Who Benefits From Drug Laws? – by Steve McCain

What we need now is less, not more. Drug laws perpetuate crime, which, in turn, perpetuates poverty in a never ending cycle. Is a poor child, who grows up surrounded by drugs and their trappings, more likely to become a stock broker or a drug dealer as an adult? Conversely, is the rich child, whoContinue reading “Who Benefits From Drug Laws? – by Steve McCain”

Criminal Injustice – by Steven McCain

Contrary to what some may believe – I myself was in this camp upon a time, that the US Criminal Justice System is not broken. On the contrary, it is functioning as intended. There is a myth told; no, worse, than a myth, a lie; that prisons make society safer. With but few exceptions, theyContinue reading “Criminal Injustice – by Steven McCain”

They Will Never Kill The Beautiful Idea – by Comrade Z

“For many decades, white elites in the South used the punishment system to transfer wealth, confiscate land, and preserve racial hierarchy through convict leasing – that is criminalizing people so that their bodies could be forced to work for profit. In contemporary prisons throughout the United States, 800,000 people work long hours every day inContinue reading “They Will Never Kill The Beautiful Idea – by Comrade Z”

Zombie Regrets – by Eric King

I’m sorry, I ruined the party   caused a big mess in the lobby  I’m sorry I killed your best friend  had to eat your intestines   I’m sorry I broke your hot plate  feel bad, for eating your hot face   I’m sorry, that you weren’t ready  treated guts like they were spaghetti   I’m sorry I causedContinue reading “Zombie Regrets – by Eric King”

You Are The Resistance (April 11, 2021) – by Sean Swain, from The Final Straw Radio

Hello, This week’s episode of the Final Straw has a section by Sean Swain talking about repression against prisoners including both Z in Texas and the hunger strikers in Ohio, here’s a transcription of it: “We’re three months into the Biden administration, which was promised to be a nationwide kumbaya moment. But simultaneously, it appears theContinue reading “You Are The Resistance (April 11, 2021) – by Sean Swain, from The Final Straw Radio”

A Cautionary Tale – by Joshua Cook

From: Joshua Cooke. Sussex I State Prison in Waverly, VA: “The Matrix Killer”. That’s what the media decided to call me. It’s a misnomer really, but yet when it comes to the subject of violent media affecting a young person’s mind, I do happen to have a certain perspective on it that others may not.Continue reading “A Cautionary Tale – by Joshua Cook”

I Need To Be Around Bees – by Eric King

New poem by political prisoner Eric King I need to be around bees Please buy books for Eric if you can. He has been in segregation over 500 days and can use the support. Order at tiny.cc/EK_Books I need to be around bees catching shade underneath tall trees. I need to feel their fuzzy feetContinue reading “I Need To Be Around Bees – by Eric King”