Retrospectives and Visions – by Dan Baker

June 10, 2022

Revolutionary Greetings and Regards,

‘Silav u rezen soresgeri’ – That’s Kurdish for “Revolutionary Greetings and Regards. Another greeting I’ll extend to you all is ‘Roj bas hevalno’, which means “Good day, comrades”. I hope you are individually and collectively healthy, happy and free!

I’m writing this to make clear my plans for when I go home from prison. I’m doing this for many reasons. One reason is to make a statement to friends, and also to enemies. Many traumas in my life have made me paranoid, so I find it difficult to trust people. The same traumas, from homelessness, political displacement, hunger, front-line combat, fist fights, and disillusionment, have left me both angry and exhausted. So, I write the mist vitriolic things I can in order to make clear the danger we all face as fascism and global war intensifies due to games played by the wealthy, fanatical patriots and religious zealots. I will now elaborate on the dangers I’ve seen and then describe what I will do about them. I’ll try to be brief.

I grew up in Jupiter, Florida, a swampy rural community that follows the Loxahatchee River to the ocean in central/south Florida, on the east coast. It’s a racist town where violent hate crimes still occur. For example, a black man was dragged to death behind a truck, and white men from Jupiter farms go to town in Jupiter’s Guatemalan community to “Guat hunt”, which means murdering people for sport. The more ambitious white christian nationalists from my Dad’s church, “Church in the Farms” (yes, really), recruit people to go to the Texas/Mexican border to shoot people who are crossing from the Mexican side. They have described plans for “The Race War”, when they believe “the south will rise again”, in which they plan to use homemade explosives to blow up the I-95 Highway overpass, which would “block the minorities in town and on the highway from entering Jupiter farms via Indiantown Road”. They recruit current and former military and police for these plans and actions. This brings me to the man who raised me.

Glenn Baker was a Palm Beach County Sheriff Deputy and veteran of the Panama Invasion. He had been in the National Guard, and the Coast Guard as well. As a deputy he became a helicopter pilot for police “work” and as an air ambulance for the trauma hawk. He was also racist, Republican, killed civilians and covered-up for other cops who also killed people. He told me about all these things, under the impression that I thought like him. He told me the same jokes about black men’s “last words” and sex workers that were raped by deputies. The Bakers also collected German knickknacks and Nazi memorabilia, learned German and made me march and count in German as a kid. They went to Germany for their honeymoon …for some reason. I was terrified my entire childhood. I didn’t think like Glenn Baker, because I spent half my time with my mom, who had divorced him. She was a nurse who worked in black communities, and she took me to work. I saw through Glenn’s lies. She also told me that she had cheated on him with a man named Wesley Jolly, who was my real father.

Glenn couldn’t get my mom pregnant, or my stepmom later. My stepmom confirmed my origin and I read documents from the divorce and custody battle in court that also verified these facts. But, Glenn got full custody because he had given my mom drugs he took from evidence at work and she got addicted. He also refused to take a DNA test. My mom eventually killed herself by overdosing on fentanyl years later. Glenn made me shoot in competitions, run, train in grappling and martial arts and fight in tournaments, as well as other sports, like swimming. He made me hunt, kill and eat animals, despite my desire to be a vegetarian. He punished me with spankings, and once knocked out my adopted brother with a hardcover bible for talking back. This childhood shaped my aversion of Christianity, racism, hierarchy, patriarchy and authority. It is also my reason to embrace non-violence for rest of my life going forward, despite my belief that future generations should also be militant leftists. The upbringing that shaped me led me to join the YPG International because I was trying to restore my “honor” after a “dishonorable” discharge from the U.$. military. These decisions were all part of my attempts to earn the love of a man I despised. I never did meet Wesley Jolly; Stepmom took me out of the will.

I ran away at 17 and ended up joining the Army Airborne Infantry in an attempt to impress Glenn, because had had been on a mortar crew in Panama. The men in my unit bragged about the rape, pillage and murder they committed in Afghanistan and told me I’d be expected to participate in such things in Iraq when we deployed, or at least to cover up for them. Lewindowski, Camp and Lindon, all team leaders and sergeants in my platoon, separately confirmed that they had shot a civilian trucker in Afghanistan on Christmas Eve, then smothered him to death because “He was dying like a bitch” and “He was ruining our Christmas”. They regularly referred to people from the Middle East as “sand niggers” and “hajis”. I decided I would not deploy with these rapists and murderers and I went AWOL (absent without leave) when my unit, 2/504 Parachute Infantry Regiment, C Company, 2nd Platoon, 2nd Squad, deployed in Iraq. I was kicked out with a “general discharge under other than honorable conditions, for serious misconduct/offense”. That unit went on to commit the “Mahmudiyah Gang Rape Massacre” in Iraq. No one listened to my warnings and they raped a teenage girl and killed her whole family. All of this can be confirmed. While I was being kicked out, Sergeant Gagnon was accused of raping a female soldier in the barracks. That is the culture of the U$ military and I was happy to get out with my honor intact. I only regret not being able to help that woman in the barracks, but Gagnon tried to throw me off the third floor balcony when I spoke up, and I was not there in the locked room when it happened. This is the typical experience of U$ soldiers and they often return from war crimes to become police and federal agents, like FBI agent Marty, who arrested me.

My “family” was embarrassed by my discharge and put me out on the street after I declined to join the white supremacist gangs that run Jupiter Farms. I became a Yoga teacher, a vegetarian, and tried competing in martial arts (with mixed and mostly disappointing results), as well as working as an armed and unarmed security guard at gated communities. I found the same racist, sexist culture in the security jobs and eventually gave that up, with a few half-hearted re-attempts over the years. I saw systemic oppression towards minorities and could not be part of that. Give anyone a golf cart and they will be a tyrant with just that much authority. I went to live in the woods with the Rainbow Family, a hippy gathering, and I was seduced by the Hare Krishnas, though now I wish I’d stayed in the woods and rejected all religions’ lies and masters, as I do now. After these adventures I was homeless and unemployed, mostly in Tallahassee, so I joined the YPG. All this time I did my best to avoid any unnecessary violence and stay within the limits of the laws. Despite trying to “redeem” myself and stay out of trouble I was arrested.

I’ll wrap this up now. I have tried to show that there is a widespread culture of racism, sexism, rape, murder and oppression in North Amerikkka, and that attempts to escape it and pursue truth, beauty and liberation will be harshly punished by the U$ government. Even if you join U$ allies like the SDF and YPG/YPJ you will be targeted. In Syria I saw Turkey using U$ jets and missiles to support ISIS, and Turkey supplies ISIS with weapons and equipment. Anna Campbell was killed by Turkish airstrikes in Afrin. I met her father as he searched for her body. This is how the U$ profits from war: playing both sides. If you try to escape you will be captured, and if you speak up they will try to silence you. Even fighting against ISIS is not enough to earn their respect. These people rape, murder, and steal children to brainwash them, just like ISIS. We might as well fight for what’s right.

So this is my plan. I’m getting too old to fight with violence. I did my part in Rojava and the 2020 George Floyd Uprisings. Now it is time for you, the next generation, and everyone who has not been captured, to rise up and carry the torch. I will give advice and become a paramedic and a herstory teacher. You kids are badass. Don’t worry if you are young – the U$ uses child soldiers in Syria to fight against ISIS (I have pictures to prove it). My plan is to go back to Tallahassee, lay low, continue emergency medical rescue training and wrestle with my friends. To be honest, I expect that I will be murdered at home for speaking the truth. But if I run, they will still kill me, only legally. They tried to kill me when I was arrested on trumped up charges, but I had surrounded myself with trusted friends and we refused to fall for their clumsy tricks. So I will go home, feed the hungry, treat the sick and wounded, grow food and build community. If the feds, fascists, neo-nazis, jihadis, or white supremacist Christian Nationalists, and their Turkish military intelligence dogs, want to kill me then I will die with food and medicine in my hands, and love and peace in my heart. I don’t believe in heaven or hell after death, but I believe we become one with all, and I’m happy with that, and prepared to sacrifice my blood and life for the people, plants, animals and earth that are precious to me – all people, plants and animals, in all worlds. May all beings everywhere be happy and free!

In order to create that life worth fighting for, I need your help. The deadly culture I described is rallying for another war under the banner of Trump’s “American Freedom” rallies. His fascist coup attempt is not over, but we will succeed where the Germans failed to stop the Nazis – at home!

To Serkeftin!

(to victory!),


Dan Baker 25765-509

FCI Memphis

PO Box 34550

Memphis, TN 38184

Altruism in Action – by Dan Baker

Many of us feel a moral obligation to take action to make the world a more enlightened place. But what does that mean? How do we do this? How do we “save the world”? There is so much suffering that it threatens to overwhelm us. We struggle to survive, pay the bills and just stay sane as we try to be happy. Some say the world is already “God’s perfect plan” unfolding mysteriously before us, and that all the pain and abuse we face is just karma, purification and magic life lessons. But even if that’s true it is also a fact that pain which has not yet come can be avoided. Maybe rapists and brutal rulers are just people who need to be stopped.

So how do we do this? And how can we trust our own motivations which intend to change the world? Not everyone will agree with our visions of our idea of an ideal world, some for selfish reasons, others for sincerely devout motivations, however misguided. We can trust our works if they are based on altruism, wisdom and compassion, with the combined efforts of the community. We will make mistakes, and that’s ok. We keep each other in the right perspective by offering criticism and self criticism.

First we need to cultivate motivation for our projects. Go out into your neighborhoods and identify suffering people, animals and environments, even plants. Then start by cleaning up your own area, picking plastic and trash out of the soil. Give a beggar some food and water. Even if you are homeless you can take good care of yourself and maybe another houseless neighbor. Set up a space with images to inspire you to make daily acts of altruism for a specific goal. Ask others for help, or join their projects. Then sit down and visualize that problem you mean to address in detail, and how it can be fixed. Choose one person, animal, place or thing, even a plant if you are facing limited means, and resolve to relieve the suffering you found.

Spend some time contemplating others, how much we all depend on others for everything we enjoy and know in our lives. Our food, clothing and everything we use and enjoy come due to the efforts of others- we are all one interdependent world wide community. Even our knowledge, language and skills, all our good qualities, come from the kindness of others.

All beings desire happiness and avoid pain. We all suffer. Everyone has problems, everyone is hurt. To save ourselves and the world, people, plants and animals that we love, we must sometimes forget ourselves and strive to help others. Often others’ difficulties are worse than our own, if only due to perspective, but often in fact as well.

Examine your capacity to help others. Maybe right now your ability to help them is limited by means or by time, but if you reduce your own ignorance, anger, attachment and other faults, and increase your good qualities, such as generosity, fortitude, loving-kindness, compassion, and wisdom, you will be of greater benefit. If you become a full time activist, a real revolutionary, you will be of the greatest possible benefit to all beings. Generate the altruistic intention to become a full time activist in order to benefit all beings effectively. Picture your specific goal- rescuing a stray animal or injured bird, rehabilitating a homeless person (safely, with wisdom and boundaries), cleaning up an area or environment, standing up against tyrants and toxic political ideas- and visualize the details bathed in light, day and night, enriching the minds of yourself and those you would help. Vibrate with objectless compassion!

Allow yourself to be pleased with your altruistic intention, and visualize your future self as your highest potential, surrounded by friends, family , teachers, mentors, neutral acquaintances and even those you dislike, so-called enemies and all beings you don’t know. Everyone becomes their own highest potential, faces turn towards the light. That light shines on you, burning away any so-called “impurities”. The light fills you and all those around you, transforming your bodies and minds.

Let go of all conceptions you have about yourself, particularly and self-denigrating thoughts and the concept of independent existence. Visualize your body as vacuous, a void of emptiness, stillness and peace. Sit with this concept for a few minutes, taking the exercise as a temporary medicinal remedy to selfishness. If it helps, use beads and repeat, “No self, no negative self talk, no independent existence, just peaceful emptiness…”

Then build a fire in your heart, a small sun that radiates the light of wisdom and compassion in all directions, through the entire universe. The light transforms all sentient beings into their highest potential and purifies all polluted environments. Now picture all beings and places as happy, healthy and free. What does this look like, in detail? From your body stretching outward, what does practical liberation look like? Your area, town, region, dipped in compassion, and applied wisdom towards those who oppose compassion. Then expand it.

What skillful means can we deploy to realize this goal? You have transformed all beings and their environments into utopias in your imagination. Why hasn’t this become a reality? Because we sentient beings have bias and prejudice, and lack enough love, compassion and joy. Wishing yourself and others to have these good qualities, contemplate equanimity, love, compassion and joy, for everyone- friends, relatives, strangers, as well as those who you dislike, mistrust, disapprove of, and those who have harmed you in the past.

Repeat to yourself three times, “May all beings have happiness and its causes. May all beings be free of suffering and its causes. May all beings not be separated from sorrowless bliss and equanimity, may all be free of bias, attachment and anger.” We must push ourselves to root out patterns of privilege, racism, and class division from our hearts and minds, and to oppose any old bad habits with new good acts of neighborly love.

Again, how can we do this in our daily life, today? By yourself, and with close friends, family and community, go to work immediately on your own area. Identify needs and meet them. Help others take refuge in resources for the hungry and displaced and unhoused- and accept help yourself if you need it. Do what you can and ask for what you need. Invite others to join you, ask for their help in your projects, demand that “authorities” fulfill their obligations if they want to claim that position. Expand and contract your efforts according to your limits. Return to this visualization daily and work on applying these ideas to dilemmas worldwide. Write your ideas, share them and give and accept criticisms. Plug into the internet and keep up with the news, get a sense of your place in this temporary world. Raise your voice on subjects that touch your heart, find like minded allies and take action with love and wisdom and the guiding principles.

Please allow me to give examples of my own. Then please lead by example as soon as you can. You are the hope for the present and future!

I am considered to be a political prisoner by the ACLU and activists all around the world. I am being held against my will for what many consider to be ‘trumped’ up charges (pun intended). I don’t have to identify with the label of ‘convicted felon’; instead I visualize myself as my highest potential, currently a work in progress. I am a yogi, a meditator, a medic and a full time activist. Here in federal prison I see many elderly convicts suffering from preventable ailments and lack of medical care. So I ask my friends for help and built a bag of basic first aid and over the counter medical supplies. Most of the time I just distribute aspirin, ibuprofen and Pepto Bismol type things. I have also helped people who were beat up, providing bandages, antibacterial ointment and so on. It’s not much, but that’s what I can do. Many inmates are very poor, and I get lots of help from friends all over the world, so I try to help others. Soon I would like to refill this bag.

Now let’s expand the scope to my home in Florida. I write essays for anyone who cares to listen to this beggar and street medic. I will be joining activists in Tallahassee to feed and house those in need when I am released. Additionally I will continue to train in emergency medical rescue and basic medical care, and I will continue to treat the homeless population however I can. I want to become an EMT, a Paramedic, a medical assistant and then a nurse. I will also continue to teach yoga and meditation, and to learn from mentors like Thubten Chodron. Much of this essay is directly based in their writing and guidance. All the faults are my own, for example all this self righteous talk. I will be trying to keep up with Eric’s tireless community service in Tallahassee- they are more advanced than I am, as are Desiree, Jack and Hannah.

If we expand our awareness even further to all of Florida we can become aware of the threats being transmitted in interstate commerce by Donald Trump regarding the Mar-a-Lago situation. He is openly calling for his supporters to commit violent acts if he is forced to take responsibility for his many deadly crimes. Due to his reckless, deadly, hate filled rhetoric people have attacked the FBI, killed police, murdered civilians, committed lynchings and hate crimes and even Trump voters themselves have been shot to death by cops, feds and political opponents due to Trump’s words.  

As conscientious human beings we cannot allow this to go on. Trump is willing and able to cause a civil war in 2024 if he does not get his childish way. He tried on January 6th in 2021 and he will try again. Many of his supporters still approve of that event, where they carried the confederate flag into the capitol building, along with swastikas. He has the support of right wing nationalist Christians, most of law enforcement, some of the federal agents, militias and ignorant racists world wide. The best way to prevent this fascist coup is to stop it before it starts. One year from now it will be too late. We will be out of time. How can we do this? With this situation we need more wisdom than compassion, and I will not offer my honest opinion here. Draw your own conclusion. Act on them. As Trump recently said when asked what would happen if he was charged with a crime, “use your imagination”. Failure to do so will result in more suffering at the hands of racist mobs and religious fanatics.

Expanding once more we can look at the example of Florida Governor Ron Desantis callously trafficking humans in interstate commerce when he lied to refugees and had them transported to Martha’s Vineyard, promising the “Amerikkkan dream”- housing, work, food, prosperity and happiness. This is now known as the “Reverse-freedom rides,” a practice he has taken from the KKK, Ron Desantis’ ideological ancestors, allies and inspiration, who are rebranded in Florida as “The League of the South”. The original “reverse-freedom rides” were orchestrated by racist, CIVILIAN white supremacist terrorists. Today’s “Reverse-freedom rides” are a human trafficking conspiracy conducted by ELECTED OFFICIALS who are racist white supremacist terrorists. The feds could make a lot of money by bringing charges against these wealthy people.

Ron Desantis makes me ashamed to be from Florida, and he shames himself and all of Florida and Texas. What skillful means can we take to undo the suffering he has caused? The NAACP and the Unitarian Church have made great efforts to provide for these refugees. Floridians now have a moral obligation to atone for this insult to human dignity. We can go help them directly, demand accountability from those responsible, and make the seemingly useless ritual of voting against Ron Desantis and all his terrorist friends. Remember that the underground railroad was illegal, but now Harriet Tubman is considered a great role model. Refugees are legal. Human trafficking is not.

Now let’s expand the scope again. Nationwide women are losing rights. I am deeply troubled by the regressive path of Amerikkkan medical law and lack of care and bodily autonomy for women here. This is so troubling that I wish I could move to more modern lands. But my attachment to Florida is so strong that I will return to Tallahassee, at least until my probation is over. So I will support women’s rage and acknowledge that a war against women exists, and support their struggle with compassion and wisdom, even in Florida. But I still recommend that women and those who support women’s liberation migrate away from the backwards states who take away women’s rights.

Let’s expand our awareness again, across the continent and the world. All over this country and the world people are facing deadly floods and a lack of drinking water. We can travel to these places to help rebuild, rescue people and distribute drinking water and filters. I cannot, being in prison, but, if even one person reading this travels to help even one person in need, I’ll feel that our lives have purpose and we have made good merits. We can also address the causes of man made disaster and climate change, and work to protect the environment, offset our own carbon footprint and so on. Basic things, like recycling, not using fossil fuels, and being vegetarian or vegan have a measurable, personal influence to help our world heal. We can return to harmony with nature instead of living selfishly.

We can also see lots of suffering in the Ukraine with he invasion of Russia, and with the threat of China invading Taiwan, and the U.$. vowing to cause a world war over these issues. We can encourage world leaders not to go to war by protesting, going on strikes and organizing to oppose all wars. This includes the threat of civil war here. This country is so unstable that it cannot afford to go to war with a huge army like China’s, who is in alliance with Russia against the Amerikkkan government. U.$. soldiers would be divided on several fronts- India, who is their ally, with a billion soldier army to match China’s, Taiwan and Ukraine and the North American continent. We must exhaust ourselves to prevent these wars before they start. I believe that Russia is playing a long game in the Ukraine, advancing and withdrawing to exhaust the Ukrainian people and their sponsors. Russia and China and their allies want to start a world war so that they can establish world dominance. The best thing for the U.$. government to do is to refuse to take the bait. We can encourage them to obey the will of the working people by going on strike. The railway strikes have the potential to cripple capitalist power. Nurses, infrastructure workers, transportation, shipping- if these and other sectors strike against world war then there will be no war. We can also reach out to Chinese and Russian people online and in our lives and talk about these things. No one suffers as much as the workers, soldiers and the poor during wars like this. Only the wealthy stand to profit from these wars.

We’ll close with a few practical exercises. Imagine infinite space, picturing our solar system, our world, the entire milky way galaxy and beyond- all known things. Cultivate altruism, abandon envy and rejoice in all the goodness in the world! Let your faith in humanity be restored! Seek out good news and deep space media. Encourage yourself and other activists. I send you all my strength, courage and love (with healthy boundaries)! Spread good news, ask others to collaborate with your altruistic projects, and share inspiring ideas. Ask others for inspiration. Consider offering all your energy, skill, practice, compassion and joy to a project, person, plant, animal or place of your choosing. Examine yourself for attachment, aversion, and ignorance towards friends, enemies, strangers, your body, wealth and decadence. Return to the exercise of shining light from your heart, and let it dissolve all these ideas, filling you with inspiration to transform your body, speech and mind, if necessary.

Offer criticisms and self criticisms. I offer the self criticisms that I have been speaking harshly, cursing, been lazy and unfocused, reading novels instead of educational material. I have also been cranky and rude and distrustful when it was not appropriate. Sometimes I have been a “thirsty prison guy,” and base, and insecure, so I offer all these self criticisms and vow to push myself to do the work to change for the better. I even caught an unconsciously racist, sexist thought in my mind this morning, regarding an unwanted male opinion of a black woman’s hair style, a female cop’s straightened situation. It’s 2022, no one cares what (white) men think (about black women’s hair). I will make better efforts to finish the educational material people have been kind enough to send me, and to uproot the seeds of racism in my mind. It’s difficult in prison. I’m surrounded by sexist, bigoted and racist people.

Finally, if you still lack motivation, please consider impermanence and inevitable death. Everything is temporary and we are all going to die one day, sooner that later. What can we do before we face inevitable death? Let this alarming thought fuel all your good works. What are your dreams and goals? What have you done today to work towards realizing these? I believe there are 86,400 seconds in each day. These moments are slipping by. How are you using your seconds before they run out? Personally I try to do yoga daily, and exercise, catch up with people and events, meditate, study and write. I also try to help someone. Consider that there are people who will oppose your good projects and “friends” who will distract you. Also know that one day, our bright, warm sun will also reach the end of its life cycle. What can we do to work towards contributing to the exploration of the known and unknown galaxy? What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? How will our descendants remember you? Did you contribute to truth, love, joy, compassion and quality of life? Did you help the children of the future inherit liberation and a long life exploring the stars? I hope so!

While writing this a neighbor of mine in here came up and gave me a spontaneous hug. That was very much appreciated. He said he tries to hug one person every day, someone who might need a hug. May all beings be happy and free!

Dan Baker 25765-509

FCI Memphis

PO Box 34550

Memphis, TN 38184

Where I’m From, Where I’ve Been – by Dan Baker

I was born in Boynton Beach and grew up in Jupiter FL. My mom was an Irish nurse and she met Glenn Baker when she was a stripper and he was a Palm Beach County Sherriff deputy, where Trump lives. This is important because he was a corrupt cop who shook down drug dealers to steal their drugs and he gave them to my mom, who became addicted to opiates, whereas before she was an alcoholic. He used this addiction to get full custody of me, despite the fact that I am the result of an affair between her and a man named Wesley Jolly, who I’ve never met. He wanted my mom to get an abortion, but she wanted a baby, so she didn’t. I support women’s right to get abortions if they want. So, Glenn Baker took me from my mom and she eventually overdosed on fentanyl. He raised me to be a racist white supremacist Christian nationalist but before my mom died she deradicalized me and taught me basic first aid and compassion. She took me to work with her taking care of people in the black community and at hospice and at home care. I also would volunteer with her at soup kitchens on Thanksgiving, and I went to volunteer projects and mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Haiti, where I worked with the outreach dentist to help clean people’s teeth who otherwise wouldn’t have access to a dentist. I also worked with the agriculture project and was embarrassed by how spoiled I was and how the locals ran circles around me with skill and grace and hospitality. They were very happy with very little and I was an unhappy American with so much. I also was a cub scout and a boy scout and spent a lot of time volunteering with them to pick up trash from forests and roads and to plant trees. Glenn taught me to hunt, shoot, fight and so on. He would make daily jokes and repeat the same stories about how they killed black men and immigrants from Guatemala, Mexico and Cuba. He would also repeat jokes about beating women. There is a militia at Church in the Farms which sends people to the Texas border to shoot people as they try to cross the border. They consider themselves to be heroes and they tried to recruit me after I got out of the army. I declined. I ran away /was kicked out because I smoked weed at 17. Having been trained my whole childhood I felt my best option was to join the U.$. army airborne infantry. In my unit, the 82nd Airborne Division, 2/504 Parachute Infantry Regiment, soldiers in my squad, 2nd platoon, 2nd squad, were bragging about having shot a civilian truck driver on Christmas eve in Afghanistan around 2004 or 2005 at a checkpoint roadblock they set up. Specialist Lewandowski said the Afghan man ‘ruined their Christmas” because he was “dying like a bitch”. They told him to “shut the fuck up and die like a man” then they smothered him with a pillow because the medics had made them take turns guarding him while he took all night to die. One time when Sgt. Camp was drunk he cried to me about looking at the Afghan man’s family photos from his wallet that night. Specialist Lindon told me he got an erection from shooting civilians. Then guys in my unit were bragging about how they raped and pillaged and murdered civilians and that they would do the same when we deployed to Iraq. I wanted no part of that and they said that if I didn’t “cover” for them while they “got some pussy” they “would kill” me. I went AWOL when they deployed, absent without leave, when they deployed to Iraq and then turned myself in and was kicked out with a “general discharge under other than honorable conditions for serious misconduct/offense”. It’s not as bad a dishonorable but it might as well be. Mc Donalds and Walmart won’t hire me. My unit went on to the Iraq without me and committed the “Mahmoodiya gang rape massacre,” where they raped and murdered a teenage girl and her family and neighbors who witnessed them.

After I got back from the army I was basically shunned by my family but not at first. I initially tried to go to college for horticulture management but I couldn’t afford the fees and my “family” wouldn’t help me because they wanted to buy a boat and go see the grand canyon, and they put me out on the street again. I did manage to complete yoga teacher training and I’ve been teaching for about 10 years now. This was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life and has shaped my personality and ethic more than anything else. I was still trying to balance my ‘militant personality’ with my inclinations towards a meaningful communal life, so I became an armed security guard. I only worked at gated communities because I don’t care for banks or money. I then was disillusioned further by the way the wealthy people who can afford armed guards treat people. I ended up giving away most of my material possessions and going of to live in the wood with the Rainbow Gathering Family- hippies in the woods. My intention was to renounce capitalism and live a life of service. Jesus said that if you want to follow him and help people you should sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor but very few people who claim to be Christians actually do this, so there are very few real Christians. In the summer of 2012 I wanted to take a leap of faith towards a meaningful life guided by God so I went to a national gathering in Deer Lodge, Montana. It was very nice and pretty much what I was looking for. But having been a spoiled middle class white American I had difficulty adjusting to life on the road and eventually joined the Hare Krishna’s to get some stability. I traveled around the country to various Hare Krishna Hindu temples and ended up back in Florida in Tallahassee. I worked at the Krishna Lunch program at FSU and also went to Gainesville to work at the Krishna Lunch there a few times. I would drift away and return to the Hare Krishna’s in Tallahassee over ideological differences and the strict lifestyle of Krishna devotees (they expect live-in residents to be celibate and totally sober and not to question anything, which is basically a very pleasant and harmless cult, usually). I worked and lived in Tallahassee for the last 10 years, sometimes homeless, sometimes in apartments. One year I lived in a shack I built in a friend’s back yard, and the next year I lived at a jiujitsu school. I began to train and compete in tournaments while I was homeless and unemployed because I was very frustrated but I wanted to stay peaceful and out of trouble, so I would exhaust my ego on the jiujitsu mats. I have long had this idea of myself as a kind of warrior monk type personality. This entails helping other on a daily basis as a lifestyle and to make a living, simple living, being vegetarian, and now vegan, practicing martial arts and yoga. It also involves nonviolence as a general policy, except in cases of self defense, and to beg for one’s daily bread instead of resorting to anything unethical. Several times, ideally once a year, I would go to a yoga retreat to fast for a week and study spiritual texts, meditate, do yoga and so on. To help others I’ve teamed up with friends who helped me when I was homeless and together we would find other homeless people and feed them and provide clothes and sleeping bags, tarps and whatever else we could afford to provide. In Tallahassee frat boys once set my friend on fire while he slept outside. He was a homeless Marine named Dennis, and I helped fundraise money for his recovery and I would check on him daily and bring him things he needed. Around this time I was usually selling carnations on the street corner and I saw Eric Garner on the news, being strangled by cops. This radicalized me. I also went to a protest in Gainesville to bodyguard my friends, at their request, who wanted to protest again Richard Spencer, a racist cracker who riles up nazis to riot and who caused the Charlottesville riot that resulted in the death of Heather Heyer. I was leaving the Gainesville protest against Spencer when three of his supporters, who came to Florida from Texas with firearms, pulled up, shouted “Seig Hail” and “Hail Hitler” and then shot at my friends. No one was hurt and those guys went to prison. So before this I was apolitical and avoided all polarization. After this I felt that I had to pick a side and I would stand with people who opposed fascism, with Antifa, with the democrats, liberals, anarchists, socialists, even with communists- I would stand against Trump, the KKK, the Proud Boys, the Oathkeepers, and all their similar groups and allies. In Florida I was getting death threats from Tallahassee based neo nazi group “Republic of Florida” which was founded and run by Jordan Jereb, who bragged that he trained school shooter Nicholas Cruz. I was getting frustrated because no law enforcement group who is in Tallahassee would do anything about this guy or his friends because many of them are Tallahassee cops, until he bragged about training Nicholas Cruz. At this point I was ready to take matters into my own hands but I decided that it would be better to go to Rojava than to go to war against other Americans. I have always considered myself an anarchist, and generally on the left, but I didn’t really know what this meant in detail, I didn’t study any ideology or learn about the rich heritage we share with comrades all over the world.

I reached out to the People’s Protection Unit in Rojava and they emailed me some pamphlets by Abdullah Ocalan, which I studied and wrote book reports on at their request. They also sent a questionnaire. They liked my answers and told me the risks and said I could come join them if I was willing to die, be maimed or paralyzed for the revolution. I bought a plane ticket to Iraq and the Kurds picked me up and took me to Syria and Rojava. We waited for enough people to arrive to start a class then trained for several months. Even before the Academy started we were studying language and discussing ideology, and people went off on their own to exercise. During the Academy we learned about feminism, environmentalism, Democratic Confederalism, the history, and herstory, of the Middle East and basic military training. We also helped build a hospital, spent time gardening, picking up trash, animal rescue, community service and things like that. When we completed the Academy we went to the International base and others came in behind us to start their Academy. Another class had graduated just before us and went to the front lines. A friend named Shahine was killed by a rocket. He was also a vegetarian, and from France. We held a huge funeral ceremony for him and all the locals came out to line the roads between the hospital morgue and the border crossing where his family came to pick up his body. I also met the family of Jac Holms and Anna Campbell, and that was very meaningful for me. I was given the war name Alishare Qerechoke (spelled Aliser Qerecox). I was given the name Alishare but I chose Qerechoke because of the background of the hill that shares this name and also because Shahin’s last name was Qerechoke and so was Anna Campbell’s war name- Helin Qerechoke. I was deeply moved by this experience and the camaraderie of the Kurds, the Arabs and Internationals, especially the commune. I was reminded of the mission trips to the Dominican Republic where I felt the shortcomings of my own background, and I really pushed myself to meet the needs and expectations of the community. I was very distracted by the stress of adapting to the different culture, language and climate. After six months of training with the International Battalion we went to the front lines. We fought day and night for two weeks in the Battle of Deir Ez Zor in Baghuz. On the second week I was knocked unconscious by a rocket then I woke up and helped to save several wounded friends by bandaging their wounds and taking turns carrying them to safety. During this scramble other friends were wounded and we barely made it to safety because the front line had collapsed under the enemy’s final attack, as they covered the rest of the enemy’s escape into civilian populations and the desert. When we came back from the front I was told that Glenn Baker was dying and I could go home to help and be with him. I wanted to stay and fight but they said the fight was basically over. I could stay if I wanted or go take care of Glenn and come back if I wanted. I decided to go back to the U.$. and then come back, but I haven’t been able to get back to Rojava due to many circumstances. I am ashamed I have not returned to Rojava.

When I got back the U.$. was chaotic because of Trump’s agitation and his encouraging racism. I helped take care of Glenn until he died then I traveled around the U.$., going to different George Floyd protests, Climate Change protests and was in Nashville and Seattle as a street medic for the protests there. I helped to save a kid who was shot while he and his friends were attacking the CHAZ/CHOP barricades. Then I came back to Florida. Google the rest!

Dan Baker 25765-509

FCI Memphis

PO Box 34550

Memphis, TN 38184

Shaped by My Convictions and Circumstances – by Dan Baker

This is an update followed by an essay on my current views, shaped by my convictions and circumstances. I am currently about halfway through my sentence, with 16 months left based on the current calculation of my First Step Act credits, which is only 60 days off my furthest statutory release date. But in reality I have earned over 315 FSA credit days of my release date, and I am entitled to 6-12 months of halfway house time, in addition to my good behavior credit time, and points for participating in FSA programs. These points have not been credited towards my release on paper or in the computer despite my repeated efforts to request the administration to remedy this “oversight”. So I am exhausting the grievance process to this end, and when I have done this I will file a Habeas petition and sue the BoP for false imprisonment. If I was given the FSA and other time off my sentence, which I have earned and am legally entitled to pursuant to various laws, I would already be out of prison. This is a separate effort from my appeals which are later this month.

Lately I’ve been struggling to define my core beliefs, as of this moment. As I continue to grow and evolve my ideas change with my situation, limitations placed on me by forced beyond my control, and my exposure to new ideas. Please dialogue with me by offering criticism and your own contribution to this conversation. I offer the self criticism that I am not strong enough to totally resist this system and I am forced to compromise with them by modifying my behavior and beliefs in order to be able to survive and continue to struggle in a less effective form. I also offer the self criticisms that I contradict myself and I’m unconsciously influenced by colonialism, hierarchy and the privileges that come with being a white male in this racist and patriarchal country. The ideas I put forth here are heavily influenced by Buddhist metaphysics because this framework will be effective for keeping me out of prison and for my self development, which will help me and those who interact with me to keep the moral high ground in the eyes of the world. I do not believe that Buddhist nonviolence is the most effective method for bringing about liberation for all beings, but I am forced to resort to this strategy due to the harsh violence of the United $tates government, which threatens to kill, kidnap and otherwise oppress people who struggle for the rights of the poor, the minorities, the marginalized, women and so called foreigners. I’m heavily influenced by Abdullah Ocalan, Mikhail Bakunin, Emma Goldman, Voltairine DeCleyre, Peter Kropotkin, Margaret Atwood, Murray Bookchin, Errico Malatesta, Malcom X, Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha), Frederick Douglas, Patanjali, Lao Tzu, Mao Tse Tung, Khalil Gibran, Angela Davis, Karl Marx, Robert Greene, Walt Whitman and many other great minds who, while I may not agree with all of their ideas and actions, have shaped my current world view.

ALL GOVERNMENTS OF CURRENTLY EXISTING NATION STATES ARE BASED ON VIOLENCE, SLAVERY AND HIERARCHY. This can be visualized as scattered pyramids and ziggurats surrounded by walled cities, guarded by police and soldiers at borders. They protect the ruling class of wealthy business men, priests and politicians from the perennial rage of the ‘insubordinates,’ the working class. Serfdom replaced slavery and wage slavery replaced serfdom. WAGES ARE SLAVERY. Even the salaried ‘bosses’ are ripped off, as hey are on call to come to work at all hours, and expected to work more than the forty hours a week hat is expected of wage slaves. In the end their ‘salary’ is worth less by the hour than the hourly wage slave.

ALL SLAVERY IS BASED ON HOUSEWIVISATION. The enslavement of women paved the way to the enslavement of men. No revolution will succeed unless it is primarily a women’s revolution. THE HOUSEWIVISATION OF MEN AND WOMEN IS BASED ON ANIMAL HUSBANDRY. The captivity of animals in slaughterhouses led to the the captivity and slaughter of city state populations. Hunting animals is still the most common form of preparing for the cannibalistic hunt of human beings that is modern policing, the capturing of slaves by slave catchers, the police, and modern warfare, the ritualistic sacrificing of the working class by the ruling class to the gods of profit and selfish ambition. In ancient time the aging hunter enclosed free lands to herd sheep and cattle for slaughter, and in doing so the older man systematically practiced the origins of hierarchy, rape as a form of breeding for selected traits, private property, patriarchy and authoritarian government. Animal husbandry and housewivisation planted the seeds for walled cities, state violence, laws which are violently enforced to protect hoarded property, which is the products of the labor of the working class, and wars for these good, herds, working populations, the women who are abused and the so called gods and religions to justify all this murder and domination.

The laws and violence of all currently existing nation states are based on the ideas indoctrination by stone age religions, namely that their god finds people to be fundamentally evil and in need of rulers. This is so much nonsense, like many other stone age myths. The priests of these religions, from the Abrahamic to the Hindu, reinforce the idea of ‘original sin’, patriarchy and ‘holy’ wars. Police may pretend to separate church and state, but in practice, and especially behind closed doors, they use mythology, whether sincerely or unscrupulously engaged in, to justify force, the threat of force, slavery and the subjugation of women and slaves with verses from the Bible, the Talmud, the Koran and the Bhagavad Gita, among others works of mythological mental gymnastics.

This system, despite being refuted by modern science, is kept in power by overt murder but also by the sword of hunger. POVERTY IS VIOLENCE and many are “converted” to white Christian nationalistic capitalism at the point of the sword of hunger. What many prisoners, addicts and unemployed homeless masses view as their ‘rock bottom’ is really only the intentional practice of keeping wages down by threatening worker with captivity, starvation, slow, painful death and humiliation. This is how governments of modern nation states legitimize their rule, their hierarchy, their ‘forever’ wars, and in the process convince the downtrodden workers to blame themselves for the suffering intentionally inflicted on them. These exhausted workers are forced to work themselves to sickness and death, resulting in dependence on the drugs which are sold to them by police and state regulated officials, drug which were ‘confinscated’ from the manufacturers that the nation state conveniently overlooked. The performance of hard working drug addicts is a miracle of human performance at best, and at worst a sad example of the lengths people push themselves to when they finally fail to perform at their tasks and their bodies break down under the strain.

PEOPLE ARE NOT NATURALLY EVIL. HUMAN NATURE IS GOOD AND COMMUNAL. Humans are a phenomenon of social evolution, growing together in a rich and complex community f cooperative people. It is in our nature and our best interest to work together, and for the most part we do. We are an emotionally intelligent species and we are at our best in groups that make decisions by communicating on many levels, to meet the needs of everyone in the group. As a result of this social behavior we have developed and incredibly refined sense of ethics and compassion that predates religion. All perceived evils in co called ‘criminals’ are the results of the failures of a sick ‘civilization’ that is rooted in the core of its victims: slavery, domination, profit and exploitation. Capitalism is inherently based on the selfish attachment of the wealthy to their ill gotten gains. There is a reason that vamipres are portrayed as wealthy blood suckers with sick and sadistic perversions born of their spoiled lifestyles. When people in desperate poverty lash out to survive that is not crime, it is self defense, which is a universal right. Nature has decreed that whoever will not defend themselves will not be defended, and will go extinct if not protected. People’s very existence is criminalized by the constant creation of new laws and the bloated budgets of racist, classist, sexist and morally corrupt police and militaries who justify their existence at others expense. Society, under the overbearing domination of ‘civilization’s domestication’, has created its criminals to justify the rule of the wealthy politicians, priests and blood sucking capitalists. This can be seen in the way the U.$. government taught the nazi party how to abuse a minority with the example of Amerikkkan slave plantations and the prison and military industrial complexes. Today we can still see this ‘culture’ of corrupt cops flooding prisons wand poor neighborhoods with the drugs they ‘confinscated’ from smugglers, manufacturers and growers, the same ‘Christian’ police and politicians who outlaw prostitution and at the same time demand sexual services from sex workers (cops and politicians are sex worker’s best customers, especially in prisons). Racist border patrols descended from the slave catching patrols of the original Amerikkkan police. This can also be seen in other countries who emulate Amerikkkan policy, like Turkey, as they abuse Kurdish and Syrian refugees at their borders while playing both sides of the conflict south of their border, a lesson learned from the U.$.

So much suffering is caused by state violence, but suffering can cease. Since all current governments are founded on violence, and the misguided philosophy of original sin, we must reject that system and build a better way towards the end of this suffering. We must create the conditions for a better world. PARTICIPATION IN CURRENTLY EXISTING NATION STATES IS VIOLENCE. As conscientious people we can put an end to so much suffering by refusing to participate in state violence and government hierarchy. Knowing that all kind hearted people reject states violence we can see that all who choose to benefit from government oppression are consciously participating in violence for selfish reasons or have ben brainwashed with religion and patriotic propaganda. These ideas must be confronted by our own ideals, a consciously cultivated propaganda of utopia and liberation for all beings, which leaves room for a continuously evolving form of social structure based on results and ethics. This requires hard work, self criticism, giving and receiving criticism as a community, and the application of wisdom and compassion with direct action, all on a daily basis. Suffering is caused by the attachment of the ruling classes to their wealth, power and illusions of security. Suffering can end by cultivating compassion, wisdom and detachment from excess through the equal distribution of resources to all beings. To do this nations and borders must cease to exist. A non-violent ‘war’ of direct action against oppression is a moral obligation for all of humanity, in the style of Gandhi’s resistance to British colonialism. The goal of a free life cannot be based on a violent act of domination, and for this reason we will only be free of the sins of our fathers when the temporary government of United $tates of Amerikkka, land of the fee and home of the slave, has collapsed under the weight of its own decadence and been replaced by more enlightened standards. All nation states go through life cycles. Everything is temporary. All we have to do is wait for the inevitable, and in the meantime build the infrastructure for the forms of equitable self management that we would like to see in our lifetime. within the dying husk of the old world order.

Rejecting modern capitalist nation states requires us to create alternative structures- nonviolent communes and structures for community decision making, communities. This can be modeled after Rojava’s Democratic Confederalism, which is a global union of villages, towns and cities who manage their own affairs without having to pay taxes to a capital. Daily, weekly and monthly meetings are attended and engaged in by all members of the community for decision making, voting, proposing ideas and projects, updating the commune on progress or setbacks, and offering and accepting criticisms and self-criticism- and receiving criticisms with acceptance and an effort to adjust to the needs and expectations of the community. These structures work and are working in Rojava and worldwide. They must be protected by self-defense structures like the People’s Protection Unit. These models can be created within capitalist nations, and can operate autonomously and nonviolently, as long as the rights of the people of the autonomous zones are respected by the state governments.

By only being forces of growth, of agriculture, healthcare, housing, transportation and cultural freedom, this structure can peacefully grow with the capitalist wasteland, in the saw way that jungles and forests reclaim abandoned shopping malls and the ruins of ancient temples, and bamboo, numerous, fast and flexible, pushes up concrete foundation. But as we all know, the forces of capitalism will not go quietly. Power structures of slavery and oppression will never give up their power, privilege’s and decadent luxuries without a struggle. They never have and they never will. So structures of self defense against police brutality must be willing, and able, to defend the workers, and win. This can never be an expansionist force, but it also should not build fortresses to protect itself, in which it would be trapped and sieged and starved out. Barricades give the forces of oppression a hard target to attack. Evolution has shown us that mobility and speed is favored and armor and size tends toward extinction. These ideals put forth here are heavily censored due to harsh state oppression, imprisonment, violence, displacement and threat of further violence, but at the same time they do reflect an ideal of ethics and morality based on the cultivation of compassion, wisdom and non-attachment. Compassion can be cultivated by practicing non-violence, being vegan or vegetarian, providing medical care for people and animals, growing plants and rescuing those in danger or need of help, and by considering that all being fear death and want to live, so we should view all with love, respect and the idea that we all come from one consciousness and ground of being that we will all return to when we die. Detachment can be cultivated by reflecting on the temporary nature of all things- countries, building, religions, politics, and our own bodies. By meditating on inevitable death and relating to the temporary suffering of others we become kind hearted, equal towards all, and determined to achieve liberation for all beings in this lifetime. Death is coming, and we are so unprepared. We only have a little time to make progress, so we must act daily, with a sense of urgency. The enemies of humanity, the wealthy rulers of capitalist oligarchies and nation states, the privileged politicians and dictators and ‘bosses’, these enemies are training daily to destroy our movement and secure their position over us. In doing so they will doom humanity to die with our sun when it inevitably goes supernova or burns out. Like climate change, which can be called climate genocide, this is a reality we must face . We can only overcome this hurdle rationally, with wisdom and compassion, so that our species will survive.

We must make long term plans of resistance, not one, five or ten year plans, but one hundred, five hundred and one thousand year plans, which are not driven by selfish ambition or greed. Anarchism is an one ideology that offers flexibility with the built in capacity to change with time to meet the needs of the moment. This world is on fire and the universe is a chaotic place- life is a miracle in the face of extreme temperatures and cosmic forces like gravity which we are beginning to comprehend and ride like waves across space. As we learn to surf the waves of energy the we emerged from we ascribe meaning to the struggle that is our lives. TO LIVE IS TO STRUGGLE. Even reproduction is a form of self defense. By thinking long term we can see the wisdom of rejecting inherited wealth which spoils generating and creates class divisions. With an impartial perspective we can plan for humanities’ migration to a younger solar system before our star dies. We need to start building the ships, and the political and social structures that will protect the rights of the workers who will build, drive and maintain the transports to the moon, mars, the asteroid belt, the moons around gas giants like Europa, Titan and beyond our solar system. The families of the the workers who build humanity’s arks will be subject to the whims of large companies and governments. Imagine Elon Musk’s robot names child heir making decisions about whether o cut off the hair food or medicines to people who are on strike due to poor working conditions on space stations owned by Tesla, where all space shipments are owned by Jeff Bezos, the only company story on the space stations and colonies are Walmart and the U.N. navy space marines are trained to view all deep space workers as terrorists. Hopefully humanity can get that far, to face such problems. In order to prevent future massacres we need to form an ‘Outer Planets Alliance’ now, a union to protect space miners and their families. We need to work for a unified humanity that is not at war with itself, but struggles together to survive the natural disasters we will inevitable encounter on larger and larger scales.

The universe is chaotic, but we can survive. Anarchy is the natural state of our galaxy. We do not fear anarchy, we invoke it. We evolved from chaos and anarchy, and we will return to it. We adapt to out environment and live in harmony with constant change, with pose and counter pose to balance our fragile existence. Anarchy is the unrestricted manifestation of free people. Anarchism is direct democracy, communal living in tune with nature, not hierarchical, but horizontal, and circular. We reject borders, dynasties, heirs, monarchies, dictatorships, representative republics, religious theocracies and modern capitalist states. We will create our own ‘Starfleet federation’ based on out experience building democratic confederalism, based on radical equality, direct democracy, social ecology, feminism, ethical morality and freedom. Our goal is one global community of united peoples with high quality healthcare, focused on meaningful longevity, with physical, mental, emotional and social well being and intelligence, working as one to survive long enough to migrate to planets with young suns, on a generational social plan which prioritized survival of humanity and an idealistic quality of life in the face of the reality of the temporary life cycles of suns and the difficulty of finding habitable planets like Earth and Kepler.

Obstacles to these goals amount to an insane, selfish obsession with mythology, progeny, blind ambition an beurocratic patriotism, which could doom us all to a nuclear holocaust well before our sun expires. We have evolved beyond the need for myths. We can defeat these forced of regression with clever and skillful means in the style of Gandhi and the Earth and Animal liberation movements. Soldiers going AWOL (I did); civilians abandoning violent power structures; activists monkey wrenching; strikes; refusing to work at all until society evolves a conscience; using only cash and gift economy, or cryptocurrency; rejecting all debts; erasing and destroying records; defunding police and militaries globally; guerilla gardening and farming on public lands or any available space for public food forests; building medical infrastructure within your community; creating transportation structures within your neighborhoods; redistributing resources to enslaved and marginalized peoples; providing universal healthcare, universal basic income, housing, work, and education programs, especially for the space program for all working people, not just the rich and ultra rich who can afford joy rides. Many necessary strategies and tactics cannot be discussed here openly under the observation of racist, dogmatic zealots who adhere to political power structures based on stone age mythologies. Do not expect the imprisoned veterans of liberation movements to fight your battles for you. You, yourself are the hope for the future. You must be practical and do the impossible. Find meaning in helping and living with others and stand up for what you believe in. Listen to your heart and take action on what you find there. Hope is a as hollow as fear, but to indulge in hope is a joyful exercise. These two opposites, hope for your own fulfilment and humanities’ future and fear of our failure, are like two wings that lift us up. We have a duty for fight for our freedom; we have a duty to win! We must love and support one another! We have nothing to lose but our chains!

This is all a voluntary venture- none of this can be forced on anyone. It is only a recommendation- much like a parachute is only a recommendation when the plane is burning as it falls from the sky. This world is on fire. We can all hang on to each other or we can hang separately.

To accomplish these goals requires global solidarity. With education, daily direct action and a common goal uniting humanity we can come together and survive in a meaningful and fulfilling way. It is not enough to live miserable lives of pain and preventable hardship, illness, disease, injury and silent desperation. We demand more from those who attempt to rule over us, not that they grant us privileges, but that they get out of the way of the progress of all of humanity towards our highest potentials. We will carry on with dignity, meaning, health and well being. Please join us in coming together for all of our own best interests. If any of this statement falls short it is only my own fault for not working harder to convey these ideas in a clear structured way. I am trying to do my best with limited resources, writing from federal prison. Please offer me criticisms, questions and your own input. Take these ideas and make them your own, use them for your own specific circumstances. May all beings be happy and free!


Dan Baker 25765-509

FCI Memphis

PO Box 24550

Memphis, TN 38184

Update on: Virginia Dept. of Corrections Confiscates Zines, Violates 1st Amendment – by David Annarelli

September 23, 2022

To Whom It May Concern,

Recently, the VaDOC has, in its usual foolish way, erroneously labeled publications and newsletters that are provided by licensed publishers as “personal correspondence”. As stated, this is wrong, and it will now be proven in a court of law, where the US Supreme Court has already established under ‘The Turner Test’, Turner v. Safely, and Thornborough v. Abbott that a “legitimate governmental interest must be present to ban or prevent publications.”

In this instance, it will be simple to prove the obvious political motivations. I have received these publications for months and years prior to the recent assault on my, and other publishers, 1st Amendment Rights. The prison and VaDOC will “allow” them, as long as the publishers send them 2-3 pages at a time, exacerbating high postage costs. Clearly the only justification is to interfere with political opinions that the VaDoc disagrees with, and to interfere with my career as a writer.

This will not stand.

If your publication is wrongly returned by the VaDOC, please file a lawsuit under USC 42 sec. 1983. The VaDOC has been enslaving people and violating guaranteed rights for too long and we will hold them to account.

A wrongfully convicted political prisoner,

David Annarelli 1853637

Pocahontas State Correctional Center

PO Box 518

Pocahontas, VA 24635

TDCJ Memorial Unit Plots Against Comrade Z’s Life

Find out what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong, which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

-Frederick Douglass, 1857

June 16, 2022

During the months of March, April, May some direct action and sabotage occurred, a bit of infiltration and espionage, evading detection by playing the part of an insect, stuck in a spider’s web. Administration on Memorial had no idea that I knew their set-up to have me harmed and was already prepared in advance. They found me guilty on a fabricated “possession of a cell phone” disciplinary case. It took two days for them to figure out how to make it stick with no cell phone as evidence.

On May 18 and 19, 2022 I was found guilty, then taken directly to a specific cell by Major Fredrick Gooden (B Line, 2-15 cell). On the 22nd, some Christo-fascist field ministers and their penitentiary no-name rap star were rapping his “diss-music” about me. The music was awesome, the inquisition revisited. It was probably the most freedom that man will ever experience in a control unit. After surviving that nights attempt on my life, I find out that inmates were told by administration that “Z is a legitimate threat”. Supposedly there were prisoners in the chain-room who were there to finish the job on me.

All administrative conspirators were sick to learn I had survived their trap. The Hole, solitary 07 cell, is where I was placed, kept hostage, ostracized, by order of administrators, for about 30 days. No investigation was filed, even though Officer Cantrell was given a “statement”. After a good rest, I was on my first day in solitary 07 cell, sitting on the cold ground. The prisoner, young black dude, in cell-06 decides to go for the gold and hangs himself. Two officers rush, yelling, screaming, spraying mace the whole time.

A few seconds pass. One officer comes out crawling, yelling in pain. I don’t know where he was going, but he crawled like he was in a Vietnam battle scene. I’m watching this, sitting calmly, face covered with my t-shirt. I watch, silent, relaxed, then like the mighty morphin’ Power Rangers, here comes administration with a pep in their step.

Captain Charlotte McKnight, Sgt. Tia Bey, Major Fredrick Gooden, Assistant Warden Willie Ratliff, they actually thought it was me, the idiots, hence why they brought all the heavy metal in response to a suicide. The look on their faces when they brought out a black man to be placed on a stretcher, still convulsing and puking on himself. I called to Willie Ratliff, who was fuming and tossing stretcher straps around in a child-like tantrum.

“Look out, Ratliff!” “…Look out, Ratliff!”, I said again. His back toward me, he paused to yell out, “Can’t you see I’m busy?!”, loud as fuck. Still pissed, he looks down at the C.O. Sitting there, points his thumb back towards me, and tells him, “We thought it was him!” on camera. All of this was caught on video surveillance, and I wish I could share that with you all. But anyway, the black dude survives and was brought back. I said to the C.O. Who saved his life “they did a great job, thank you”. Still glowing with adrenaline, the guard says excitedly, “He really tried. He really tries to kill himself. He was serous!!” The only thing I could say in response was, “I know.”

Fact is, during my harassment/assassination attempt, campaign, whatever that was, I was encouraged to suicide myself. The fascists where saying, “To die for your cause, it’s a beautiful thing”. All the while their plot was still unfolding on B-Line.

All the informant gang members working for the State were watching me on their screens, just as their handlers were in their new-wave surveillance scheme. It was sickening. All the set-up of surveillance cameras, remote control lighter coils, the electrifying of my steel bunk. I tore it down and disabled it somehow, using counter-measures, and a lot of fucking water, rendering their shit useless. Then I flooded the entire 2-Row just for shits and giggles.

Back to the solitary story – After about 3 or 5 days in solitary-07 cell, the fucking mail they were holding in case I became a corpse was trickled in, almost one-and-a-half weeks late. One packet from a good comradette at was particularly interesting because they read it before I got it, and then a terror campaign ensues. It was just so obvious. However, the contents included a piece of journalism, a joint report by none other than the Marshall Project and the Texas Tribune, all about Greg Abbott, where he jacks the prison system for $500 million and then declares war on all his domestic enemies. I’m sure it was all before he sat with Donald Trump’s bitch ass for lunch.

Anyway, in the name of declaring war on domestic enemies, they placed me in the #1 spot in Brazoria County for being a member of IWW-IWOC in this state, labeling me as a “legitimate threat”, then trying to kill me.

The resources included a harassment campaign, again, by Southwest Baptist Seminary College, field ministers and students. It was surreal. If this isn’t concentration camp tactics I don’t know what is. This state and the privately funded Southwest Bible Seminary College is not one of the worst, but in the free-world the name is synonymous with sexual assault allegations. This is how it looks with TDCJ attached to it: It seems like it’s creating a new-age turnkey because it’s so corruptible; anything to help “control” prisoners by promoting prison policy in the name of “Jesus of Nazareth”. Of course, it’s part of a psychological model of submission by Church and State. Using bible scripture to “control”, manipulate, coerce, and force inmates to submit to violent forms of oppression by ill-trained prison guards and their fascist administration. Slavery and sexual assault were defended by the Southwest Bible Seminary College, all in the name of the State. The bible college teaches their students criminal psychology and standard psychology. Their professors are ex-cops who probably sent a few sheep to the pen themselves.

Let this be a lesson to the state – We are not all asleep or on cruise control, or “lights on but nobody’s home” type of people. The state of Texas sanctioned a real elaborate harassment campaign and attempt to break my mind and spirit. They made attempts on my life, whether by assassination or forced suicide. Their ignorance on such matters is the reason I am still alive. Schemes are like fruit, they require a certain ripening. The eyes of anarchists across the globe are upon the TDCJ/TBCJ. Even their own wage slave is watching, also the oppressed, downtrodden, the families of loved ones in white who lost their lives to “forced administrative suicides”. The State slaves are slowly being murdered physically, mentally, spiritually, some literally.

Please let the assassination attempt/harassment campaign be a window to your mind to see the real side of Texas prisons and why we need to destroy it. The state is playing all of these people like a fiddle. Once I realized how mind-fucked most prisoners are I began to place my safe-guards in place, and when the “legitimate threat” was taken to burn at the stake, I went willingly. I let them do all they could, and as much as I could handle I allowed them to do. I dictated all of it. They were so busy trying to “kill the Indian”, but not watching how other’s dictated how they wanted to do time. So, 3 prisoners ran off, shutting down the slave camp on Memorial Unit. This is how every unit should be until TDCJ is defunded.

Always pacing the cage,


Stay tuned to and please support Monkey Wrench Books/Austin ABC. Thanks for reading.

Julio A Zuniga 1961551

Memorial Unit

59 Darrington Road

Rosharon, TX 77583

Claustrophobia – by Hanif S. Bey

I exist in a claustrophobic environment

So, when I depart my cell I have entered the claustrophobic state of mind

but when I return to my cell (9 by 12 feet)

I am free from the “Claustrophobic Apathy”

In the cell “inclusion”, “diversity” and “equality” reign,

and everything in the cell receives its respect

Outside the cell everything is subject to limitation,

while in the cell you can chart your own place of travel

So, I would speculate that a little bit of “isolation” can cure a whole of claustrophobia


Hanif S. Bey


You can write Hanif at:

Beaumont Gereau #19-1952

Citrus County Detention Facility

2604 West Woodland Ridge Drive

Lecanto, FL 34461

Virginia Dept. of Corrections Confiscates Zines, Violates 1st Amendment – by David Annarelli

September 6, 2022

To Whom It May Concern,

Virginia is not well known for its support of the rights of human beings, and in a gross violation of the 1st Amendment, and strictly as a political move, the local staff at Pocahontas State Correctional Center have decided to selectively target zines that do not profess a political opinion they (the staff) agree with, that being any opinion that is not inherently neo-fascist or under the ‘Trumpite’ doctrine.

Recently, several writers, who are in fact legitimate licensed publishers, have had their projects arbitrarily blocked: Christopher Robin (IpressOn Press), Markell West (Just A Jefferson) and the East Bay Prisoner Support group.

PSCC is in open violation of upheld laws at the Circuit and Supreme Court level (see ‘Turner Standard’). Be advised that, while the focus is certainly to retain our 1st Amendment Rights, PSCC is breaking numerous laws daily, as does the entire Virginia Department of Corrections.

What makes this violation of the 1st Amendment so especially egregious is that VaDOC has come up with an Operating Procedure – 803-1 – designed to circumvent already established guidelines for what constitutes a “publication”.

They have in fact states that these materials, coming from licensed publishers “do not qualify as publications”. What filthy, arrogant audacity.

I am putting into play the paperwork necessary to fight this and take it to court. (I already have one lawsuit against these very bad people.) You can help:

Send me your zines. If they are returned to you, you will also receive a letter from me with a copy of why it was returned. The State of Virginia is a haven for fascists, and it is a frontline in the civil war that grows hotter every day. We need every activist and troll online and in the streets to focus on the VaDOC and Virginia in general.


David Annarelli

Pocahontas State Correctional

PO Box 518

Pocahontas, VA 24635

David Annarelli is a wrongfully convicted political prisoner and a contributing writer at the Prison Journalism Project.