Open Letter to Fellow Incarcerated Persons – by Harlequin

Hello, I’m Harlequin, a person who’s been incarcerated inside the gulags of Pennsylvania Department of Corruptions more or less since 2009. I’ve seen and have experienced atrocity and oppression on a daily basis. It’s expected to experience oppression and abuse by prison officials, as that’s what they are paid to do. What really bothers meContinue reading “Open Letter to Fellow Incarcerated Persons – by Harlequin”

Current Events (February 2022) – by Dan Baker

Current Events, February 2022 I recently learned that four friends were killed when Turkey, using US sourced jets, drones and missiles, leveled the YPG International Academy in Rojava. Many other friends were wounded. This fills me with rage, conviction and grief. Please take a moment of silence for the brave internationals and locals who wereContinue reading “Current Events (February 2022) – by Dan Baker”

Neo-Anarchism: Racism, Sexism, Bigotry, Anarchy, Police and Democratic Confederalism – by Dan Baker

1/17/22 Dear Comrades, Today is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and I’m writing from the Federal Correctional Institute in Memphis, Tennessee, the same city in which Dr. King was assassinated despite, or maybe because of, being nonviolent. This murder followed a campaign of targeted harassment known officially as Counter Intelligence Program, or COINTELPRO. ThisContinue reading “Neo-Anarchism: Racism, Sexism, Bigotry, Anarchy, Police and Democratic Confederalism – by Dan Baker”

Statement from Comrade Z, April 2022

Section 1983 was passed by the United States Congress over 150 years ago. Section 1983 was originally known as Section 1 of the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871. Section 1983 does not mention race and it can be used by people of any color, but it was originally passed specifically to help black peopleContinue reading “Statement from Comrade Z, April 2022”

A Message from Dan Baker – April 2022

Hello friends, This is a group message to let everyone know that I ended my short vow of silence after a week. In other news the cops are still executing black men in the streets, and getting caught on camera doing it. I am also happy to spread the word that our anarchist YPG comradeContinue reading “A Message from Dan Baker – April 2022”

David Annarelli on Policing, Courts in Virginia

April 7, 2022 To Whom It May Concern, Over 2000 letters written this past year alone. I’ve been writing letters for over 5 years with little response. That speaks volumes. My situation should never happen in the United States. It should be stopped. Sadly, this is all too common. I, David Annarelli, was assaulted andContinue reading “David Annarelli on Policing, Courts in Virginia”

Squatting as an Illegalist Anarchist – by Comrade Candle

I don’t expect this to serve as a guide. Rather, here is my experience denying the State’s will for you to read; for enjoyment or to learn from my struggle, the choice is yours. There are plenty of guides on running a squat out there, though obviously most concern themselves with following the Law toContinue reading “Squatting as an Illegalist Anarchist – by Comrade Candle”

TDCJ Retaliation and Harassment – by Comrade Z

Comrades, The Texas Board of Criminal Justice and Texas Department of Criminal Justice are actively sending state agents to retaliate and harass me on an organized level. This is called “conspiring”, “deliberate indifference” and “malice”. Lt. Oki and his 3rd shift sgt. Durabor made a clear statement that I deserve to be locked-up. They initiatedContinue reading “TDCJ Retaliation and Harassment – by Comrade Z”