Zombie Regrets – by Eric King

I’m sorry, I ruined the party  

caused a big mess in the lobby 

I’m sorry I killed your best friend 

had to eat your intestines  

I’m sorry I broke your hot plate 

feel bad, for eating your hot face  

I’m sorry, that you weren’t ready 

treated guts like they were spaghetti  

I’m sorry I caused that car crash 

licked your brains off the dash  

I’m sorry I picked up your scent  

You should have been faster,  

I left your fingerprints  

I’m sorry I caused such a big wreck  

That my teeth ripped out your neck  

I’m sorry you tripped while running  

I drove straight in your tummy  

I’m sorry I ate your grandparents 

while you, we’re out running errands. 

I’m sorry I tracked in all that mud. 

Had a, fresh glass of your blood 

I’m sorry I smashed the movie 

And I jut caught Suzy 

I’m sorry that I looked so ghastly 

That I had to eat you last night….

More books have been added to Eric’s wishlist. He has been in segregation for over 700 days. Please share or buy one if you can.

You Are The Resistance (April 11, 2021) – by Sean Swain, from The Final Straw Radio


This week’s episode of the Final Straw has a section by Sean Swain talking about repression against prisoners including both Z in Texas and the hunger strikers in Ohio, here’s a transcription of it:

“We’re three months into the Biden administration, which was promised to be a nationwide kumbaya moment.

But simultaneously, it appears the fascist police state is really concentrating its power, particularly with regard to the captives in the prison complex. It almost seems that the Fartgoblin Bullies of Intimidations are ramping up their illegal counter-intelligence program that they never really disbanded.

I started the Biden term on black site status, completely silenced illegally for six months after a Virginia Department of Corrections operative exchanged multiple emails with the FBI. But I’m not alone.

Fellow anarchist prisoner Julio Zuniga in Texas, has been experiencing the same program of torment for ten months. In recent updates, Z describes getting bogus charges, having his communications obstructed, getting his prison account frozen, and getting blocked from the law library, so he can’t challenge the illegal repression.

Z attributed the following justification to his captors:

“You’re an anarchist, Mister Zuniga. You asked for the mistreatment. You are making us discriminate against you. You are forcing us to hold your meals, supplements and medical. You are forcing us to hold your mail and open your privileged mail. You are an anarchist.

And that is why you are being punished. If we can’t physically or psychologically kill you, we’ll starve you. We won’t allow your family to put money on your books. You won’t have access to the world. You’re an anarchist.”

Mmhm. That sounds about right.

That is the attitude. State terrorists always blame you for their sociopathy.

If only Z didn’t have better ideas than them, they wouldn’t have to be thought-Nazis.

Makes you wonder if Darrington Correctional Warden Armstrong, or some other fascist for the TDCJ, exchanged a few emails with the FBI before tormenting Z for his beliefs.

You can get updates on Z at Mongoosedistro.com or on instagram at @MongooseDistro. Z’s artwork, including a stunning portrait he did of my dad when he found out my dad died, can be found at @JulioZunigaArt on instagram. Send funds to Z through @MongooseDistro and folks there will make sure he gets them.

Eric King has had a pretty lousy Biden administration, too. He’s been held in segregation at FCI Englewood for more than eighteen months. He’s facing more than twenty years for getting assaulted by a prison guard. He’s been black sited, just like Z and me, and he’s received bogus incident reports just to justify the torment. It makes you wonder if somebody at the Bureau of Prisons exchanged emails with the FBI before all his nonsense started.

Check out SupportEricKing.org, Twitter.com/SupportEricKingInstagram.com/SupportEricKing and Facebook.com/SupportEricKing.

Not all the prisoners subjected to state terror are self-identifying anarchists.

At Toledo Correctional a number of prisoners are on hunger strike protest of the intolerable conditions of long-term segregation there, now called ERH or Extended Restrictive Housing.

Prisoner Mark Hinkston has been more than forty days on a hunger strike and David Easley has joined him, recently being given hundred and twenty days in solitary despite policy 53CLS04 which caps solitary at twenty-nine days, not 120.

Easley is facing two to five years, accused of assaulting two officers who assaulted him. Sound familiar? It’s the same scenario as Eric King. Easley’s communications are blocked, just like the rest of us.

Easley and Hinkston have engaged in self-harm, cutting themselves, which is pretty common for folks subjected to long-term state terror. James Harris, Jr, one of the other prisoners has also engaged in self-harm and instead of mental health or medical care, he got the hot end of a can of mace before the officer tried to break his wrist in the food slot.

The hunger strikers report that the Warden, Harold May, has ordered staff to not provide mental health or medical care for the hunger strikers, and has forbidden trips to the outside hospital. In other words, May is taking the Margaret Thatcher approach and intends to kill the hunger strikers to teach them, and everyone else, a lesson. He seems like a sweet guy. If you want to email him, his email is Harold.May@ODRC.State.OH.US. Tell him how him how wonderful he is.

It seems the staff there are following his orders: hunger strikers report that Andrea Leslie on the medical staff used to laugh and taunt the hunger strikers, who were pleading for help.

She has since resigned or got fired after some kind of a scandal.

Kind of makes you wonder if those jack-wagons were plotting by email with the FBI before employing state terror. Not sure who the ODRC’s FBI agency liaison is these days, because the former liaison, Trevor Clark, now works at the Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, after grabbing my balls. At any rate, that’s what the Toledo Correctional hunger strikers are up against. To support these guys, go to @DecarcerateOhio_33 on instagram or DecarcerateOhio.NoBlogs.Org.

You can check out my partner Lauren’s video presentation on all this on instagram at Swainiac1969. Lauren’s really awesome. And adorable.

This is anarchist prisoner Sean Swain in exile from Ohio at Buckingham Correctional in Dillwyn, Virginia. If the Biden-era FBI is emailing prison fart-goblins to silence you, you are the resistance!

A Cautionary Tale – by Joshua Cook

From: Joshua Cooke. Sussex I State Prison in Waverly, VA:

“The Matrix Killer”. That’s what the media decided to call me. It’s a misnomer really, but yet when it comes to the subject of violent media affecting a young person’s mind, I do happen to have a certain perspective on it that others may not. Especially since I would end up shooting my mother and father to death at 19 years of age. (And since I had aspirations of being a school mass shooter). I was severely addicted to violent video games for years as a teen, and also to violent movies like “The Matrix”. There was a time when I would spend 12 hours a day playing violent video games like Grand Theft Auto, Doom, and Resident Evil. I was a young, impressionable, naive kid with undiagnosed mental health problems. I had become a perfect storm of calamity. A pressure cooker waiting to explode. And I did end up doing so. I have always taken responsibility for my actions in killing my mother and father, yet I think I can honestly say that if I hadn’t had the pervasive violent media around me day after day, week and week, I think my chances of ending up here in prison now would have been greatly reduced. I know that not everyone who immerses themselves in violent media commits crimes. We all know this. But there are millions of people all over the world who should never be subjected to such things, because they don’t fully understand the road they are on and its destination. Everyone’s not the same. Some of us have an (unknown) predisposition to become violent after submerging in violent media. Unknown to myself that was the case too. I was the product of two parents who were mentally ill, paranoid schizophrenics. (My biological parents that is). I was adopted at age 6 and did not know anything about the biological determinism I had inherited from the them. My whole life I never knew anything about them, and my adoptive parents would end up on the receiving end of the results of violent media and mental illness.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to do interviews with the media about my case in regards to violent media. And the main underlying message I always have to say is this: To any parents out there. Beware of the hidden dangers that arise through violent media. It is not a joke. If you do not keep a persistent track of what your child is letting in through their eyes and ears, the results can be devastating and truly tragic. This violence affects younger people more than they even realize at the time. I know from personal experience. This is not to say they too will commit murder but at the least it can turn them into violent, aggressive people in general. Prone to fights and discord in the family and in school. You may not even know, but serious mental illness problems can be brewing right this moment in your kids as they absorb the violence (through their eye gate and ear gate) and you don’t even know it. Beware. Keep track of what they’re doing on the internet and with violent media. I say again. Beware. And take heed of this cautionary tale.
God bless.

I Need To Be Around Bees – by Eric King

New poem by political prisoner Eric King I need to be around bees

Please buy books for Eric if you can. He has been in segregation over 500 days and can use the support.

Order at tiny.cc/EK_Books

I need to be around bees

catching shade underneath tall trees.

I need to feel their fuzzy feet

walking all over my hands and knees

I need to melt in the Sun

feel it’s rays all day or even just once

I need to make spider friends

listen real close as it’s web spins

I need some woods to get lost in

have thorns and beetles all over my skin

I need a fresh inhale of life

to bask in the full moon’s light

I need some roadside poke or some fresh cantaloupe

I need to just be let be,

nothing is good that isn’t wild and Free

On Crime – by Steve McCain

Though crime is a problem in American society, it is not the problem. Crime, to a very large extent, is a problem that the U.S. Government has created from whole cloth.

The government, by injecting itself into every facet of domestic life, has made even the prospect of being a spouse or a parent a dangerous and potentially criminal proposition. For example:

If a couple becomes involved in an argument and the police are called, one or the other (usually the male) will be arrested, and will acquire a criminal record as a result, even if no violence or harm occurred.

The government has made it a crime to discipline your children. To spank a child in American society is to abuse that child. It can result in criminal charges being files against the parent, the incarceration of the parent, and the removal of the child from the home.

Those accused of terrorism are without defense, because evidence is not required for conviction.

And then there are drug laws. I would challenge anybody to name even one way that any drug law makes society safer. Nonviolent drug laws (i.e. possession, sale, transportation, etc.) account for 15-20% of all criminal justice activities, but this figure is misleading. Drug offenses are only one small piece of the drug laws puzzle. These laws, more than making the manufacture, sale, transportation and possession of said drugs illegal, gives license to organized crime and invited into our midst a smorgasbord of collatoral crime (i.e. gang activity, weapons crimes, violence and murder, prostitution, sexual slavery and the exploitation of children, and more). These crimes are seldom associated with drug laws, but they are associated with, and, in many cases, a direct product of them.

Is the deception accidental? You can bet it is not. Take this as an example of purposeful deception: Prison population statistics show that only a very small percentage of the prison population is imprisoned for minor or nonviolent drug offenses. What these statistics do not show is that repeated minor offenses (through enhancement provisions) become classified as something other than minor offenses. A person, then, can end up with a fifty year prison sentence because, on three different occasions, he was arrested with an insignificant amount of cocaine in a baggie. The nature of the crime is minor, but its classification is not. The moral of this story: Official categories of crimes cannot be trusted.

Social Distance – by Steve McCain

Urgent… Breaking News

Coronavirus inhibitor found in Texas prison

Circa July 2020

An analysis of the TDCJ-CID social distance policy, as implemented at the Eastham State Plantation, suggests that the coronavirus pathogen is not attracted to human subjects that are standing upright. This appears to be so because the only time the policy is enforced or even seriously suggested, is in those situations where the slaves are seated (i.e. in the chapel and other meeting facilities, or while seated in the dining hall). The social distance policy is by no means enforced in the passageways (except sporadically), in the showers – especially not in the showers, or while standing in the serving or exit lines of the dining hall. This leads us to conclude that the Eastham Chattel will remain perfectly safe and protected from coronavirus so long as they remain in a standing position. Should this conclusion prove false, however, this reporter will die knowing that he has left behind a humorous missive to entertain those who come after.

This was orginally written in March 2020, and then rewritten in July with the following note:

It is now July and we are well into our second coronavirus lockdown. Social distancing, because we are locked down, is not an issue at present, but the prison staff’s lackadaisical adherence to other Covid-19 protective protocols remains a serious concern.

Prisoner Staff Behavior – by Steve McCain

Circa July 2020

We had a visit from Lorie Davis (TDCJ-CID Director) today. From a time shortly before she and her entourage arrived, we must assume the guard at the main gate radioed a warning of her. The guard staff was frantic, at least in our dorm, and they remained so until she had departed.

The guard assigned to our dorm began screaming at the prisoners to put on their (cotton fabric) masks if they were outside their assigned kennel space, and to put on their masks if they went into the dayroom. One must understand that for her to scream, she had to remove her own (N-95) mask.

One June 18, the Plantation began serving hot lunches. This after two solid months (April 19-June 17) of cold, sometimes frozen, sandwiches three times per day. Today, the dorm went to lunch at about 1:00 PM; it was the first time in the last week that I observed most, but not all, of the guards wearing protective face masks.

Our second-shift guard was apparently displeased with the situation (of being required to wear his mask), so he stalked the dorm residents seeking any reason at all to write disciplinary cases on the slaves. He passed me in the asisle, between rows of bunks, as I was returning from the restroom. I heard him mumbling to himself, “Is he out of place?”. At this point, he had already threatened two other prisoners with disciplinary cases for being in the isle without their shirts on; nevermind that he himself, not having his nametag on, was also out of uniform.

There are two things worth noting here:

  1. In the dorm environment, prisoner unifrom policy is called into enforcement only when an officer wishes to act spitefully toward a prisoner, or otherwise as a weapon to extract vengeance. The policy is not commonly enforced.
  2. Officers frequently refuse to wear (or remove) their nametags to inhibit the prisoners’ ability to personally identify them in making complaints. If asked for their name, most will refuse to provide it.

There is, within the context of coronavirus, one other point worth noting here:

Clothe facemasks, with regards to controlling the spread of airborne pathogens are of questionable valuel. Some say they are of no value at all. They are being used by the prison, not as a means to control the spread of a deadly virus, but as yet another means to exert domineering control over powerless subjects. To exemplify this point: We were going to breakfast one morning a few days ago. As we were going out the door, the guard in the passageway said, “Make sure you are wearing your masks, even though I am not wearing mine.” I could provide a dozen or more similar examples of this behavio, but to do so would only be tedious.

How do we battle this? We battle it by having it drip from the lips of:

everybody who is currently in prison,

everybody who has ever been in prison,

everybody who is likely to go to prison,

everybody who knows anyone in any of these groups,

everybody who has ever worked or volunteered at a prison, and

everybody who is concerned about people being abused and exploited

I am not a big fan of prisons, and not only because I am being held hostage in one of them. I am not a fan of prisons because their promoted need is a fantasy, and because, as they are presently utilized, they acquiesce to neglect and abuse. I object to prisons because, in reality, they are little more than torture chambers.

Rosicrucian Manifesto – by Br@n Sc@m

Many believe that freemasonry sprouted out of the earlier mystical traditions of the rosicrucians, a secret society with secret knowledge, said to play major roles in revolutions throughout America, France and much of Europe, known to be heavily involved in the occult, alchemy and mysticism. Also, the reformation of society and self-improvement, ‘rosicrucian’, comes from the Latin meaning “rose” and “cross”. The significance of the cross is the crucifix, a symbol of divine love and illumination, but is also an ancient solar symbol with numeral and geometric significance. It can also represent the four directions and four elements, the intersection between heaven and earth, god and man, male and female, and is known to many Native American tribes as a medicine wheel, which could be the four sacred directions and the four worlds. The rose represents love, purity and beauty, and also the passing of time. It also can represent secrecy. The Latin phrase sub rosa means “in secret”. The color red in the rose represents blood.

It is said that rosicrucian societies have existed from 1614 to this present day. It’s also said the rosicrucian fraternity was founded in the early 15th century by a German nobleman who had the allegorical name Christian Rosenkreutz. Said to have traveled and gained secret knowledge as a youth, he soon gathered eight disciples to teach. Rosenkreutz died in 1484 at the age of 104. The disciples of Rosenkreutz branched off and began training they’re own successors. Rosenkreutz had taught his disciples how to study the hidden forces of nature, the art of alchemy and medicine and how to harness the power of magic, all to be used to cause change and to transform society for the good of all. The end result would be a utopian vision. This meant overturning the established order. According to the manifestos, the eight original disciples were known as “the invisibles” or “the invisible college”.

In 1874, an anti-slavery campaigner by the name of Paschal Beverly Randolph founded the rosicrucian orders in Nashville and San Francisco. He committed suicide a year later. His legacy was soon inherited by R. Swinburne Clymer, who brought together a number of small societies under the banner of the Fraternitas Rosae Crucis (Fellowship of the Rosy Cross), or FRC. The FRC still exists today and is known as the Beverly Hall Corporation. Many believe that rosicrucism and freemasonry were of separate philosophies which mixed together in the 18th century. As with the Illuminati influence, the cross used by rosicrucian societies is also a chemical symbol for “light”. The illuminati can be traced back as far as 1776, when they were publicly identified. Noone is sure about when it was founded. Some say it was founded by a reptillian race from another planet to rule over humans and create a slave race. A sort of game or mining operation, the Illuminati is just one of many secret societies with Muslim ideals and their sights set on a world government, controlling all authority, using mind control and nano-technology, causing a worldwide pandemic for population control and for an excuse to put microchips beneath our skin using a vaccine, technology so microscopic that it’s in the vaccine. Modern day medicine handed out by the Red Cross, a symbol of two serpents intertwined looking like DNA molecules, the Red Cross may be an organization founded by the rosicrucians (the rosy cross) with a mix of the two serpents. Maybe a reptilian organization? Could this be a space race trying to gain total control, or just a human made fraternity using television and meth to control your minds?

Not many people know, but the two founders of the Mormon church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) were freemasons. In the 1800s-1900s the Mormon church had spread from Utah to the lands of the Navajo and Hopi. This spread secrets among many Navajo men, and also a small following that man do not know about. Already infested with withcraft, the Navajo lands were also home to many medicine men and women who were healers and crystal gazers. It was an area of good and evil, the good being the medicine men and women, and the evil being the shapeshifters and Navajo witches that take the shapes of wolves, owls, cougers and horses. From this, many secret societies were formed within the witches, clans of shapeshifters who practiced actual magic.

The House of Old being one of the clans, pretty much the most talked about around Tuba City, Arizona, this clan dates back to when the Mormon settlers came to the area. It’s said that they mixed some freemason ideals with their practices, which were adopted by the shapeshifter clan. It’s said that the House of Old are people who lived through the 1800s and are still living to this day. I have no doubt that this clan is still out on that reservation. I’m a resident of the Navajo nation and I see a lot of witchcraft and hear a lot of people talk. I’ve seen men turn into dogs. I’ve watched a man run through the desert at night and crawul up on a big rock only to turn into some kind of dog on two legs and hop off fifteen feet into the air. I’ve seen a woman’s face turn into ten other faces. I’ve seen a man with horse legs and an antelope head. I’ve had corpse powder blown into my face and I blacked out. So, I have no doubt that the House of Old exists. On the reservation, it’s very isolated and a lot of stories are told. Alot of things are seen and a lot of things remain mysterious.

Are you in control of your life? Ask yourself that question. Listen very carefully to the next song you hear. That’s my song to you. Stay in control of your life. Don’t be swayed into a corner. Fuck those feelings of fear ’cause it ma just be a frequency emitted by satlellite by DARPA or some other technology. Don’t think that God is evil because of religious wars. Secret societies wage war, not God. People ask me why I believe in God. They say, “I thought you were an anarchist?” Being an anarchist doesn’t mean I’m against God. Anarchos is a Greek word that means “without government”. I believe in God ’cause my Navajo tradition also has stories of the creator – “God”, and Jesus Christ went against the Roman government. That makes Jesus an anarchist. So, open up your eyes and live your lives.

Stay in control,

Br@n Sc@m

PO Box 2496

Tuba City, AZ 86045

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