Carceral Capitalist Plantation Slavery Empire – by Xinachtli

Jason Walker in Danger at Connally Unit, requesting urgent support

I’ve been moved to another prison.

Normally, moving from one prison to the next is like a lottery. But in my situation, each move is far worse than the last. And I’m strategically being sent where the SCC (State Classification Committee) is well aware danger is present.

My move from Hughes was a result of a prisoner notifying staff that inmates at Connally Unit and Robertson Unit sent a message to Hughes Unit about getting me killed. I assume cell phones were used.

The prisoner gave them the handwritten note given to him, along with some newspaper clip I wrote about K2 in prison. It was passed to him for circulating to slander me but he turned it in. The note clearly listed Connally and Robertson as units where the word came from.

Staff at Hughes did investigate everything and determined that I should be moved from Hughes because the threat is valid.

But strangely enough, out of Texas having over 100 units, I’m quickly sent to Connally in a matter of days after the investigation.

So basically, what just occurred is that Hughes Unit investigated a threat sent from Connally and Robertson, determined the threat is real, and then I’m sent to the point of origin where the threat came from.

Does that make any sense? I assume if I manage to get moved from here I’ll be sent to Robertson.

If possible, please find someone willing to help me get transferred via complaints to Ombudsman and this prison. Here’s the Connally Unit phone:

(830) 583-4003 (Warden J. Rayford)

The complaint should list the underlining facts:

  1. I was moved from Hughes due to threats sent there from Connally and Robertson Unit.
  2. The threats concerned an article I wrote about K2 problems at Telford Unit.
  3. Hughes Unit staff determined that the threat is valid and had me transferred.
  4. The SCC moved me to a unit that the investigation and the handwritten hit note showed inmates at Connally and Robertson are involved.
  5. Inmates at Connally 12 Building A-Pod reinforced my fear I was sent here on purpose as one mentioned that I’d be dead or in the hospital in a matter of days, the same day I arrived.
  6. This particular threat is because I publish journalism on prison conditions, and am facing statewide retaliation because of it.
  7. This is my 9th unit transfer since 2019 for threats of violence, assault, extortion and retaliation because of my publishing.
  8. Moving me from prison to prison isn’t working. The proposed remedy to satisfy the complaint should be another unit transfer, away from Connally and to a unit that is designed to accommodate high-profile prisoners that are known journalists and authors who require isolation from the general population. And in no way sent to Robertson or any Region 5 unit.
  9. I don’t qualify for safe-keeping so another measure needs to be taken.

Be mindful that TDCJ is purposefully sending me to places that contradict the reason for these transfers. The reason I’m still safe is because I’m staying aware and making sacrifices to keep me away from certain people and places. And I’m not letting my ego convince me that I can’t be killed, and the reason for my death covered up.

In solidarity,


Jason Walker #1532092

Connally Unit

899 FM 632
Kenedy, TX 78119


TDCJ Ombudsman: TDCJ Executive Director:, (936) 437-2101 Region IV Director’s Office:,, (361) 362-6328 Connally Unit:, (830) 583-4003

Suggested script:


I am contacting you on behalf of inmate Jason Walker #1532092.

Mr. Walker was recently moved from Hughes due to threats sent there from Connally and Robertson Unit. The threats concerned an article he wrote about K2 problems at Telford Unit. Hughes Unit staff determined that the threat is valid and had him transferred.
The Hughes Unit investigation, and the handwritten hit note, showed that inmates at Connally and Robertson were involved in this threat, and yet Mr. Walker was moved to Connally Unit.
Inmates at Connally 12 Building A-Pod reinforced Mr. Walker’s fears, as one mentioned that he’d be dead or in the hospital in a matter of days, the same day he arrived.

This particular threat is because he publishes journalism on prison conditions, and is facing statewide retaliation because of it. This is his 9th unit transfer since 2019 for threats of violence, assault, extortion and retaliation because of his publishing.
Moving him from prison to prison isn’t working. The proposed remedy to satisfy the complaint should be another unit transfer, away from Connally and to a unit that is designed to accommodate high-profile prisoners that are known journalists and authors who require isolation from the general population.

Under no circumstances should Mr. Walker be sent to Robertson or any Region 5 unit. He does not qualify for safe-keeping so another measure needs to be taken.

I wish to remind you that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice can be held legally responsible for any harm that comes to Mr. Walker as a result of negligence or deliberate retaliation from staff, and I look forward to hearing that this matter has been brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

Anarchists Under Attack on a Global Scale – by Dan Baker

Hello friends,

I am writing today to raise awareness for friends all over the world who have been facing captivity due to human rights activism. At it’s core all anarchist activism is a struggle for human rights. Freedom of expression, bodily autonomy, freedom from captivity, freedom to live a life as one see fit, with access to healthcare, housing, transportation education and community- all of these are anarchist struggles. Often our work intersects with other movements who have similar goals for specific groups of marginalized people, and even compassion for animals and environmental activism. People who profit from the exploitation of people, plant and animals find the existence of motivated anarchists and intersectional class struggle to be a threat to their social structure of hierarchy and domination. We are often striving to exist within the nation state systems, at peace, solving our own problems in autonomous zones, if only so we can claim the moral high ground of non-aggression and let the overbearing authorities cast the first stone. But many of us sincerely wish to have happy, healthy lives of peaceful coexistence, living close to nature and each other, living honestly in the face of institutionalized lies, dogmatic stone age mysticisms and hypocrisies, living in a way that is separate from the profit driven economy which is doomed to endless cycles of class division, exploitation, collapse and violent ‘forever wars’.

Those who do act out in aggressive ways are often only struggling for survival again lionized police forces who outlaw their very existence- for example patriarchy religious structures like zealous adherents to Abrahamic mythologies; the Kurds struggling against genocide in many different nations; Black communities world wide, but especially in Amerikkka, where police and federal government are putting white supremacist ideologies into practice; the Jewish Diaspora worldwide; Palestinian communities; Indigenous communities who managed to survive colonialism; and the Irish, victims of the United Kingdom’s first colony.

Right now we are seeing anarchists under attack on a global scale, and it’s important that we know the names of those who are facing imprisonment so they are not forgotten. By raising awareness we protect their bodies with accountability. Police who work as prison guards are made aware that they are being watched by the entire world, just like Derek Chauvin. Please look into the conditions faced by Belarus political prisoners and European political prisoners. We should also look into the state of Chinese and Russian political prisoners, and Ukrainian anarchists. Here are the names of friends I am aware of. Please look up these people and reach out to them and their friends and family. They can also receive money for their prison commissary account. If you send me any money, please send me less money so you can also send some to these friends. Instead of sending me twenty dollars I would rather get one dollar and know that nineteen other friends are getting one dollar also. The Belarus friends are in particular need of help in relation to their stance on the Ukraine and Russian war. They can be helped by contacting this fundraiser:

Names of international anarchist friends who need help more than I do:

Mahmut Demir

Gabriel Bombo Da Silva

Claudio Lavazza

Monica Caballero

Francisco Solar

Giannis Michailidis

Juan Aliste Vega

Ihar Alinevich

Mikalai Dziadok

Mikita Jemialjanau

Jauhen Rubashka

Artsiom D. Salavej

Artsiom S. Salavej

Toby Shane

Eric King

Jessica Reznicek

Leonard Peletier

Mumia Abu Jamal

Dr. Mutulu Shakur

Please add names to this list and forward this message or write your own statement to friends and family and activists on a global scale. We will show the forces that attempt to dominate our ungovernable spirit of love and freedom that our solidarity is greater than their violence and oppression!

Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and for all of your actual aid. My own family loves white Jesus and trump more than they love me, so the only help I get is from the activist community. I receive letters, money and books on a regular basis and this cuts through the depression and keeps me going. I can imagine how much more difficult in other places where conditions are much harsher, like Erik King’s situation. I would very much like to receive pictures of as many political prisoners as you can send me, either printed on paper or through a photo app like pelipost or freeprints. In prison one of the only tools available to me is my imagination, which I use in meditation to send all my love, strength and courage to other political prisoners, and I imagine them being happy, healthy and free, receiving resources like money, books and healthy food and nutrients. Please join me in this meditation. Another aspect of this meditation is to imagine all of the negative aspects of the political prisoner’s existence coming off of them like a black cloud of smoke, which we then inhale and in doing so we share their burden by taking on the negative karma that is making their life difficult. I like to call it “smoking our own thoughts”! Then we imagine clean air and beams of light energy going from us back to the political prisoners. Please remember that this exercise is just our imagination, and it is worthless without physical action and actual support in reality. It’s purpose is to motivate us to action and to help us through times when we cannot act, so that we remember to help when can act.

Thanks again for all of your love and support!

May all beings everywhere be happy and free!

Dan, aka Alishare

Dan Baker 25765-509

FCI Memphis

PO Box 34550

Memphis, TN 38184

Rants & Ravings, Issue 2 – by Harlequin

January 14, 2022

In this issue, I will touch on the attack on Roe v. Wade, the 28th Amendment, and the anti-LGBTQ legislation that is emerging.

I confess to be “on the fence” concerning abortion. I believe that abortion should be allowed in some circumstances (rape, incest, or when the unborn faces life threatening illness if born), but I do not agree that a woman should be able to be irresponsible and allowed to “dispose of” the consequences. However, I acknowledge the importance of Roe v. Wade, which is in danger of being overturned by the SCOTUS. Already states have total abortion bans, which is a severe hardship for women. The right-wingers and fundamentalists are to blame. What gives them the right to impose their beliefs on everyone? Whatever happened to democracy? Sadly, we live within a totalitarian regime backed by corrupt politicians.

We desperately need the Equal Rights Amendment or the 28th Amendment. Women do not have equal rights by any means. Patriarchy is very much alive. If you’re not white, male and rich, then you do not receive equality. Sad, but true.

Finally, there are the myriad of anti-LGBTQ bills being passed. As a trans woman, this is alarming. Legislation has been passed that criminalizes gender affirming healthcare for trans minors and that ban youth from playing in sports that match their gender identity. I don’t think I need to mention the “restroom bills” that have been popping up for the past 15 or so years. Trans people are being legislated out of existence. How many more trans individuals need to commit suicide until Amerikkka wakes up? I am outraged at all of this. We as a society are regressing to Middle Ages-like politics. We make advancements in science, healthcare and other areas of social wellness, but we are far from being where we need to be. Society is being destroyed by capitalism, but we continue on the road we are on, and will until we destroy ourselves. Wake up, people, and smell the roses.

Anti-Capitalist Review, Issue 2

Welcome! In this issue I will review the movies ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ and ‘2012’. Both films, which were huge hits, focus on the environmental crisis. Catastrophic weather places the world in another ice age. While these movies are entertaining, they mirror the reality of what’s going on right now, and what will happen in the future unless drastic steps are taken to save our environment now.

The hurricanes and tropical storms are worse and worse each year. Ida devastated the south and northeast. Tsunamis, earthquakes and tornadoes occur each year, killing thousands. The ice caps are melting, creating a rise in sea levels. Great Barrier Reefs are dying. Oil pollutes waters every year. Co2 emissions deplete the ozone. These are just a few examples of the building crisis that humanity has caused, and continues to cause. We continue to rape and plunder the earth of natural resources, and Mother Nature is fighting back with a vengeance!

Space exploration has opened up doors for possible colonization of Mars. Even if we did achieve that goal, how long will it take to destroy that planet? Our society is based on a get more, more, more mentality that fuels the need to speed up the process of obtaining natural resources, like gas and oil. This is sad. I’m 38, and the way things are going, I just may be alive to see the movies ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ and ‘2012’ be reality.

We need to take action now for climate change. Switching to sustainable energy may scare us. Completely electric cars and elimination of paper products is another avenue which we must take! Our planet may be saved if we act NOW!

Until next time,

In struggle,

Comrade Harlequin

Write Harlequin at:

Thomas Flick LJ9467

SCI Mahanoy

PO Box 33028

St. Petersburg, FL 33733

Sentient Spirituality: Revolutionary Humanism, Respecting Ra-men, and Alternative Paths to Spiritual Fulfillment – by Dan Baker


utlänning – “human” strangers from another city or country within our world

främling – “human” strangers from another world

ra-man – humans from another species

varlese – animals we cannot communicate with

djur – dire beasts, oftens devouring people at night


welatparazi – love for the motherland, literally the people, plants animals and soil which nourish us and our community; as opposed to patriotism

There is a need for a paradigm shift in this age. Presently large populations indulge in stone age mythologies, dogmatic mysticism and the technological practice of false religious ideas. These serve only to tax workers and produce an attitude of social quietism, a self imposed mindset of an abused housewife bowing to their abuser.

Science has shown us that there is no god or afterlife. All who claim such are only charlatans or deluded followers, many intentionally searching for fools to fleece and control. The only life we have is the one we now live. This means we should not waste it by hoping for a better reincarnation. All suffering we experience in this life is due to forces beyond our control, such as weather and natural disasters, or people in our lives, such as racists, rapists, killers, selfish hoarders of resources, and ourselves.

We are each responsible for our own defense, for future generations, for the environment and for fighting against cruel people during our lifetime. As we take responsibility for tending to nature then the climate will settle and take care of us. Most of our energy should be devoted to harmonizing with nature, tuning into the rhythms of the unique ecosystems we find ourselves in.

By farming with diverse crops, companion planting, spending time feeding “wild” animals and respecting their personal space and right to exist, we will find meaning in our lives. We have shown brilliance in our ability to adapt to extreme weather and we should nourish that skill with effort.

We also need to develop our capacity for resistance to tyrants, bullies and opportunistic politicians. We must participate in town councils, in which all genders, orientations, ethnic groups and other minorities must be represented.

The ideal of this lifestyle is nonviolence, but we must never set aside simple weapons. We have seen the results of the abuses of religion, science and political power. We must elaborate on a system of dismantling power structures as a form of politics, criticism being an effective way of doing this. There are many communities which utilize dramatic politics which effectively undermine toxic, ambitious individuals. Daily rituals of criticize ourselves and each other are essential, if uncomfortable, interactions that help us grow. We need to push ourselves to change, to see and acknowledge our character flaws, then act to change in permanent ways.

A state of awareness of antisocial behavior patterns must become a stage of being, in which we daily reform our thoughts, words and deeds to better the quality of our lives in ways that also improve our neighbors’ lives. We do this by nurturing nonviolent, wholesome ways of living which contribute to feelings of deep connection between each other, animals and plants rooted in the soil that supports us welatparazi.

Consider also the ongoing evolution of so-called animal species. There is a visible change observable in dogs, cats, birds, dolphins, whales and octopi. These creatures are really nonhuman peoples, capable of communication, empathy, sharing, rescue in emergencies, complex problem solving and communal behavior. These wonders are so widely documented as to be self evident. The level of respect and autonomy due to these sentient neighbors is no longer up for debate. It is a measure of our own humanity to note the degree to which we are capable of respecting the rights of these ra-men, these humans of other species. As they evolve we will be held accountable for how we treated their ancestors. Primates are an even more urgently evolving example of ra-man.

Even for our varlese neighbors, the animals with whom we cannot yet communicate, we must consider their inevitable evolution towards complex sentience and social intelligence. As such, it is preferable to transition towards vegan diets, out of respect for neighbors formerly considered to be livestock. This is not motivated by hope of some illusory reward of good karma, but by scientifically observing the benefits of mutual aid and respect for ourselves and our communities.

Remember that an entire generation of human peoples nearly brought themselves to extinction by disregarding the value of the lives of bees and other “essential workers” who we rely on to pollinate our crops. It is a measure of our own moral maturity to see how we judge whether a neighbor species is a varlese or ra-man. Whenever we can see that a non-human creature is a complex being then we have passed a threshold of moral maturity.

Only a djur, a dire beast which devours its neighbors in the night, would use neurotoxins on their neighbors who faithfully perpetuate essential nutrients for the community. Many human neighbors choose to become djur, at war, as police and even in horticulture and agriculture.

It is interesting that shinto gives personhood even to inanimate objects. This seems to be a stretch while there is value in the effort put into the production of objects it seems to be an effort to protect property from angry mobs which rightfully destroy property instead of harming people when outrages against workers are overlooked. If even objects have personhood then those in abuse positions of hoarding resources and toxic power structures must recognize the escalation of violence that hungry mobs utilize to make their voices heard.

When corrupt politicians and dirty cops refuse to listen to peaceful protesters, then they riot and commit “violence” against property, working themselves up towards the hot or cold tension required to kill agents of oppression, the djur – the police, soldiers, politicians.

On Government and Borders – by Comrade Candle

A state, is called the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly lieth it also; and this lie creepeth from its mouth: “I, the state, am the people.” It is a lie! Creators were they who created peoples, and hung a faith and a love over them: thus they served life. Destroyers, are they who lay snares for many, and call it the state: they hang a sword and a hundred cravings over them. Where there is still a people, there the state is not understood, but hated as the evil eye, and as sin against laws and customs.”

Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Lines on a map. Cold arbitration. Indifferent to one’s individual desires, government and their borders are the tired tradition that limit one’s liberty. Your control is aided by the exaltation of the government and the border.

You may not cross these, and must obey my authority within them; how do government and borders intersect in the creation of hierarchy, of the subjugation of the individual?

Government is predicated on violence as a means to submission. I may not, not because I will it, but because the government lie in wait should I. As cruel and detached as it is, government seeks to impose its will unto mine with this coercive threat of violence. Akin to Law, the border is another tool of the State’s government in this grand scheme of controlling the individual. Wherein the border lie, the State’s power exists within.

The defense of this fictitious idea of a border, the struggle to expand upon the territory lay claim within, has shed countless blood. A matter of distance can determine something’s legality, from plants to surgeries. It’s all so arbitrary and pointless. One will gladly take up arms against another, with all the fervor born of nationalistic patriotism, over a difference of the way their rulers plotted out the land during their game of power, to kill another over a concept one has not been taught to think without. Land, frankly, can not be owned and to believe so is to hand over freely your whole world, or, as happens tirelessly, lays the groundwork for pointless war and needless death.

The government is of no benefit to the individual. Government is not needed for order to exist. Government does naught but for itself and would gleefully convince you of its necessity. Individualism can hardly exist where one must do as they are told. How can something that isn’t me claim to represent me? Because I was born within its clutches to justify my control? There is no justification, merely lies. Individuals could certainly respect one another, whereas the government never does. Government cares only for its own reasons, its own cause. It is infinitely more a hindrance before it could ever be considered a boon. To what purpose must there exist an authority, an entity to regulate human conduct?

Borders become an abstraction of the powerful’s desires, as malleable as they are arbitrary. What is to stop one nation, one government, from arguing their border lay past another to garner more land? Is this tale not as old as the border itself? The border is an extension of the will of authority. You Shall Not Pass! You will exist in these confines, and as such will exist. The border is the dominion of human movement. Government, thus, the control of human actions. Could one exist without the other? One appears essential to the other, else where would a government’s tyranny extend to?

The border marks the supposed end to a government’s terror before one is once again laid claim by a separate government. It seems as if the border is a consequence of the absurd notion that land can be owned. Where one’s ownership ends, and another’s begins, the border is born. One hardly owns a border, rather its contents. You are confined between borders, can cross over borders, but truthfully exist on one side or the other.

Governments regulate the crossing between borders. On a larger scale, this equates to immigration and the movement between nations. The State remains arbiter, as always. Within the State’s territory exist borders on property, allowing government to violently attack any who dare oppose them. You may not live here, simply because another lay ownership to it. You may not pass over these lines.

Government is comprised of humans, each government its own structure with its own regulations. Are there similarities? All government commands authority over its governed, grants power unto itself. So, in essence, government is the authority of some humans over the majority of individuals. That one can use language to coddle the mind of those enslaved, to rob them, knowing of everything they forfeit in name of their servitude, does not make governments a necessity. Language is as much a tool of deception as it can aid a Will to Truth. Government would rather demand an acceptance of its doctrines as Fact and demand respect of them than invite individuals to have their own thought or will. The will of government is just. The individuals must submit.

Why were you not simply born beyond the border? Rather, why must you lay claim to our earth? To my person? There should be no borders, no government. The abolition of both is a necessary precursor to the abolition of the State. With borders, with government, one may control the will of another. When both exist, must not the State? Will any entity utilizing government and borders to limit individual liberty ever be more than merely a State? One can clearly say they are one thing while being another. I see a territorial claim, by consequence a border, and a governing body as principle aspects, defining aspects if you will, of a State. All statehood is tyranny. We will know no peace until we are rid of all states, all governments, all borders.

My individual freedom from rule need no purpose, no justification to it. All who would convince that I rid myself of my birthright do nothing more. Nothing is to stop the violence of the tyrannical other than my own. The state need not hesitate to use violence, so of what use is a hindrance of my own actions? Would it not negate the State’s? There is no reason to simply obey the State and its commands. Its violence forms the crux of its power, and little power of oneself is claimed by succumbing to martyrdom. More so, the earth is indifferent to the morals of the nonviolent. Power rules our existence, the government a way for this power to be wielded. I certainly see my own freedom, my own individuality, as a “good”. What leads to it is no more than the manner in which it is actualized. Is your objection to violence born from the reality of an alternative, or that one’s ruler sees your liberation as bad? I see no alternative and am face-to-face with reality.

Violence has no innate value or purpose to it. We are made the targets of government mandated violence by manner of merely opposing its will. I will not work for a pittance to merely subsist off table scraps. I will steal. I refuse to respect your property rights and will squat the shelter demanded of my humanity. I will not be made into a neo-serf by any sort of State. I choose to fight. I will rob, I will burn, I shan’t be possessed. Why must I be controlled through my own unwillingness to have violence do unto violence? A good person that is controlled is just that – controlled. Know not only thyself, but what is done unto thee. I am my own, so long as I allow it to be.

No more governments and an end to borders.

The destroyer of morality, the good and just call me: my story is immoral.” -Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Propaganda by the Deed: A Zine in 3 Essays – by Comrade Candle


The State is My Enemy

The Terror my deed has wrought

Shall forever stand on its own behalf

Through my cold disregard for morality

I have become a propagandist by the deed

I refuse to be ruled, by anyone or anything – fixed ideas. My own life is mine to create. So I will. My anarchism is not idealistic, unattainable – Anarchy is beautifully realistic. We must all dispose of our rulers.

Where to even begin, when all manners of coercion surround us? Government, religion, morals, and much more. All would hope to control me, you. I see my best avenue for overcoming what exists as personally usurping the constraints, physical and mental, imposed onto my person. You are free to follow, though what would I gain by demanding so? One must desire to lead their own life, lest they merely allow themselves to be re-enslaved.

I am at war with what-is, the State. It is a war I refuse to lose. My life, and this battle as well, are everchanging. I fight for my very survival, my continued existence, my individuality.

What do you live for? Do you dare to create? I will not be subservient to my humanity.

On Propaganda by the Deed

I have seen it grow common amongst so-called anarchists to disparage illegalist praxis as heinous, evil, overall damaging to “the anarchist cause”. I write to address what I have come to know as the attacks on Propaganda by the Deed, and further yet to elucidate the motivations for Propaganda by the Deed. I highlight my own deeds, known and unknown, as my rationale for this writing – I speak from lived experience.

“Candle, you have a 140 IQ – We need you in academia, not smashing ATMs and windows!” Well, I have formed my own opinions on academic institutions. Prior to my recent enrollment at the University of Oregon, I was a college dropout. I am certain I achieve more ‘good’, whatever that word means, from preventing use of a store or ATM – What works, works. Regardless of how sharp my pen, I will seldom ever convince a beneficiary of a capitalist institution to the anarchist’s plight.

Could you have ever convinced a king that we need a rulerless existence? I’d have burned down his church, his whole castle, or stabbed him on his throne. Should I have disdain for the acts of comrade Czolgosz, the Galleanists, or those whom took the lives of pigs during the Haymarket affair? Orestes, even? These acts were not unfathomable or off-limits due to legality or moralizing. Individuals have been defying authority for millennia, taking life into their own hands rather than some hope for an eventual revolution. The insurrection is now, comrade, and you will not rule me.

What is the anarchist cause? I want to know of no rulers, and could waste page-upon-page detailing all that exists to thwart this aim. I would not be the first to, either. Let us do merely with this ‘vibe’ so as to form a more concise argument.

As I see it, Propaganda by the Deed, in whatever manner said deed is born, is an individual’s own defiance of those who would seek to rule them – My actions will not be policed by morals nor Law. Born of this beautiful act of defiance is something that is to now stand upon its own two legs – Propaganda by the Deed. The deed’s undeniable reality speaks all on its own. I smashed an ATM and walked away – my deed.

When I choose to rob a store, my insurrection is created in my current moment. I create what I want to see, for myself and involving myself. I have long since forsworn hope.

One individual can damage a lot of property, prevent thousands upon thousands from utilizing key infrastructure in the capitalist mode of production or influence the lives of millions via viral media – how many have seen me smash open an ATM to not even take its contents? Smashing a window? We need to throw a brick, smash a window, or stick someone up sometimes. You should be the sole decider of your actions, not merely that what is permissible be controlled by means of morality and Law.

Am I merely a terrorist, an evil bad-actor whose sole-desire appears to be giving ‘the movement’ (a particular distinction from ‘our movement’ or ‘our cause’) a bad name? Anarchy is not moral policing. I will never brush shoulders with those whom becry the acts of an antifascist as terrorism, nor with those who uphold their morals as dogma, as absolute. Morals are relative, and if we are to entrench ourselves in them once more then let it be known my deeds are ‘good’ – value?

“You are violent, Candle, and I am happy you are in prison!” – So would be the common opinion to be had of my drape-burning self. Proudhon says ‘property is robbery’, Stirner that ‘property precedes theft’. As private property’s guarantee remains only through Law, one is threatened with violence at every waking moment for not respecting this right. Property is no right, it is violence – violence done unto any and every individual whom dare defy the will of Law.

Is your objection to my callous disregard for the moralism you tout as absolute, my willingness to do unto violence as is done unto myself, or for my utter rejection of what-is?

Regardless, I hardly see myself as violent – militancy. No one should be in prison, so I fail to see anything really worth addressing here.

It is no problem of mine if your dogmatic moralism is so terribly riddled with presuppositions a priori as to damn my beautiful creation. You wish to enslave your being forever to these spectres of self-alienation, so I will help you to it – “That window had a family!” or maybe “I would’ve taken the ATM’s money”?

I have taken control of my life.

As to the matter of the store clerk, the root of most left-wing critique of Candle as I perceive it, I will be blunt – a gun to the head is how one opens a cash register. There is no other means, the everyday capitalist slave will not ‘risk their livelihood’ to satisfy my egoistic desire. Rather, one would so choose to use their entire person to satisfy the egoistic desires of the capitalist, to prevent individuals from possessing property in an overt manner, to threaten the violence of Law unto any-and-all who choose to defy the sacred nature of property.

Most of the overall argumentation of this essay, my attack on morals, can be reiterated as to the matter of opening a cash register utilizing a loaded firearm. If I were to employ the Nietzschean moral relativism, then I could quite possibly see myself as evil… from the store owner’s perspective. As to myself, my act of Propaganda by the Deed was ‘good’ – “And we are entrenched in morals once more.”

The acts of a capitalist are evil. My anarchistic Propaganda by the Deed is noble, virtuous.

No one can deny the reality that I rid a store of its capital through armed robbery – what one is far more capable of is applying presuppositions and moral dogma to my deed, done so as to damn all ‘like me’ to infamy. This tradition, custom, of having an outright aversion to robbery, more deeply theft in its entirety, is laughable and I foresee I may need a separate essay to address these attacks. It is typically what gives rise to the idea I am doing The Cause a disservice, with many choosing to distance themselves from my deeds and person.

The purpose of my deed is that, in a multitude of ways and however it is viewed, my deed will serve as its own propaganda for my anarchist cause. Should that cause not be yours, then you are no anarchist, or comrade, to me. You would impose your will unto mine as right, as just and absolute. You would seek to be my ruler, so you may instead fuck off.

Propaganda by the Deed

I will see anarchy birthed from my insurrectionary flame. As I know it, I am its creator – No one is ever going to gift me with anarchism. Our world is icy, my being too. A moment in the cold is a worthwhile taste of the bitter harshness; How much of my life have I truly led? A moment.

The chills and thrills, gallant acts. I will never have power over how my history is recorded. So away with it! The moral pandering, the posturing – I’m the real deal, sweetie. I care only for myself, and you aught to as well. No one else will ever be you, you might find it to your own benefit to give life, as you alone experience, your full attention. Or not, I truthfully don’t care.

Label me what you will, a terrorist or a radical – I am an anarchist!

  1. Beautiful terribleness

Brought to life by my own two hands, my grisly deed of terror. Suffering wrought, or has it always been? Not my beauty! My beloved! You might find me hideous, though will I ever truly care? I know of my own beauty, even as I am reduced to my grisly deed.

What is good to a lion’s prey will forever remain evil to the lion. What am I? My queenly deed? I am beautiful, lest you ever get it twisted – I have transgressed morals. It may remain terrible to some, the beauty then need not be lost; My beauty will not be lost on me.

I will never find your pious facade of Law, Order, Peace to be beautiful. It is gross, that you wish to rule me. The great reality I reside in is paltry. Ugly and just, upheld with all manner of force and violence – Your rule will never be more, despite your carefully chosen wordage.

Beauty remains subjective, so for what do you ultimately stand? I will know merely from how I am perceived, my defiance of the State’s will. Certainly you will be evermore governed by moralistic dogma. I choose to, instead, behold my own beauty.

I will meet your perspective, as mine will never be – My terror is terrible; for you.

That ATM, that store, that church – and a million more! My anarchy is beautiful, you terribly pious minister. As you will never be, I am always. Understand me right, filth – I have made no excuse for my terror. I will not be the only beautiful anarchist. Most of us are, if you ever manage to witness us through your shattered windows; anarchy is beautiful.

To bring about anarchy, I will do so beautifully; My deed will exist.

I know you desire that I succumb to the traditional narrative – I am to see myself as wrong, troubled, in need of change. I refuse to conform, to turn my Deed sour (I think of Gerlach and Meyerhoff). What I have made will not be taken from me and turned on its head. I am not a crazy, trouble youth – like you, I am a human robbed of my birthright through property, the State, Law. Oh, to be free. Defiance is brave, bold, daring. Of doing as you are commanded?

Morals impose restrictions upon what the militant may or may not do. Hard lines are drawn in the sand by morals, the ‘moral police’. Why? Do you feel guilt destroying an ATM to deny its exploitation? I can assure you it is indifferent to your ‘carnage’. The ATM won’t call you ugly, that task appears reserved for those who own property and their defenders. Ugly, terrible, without reason – No! Cold, rational, beautifully terrible.

There is a terrible beauty, a beautiful terribleness, to one’s deed; criminal. I will always see it. The beauty is tantalizing, almost – Are not all capable of their own deed?

Woe unto the store, the window, the ATM. Ha! They had far worse coming, for what meaning ‘worse’ has. The terror sown by property, endlessly, seems far too normalized to be called so – the earth was mine before ‘property’ defined this ownership as ‘theft’. Property – it is ugly.

What is terrible? Is my defiance, to my rulers, to not always be seen as so? “Death to the Anarchist who defies my rule, my Law!” – And I am to find your spineless bending-of-ones-knee to be beautiful? Not a chance. Criminals, of which anarchists are many, and their deeds remain beautiful.

Terrible is any who dare defy the State, who call in to question its rule or Law. I am terrible – terribly bored.

Perhaps you see my beauty, too.

  1. My subjugation

I have always known of my own subjugation. The life I merely see, not live. Choice. Coercion. Violence. Order.

What is Order? Is it to always demand I be lesser, another to be greater? Is ‘Order’ to always mean ‘the many individuals are controlled’? Our ‘order’ we know of is no more than threats of violence. It is not in my interest to be threatened, to be placed beneath another; controlled. I want control over my own life. Instead, my life has been one ruled by the State. Instead, I am governed.

I have always known Law and its threatening grip on my being, or Property and what its definition prevents of me.

There has always been someone ruling over me.

My life has never truly been my own.

  1. A desire to be free

I demand my own freedom, not merely ask. You will not ever find freedom from begging – I will take my desire into my own hands. I will be free.

  1. My Deed

My deed will always be. It shall always exist. My deed will only ever be mine, and it stands to become far more than myself.

It is propaganda.

  1. Creation

I am constantly creating during my brief wake, my lapse from the comfortable bliss of non-existence. I consume my very person, eternally, to do so. What will I create?

Anarchism – I will create anarchy.

  1. Being

What is being? Being is. Being as one’s present, as one has been or will be. Being is the forever present – it is.

Nothing is sacred, lest it rule me – Law. I will defy any who wish to impose their rule on me. My life is to be made by my own design, born from the creative nothing and coerced by no one or thing.

When will you take control of your own life?

My life began, my self-designed insurrection, with my defiance of Law. What is illegal? Law damns as illegal all that the State demands individuals not create – illegality, comprises a vast range of activities which the State has attempted to coerce individuals into not performing by threats of violence, activities such as squatting, theft, possession of particular plants, and disregarding national borders.

Illegal is noble.

What could amount to more virtuous than to defy the State’s will, tos challenge its icy wrath?

Illegal acts, freed from the presuppositions that denounce them as evil or heinous (and need I remind any of moral relativism), are merely acts. I can desire one be robbed, another not – the act of robbery itself need not forever be renounced by myself as reproachable. I will not have Law impose its moralism unto my mind, the very Law that would, with no question, imprison countless of my comrades.

Perhaps you ought analyze your conceptions of Law, Order, Just, Right – how often these spectres demand you subjugate the ‘criminal’, the ‘disorderly’, the ‘unjust’, the ‘wrong’! Your authority does not go unnoticed, moralist. Not yet a millennium has passed since the outright possession of human beings was upheld as ‘good’, a person’s freedom ‘bad’, and mind you there are strong arguments that our ‘justice system’ amounts to a reinvention of slavery – and I am to, with no question, subvert my own desires to your moral dogma, your code of Law?

I’d rather take your lunch money.

Write to Comrade Candle at:

Sofia Johnson 23976151


24499 SW Grahams Ferry Rd.

Wilsonville, OR 97070

American Traditions – by Comrade Z

The everyday activity of slaves reproduces slavery. Through their daily activities, slaves do not merely reproduce themselves and their masters physically; they also reproduce the instruments with which the master represses them, and their own “habits of submission” to the master’s authority. To men who live in a slave society, the master-slave relation seems like a natural and eternal relation. However, men are not born masters or slaves. Slavery is a specific social form, and men submit to it only in very particular material and historical conditions. … In the performance of their daily activities, the members of capitalist society simultaneously carry out two processes: they reproduce the form of their activities, and they eliminate the material conditions to which this form of activity initially responded. But they do not know they carry out these processes; their own activities are not transparent to them. They are under the illusion that their activities are responses to natural conditions beyond their control and do not see that they are themselves authors of those conditions. In order to locate the origin of surplus value, it is necessary to examine why the value of the labor is smaller than the value of the commodities produced by it. The alienated activity of the worker transforms materials with the aid fo instruments, and produces a certain quantity of commodities. However, when these commodities are sold and the used-up materials and instruments are paid for, the workers are not given the remaining value of their products as their wages; they are given less. In other words, during every working day, the workers perform a certain quantity of unpaid labor, forced labor, for which they receive no equivalent. The performance of this unpaid labor, this forced labor, is another “conditions for survival” in capitalist society. However, like alienation, this condition is not imposed by nature, but by the collective practice of people, by their everyday activities. Before Unions’ existence, an individual worker accepted whatever forced labor was available, since rejection of the labor would have meant that other workers would accept the available terms of exchange, and the individual worker would receive no wage.”

-Fredy Perlman

‘The Reproduction of Daily Life’

IWW-IWOC Kansas City has followed my resistance and direct-action against “The Great State of Texas”. As of May 5th (Cinco De Mayo) IWOC-Local 613#1 (HTX-GMB) delegate X386969 has officially filed a very significant civil rights complaint in United States District Court-Southern District-Galveston Division: Civil Action #3:22-CV-00132 / Julio A. Zuniga vs. Toney Parker (President of ACA), Denise Robinson (ACA), Gar C. Mohr (ACA), Bryan Collier (ACA),

Texas Board of Criminal Members: Patrick O’Daniel (Chairman), Dernylynn Perryman (Vice Chairman), Pastor Larry Miles (Secretary), E.F. “Mano” DeAyalo (Member), Molly Francis (Member), Faith Johnson (Member), Sichan Siv (Member), Eric Nichols (Members), Rodney Burrows (Member),

Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice Members: Bobby Lumpkin (Director), Bryan Collier (Executive Director), Guistina Persich (SCFO), Tammy Shelby (MSPC), Bo Stallman (Brazoria County Sheriff)

Too many defendants, but, all are involved in some of the state’s most corrupt practices, and they care not what you think or feel. Just keep paying your taxes and pay no mind to their operations. This is just how it is; so shut the fuck up, stop, don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

Long has been the slave tradition of the Republic of Texas. As a prisoner, it was my humanity that I trust to get where I am today. Here at Memorial Plantation, Industrial Workers of the World have battled alongside me, as a prisoner, as a Mexican-American anarchist from South Texas, we are now the first Industrial Union Branch-Local 613 #1. Through three years of constant retaliation, harassment, discrimination, being wrongfully convicted and tortured, I still stand as the union organizer delegate. This call to solidarity is for the people who have bravely stepped forward to combat the true enemy and join the movement to get pay-wages for all prisoners.

We ask all available agitators to ensure that all eyes get directed to the United States District Court-Southern District-Galveston Division #3:22-CV-00132, with corruption, racketeering, assaults, suicides, poisonings, cruel and unusual punishment, prosecutorial misconduct, the ends of injustice are nowhere in sight. They continue to do their criminal activity as a collective.

I want people to email to push them to investigate Brazoria County’s corrupt officials. I ask Prison Legal News to report on this. I ask for outside supporters to send in letters of support to the prisoners.

Most of all, please donate to / I depend on the kindness of anarchists, atheists and Wobblies. We need to step up our game to push for legislation change.

Email state senators to demand pay wages for us slaves. We will not stand for any more deception. You at congress have failed to give us “good time/work time”. It’s used as a tool to psychologically brainwash prisoners in to thinking it counts. It doesn’t, and we want it removed from our time sheets, for it is falsely portraying and stating that we do receive “good time/work time”. Enough is enough. Stop the bullshit.

Mental health is what TDCJ policy destroys. We are forced to slave and live in fucked up conditions. Pay us so that we can survive your capitalist slave operation.

Don’t think this lawsuit is the only one that will be filed. We want the American Bar Association to call for a moratorium on all Texecutions, due to a statewide corruption scheme that has been the reason for TBCJ/TDCJ/Brazoria County DA’s office to pull all prisoners’ Habeus Corpus handbooks to hide “prosecutorial misconduct ground”.

This lawsuit is dedicated to fallen IWOC member Stephen “Rooster” Curtis. He and his sister Raye helped IWOC file on TBCJ/TDCJ and I personally believe Timothy Williams, Willie Ratliff, Marcus Cooper and Fredrick Gooden set him up to be poisoned indirectly. Do your research on them. Look into “custodial death reports”. This is only the beginning. We need the people now. We need the State to pay their dues to us, the workers. We run this and everyone in position here knows it because that’s exactly what I spit at ’em. We run this!!

Rest in Power George Floyd, Rooster, Fred Cruz and the Sugarland 95.

Shoutout to Eric King, Lorenzo Kom’boa and Sean Swain.

This is Comrade Z signing off.

Viva el anarquismo! Viva Ricardo Flores Magon! Viva Enrique Magon! Viva El Mongoose!

Solidarity and Sabotage,

Julio A Zuniga


Julio A Zuniga 1961551

Memorial Unit

59 Darrington Road

Rosharon, TX 77583