Social Distance – by Steve McCain

Urgent… Breaking News Coronavirus inhibitor found in Texas prison Circa July 2020 An analysis of the TDCJ-CID social distance policy, as implemented at the Eastham State Plantation, suggests that the coronavirus pathogen is not attracted to human subjects that are standing upright. This appears to be so because the only time the policy is enforcedContinue reading “Social Distance – by Steve McCain”

Prisoner Staff Behavior – by Steve McCain

Circa July 2020 We had a visit from Lorie Davis (TDCJ-CID Director) today. From a time shortly before she and her entourage arrived, we must assume the guard at the main gate radioed a warning of her. The guard staff was frantic, at least in our dorm, and they remained so until she had departed.Continue reading “Prisoner Staff Behavior – by Steve McCain”

Rosicrucian Manifesto – by Br@n Sc@m

Many believe that freemasonry sprouted out of the earlier mystical traditions of the rosicrucians, a secret society with secret knowledge, said to play major roles in revolutions throughout America, France and much of Europe, known to be heavily involved in the occult, alchemy and mysticism. Also, the reformation of society and self-improvement, ‘rosicrucian’, comes fromContinue reading “Rosicrucian Manifesto – by Br@n Sc@m”

Above the Law – by Steve McCain

One must acknowledge having done wrong before repentance can be made, before one can muster the resolve necessary to commit to doing right. This is true for addicts of all assortments; and it is as applicable to a nation’s rulers as it is for the nation’s ruled. So before the United States can progress towardContinue reading “Above the Law – by Steve McCain”

No Matter How Difficult – by Comrade Z

Direct action means industrial action directly by, for, and of the workers themselves, without the treacherous aid of labor misleaders or scheming politicians; a strike that is initiated, controlled and settled by the workers directly affected is direct action. Direct action is combined action, directly on the job to secure better job conditions. Direct actionContinue reading “No Matter How Difficult – by Comrade Z”

FDC Englewood – by Eric King

from When someone is indicted federally, they are sent to either a private facility, or a Federal detention center (or held in county jail through US Marshal contracts). People indicted in Florence get sent to the Englewood FDC. Right now there are abortion bombers, people called killers, people called gang leaders, but not me.Continue reading “FDC Englewood – by Eric King”

Stop the Illusion – by Comrade Z

Prisons are not operating to rehabilitate you, but to tame, train and punish. The truth is out there: Mass corruption is everywhere in Texas, especially in TDCJ, and you, the very one they call a “resident”, is really a commodity. Your ID says “offender”, instead of worker/slave. TDCJ has no real intention of fixing you.Continue reading “Stop the Illusion – by Comrade Z”

Abuse in Prison – by Steve McCain

Largely because prisons are closed institutions to which neither the public nor the press nor prisoner rights advocates have access, the abuse that takes place within them exists largely as an unknown. As one might imagine, this fact only exacerbates the danger. It is upon this that I wish to shed light. Abuse in USContinue reading “Abuse in Prison – by Steve McCain”