Slavery is Alive, Well and Thriving in the USA – by Scott Smith

Scott Smith 278891 H3-124

191 Constantine Way

Aberdeen, WA 98520

January 24, 2022

With immense sadness, I recently discovered most prisoners and free-world citizens do not know that, under the 13th amendment to the US Constitution, every person convicted of a crime is a slave. Most people, prisoners and citizens alike, believe slavery has been totally abolished and completely eradicated in the USA. Read the 13th Amendment for yourself. It is clear, edifying and unequivocal. Slavery is alive, well and thriving in the USA. In fact, there are more slaves now in the USA than ever before. Ostriches refuse to read the 13th Amendment, many hide from the truth. Sad, very sad.

After over 40 years in prison with no hope for release, I want to sincerely apologize to all my victims and their families. I am sorry. I am very sorry for all the crimes I committed, all the senseless pain I inflicted and the never-ending suffering I caused. It will never be enough for me to say, “I am sorry.” I feel so guilty for what I have done. I am helpless in being able to provide any form of comfort. I do not pretend to even begin to understand or imagine the magnitude of the impact of the pain and devastation I senselessly wreaked upon my victims and their families. Truly, I am sorry.

I was convicted of three murders under the felony murder doctrine of accomplice liability, which provides that being present during a crime is the same as committing the crime. I did not shoot anyone, nor did I ever possess a gun. However, I was present as an active participant in the robbery. I was acquitted of premeditated murder. I received more prison time than the actual shooter. I feel extremely horrible for my despicable participation in the robbery. I accept full responsibility for the murders and the concomitant victims.

I am a Japanese-American of the Kikuchi clan. I believe there was a racist element to my case. All the victims were white. My co-defendant, the shooter, was white The detective was white. The prosecutor was white. I was not the shooter. My assigned defense counsel was white. I never had a gun. I received more prison time than my white co-defendant, the shooter. I was the only half-breed (Asian-American) in the entire process. US Senator Reichert was the detective on my case. He came out strongly against me. He played politics with my case.

Moreover, upon my arrival in prison, I was classified as a white supremacist. I am not a white supremacist; and, I have never been a gang member. This caused me a lot of problems in prison. Part of the reason I got so many infractions. The other part of my infractions came from being in prison for life for murders I did not actually commit. I now understand the accomplice liability factor. But being young and not shooting anyone, but being given multiple life sentences for someone else’s murders made me highly despondent and rebellious.

As a final note, your children are your future. When society, the community, the church and the parents give-up on their children by discarding them in to the corrupt criminal punishment system, they are shipped to me.

You send your children to me for re-education, reformation and installation of a viable value system for them to succeed in the free world. Their arbitrary release date is selected by some self-aggrandizing court official, who erroneously claims perfection of character as a license to judge your children. Your children are sent to live in the uncivilized world of banishment, rejection and abandonment. Your children are housed in despondency and destitution, squalor and filth, bitterness and hatred. It is the inhumane cesspool of ruthless violence, total dependence on the state system or others, and where trust does not exist. Where a prisoner with an inscrutable or venerable disposition is a crude punchline for gossip, and an easy target for other prisoners to obscenely exploit for sport.

Your children are simply, overtly and actively abused by the vulgarities, profanities and selfishness of the inadequately trained and supervised prison guards. The pseudo-authoritarian turnkey jailers inflict devastating soul rending desolation until hatred and bitterness becomes the choice of every cynical social interaction. The deeply etched faces of your young children tell the dark unspoken stories of nightmarish betrayal, and the savagely echoing knell of terminal emptiness, oppressive loneliness and absolute despair.

Then, with no adequate resources, you have some esoteric expectation of having me create socially acceptable individuals from your lost, broken, abused, rejected and abandoned children. Ludicrous!

Your children only want your love. They only want you to be proud of them. Your children want you to listen to them and hear what they are trying to share with you. Love, Listen and Hear.

Your children need you. They love you. They miss you. Spend time with them before it is too late. Do it now.

Please stop sending your precious, beautiful and loving children to me.

Grace, Mercy and Peace.

Scott C. Smith

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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