Falsified Documents – by David Annarelli

September 27, 2022, Tuesday

Falsified documents and records are a problem and any bureaucratic system, but especially so in those of colossal size, Departments of Corrections for example. This becomes an even larger problem when a DOC, the Virginia DOC for example, has prisons so far away from any possible oversight and staffed by a majority of people who are related to each other by blood or marriage that one can see the corruption occurring. This problem grows even larger still where accurate medical and psychological records force the prison, Pocahontas State corrections center for example, and the VADOC spend the money to provide proper care under the supervision of trained and skilled professionals. It is to this point I can speak from experience, and also provide evidence to support allegations of record tampering. In fact, those records I referred to her not only falsified, but were then put before a federal court to avoid any and all legal culpability.

To begin with, I have a mental health history which dates back to 32 years to a time in 1980 It is documented through several schools, two hospitals, two psychiatric facilities(?), and include some periods of medication. this history has also been entered in the record of several courts in two separate recent cases, both pending appeal. Further, that record also includes a full neurophysiological evaluation as recent as 2019 which followed all the standard protocols such as use of the DSM-5. It should be noted that at no time has a VADOC, or any of its staff, performed any sort of standardized evaluation regarding my mental health. Not once in seven years. Enter Mr. Murphy, “psychology associate II“ for PSCC. While his credentials are at least legitimate, they are mostly unimpressive. Most recent evaluation performed by an associate professor from the UVA school of Law, Psychiatry and Policy, Mr. Murphy has some history as a drug counselor and clinician. Clearly a difference in qualifications, rather a dramatic difference. Mr. Murphy has never diagnosed me with any mental health issues, as noted by my VADOC psych record, excepting some sort of “adaptive
disorder“ which seems to be a euphemism for “not doing well in prison“. Interestingly, my actual diagnosis is bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, ADHD, and PTSD. More interesting is this: when Mr. Murphy was presented with a copy of my most recent evaluation, containing not only a full history and work up of my mental health issues, including listed diagnoses, HE REFUSED TO ADD IT TO MY RECORD! What would compel ANY professional to ignore, and deliberately obfuscate such pertinent and relevant information?

Mr. Murphy – and the house physician – not only ignored a pre-existing history of mental health issues, but followed suit with a documented traumatic brain injury, also on record and documented. That TBI was a bilateral and subdermal hematoma, intracranial bleeding, axon retraction and possibly disruption (the literal tearing of brain tissue). I was reportedly in a coma for one month to regain my speech and mobility. I am not only lucky to be able to write this, but I am in fact lucky to be alive. 60% of those with similar injuries die according to a Dr. Ralph Brown, neuro-trauma specialist. The PSCC physician “reviewed the TBI record “but never ordered an evaluation by a doctor trained in such medicine. Instead he wanted to evaluate me himself, never mind that his training doesn’t allow the requisite knowledge to make ANY determinations, or the fact that PSCC has no facilities to perform MRIs, CAT scans, EEGs and the like. It took 15 months just to make PSCC request the medical records. All of it is documented.

Repeatedly, a doctor with no training in neuro-trauma or neuroscience attempted to “evaluate” me. I refused each time stating a lack of his training (which is mysteriously not noted). Mr. Murphy has repeatedly suggested assorted medications and assorted group therapies, even though he has never offered a legitimate diagnosis and did in fact refuse legitimate diagnoses when they are presented to him. This is of course a clear matter of both malpractice and also an example of “deliberate indifference“. So I stopped all pursuit from these two dangerous individuals and filed a lawsuit under OSC section 1983, illustrating 8th and 14th amendment violations.

I easily beat the motion to dismiss my case. The evidence is clear and more than convincing. Enter Judge Elizabeth Dillion at the Western District of Virginia. It is worth noting that Judge Dillion has a widely known reputation for opinions and judgments that
are often questionable that her integrity is equally questionable. It is to the point that I would note that EVERY TIME one of my cases (5 now) goes before her it is dismissed.
Further, every time my case begins before a favorable jury who is ruling in my favor, there is a “random lottery” and Judge Dillion is every time “randomly“ appointed to finish adjudicating my case, and every time she dismisses it. Coincidence? Not when it
happens EVERY TIME. In two of those cases, judge Dillion actually acknowledges my meeting the burden evidence laid out by the rules of the court and yet, every time she
just misses the case. Questions – and investigations – are required. Judge Dillion is a prime example of “illegitimate courts“. I filed an appeal and also several official complaints against all of the above named, but it seems increasingly clear that the corruption in the VADOC is endemic state wide and certainly reaches to the Governor’s office and Virginia General Assembly.

What is especially concerning is how obvious the falsifications are when compared to all previous -and recent- records. It is, on its face, not possible to miss it for its obviousness. Moreover, the VADOC is plagued by these problems, which are acknowledged by every watch group and show out of every FOIA request ever filed and presented. Still, this corruption, which is directly to blame for unless harm to and sometimes the death of, dozens and hundreds of Virginia captives. That is even more frightening when you consider that 20% of those captives – 5000+ people – are innocent or wrongly convicted (PEW survey). Worst yet is that this corruption is rampant through every office on the compound, as evident for example by the toothless population who were simply – and deliberately – ignored and denied proper dental care until yanking the teeth was the only option left. I myself have lost four teeth to this facility and have multiple cavities that they will not fill. This is a VADOC problem and as I pointed out previously: where is the VADOC spending $250 million each fiscal year on inmate care because it is not being spent on inmate care. The VADOC consumed $1.1 billion in funds and resources every fiscal year and provides nothing for it.

Your country is being destroyed and it has nothing to do with the left or the right wing governments. It is about hundreds of years of slavery continued under a gnu look, prisons. It is about falsified records that cover up corruption. It is about politicians and judges on the payroll of a slaver Cabal. It is about an America that is clearly no different than Russia or China when she pulled back the curtains. It is about profit and the trade and sale of human beings. There is no way to reform or correct this through illegitimate courts or a legislation
process that serves the nobility…..

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