You Cannot Swat a Swarm (Addendum to The War of the Flea) – by Greyscale the Mosquito

The War of the Flea. You cannot swat a swarm and it would appear that the idea is spreading like any good infestation of minute pests. With mobs of people involved in smash and grab robberies, the economy takes another small hit, from both the robbery and the black market it fuels. This alone diffusesContinue reading “You Cannot Swat a Swarm (Addendum to The War of the Flea) – by Greyscale the Mosquito”

A poem on climate change – by Mr. King Gilliand

Hello & Season’s Greetings!! What’s up my new friends? This is my climate change poem. Feel free to share it with EVERYONE interested in written art! I just love a climate that has a fragrant aroma, and change is like a dewy red rose in the morning, a cool climate change is like a moonContinue reading “A poem on climate change – by Mr. King Gilliand”

Holiday Message from Dan Baker (12/25/21)

Hello friends, I’m writing today on Christmas because I was not able to call anyone. Here at FCI Memphis in each unit there are 4 phones for 100 people. In other prisons there were 6 to 8 phones for less people. In addition to this they have been practicing a policy in which they openContinue reading “Holiday Message from Dan Baker (12/25/21)”

Post Apocalyptic Present – by Dan Baker

Hello Comrades! Revolutionary greetings and regards. I’m writing because I feel moved by readings, thoughts and memories. Often all of us can realize something extremely valuable, but we don’t write and share it because we underestimate ourselves and it is our own thought. I want to improve as a person, a writer and a memberContinue reading “Post Apocalyptic Present – by Dan Baker”

A Convicted Anarchist Speaks Truth to Injustice – by Dan Baker

I cannot remain silent in the face of corrupt authority and recent events. My friends would laugh and ask when I have ever remained silent. I tried to tone it down before my trial and sentencing, but I told my defense committee that I even if I “bent my knee”, as they say in GameContinue reading “A Convicted Anarchist Speaks Truth to Injustice – by Dan Baker”

The War of the Flea – by Greyscale the Mosquito

On the subject of revolution, those proponents of such an action would tell you that no better a time than now has a legitimate revolt against the U.S. System been possible. I do think I would agree with this assessment. Our country is splintering now that so much of its workings have been quite clearlyContinue reading “The War of the Flea – by Greyscale the Mosquito”

Don’t Tell Me Prison Saved Your Life – by Pepe (aka Scott)

While laying in my bunk, listening to a radio interview, I heard a man say “prison saved my life”, referring to his time locked up years earlier. As much as I tried to understand his point, I was still bothered by the statement. I’ve also heard this said when I was in the “free” world,Continue reading “Don’t Tell Me Prison Saved Your Life – by Pepe (aka Scott)”

Turn Up the Heat – by Dan Baker

Cops are a disease Anarchists are the fever Human society goes through cycles, but we are stuck on Capitalism right now. Cops defend that system because they live as parasites, profiting from the ruling class as they create a buffer between the workers at the bottom and the trust fund babies at the top ofContinue reading “Turn Up the Heat – by Dan Baker”