Raising Anarchy in TeKKKsas – by Comrade Z

Dearest anarchists,

As many of you may know, I’ve been fighting so-called “Texas” with all primitive means and have damaged their forces of ignorant wardens and peon officers, and it’s a fucking great feeling to see the faces of their comrades contort with pain and anguish at the sight of me. Of course, many disagree with my tactics and continue to hate on me for doing it. Let me explain something to you haters: This is “Texas”, and I am a Mexican-American anarchist. Read a fucking book sometime about the history between those two subjects. Come back and tell me that I am wrong for decimating the enemy “by any means necessary”, because that’s exactly how they do it, been doing it, and will continue to do it. So long as you policing one motherfucker for fighting his heart out for humanity’s sake, ball your first up and punch yourself as hard as you can, for as long as you can, everyday. Don’t stop, and while you do that, tell me how I should not fight. Please, start punching, go ahead. All reformists are doing it to us. “Texas” loves it, especially those capitalist slavecatchers like Senator John Whitmeyer, who comes here to tell the slaves that there is no funding for air conditioning after I showed the unit a $3 billion dollar budget for 2021-2022, provided by Eris Services.

Now, for all of you backing my play and providing me with love and support from all four corners of the United Snakes of AmeriKKKa, please hear my words: I am starting a fund drive. I am asking all of my supporters to pitch in generously to begin our very own radio show in Texas. I anticipate to use a platform called Pacifica Radio. For a year now I have been trying to gather up people and just enough funding for what we need in TeKKKsas to battle our common enemy with greater force than ever seen by the racist regime.

Corruption runs deep with TDCJ. I have been successful in whistleblowing on the so-called Justice Center in Brazoria County and TDCJ is in bed with all the tiny little departments in here, even the United Snakes Postal Service. My goal of using Brazoria County as a model to uncover corruption by our state government officials is all I want to do to begin, to prove once and for all that these racist laws placed in effect today are aimed to keep slavery alive in TeKKKsas and support white supremacy.

While it is a fact the tactics used by state officials against me and my anarchist brethren has increased because of Senator John Whitmeyer, who is heavily invested in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and prison slavery. He ordered the TDCJ directors to attack us, assault us, retaliate by use of force. A state official encouraged violence on prisoners in July-August of 2021 because in 2021 prisoners demanded air conditioning and pay wages, parole legislation change, ending of administrative segregation, ending of TeKKKsecution, reported H-Pylori outbreak that was intentionally introduced into our drinking water by former senior-Warden Bruce Armstrong.

H-Pylori, lead, arsenic, aluminum and PCBs are all an issue here, but my goal is not to make waves here in this po-dunk town of ignorant fucks. Not at all. My aim is to show the world corruption within TDCJ and our TeKKKsas government. Today, I want to elevate our methods to protect against the racist attacks on slaves by TDCJ directors. We are in need of support, as anarchists fighting injustice implemented by wealthy capitalists. Donations can be accepted through mongoosedistro.com, mongoosedistro@protonmail.com or IG: @mongoosedistro.

I am accepting letters of support. If you are interested in assisting in serious agitation, please open up a line by registering on: texasprisonphone.com. If you use Jpay.com, please include your return address.

Fuck TDCJ! After attacks on multiple anarchists in Dirty Darrington, we are needing funding of $400 for legal fees to file a class action lawsuit. This doesn’t cover anything else but the court cost to file a US-1983 in district court. Our fight is real, it’s huge, and we are known in TeKKKsas for fighting against unjustifiable mistreatment of black and brown bodies. We are nothing without you. We have to defend ourselves on a daily basis. We cannot do it without our community watching our back’s while we abolish the slave state. End prison slavery!!

If you want to learn more about the events of the past six months, for security reasons, we’d rather tell you in writing or on phone conversations. We love having leverage on the Corruption Dept. of Minimal Justice.

If you have the means to send this out on multiple social media site, please help us. We are changing “Texas” and how it does it’s people. Help us create more ways to end this shit. Thank you for listening. Stay tuned to mongoosedistro.com.

End Prison Slavery,

Comrade Z

Julio A Zuniga 1961551

Memorial Unit

59 Darrington Road

Rosharon, TX 77583

Published by mongoosedistro

"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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