They Will Never Kill The Beautiful Idea – by Comrade Z

For many decades, white elites in the South used the punishment system to transfer wealth, confiscate land, and preserve racial hierarchy through convict leasing – that is criminalizing people so that their bodies could be forced to work for profit. In contemporary prisons throughout the United States, 800,000 people work long hours every day in often dangerous conditions with miniscule wages to afford to purchase basic necessities sold by other private corporations inside prison walls. In this way, prisoners work to afford phone calls to their families or toilet paper, soap and nutritious food, needs that the prisons create in order to coerce this labor. This ubiquitous overcharging of prisoners and their families for necessities and the monetizing of human contact with one’s family are not based on what would help improve health, wellness, and community safety during or after release from prison, but on what maximizes profit.”

Most people are not putting any pressure on TDCJ to pay reparations to the Sugarland 95’s families. Most people care not that one of those slaves was a woman. This is classic tactical erasure of the true face of Texas politics and the Minimal Justice System that is still using these racist and atrocious modes of operation of an outdated form of prison use. After long hours of studying the language of crooked-ass politicians, nobody seems to care that these white elites are saying “Fuck you black and brown slaves, poor whites too. We choose who votes and how.” Nobody is calling for the governor’s resignation after the snowmaggedon that he intentionally caused by siding with Big Energy to turn a blind-eye to climate change. Neanderthal Abbott did just like his idol Cheetah Trump. Nobody has called it for what it is: corruption.

It is obvious, when we put our blinders down, Texas government has more contracts with authoritarian communist countries for our daily products. TDCJ is supporting global capitalism while millions are on unemployment.

I’m here to give you facts. Darrington Unit is drinking contaminated water. Inmates are being denied vital medical procedures and life saving treatments. Heating was broken during the arctic blast. Air conditioning is on the unit, but not mfor prisoners. The prison staff has industrial York air conditining and heating units that can heat or cool the Empire State Building, and the slaves making $100,000,000 a year of profits for the Corruption Agency prison slavery company TDCJ get nothing. We get thrown in solitary confinement for speaking out about it. I’m a living witness who just survived an all-out attack on my life by TDCJ-Huntsville for exposing corrupt officers who were entrapping inmates with contraband during a pandemic lockdown where “no visitors” were present. Brazoria County district attorney, judges, and local authorities all knew about it. When I told them I was being attacked and retaliated on, they ran to TDCJ-Huntsville to inform them of a whistleblower. The attempt on my life was psychologically difficult to cope with. It still is, because I can’t see why a man without behavioral problems is being treated like Hannibal the Cannibal.

I am able to cope with the stress, anguish and mental pain now because of my amazing supporters forcing the TDCJ-HQ to answer for my repression. There are two Texas Local Charter IWOCs in TDCJ in full operation and more will be coming. This shows that Texas loves slaving Mexicans and blacks to death. They are still dehumanizing, isolating, discriminating and breaking minds, just to make a buck.

People – this ends now. I’m here to tell you just because you can’t see it does not mean it’s not happening. Huntsville has never been challenged by one man to this degree and what these idiots fail to recognize is that by attempting to kill me, they’ve already lost. They showed a weakness that in prison, you never show. Now, these wannabe criminals will learn that the IWW-Houston and Texas Local-IU 613 is here to stay and they could kill the man, just as they killed the Sugarland 95, but they will never kill the revolution, or the beautiful idea.

I’m back y’all. I was under heavy fire, but a simple inconvenience will not deter me from trying to save your loved ones from the prison slaveholding agency TDCJ. Shoutout to the directors who tried to kill me by using peon wardens and officers. Nice try. You have the wrong guy! As I walk with my head held high, I encourage people to seek the truth and expose all unconsitutional violations in TDCJ unis. Right now you can force change. Shoutout to The Final Straw Radio for holding me down and to TLC-IWOC. We are moving on the state capital.

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Solidarity and Sabotage,


Texas Local 613 IWOC

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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