Stop the Illusion – by Comrade Z

Prisons are not operating to rehabilitate you, but to tame, train and punish. The truth is out there: Mass corruption is everywhere in Texas, especially in TDCJ, and you, the very one they call a “resident”, is really a commodity. Your ID says “offender”, instead of worker/slave. TDCJ has no real intention of fixing you.Continue reading “Stop the Illusion – by Comrade Z”

Abuse in Prison – by Steve McCain

Largely because prisons are closed institutions to which neither the public nor the press nor prisoner rights advocates have access, the abuse that takes place within them exists largely as an unknown. As one might imagine, this fact only exacerbates the danger. It is upon this that I wish to shed light. Abuse in USContinue reading “Abuse in Prison – by Steve McCain”

The Open Prison Initiative, Part 2 – by Steve McCain

Challenges abound for the captive storyteller, for the public audience is only hesitantly, if at all, receptive. Alas, the public is the prisoner’s biggest skeptic; justly perhaps, but perhaps not. The criminal justice system pulled quite the fanciful trick when it managed to impeach the only voice that could authoritatively witness against it. It hasContinue reading “The Open Prison Initiative, Part 2 – by Steve McCain”

Call for Accountability in Response to January 18th “Suicide” at TDCJ Allred Unit

Team One begins this piece by offering our sincere condolences to the family of Mr. Bice and the families of all victims of state negligence and indifference. #PrisonLivesMatter It was only months ago when the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner issued a statement, noting that prolonged solitary confinement amounts to psychologicalContinue reading “Call for Accountability in Response to January 18th “Suicide” at TDCJ Allred Unit”

“You’re an Anarchist, Mr. Zuniga” – by Comrade Z

“Our nation was born in genocide. We are perhaps the only nation which tried as a matter of national policy to wipe out its indigenous population. Moreover, we elevated that tragic experience into a noble crusade. Indeed, even today we have not permitted ourselves to reject or feel remorse for this shameful episode.” -Martin LutherContinue reading ““You’re an Anarchist, Mr. Zuniga” – by Comrade Z”

Corrupt Oversight: The Causes and Effects of Prison Violence – by Jason Renard Walker

Most people don’t quite relate the causes and effects of prison violence to corruption within its oversight. The meaning of “prison violence” is often skewed by mainstream corporate media giants, so that when it’s referenced in the public domain, a false image and fear has been distilled into the minds and hearts of Americans thatContinue reading “Corrupt Oversight: The Causes and Effects of Prison Violence – by Jason Renard Walker”

The Citizenship is Sinking – by Kado

Eastham Unit, February 2021 No visitation for almost a year. No regular access to phone calls and we’re on a “security lockdown” while cops go cell block by cell block to tear up our property. Nevermind there’s “quarantined” blocks due to the dreaded Covid. Shingles outbreaks too, which to me has more merit to beContinue reading “The Citizenship is Sinking – by Kado”

Letter from Steve McCain (Eastham Unit) 2/12/21

February 12, 2021 Eastham conducted three unit-wide Covid tests, and turned up positive results at each. Then, they went to random tests for which they chose a random sampling from each housing unit. I believe there was eleven in my dorm chosen in this test, myself included. This naturally drew fewer positive tests because theContinue reading “Letter from Steve McCain (Eastham Unit) 2/12/21”

Anarchy: Weighing In – by K(A)DO

Comrades, what are you doing? What’s actually being done? As anarchist revolutionaries, our endeavor, as a collective whole, is and must be system failure. Not just an aspect of it or one face or the other – the entire thing! Here I sit in my small, rusted stone and iron kennel catching but glimpses ofContinue reading “Anarchy: Weighing In – by K(A)DO”