Protecting Your Health and Safety Against the Prison Murder Squad Hierarchy – by Jason Renard Walker

Introduction The purpose of this report is to inform prisoners living in Polunsky Unit’s death row and ad-seg cell blocks on ways to protect themselves and their property against Polunsky’s deadly cell extraction teams and silent partners, that use their job titles to assist in the cover ups. I’ve also listed the known actors andContinue reading “Protecting Your Health and Safety Against the Prison Murder Squad Hierarchy – by Jason Renard Walker”

New Support Website for Anarchist Prisoner Sofia “Comrade Candle” Johnson – From Sofia ‘Candle’ Johnson is a non-binary trans woman and 25-year-old Egoist Anarchist currently in the custody of the Oregon Department of Corrections, confined at Coffee Creek, a women’s Correctional Facility. Her pronouns are she/they. Raised in the white suburbs of Broward County, Florida, Sofia is an anarchist who was born to muchContinue reading “New Support Website for Anarchist Prisoner Sofia “Comrade Candle” Johnson –”

Prisoner Awareness – by Dan Baker

Hello friends, I am writing today to raise awareness for friends all over the world who have been facing captivity due to human rights activism. At it’s core all anarchist activism is a struggle for human rights. Freedom of expression, bodily autonomy, freedom from captivity, freedom to live a life as one see fit, withContinue reading “Prisoner Awareness – by Dan Baker”

To All White Anarchists – by Dan Baker

…and liberals I write this on the anniversary of the MOVE bombing by police (1985) and the execution of James Conolly, leader of the IRA’s Easter Uprising (1916). May 12-13, 2022 I challenge all white anarchists, and liberals of all races, to read The Nation on No Map by William C. Anderson. I’ve been readingContinue reading “To All White Anarchists – by Dan Baker”

An Open Letter for Public Consumption – by David Annarelli

Monday, June 20, 2022 As the United States celebrates Juneteenth, and a day after Father’s Day, a gross and cruel abuse of humanity is unfolding in real time before my eyes. House Bill 5148 passed in 2021 during a special session of the Virginia General Assembly. This bill made the attempt to, at least inContinue reading “An Open Letter for Public Consumption – by David Annarelli”

Hope For Tallahassee – by Dan Baker

Hope For Tallahassee by Dan Baker I’m told there is hope for Tallahassee, so I promise my friends – I won’t give up. The union stands solidly beside me. This is my village and we protect us. Deep in my heart are spiritual longings, balanced by rage at daily injustice. How should I love andContinue reading “Hope For Tallahassee – by Dan Baker”

Accelerate the Solidarity Now – by Comrade Z

There is so much metal in the prison’s drinking water that, in the sun, you see the bits shimmering and floating about schools of cancerous compounds. Staring into my cup, the only comparison I can come up with is Goldschlager, that liquor with golden flakes. My ears won’t stop ringing. I can pass the hallwayContinue reading “Accelerate the Solidarity Now – by Comrade Z”