You Cannot Swat a Swarm (Addendum to The War of the Flea) – by Greyscale the Mosquito

The War of the Flea. You cannot swat a swarm and it would appear that the idea is spreading like any good infestation of minute pests. With mobs of people involved in smash and grab robberies, the economy takes another small hit, from both the robbery and the black market it fuels. This alone diffuses any concerns about these actions being the creation of law enforcement themselves, which is not as unlikely as it might seem. It should be noted that crime spiked shortly after citizens demanded that police receive less funding for their bloated budgets. Smash and grab mobs are only the most recent iteration of what is likely a larger plan initiated by the police unions and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). A fop, by the way, is the olde English word for the useless, spoiled son of nobility.

Nonetheless, the tactic of swarming seems to be especially effective, and we see this clearly as the media repeats and regurgitates the footage. Other than stealing from Lorde & Taylor or whatever elite caste store of overpriced crap, where else might this tactic be applied? Of course we want to focus most on infrastructure, as I laid out in the first flea bite. I think this tactic might come in handy where we disrupt shipping and transportation of goods, an especially soft spot for this failing country. While it might be grand thinking to hit ports of entry, I think a better target would be those hubs labeled as “the last mile”. Those are the local warehouses that are a final hub before items reach your home.

Using this as the example, the target is not the packages per se, though, feel free to target those as well. I would leave those be for the bigger prize, which fits in more with the hit and run model I propose. The bigger prize?… Trucks, or any transport. Tires, peripherals (lights, mirrors, etc.) and engines, trains, which includes tracks and stations – these targets can be hit locally, but also scaled up to national sized hits, as per the comfort level of yourself and your band of fleas. These are physical assaults, and may not be your thing. That is okay.

Another suggestion of mine is hacking, which is something easy to learn and a clear soft spot on the American dog. In fact, just recently the legislative branch of Virginia, its General Assembly, was targeted with ransomware. I applaud this action, and while the news stories didn’t release too much information about the ransomware demands and information taken, it was a first of it’s kind and left Virginia rattled. Virginia, in case you weren’t aware, is a breeding and training area for the neo-nazi/fascist movement that has now openly usurped large swaths of local, state and federal government positions. These dangerous people have clearly shown a proclivity for violence if and when it is necessary. I would put forward the opinion that we should do the same, but with the understanding that violence is not always physical.

A simple hack, to my mind, targets ATM machines. Specifically, with a bit of searching you can find online the operator manuals for ATMS. These are what the maintenance men/women use to access all sorts of mechanisms in the software from the keypad any customer would use. This doesn’t just allow you to rob the machine, but also tell the machine to spit our $10s, in place of $1s, for example. To me, that is far better than simply robbing it because it has a ripple effect through the local economy. It is also innocuous enough to not be noticed immediately, which is the best sort of flea infestation. Get into the carpet and couch cushions!

Prisons… these are a bread and butter industry for the oppressors and I cannot emphasize my disdain enough. Along the lines of disruptions, both the targeting of their suppliers and hacking their system is of paramount importance. But that seems a too generalized statement. What about targeting prison staff for serious harassment? After all, prison staff spend their entire day at work harassing those who often cannot defend themselves, usually out of a sense of self preservation. This returned harassment can include things like keying cars, slashing tires, and the like. You could apply similar harassment via online attacks. Prisons and state DOCs have their own websites, often among the easiest of areas to hack online. Change simple things, for example “correction” to “corruption”… two letters closer to the truth and a tactic I used on my return addresses for years, until someone actually noticed. Most people don’t pay attention to such details, but subconsciously they do see it and it plants a small little flea bite which, with a bit of luck, will fester into something bigger. On this same tactic, order a magazine subscription and repeat this same little change. I still get catalogues from certain booksellers and my address has that changed. I would avoid this on political materials, which already draw a condescending eye from prison staff. There are no rules in a war. Anyone who claims there are have already lost.

Prisons are at the top of my target list, clearly, but not solely due to my illegal captivity and the gross inhumane abuses I’ve suffered. They are easy targets because no one expects them to be targeted. But more than this, they are filled with “fleas” just waiting to get out and bite the dog that has been scratching at them for years. Very few prisoners learn anything more than a disdain for the system. Prisons are filled with allies. They are not all anarchists, but they are all enemies of the system. While in this instance “the enemy of my enemy” may not be “my friend”, they most certainly are a useful tool if they too are out to bring down the system. It is of great value to turn every captive into a hero and every captor into a villain.

Take a lesson from the daily media blitz about misinformation. It would seem that a small hacker collective, REvil, who used to just crack games, music and assorted software to upload on Pirate’s Bay, now manage hundreds of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. accounts to create echo chambers to foster misinformation and create dissent. What are you waiting for? Go make a dozen sock puppet accounts and use them to post and share and echo each other.

There has never been a better time, and everyone seems aware of this, at least every activist group that I receive literature from, which is equal to the number of addresses I get my hands on to write. I write them all, and most of the time, I eventually get something back. Revolt is now. Not just among the leftists and anarchists, but certainly among the fascists who went all out to stage a coup, and are certainly moving their pieces into position for further actions. So it is time to act, and no act is too small, though I once again reiterate that haste is required to seize the momentum.

I am Greyscale the Mosquito and

this is the War of the Flea

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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