Isolation Caused by Fascist Virginians – by David Annarelli

David J. Annarelli 1853637 A-137PSCCPO Box 518Pocahontas VA 24635 December 9, 2022 If you follow the news, you are well aware of a Virginian name Officer Edwards, who recently used police training to attempt to groom a teenage girl for his pedophile needs.When it didn’t pay off he drove to California, murdered her family, burnedContinue reading “Isolation Caused by Fascist Virginians – by David Annarelli”

Two Excerpts from the Upcoming Book ‘Growing Up in Prison’ by Texas State Prisoner Seth Yates

Seth Yates 1776898Ferguson Unit12120 Savage Dr.Midway, TX 75852 Because Chicanos Just Don’t Care: First Court Date Excerpt of Growing up in Prison, Chapter 2 by Seth Yates I was awakened at breakfast and given clothes to wear. After brushing my teeth and fixing my hair, I was escorted off the pod by the officer. EvenContinue reading “Two Excerpts from the Upcoming Book ‘Growing Up in Prison’ by Texas State Prisoner Seth Yates”

New Year, Same Fight – by BIM

The fight is synonymous with life itself! Therefore, throwing in the towel is never an option. Every day I go toe-to-toe with a system built on discrimination. I face people who want to kill my spirit and strip me of my dignity. On top of all that, I’m wrestling with my own demons. There’s nowhereContinue reading “New Year, Same Fight – by BIM”

Falsified Documents – by David Annarelli

September 27, 2022, Tuesday Falsified documents and records are a problem and any bureaucratic system, but especially so in those of colossal size, Departments of Corrections for example. This becomes an even larger problem when a DOC, the Virginia DOC for example, has prisons so far away from any possible oversight and staffed by aContinue reading “Falsified Documents – by David Annarelli”

Herstory, part 5 – by Dan Baker

A year before they declared war on the Mexican government Zapatista women banned alcohol in their communities. This was for security reasons, to combat addiction and colonialism and to reduce domestic abuse. This also improved family nutrition. When men stopped drinking women’s lives improved dramatically. Also, the Zapatistas would not be narco traffickers or accusedContinue reading “Herstory, part 5 – by Dan Baker”

On Shakedowns at PSCC – by David Annarelli

November 14, 2022, Monday Shakedowns. The Virginia Department of Corrections, a bastion of fascism, has mandated that each person – 41 in Virginia Dash shot twice a year, lock down the institution and search the entire compound. Pocahontas State Corruption Center, a medium/low security facility hidden deep in the “wrong turn“ area of the VirginiaContinue reading “On Shakedowns at PSCC – by David Annarelli”

Herstory, part 4 – by Dan Baker

Dan Baker 25765-509FCI MemphisPO Box 34550Memphis, TN 38184 Who are these revolutionary women? One is Ivana Hoffman. She was born in Germany in 1995. Her mother was German and her father was from the Afrikan nation of Togo. Ivana was successful in school, popular and played soccer. At 14 she joined protests against neo-nazis inContinue reading “Herstory, part 4 – by Dan Baker”

Justice for Manny – by Dan Baker

This is an update on the murder of my friend in the Atlanta Welaunee forest, Manuel “Tortuguita” Teran, known to me as Manny. This is a decentralized newsletter motivated by compassion, altruism, grief, solidarity, the need for justice and the dedication to intersectional class struggle and the goals we share, namely the liberation of allContinue reading “Justice for Manny – by Dan Baker”