Statement from Comrade Z, April 2022

Section 1983 was passed by the United States Congress over 150 years ago. Section 1983 was originally known as Section 1 of the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871.

Section 1983 does not mention race and it can be used by people of any color, but it was originally passed specifically to help black people enforce the new constitutional rights they won after the Civil War – specifically the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments of the US Constitution. Those Amendments made slavery illegal, established the right to “due process of law” and equal protection of the Laws, and guaranteed every male citizen the right to vote. Although these Amendments became Law, white racist judges in the state courts refused to enforce these laws. Only a strong prison movement can win and enforce significant legal victories in Texas. But, the prison movement can also use court action to help build its political strength. A well-publicized lawsuit can educate people outside about the conditions in prison.

Good court rulings backed up by a strong movement can convince prison staff to hold back so that conditions inside are a little less brutal, and prisoners have a little more freedom to read, write and talk.

Texas Board of Criminal Justice, Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the American Corrections Association has single handedly killed more citizens of Texas with slavers policy and procedures that are and have been “Texas Tradition” for far too long. Industrial Workers of the World; Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee – IUB 613 #1 has officially filed a class-action lawsuit on two of the three slaveholding entities: Texas Board of Criminal Justice (TBCJ) and this body is made of 9 members of slave policy and procedures creators, the creators of torture and slavebreaking administrative segregation areas in Texas – the root cause of suicides in Texas.

The second is the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). The peon-enforcer overseers of the slaves who carry out vicious assaults on inmates just to place the element of fear into the slave population. They will harass, retaliate, discriminate against the slave until he is pushed to suicide. If that doesn’t work, the TBCJ/TDCJ allows dangerous mind altering narcotics into their disobedient units to poison slaves and create informants/snitches, then place them back in population to suicide themselves.

This isn’t even scratching the surface, but the fact remains – we Texans are not believing in this bullshit slavery and want everyone who wants Texas to establish a new set of precedents to end prison slavery, for Texecution to go into a moratorium, and for zero-tolerance of indigence in penal institutions, complete repeal of the 13th Amendment, reparations for genocidal acts (Sugarland 95), parole legislation, separation of law libraries in TDCJ, and an oversight committee in TDCJ disciplinary proceedings and grievance process. End administrative segregation completely, provide more contact visits, cease mailroom oppression completely, provide clean water, better work conditions and wages in all facilities, end prison rape, and establish voting rights for all inmates in Texas. Resentencing Act/Second Look passed a multitude of innovative legislation to rehabilitate the disabled inmates.

Prison life ruins men’s minds. Cages aren’t for humans, nor animals. Millions of dollars are pumped into religious services, but prisoners being trained to control prisoners is not the answer. The United States District Court-Southern District-Galveston Division Honorable Judge Jefferey V. Brown is handling two lawsuits I filed. The class-action civil action #3:22-CV-00052 is our primary focus. Civil action #3:21-CV-00096 is of high importance and relevant to all of my activism in TDCJ.

However, we need the public’s support. If you have received and preserved my correspondance, essays, complaints from me or anyone on our team, please send copies to clerk Nathan Ochsner: 601 Rosenberg Street room 411, Galveston, Texas 77550.

This is a huge deal in Texas, history in the making. We are requesting legal assistance in the form of a civil rights attorney, media exposure, any and all type of exposure for this specific legal action will change lives and save them too. This is 2022 – Texas needs to catch up with the rest of the world in everything. Agriculture has been used to punish people in prison. We came to prison as punishment, not for punishment.

TBCJ/TDCJ is irresponsible, deceitful, corrupt, violent, vindictive, and opposed to any other forms of rehabilitation other than religious. I am attacked by Christian TBCJ/TDCJ staff violently/politically for being human, too human. They’ve attempted to kill, starve, push me to suicide, retaliated, discriminated against, harassed me for not believing in their forced doctrines, their shock doctrine, slaver doctrine.

Enough is enough. Step forward. Whoever you are, I welcome you to an invisible clandestine war played by the Republican Party of Texas. Thank you for visiting the greatest anarchist media site in the world –, and to our comrades at The Final Straw Radio for supporting IWOC-Texas/New Mexico and Mongoose Distro.

Solidarity and Sabotage,

Comrade Z


Julio A Zuniga 1961551

Memorial Unit

59 Darrington Road

Rosharon, TX 77583

A Message from Dan Baker – April 2022

Hello friends,

This is a group message to let everyone know that I ended my short vow of silence after a week.

In other news the cops are still executing black men in the streets, and getting caught on camera doing it.

I am also happy to spread the word that our anarchist YPG comrade who was on a hunger strike in France has been released to the hospital after 37 days of refusing to eat in protest for their indefinite detention without charges. They are a YPG International combat veteran. This highlights the current campaigns of harassment that nation states are making against YPG and YPJ International Volunteers. This is happening in France, Italy and the U.$., all countries with grim histories of colonialism, fascism and slavery. We are being rounded up worldwide and held on trumped up charges because we are freedom and democracy loving anarchists and friends of the noble Kurdish people. I admire our friends who go on hunger strike. Having fasted many times in my life I understand how difficult and dangerous a hunger strike is. Here in the United $tates of Amerikkka the cops will force a feeding tube down the throats of those on hunger strikes, which can itself lead to deadly
injuries, as we have seen in the case of Irish political prisoners.

Right now anarchist political prisoner Eric King is facing further harassment after beating his charges of assaulting a lieutenant who trapped him in a closet and assaulted him, then tried to destroy the evidence. The jury dropped the charges but the prison staff retaliated
by destroying his legal papers, personal pictures and books and then sent him to a higher security prison. He has been threatened by the staff at this prison and has been assaulted by prison staff and prison staff have locked him in areas with neo nazis and fascists in order to have him attacked by racist skinheads. My situation and suffering is nothing compared to his. Please consider looking into his situation by reading the articles distributed online by the Anarchist Black Cross of New York City and then use the information provided to write to officials who can take action to protect Eric from white supremacist police and their gang allies. They are again restricting his ability to
call and write to friends and family and he is not allowed to have books. Frankly, they are torturing’s him and trying to drive him insane.

I have experienced isolation in a similar special housing unit in Tallahassee Florida, as well as “diesel therapy”, where they ship a prisoner around the country, bouncing them around to various prisons for months at a time instead of sending them to one prison for their
sentence. In my experience it is psychologically more straining than war to be alone in a cell for months at a time, without being able to call friends, or read books besides the colonizers bibles, or talk to lawyers who can protect you, not being allowed outside for sunlight and fresh air, without music, colors, art or anything beautiful or pleasant. I
still experience traumatic memories and emotional thought patterns as a result of my six months in isolation. What saved me from throwing my life away was the support of friends on the outside who sent me books, mail, and the Certain Days Political Prisoner Calendar, which is full of beautiful art and poetry and helps one keep track of the passage of
time, the moon cycles and historical days and holidays. Guards have a policy of denying calendars to isolated prisoners, telling lies about the time and date and access to constitutionally protected resources and actively trying to drive people in captivity to violent acts by threatening them, assaulting them, humiliating them and depriving them
of sleep by leaving lights on at night, making lots of noise by banging on the doors and opening cell doors in the middle of the night to make threats. They also tamper with peoples food and refuse religious and medical diets, causing easily avoidable medical conditions, hunger and despair. My lawsuits regarding this harassments was shot down by
unscrupulous judges, so the only way to help people like Eric is to take direct actions yourself.

On a lighter note, and to provide contrast for my situation compared to Eric’s, I just received many books and letters last week as well as money on my account to supplement the poor diet they have been giving me here as a Buddhist and political vegan with lactose intolerance. The quality of my life has improved as a direct result of people organizing
on the outside to give me support. Please provide even more support for Eric King. He needs it more than I do at this point. In fact I would appreciate it if my Defense Committee would send some of the money sent to me to Eric King.

Thanks again for everything, thanks for not forgetting us!

Dan Baker 25765-509

FCI Memphis

PO Box 34550

Memphis, TN 38184

David Annarelli on Policing, Courts in Virginia

April 7, 2022

To Whom It May Concern,

Over 2000 letters written this past year alone. I’ve been writing letters for over 5 years with little response. That speaks volumes. My situation should never happen in the United States. It should be stopped. Sadly, this is all too common.

I, David Annarelli, was assaulted and arrested inside my home during a severe mental health crisis in 2016. Unidentified police, with no training for this crisis, illegally entered my home at night via a backdoor without cause or warrant. NO CRIMES HAD BEEN COMMITTED! Instead of de-escalating, police deliberately escalated the crisis even after I voluntarily disarmed. Another officer, also admitting to not identifying himself and ignoring all non-lethal options, violently kicked open a door to my home and recklessly opened fire. Confused and afraid, I returned fire. Everyone survived without serious injury. I was falsely charged with malicious wounding then wrongly sentenced to 20 years in prison by the disgraced Judge Marc Long. FIVE TIMES the recommended 2-4 years. A 321% upward enhancement to cover up gross police errors.

FACTS about the defendant:

NO criminal record

NO history of violence

Documented mental health history

Documented traumatic brain injury

EVIDENCE of a wrongful conviction. False statements by police, prosecution and their career criminal “witness”. Fourth and Fifth Amendment violations. Policy and procedure violations. Police brutality. Abuse by jail and VDOC staff. Every legal option is being pursued. But Virginia is notorious for actively preventing justice and is American by geography only. #Vaisathreat

All of these details were dismissed and/or suppressed by the invalid Floyd County Court. Instead, Judge Long declared from the bench that I would “be made an example of”. Judge Long had a history of reprimands, unhinged behaviors and was twice investigated by the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission. In January 2020 his reign of terror ended. He was denied reappointment to the bench by the Virginia General Assembly. Not one case reviewed to undo the damages.

In 2020 the Virginia General Assembly instituted the “Marcus Alert” to stop police from murdering mental health sufferers in crisis, though now the law is “optional” and Virginia continues to inhumanely warehouse us in prisons. Other police reforms included: body camera, deescalation training, exhaustion of nonlethal options, more strict knock-and-announce procedures and warnings before discharging a weapon. Thousands of prisoners, including myself, were never afforded these common sense protocols at the time of their arrest. Virginia destroys lives. Even now Virginia denies us the justice due under new laws. Despotism denied.. When combined with the extreme judicial overreach and abuse of power by Judge Long and the lies of the corrupt prosecutor Branscom fo Floyd County, it would lead any reasonable American to conclude that I, David Annarelli’s case and many hundreds more, deserve immediate reviews. Sadly, Virginia has become a haven for right-wing extremists and Nazis.

Since the Orwellian sentence, I have pursued any and all paths to justice, enduring horrific abuses reported by ignored, and has been denied the fundamental right to challenge the false evidence and lies used against him by anti-American Trumpite zealots. Virginia is occupied. It allows its fanatical judges too much dangerous and unfettered discretion to only whimsically abide, or ignore, guidelines and laws. Virginia encourages its corrupt prosecutors to lie with impunity. This system of right-wing extremism posing as “Justice” must change now!

In my own words, from a concrete box designed solely to torture and harm humans, I have the following message for those who deserve change, and for those with the capacity to affect change by any means:

I’m told I am lucky to be alive. Another Virginia lie. Virginia allowed a judge to falsely claim he knew mire about mental health and TBIs than a specialist with 20+ years of experience who testified on my behalf. Virginia has allowed criminally inhumane abuses by its state employees, reports ignored at every report at every state office. Virginia allows prosecutors to lie on records to wrongfully convict people, and the state’s offices look the other way. “Lucky to be alive” – that is the lowest moral standard of justice imaginable!

David Annarelli is a father, musician, activist and contributing writer to the Prison Journalism Project.

write David at:

David J. Annarelli 1853637

Pocahontas State Correction Center

PO Box 578

Pocahontas, VA 24635

Squatting as an Illegalist Anarchist – by Comrade Candle

I don’t expect this to serve as a guide. Rather, here is my experience denying the State’s will for you to read; for enjoyment or to learn from my struggle, the choice is yours. There are plenty of guides on running a squat out there, though obviously most concern themselves with following the Law to claim ownership of the property.

My understanding of Oregon Adverse Possession Law is one has to physically live at the property for some 10 years. In essence, Oregon is a very anti-squatter State. While owning a house was my ultimate goal, I started squatting out of necessity. The specifics aren’t terribly important. I was homeless and desperate for some stability. Having guns with no home is a rough situation.

At the tail-end of the last couch-surfing stint I could secure, I found a vacant home a few blocks away. It was as good a candidate as any and pretty big as far as vacant homes go. I went into the house a few times, via a smashed in back window, with nothing but an empty tote bag, my 9mm. and a ton of trash bags. There were 3 bedrooms, though I ruled one out as it was the point of entry. I wanted to clear out a lot of the junk in the place from, presumably, the years of vacancy. It was a mess. I returned a few more times, gradually trash-bagging the upstairs bedroom. It was pretty clean by the time I was done.

Late April or early May, I had my former housemate move my bags into the house. The humor of moving into a house adjacent-to and joint-owned by a veterinary clinic was not lost on me. There were a lot of old uniforms from the vet, uniforms I used for photography purposes in front of the vacant vet. This led to jokes from locals about “Stirner taking [his] dog for a walk”. Life is truly absurd. My first night, I ended up just sleeping on the floor. I was exhausted after moving my boys in. Waking up, my back hurt and I needed food. I didn’t trust anything in the house, so I went across the street. There was a donut shop for food, and a sofa had been recently thrown out too. Frankly, there is too much waste to not dumpster dive.

I positioned 3 sofa cushions as a makeshift twin bed, hung up some art, and cleaned off a shelf to decorate my room a bit. I found a clean faucet for water at a nearby paint store and an open electrical outlet at the dentist next door. Living off the land.

I was poor, obviously. I still am too. I obtained most of the essentials for the squat from shoplifting and robbery. Bed sheets, wet wipes, and cheddar cheese were all one walk-out, one chambered-in-a-store bullet, one use-of-a-brass-knuckles away. I used my knife the most and, in all honesty, crime is fun – just do it. I cycled through outfits and hairstyles to evade LP.

After a few weeks, I managed to secure some support for the squat in the manner of mutual aid. It was more food than I could reasonably steal, a very cool day indeed. I moved it into my room, threw my flag behind it, and posed some gun photos around the food. Most of the food, however, I couldn’t cook. The house had no electricity, no water, no heat. This would become the largest problem, given my Florida-self and the coming cold. Most of the windows were smashed in, letting in a terrible draft. There was a fireplace on the lower level though. The basement had plenty of firewood. Tons of paper and books to burn too.

I have always been a staunch advocate of Propaganda by the Deed. I’d never robbed cash, but felt stores were exploitative enough to warrant it. More importantly, I needed to pay my phone bill and buy items that have proven themselves hard to steal, like candles. On May 19th, I robbed our local 711 at gunpoint in an act of Propaganda by the Deed. I was in all black, Nike and Adidas, with a change of clothes at the nearby Triple-A.

I waited for a gap in traffic, estimating I’d need, at most, 5 minutes, and entered the store. I took out my 9mm and jumped the counter. I threw a handful of Backwoods cigars into my black tote and had the clerk open both registers. I left with around $900.

Some total-Karen had seen the last seconds of my robbery and called the cops. I couldn’t steal her Buick SUV (sorry Kodak), so I took off running. A second spectator, a total homie, biked with me for a few blocks to throw off the scent for the police dogs.

I opened up my arm jumping the fence at a Catholic high school, narrowly avoiding the first string of cops. I hid in a bush, running to my bag after a second wave of cop cars. With a red dress and coat, Nike slides and Adidas socks, I walked right by the newly formed police line towards the squat.

I got to the squat with little issue, counted the cash and rolled a Backwoods. The next day, I bought a bong for the squat across the street, some Marlboro Black 100s at Fred Meyer, and a few candles. The cash I had now made boosting from self-checkout for food very easy. I’d get a $2 or $3 purchase and bag $30-40 worth of food and drink, much easier than finding camera dead-spots to bag stuff.

Two days later everything popped off. I’d thrown out my hoodie, but still had my mask and kicks. I owned no other kicks. It was cold enough for me to have the fireplace lit, but some Karen called the cops, per usual. Karen said I was trying to burn it down. If only.

I was on Discord flirting with some girls when the Fire Department raided the house. They smashed out the front window and came running in, screaming for anyone in the house to leave. I had my shotgun slung, my 9mm on my thigh, and confronted them at the stairs. “Get the fuck out of my house!” They were scared shitless and left their 4-foot fire extinguisher while fleeing. Then the fire department called the cops. Fuck the Fire Department!

My house was on a tall grassy hill, so the cops stayed on the curb around a hundred feet or so away, maybe more. Around 6 SUVs full of cops contemplated a raid, but as I had the high ground, they were too scared. Good. I had lost most of my ammunition in my recent divorce. The news showed up, 3 or 4 news vans, then everyone left. A terrible situation, yet I was grateful to have defended my squat in the first fight with the State. Now, what to do about robbing the fire department?

Cable news: the block was on fire. Everyone stared at me whenever I was outside. I opted to only enter the squat at nights now, which was anxiety-inducing, as I couldn’t take my shotgun in to stores. I posed in front of the vet with my shotgun and a fur vest, then I tried to lay low.

The next day the police were staging sting operations at the vet. I was checking the mail, strapped, when a Sheriff’s SUV rolled up and ordered me to stop. They were packing heat and jumped out of the drivers seat pointing their pistol. I called his bluff and ran back to the squat, jumped in through the window and took aim, in case I was followed. Understandably, they were still too scared to follow.

A few days passed with no events, until some punks came over claiming to be exploring. I initially thought they were pigs. I had stuck my barrel out the window before I realized. The punks ended up finding me on social media and we arranged for dinner and a party. Modelos, stolen Backwoods and lemon kush.

I took some photos with my mask, then burned it in the house. With my Riot case approaching an arrest warrant, I was trying to finally flee the state. No one knew yet about the robbery I did.

I was partial to just get high, listen to Kodak Black, and figure out another squat location. Guns made mobility an issue, so on the 29th I set off to make use of the storage unit my ex had graciously left me full of her shit. I couldn’t afford rent, so I planned to visit a mutual aid event downtown after storing my weapons. I’d figure something out from there.

I’d ridden on Tri-Met with my guns tons of times and expected no issue today. Instead, the driver not only called the cops, but lied and told me directly that it was safe to ride. Two stops later, the bus stopped and 20-some cops threatened me with guns for the crime of riding the bus with guns. Law is so restrictive and arbitrary, limiting our freedom of movement. We shouldn’t have weapon restrictions, thus the PPB arrested me and seized all my weapons. Washington County had issued a warrant for me, so I was transferred to their Sheriff’s Office and charged with Criminal Trespassing With a Firearm. This charge came with the release-agreement to not return to the vet.

After a brief train ride, I was back at the vet. I didn’t really respect the State. I still don’t My stuff had mostly been tossed out the window, but some of it was left inside. I moved my bags behind the house and broke in again, this time into the bathroom, as the other window had been boarded up. The hole was like 1×1 foot. The toilet was broken. I needed to unboard the back window, but 20+ screws proved too much for a pry bar. I moved most of my stuff into the attic and assessed the damage.

Most of my shit had been seized or stolen. My copy of Stirner’s Ego was thrown onto my bed. My bong, smashed. The tote I’d robbed the store with was gone. (Through some minor stroke of luck or corruption, it never made it into the police report.) I started looking for a power-drill and for someone to join the squat. Given I was already on cable news, I opted to search online.

I took in some stranger from the nearest train stop who was homeless. He was a construction worker and chill enough. We were walking home with food and decided to stop at the dentist to eat first. A pig rolled up and we took off running. Across the street, essentially, a dollar store had recently closed due to a fire. We hid out behind the store, but my new friend ended up getting a bit too handsy for me. I considered robbing him, but decided to just kick him out. I waited around 30 minutes, then tried to head to the squat again.

On June 3rd, I got stung at the vet, as the previous pig had ID’d me. This “peace officer” got me in cuffs, behind my back, and then put me in a knee-on-neck chokehold. I screamed that “I couldn’t breathe” for two minutes, eyes wide open, before he stopped. The report was falsified, something about being afraid I’d shoot him, and the chokehold was omitted per its illegality. I had part of my scalp removed by the street.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office confiscated my weed and my bail was threatened to be set at $5,000,000. I was charged with Interfering With a Peace Officer and Violation of a Release Agreement. I was released after booking. After a brief stop at Nike World, for a tennis court cheddar cheese photo, I was back at the squat. Kodak Black had just FritoLay’d and I had just gotten the police to launder my robbery proceeds. I just had to cash out my gift card. Cool.

The pigs hadn’t gotten the house re-boarded, likely assuming I hadn’t gone back in. I bought some more blunts, some Gold Peak Georgia Peach tea, weed, and candles. Back to being high at the squat and figuring out what to do. A trans girl, one I later would learn to be a Maoist and a rat, moved in with me. We threw up some tags in the house. Given my Riot arrest warrant, I decided to try taking a train ride out of state. I bought the ticket on the 7th for the 8th, then I spent the night at the squat.

On the 8th, a few hours before leaving, the squat was raided. There was nowhere to really run and the police had done surveillance with a drone a week prior, so they knew I was likely unarmed. 8 pistols and 2 police dogs, way more outside. I stayed silent, but the girl threw me under the bus and talked at length about me. She was charged with trespassing. I was given Burglary in the 1st Degree. My $5,000,000 bail stuck, so I now needed $500,000 to get out.

I was in custody for around a month when suddenly I received a secret indictment for Robbery in the 1st Degree With a Firearm. Given that the girl was in custody and already ratting, I suspect she tipped off the pigs. I hadn’t spoke of the robbery, but not much happens in Beaverton. The case was sudden, solid, and I didn’t want to take a chance with these crackers at trial. After a successful bargain of my soul, I am now here.

Obviously, with a gun, I’d have fought. It’s hard to capture the circumstance in writing, to explain it, so I wouldn’t have changed much. Everything seems easy and clear after the fact.

My first fight didn’t stop, obviously. Now I am in a struggle to have the DOC grant me a vaginoplasty, a medically necessary procedure covered by insurance. I wear nearly the same Nike shoes I used to jump the counter here in prison. One small step for Sofia, one giant leap for trans-kind. I will not be the first incarcerated woman to received vaginoplasty, nor the last, but it is surely a struggle to realize it on my own.

My insurance covers mammoplasty, and although the DOC forbids it as a “cosmetic” surgery, this is on my list of goals as well. Dysphoria is never a cosmetic issue. Given the masculinizing equivilent is permitted, I foresee my mammoplasty as a matter of public support. Vaginoplasty was formerly in this boat, yet here we are. Arbitration being repressive, as usual.

I’d love for my struggle to influence squatting law, but I am not hopeful. The possibility of being charged criminally for all 10 years makes averse possession essentially impossible, as the former owner will be the “victim”. Property is robbery, but with no danger or risk to the robber. Better laws would hardly fix the issue. We need no Law.

The statute used to impose my 90 month, day-for-day, minimum sentence is §ORS137.700. It is known as “Measure 11”. As arbitrary as it gets. Production of Child Porn or Rape of a Minor earns you 5 years, whereas Arson and Robbery have a 90-month minimum. The repeal of this mandate is what’d allow me to try for an earlier release, but given my maximum sentence for my Riot conviction (5 years) I will likely be locked up for a while. At least I get to eat FritoLay snacks for 7 ½ years.

Law is how the State justified its Violence; Morals.

Write to Comrade Candle at:

Sofia Johnson 23976151

Coffee Creek Correctional Facility

24499 SW Grahams Ferry Road

Wilsonville, OR 97070

TDCJ Retaliation and Harassment – by Comrade Z


The Texas Board of Criminal Justice and Texas Department of Criminal Justice are actively sending state agents to retaliate and harass me on an organized level. This is called “conspiring”, “deliberate indifference” and “malice”. Lt. Oki and his 3rd shift sgt. Durabor made a clear statement that I deserve to be locked-up. They initiated an ICS to attempt to scare, intimidate and/or provoke me. I stayed cool, calm, collected. This petty pretext they fabricated was because I refused to give them my ID.

He requested gas masks, OCS-gas and back-up because I supposedly refused to hand him my ID. This is why I have a lawsuit against TBCJ – dumbass officers who abuse their authority to prove that they can do whatever they feel like and get away with it. Often times they get away with it. Well, here’s your chance to call Memorial Unit and request to know how many disciplinary cases have been written on me since I have expressed to the administration that I have a suit against TBCJ. I ask you to email your findings to the United States District Court – Galveston Division. The State of Texas has been using more corruption since I filed than against any other event on this unit. Don’t allow it to go unseen or covered-up. I do not fear any TDCJ administrator, director, or senator. I don’t fear any of them. In fact, I’m filing another lawsuit on the remaining members of TBCJ just because their retaliation let’s me know that I am doing something right.

Willie Ratcliffe is stopping my outgoing mail. Ms. Lincoln-Moon is stopping my grievances again. Now 3rd shift officers are using organized tactics to retaliate, harass and oppress me. This is how TDCJ attempts to impose their slave-breaking tactics on the inmate, by using ignorant and, more often than not, immigrant guards who barely speak English. Coincidence? Not likely. Not if you have 9 well-educated Texas Board of Criminal Justice committee members running the show.

This is a call to action, and any legal assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Current list of retaliative officers and staff:

Ms. Polk

Ms. Shannon

Capt. McKnight

Officer Dorber

Sgt. Bey

Officer Hafford

Officer Baugh

Lt. Oki

E-mail this all to district court judges!

Solidarity and Sabotage,

Comrade Z

IWW-IWOC Local 613 #1

Wobblies File Class-Action Lawsuit Against the Texas Board of Criminal Justice and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in 2022 – by Comrade Z

The prison system does not like being reported on and you have to know that going in. You’re going to get backlash. There’s going to be retaliation. It’s part of the deal. I think for a lot of people, they will make a few forays into it and they’ll get stung a couple of times, then they give up. The reality is that it’s hard and you have to be prepared that they may come after you when you say things that they don’t really like. However, when you are in prison, you do not surrender your First Amendment rights to free speech, to comment on reality and be published. Contrary to what a lot of people assert, you have the right to write about whatever the hell you want to write about.”

-K.E. Hartman


Here are some cold hard facts: I am not a writer. I am not a smart man. I am not completely mentally sound, due to various forms of torture I have been through in my life. Today, TDCJ continues to play these childish, slave-breaker games to make me believe that one cell is different from another, when in reality this psychological warfare is all a farce. A cage is a cage is a cage.

Nobody said it better than Sean Swain in Last Act of the Circus Animals. There are more facts to share with you. I am a member/delegate with the Industrial Workers of the World-Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, and as a Texas prisoner, the whole idea of solidarity really appealed to me. The fact is, the union for us Texas prisoners is ideal, but we lack the support both from the IWOC-HQ and our own communities. Sad, but true. No matter what, I haven’t given up.

Today, the Texas Board of Criminal Justice is on a civil rights lawsuit by IWOC members in Texas. Texas TEAMONE has requested and extended solidarity to unite the fight. United States District Court-Galveston Division Civil Action 3:22-CV-00052 has close to 20 IWOC members on it. As we keep moving forward and allow our comrades at the IWW-IWOC to catch up with us, I have to suggest as a militant anarchist, for the brothers and sisters listening to us, the real problem is the policy makers. All comrades and jailhouse lawyers need to file U.S. §1983 on every single TBCJ member, as I have already begun to do. Bobby Lumpkin, Bryan Collier, Guistina Persich, Tammy Shelby are on my lawsuit, including the chairman of TBCJ Patrick O’Daniel. I am filing a motion for leave to supplement defendants and add the remaining eight members of the TBCJ into our class action suit. If you are with IWOC-Texas, file your lawsuit in the same fashion. We have been distracted by their psychological games far too long, and the culprits have been sitting pretty playing God for far too long. The Wizard of Oz has been discovered in Texas. Corruption is being exposed by me, X386969, and it is going to take the solidarity of all of your resources in the free world to help us bring the changes we all need, by any means necessary.

The more lawsuits filed on the policy makers will not only bring us into the political arena as activists for an overdue overhaul of the Texas government and it’s institutions. I do not believe in authority, nor do I believe in prisons. However, this cannot be said about everyone I come in contact with, therefore I am rolling with what I have, because progress is made by stepping forward, not back. Believe me, I was just retaliated on by: Sgt. Bey, Officer Dorber, Capt. Charlotte McKnight, Disciplinary Substitute Counsels Polk and Shannon, Officer Baugh, Officer Hafford, and Sgt. Timothy Williams. IWOC has been attacked by these same individuals since we filed on Chairman Patrick O’Daniels.

Thanks to,, Noname Books, Texas Civil Rights Project, the Marshall Project,,, Haymarket Books, Pluto Press, AK Press, IWOC-NM, TEAMONE. To all of you, please send me some solid contacts to assist us Wobblies at Memorial Plantation.

Does anyone know a good civil rights attorney?!

Solidarity and Sabotage,

Comrade Z

Julio A. Zuniga 1961551

Memorial Unit

59 Darrington Road

Rosharon, Texas 77583

Guards Let Patrick Rogers Die Here – by Dan Baker

Dear friends,

Last month on February 4th guards at FCI Memphis allowed our friend Patrick Rogers to die. Sources in here tell me that he had regularly medical emergencies, falling down unconscious frequently. The staff became agitated with having to respond to these emergencies and the new Captain here accused him of faking and spread the rumor that he was faking medical emergencies and gave instructions to not respond to these incidents. As a result his medical ailments went untreated for a long period of time. I have been told that he was hit by a truck before coming to this prison and had multiple medical conditions as a result. After falling down yet again he was taken to the Special Housing unit. Guards said this was because he “mouthed off to a guard” while witnesses claim he was taken away because he could not walk. 

Shortly after being taken to the SHU the entire prison went on lockdown. On Friday the 4th of February, he died. His neighbors in Tennessee Unit A say that he was allowed to die by staff because they were concerned that he had a legitimate case for a lawsuit and they were legally vulnerable to legal action. Lt. King came into the unit after he died and callously remarked, “Well, I guess he wasn’t faking!” He was asked if he thought this was funny and unconvincingly replied no, that it was a potential lawsuit. Legal vulnerability and a fear of taking responsibility trumped this Lieutenant’s sense of what a human life is worth. I won’t speak of his sense of humor. Understandably this upset Big Pat’s friends, not to mention his family. I heard about this exchange from one of his friends in the chow hall today as the lockdown was lifted and lost my appetite. As fellow captives of the prison industrial complex we are all outraged within these walls.

Efforts to spread the word about this deadly medical negligence, deliberate indiference and fatal targeted harrassment have been hampered by staff refusing to sell us paper, stationary and stamps during this lockdown. Thanks to sympathetic guards and our constitutional right to contact family the word has already gotten out. My defense committee has been notified and asked to contact Mr. Rogers’ family while raising awareness on various social medias, spreading pamhplets, articles and writting essays. That ball is already rolling. The cops reading this message may try to censor it, but that would be a useless gesture as the cat is already out of the bag. Any attempt to censor journalism and destroy evidence leaves government employees vulnerable to civil action. As a community we have the resources, the solidarity and the ability to take legal action and win. We will. I request everyone reading this to look into the situation and #RememberPat. Contact the American Civil Liberties Union, Prison Legal News and any other groups who you think can be helpful. We need to spread the word about the conditions here before anyone else dies. This can happen to any of us at any time. The current political climate is such that the prison industrial complex wants to incarcerate everyone in the U.$. To be clear their goal is that all Amerikkkans go to jail or prison at some point in their lives. As more laws are invented more and more people’s existances are criminalized and subject to abduction and extortion at the hands of authoritatrian forces. On a long enough time frame more people will have been oppressed by unjust laws and dirty cops than people who have no criminal record. In this was the death of Patrick Rogers and people like him affect all of us. The political is personal. Don’t let them tell you that “that’s just how it is, that life is tough, that it’s just buisiness”.

Take it personally whenever any authority figure makes policies that harm you, your loved ones, your neighbors and your friends. Because it is personal. The gears of justice grind slowly and the creatures of power who have money and power are not ground under these machines, they slide out of under them with a laugh, waving to us as we are destroyed. This machine does not serve us, it serves them.

They say we are faking it when we tell them that they are killing us. They say we are faking it when we tell them to get off our necks. They say we are faking it when we tell them that climate change is genocide for those too poor to migrate. They say we are faking it when we tell them an old prisoner is dying of preventable conditions as prisons are converted into eugenic hospice centers for the elderly poor. Fuck that, fuck them. Please help us raise awareness about these conditions.

Thank you.
Dan Baker
aka Alishare
P.S. The following additional note was written by a friend of Patrick’s:

“Pat Injured himself around Oct-Nov 2021- was unsure what- lower spine (disc) or right hip. Asked to be taken out to see Hospital Doctors- *pain became unbearable over a few days period.
-He could no longer walk to the chow hall due to pain.
-He continued to ask health service for help and all they did was order him an x-ray sometime in the months ahead. As time went on he was in more and more pain. The C.O.’s on the unit would no longer call the food service and order him meals for one of us inmates to bring back for him.
Health service began to tell all the officers that Pat was “faking” and that he had been “seen” and was to await his x-ray appointment. I brought him food back from chow as there was no way Pat could go due to pain.
-Pat requested the use of a wheelchair just to go to get meals and was denied every time by the people at health service from the order of M. Law. He said Pat was “faking” and just being lazy. Pat filed a BP-8 and BP-9 and was working on the BP-10 just to get the use of a wheelchair.
He became very depressed and his health deteriorated quickly.
– A group of Lt.’s and Dr.’s came to the unit one day to tell him he was “faking” and if he called them again they would put him in the S.H.U.. This was spearheaded by M. Law and the Captain.
He eventually became incontinent and was placed in the S.H.U. where he died from an embolism. The FCI was grossly negligent and could have easily prevented Pat’s death.”

Write Daniel Baker:
Daniel Baker, 25765-509
P.O, BOX 34550