You Are The Resistance (April 11, 2021) – by Sean Swain, from The Final Straw Radio


This week’s episode of the Final Straw has a section by Sean Swain talking about repression against prisoners including both Z in Texas and the hunger strikers in Ohio, here’s a transcription of it:

“We’re three months into the Biden administration, which was promised to be a nationwide kumbaya moment.

But simultaneously, it appears the fascist police state is really concentrating its power, particularly with regard to the captives in the prison complex. It almost seems that the Fartgoblin Bullies of Intimidations are ramping up their illegal counter-intelligence program that they never really disbanded.

I started the Biden term on black site status, completely silenced illegally for six months after a Virginia Department of Corrections operative exchanged multiple emails with the FBI. But I’m not alone.

Fellow anarchist prisoner Julio Zuniga in Texas, has been experiencing the same program of torment for ten months. In recent updates, Z describes getting bogus charges, having his communications obstructed, getting his prison account frozen, and getting blocked from the law library, so he can’t challenge the illegal repression.

Z attributed the following justification to his captors:

“You’re an anarchist, Mister Zuniga. You asked for the mistreatment. You are making us discriminate against you. You are forcing us to hold your meals, supplements and medical. You are forcing us to hold your mail and open your privileged mail. You are an anarchist.

And that is why you are being punished. If we can’t physically or psychologically kill you, we’ll starve you. We won’t allow your family to put money on your books. You won’t have access to the world. You’re an anarchist.”

Mmhm. That sounds about right.

That is the attitude. State terrorists always blame you for their sociopathy.

If only Z didn’t have better ideas than them, they wouldn’t have to be thought-Nazis.

Makes you wonder if Darrington Correctional Warden Armstrong, or some other fascist for the TDCJ, exchanged a few emails with the FBI before tormenting Z for his beliefs.

You can get updates on Z at or on instagram at @MongooseDistro. Z’s artwork, including a stunning portrait he did of my dad when he found out my dad died, can be found at @JulioZunigaArt on instagram. Send funds to Z through @MongooseDistro and folks there will make sure he gets them.

Eric King has had a pretty lousy Biden administration, too. He’s been held in segregation at FCI Englewood for more than eighteen months. He’s facing more than twenty years for getting assaulted by a prison guard. He’s been black sited, just like Z and me, and he’s received bogus incident reports just to justify the torment. It makes you wonder if somebody at the Bureau of Prisons exchanged emails with the FBI before all his nonsense started.

Check out, and

Not all the prisoners subjected to state terror are self-identifying anarchists.

At Toledo Correctional a number of prisoners are on hunger strike protest of the intolerable conditions of long-term segregation there, now called ERH or Extended Restrictive Housing.

Prisoner Mark Hinkston has been more than forty days on a hunger strike and David Easley has joined him, recently being given hundred and twenty days in solitary despite policy 53CLS04 which caps solitary at twenty-nine days, not 120.

Easley is facing two to five years, accused of assaulting two officers who assaulted him. Sound familiar? It’s the same scenario as Eric King. Easley’s communications are blocked, just like the rest of us.

Easley and Hinkston have engaged in self-harm, cutting themselves, which is pretty common for folks subjected to long-term state terror. James Harris, Jr, one of the other prisoners has also engaged in self-harm and instead of mental health or medical care, he got the hot end of a can of mace before the officer tried to break his wrist in the food slot.

The hunger strikers report that the Warden, Harold May, has ordered staff to not provide mental health or medical care for the hunger strikers, and has forbidden trips to the outside hospital. In other words, May is taking the Margaret Thatcher approach and intends to kill the hunger strikers to teach them, and everyone else, a lesson. He seems like a sweet guy. If you want to email him, his email is Harold.May@ODRC.State.OH.US. Tell him how him how wonderful he is.

It seems the staff there are following his orders: hunger strikers report that Andrea Leslie on the medical staff used to laugh and taunt the hunger strikers, who were pleading for help.

She has since resigned or got fired after some kind of a scandal.

Kind of makes you wonder if those jack-wagons were plotting by email with the FBI before employing state terror. Not sure who the ODRC’s FBI agency liaison is these days, because the former liaison, Trevor Clark, now works at the Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, after grabbing my balls. At any rate, that’s what the Toledo Correctional hunger strikers are up against. To support these guys, go to @DecarcerateOhio_33 on instagram or DecarcerateOhio.NoBlogs.Org.

You can check out my partner Lauren’s video presentation on all this on instagram at Swainiac1969. Lauren’s really awesome. And adorable.

This is anarchist prisoner Sean Swain in exile from Ohio at Buckingham Correctional in Dillwyn, Virginia. If the Biden-era FBI is emailing prison fart-goblins to silence you, you are the resistance!

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