New Year, Same Fight – by BIM

The fight is synonymous with life itself! Therefore, throwing in the towel is never an option. Every day I go toe-to-toe with a system built on discrimination. I face people who want to kill my spirit and strip me of my dignity. On top of all that, I’m wrestling with my own demons. There’s nowhere for me to hide. Running would be a disgrace to rebellious hearts who dedicated their lives to confronting, challenging & revolutionizing.

Yeah, sometimes I find my back against the wall. I don’t fall to my knees, because I continue swinging. I’m gon’ stand my ground! Not only does my life depend on it, but that’s my debt to everybody engaged in the struggle, and those who’ll pick up the torch behind us. Ultimately, this fight is our right of passage. Where each hardship we overcome brings us closer to truth, purpose and righteousness.

Take a second to imagine what equality looks like in its purest form. Have you ever visualized a world more beautiful than that? Well, that’s what victory looks like. Judging from where we’ve started to where we’ve come. I believe that world is well within our grasp! Keep fighting!

Power is the people!


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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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