June 11: “Like Mercury” – Letter for Dan Baker, aka Alishare

13/05/2022 Alishare, I heard your message of solidarity, thank you, it gave me strength. I would turn the energy with this open letter, and I hope to kick a brick from the walls. One more time. In a flurry of black feathers and lunar wisdom, a murder of crows delivered your statement and those wilyContinue reading “June 11: “Like Mercury” – Letter for Dan Baker, aka Alishare”

What Does Freedom Look Like – by Dan Baker

What Does Freedom Look Like? By Dan Baker 4-16-2022 In order to liberate all beings from suffering we must be able to imagine the goal, in detail, and make adjustments as we work towards freedom. Perhaps this is an eternal process. Maybe the Buddhist philosophy is correct in saying that “everything is the mind.” EachContinue reading “What Does Freedom Look Like – by Dan Baker”

50 Strategies of Revolution – by Dan Baker

April 2nd, 2022 Modern media portrays anarchists as insane mass murderers. We cannot allow profit driven capitalists to define us – we must engage with the public and define ourselves through direct acts which benefit our communities. Every guerilla insurgency that has failed was isolated and alienated from the very same community they relied on.Continue reading “50 Strategies of Revolution – by Dan Baker”

Letter from Comrade Z for Inside/Outside Supporters (May 2022)

Shoutout to No Name Books from the bottom of my heart. Yo Monsour, where you at? Yo Coffin, where you at? Yo Hestand, where you at? Much love, comrades. I need Comrade Devil at Michael Unit to be advise you are needing to advice all inmates that ACA Toney Parker, Denise Robinson, Gar C. Mohr,Continue reading “Letter from Comrade Z for Inside/Outside Supporters (May 2022)”

Why Anarchy? – by Comrade Candle

What is anarchism anyways? “I am an Anarchist! Wherefore I will Not rule, and also ruled I will not be!” John Henry Mackay Anarchism is the absence of authority, by consequence a lack of hierarchy. You will not lead me, nor I you. None shall subjugate another, for the autonomy of the individual is ofContinue reading “Why Anarchy? – by Comrade Candle”

Revolutionary Meditations – by Dan Baker

4/20/22 Before we begin we should sweep and clean the area, all genders working equally. Then we should make sure our neighbors have their needs met, and offer food and housing to the poor and full time activists. Then, sit on equal terms and take a moment of silence to focus on the breath whileContinue reading “Revolutionary Meditations – by Dan Baker”