A poem on climate change – by Mr. King Gilliand

Hello & Season’s Greetings!!

What’s up my new friends? This is my climate change poem. Feel free to share it with EVERYONE interested in written art!

I just love a climate that has a fragrant aroma,

and change is like a dewy red rose in the morning,

a cool climate change is like a moon beam dancing among pretty stars

I like a gentle breeze that wafts through gardens rustling leaves of majestic trees,

if the climates gets too “hot” we won’t be able to hear the song birds’ sweet melody

The winter climate change has children flitting all around just like butterflies and bees,

climate change is like the essence of thought transcending reality

A hot climate change exists because of mans poor decisions,

but if we all come together we can become triumphant in cooling our healing…

which will give more rays on to our being,

I function better in a cool climate which allows the secrets of my heart to bring sweet dreamin’ in the cool night

I want to embrace a climate of change,

full of spring colors that harbor warmth and beauty on a nice summer day,

a climate of love, joy and happiness is the most wondrous concept ever conceived

No matter what tomorrow brings, hot or cold, be sure to greet the day with kindness

for the earth and compassion


Thank you for your time

  • Be good *

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480 Alta Road

San Diego, CA 92179

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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