Anarchy: Weighing In – by K(A)DO

Comrades, what are you doing? What’s actually being done? As anarchist revolutionaries, our endeavor, as a collective whole, is and must be system failure. Not just an aspect of it or one face or the other – the entire thing!

Here I sit in my small, rusted stone and iron kennel catching but glimpses of the “collective efforts” beyond the razor wire. 24-7/365, pushing past 6 years of the tyranny that is solitary confinement and over 10 years of “Texas Justice”. Through it all I’ve been perplexed by 99.9% of anarchist groups that push zines behind enemy lines here. Collaborating, organizing and promoting Statists, Communists and the like, while screaming “Anarchy!” is an oxymoron. It matters not what your system is or what your government is; keep it! I have had my fill of it and, being an anarchist, have absolutely nothing for those who endeavor to govern or rule.

That said and done, this is a call to attention – Anyone out there that are anarchists, or are simply tired of government, cops, dictatorship or law, and would like to know more about what anarchism is, check us out. I stand with my comrades at Mongoose Distro and Fire Ant, as they hold true to what anarchy represents, not to mention they’re solid friends. That they are, no question. More like family to me.

For those about action, tell me, or even ask yourself: in all your efforts, what are you getting done? Protests and such are not nothing, however what does that accomplish toward system failure? Look around you. This system has tighter control, more power over the public and near utter compliance over the people than ever before seen in my 35 years, and with a National Guard post every few miles of major highway, a very real potential to take control with very little resistance. That’s just harsh facts. I’ve seen martial law and it’s a sobering sight.

Some great direct action examples are from my respected and admired green anarchist (RobCat at Fire Ant – I love ya man!) defenders of earth and all the life it holds. These are dedicated, passionate comrades. Lockdowns, tree sits, barricades, as well as protests, facing prison, harm and even death, their direct actions have gotten real results.

Strikes, both work and hunger, seem to be great direction, however lacking the elements of success. The comrades “Lay it down”, refusing to work or eat, sacrificing their bodies for change. What’s missing? Well, it’s kinda like anarchists organizing with statists – different goals, different ideals or direction. As seen with Bobby Sands and those that stood against tyranny, our life means nothing to the system. Self harm is spinning wheels. Work strikes behind the razor wire do not work so well because for every 1 that lays it down, 10 more are willing to work. Different direction, separate goals. A crowd may start with you, but before long…

So, my little rant isn’t about prison directly, although I should say we need better connection. Anarchist to anarchist, my goal here is to brainstorm with you about system failure. For starters, to be free of the system means self reliance and autonomy. That’ll take preparation. Should the nation collapse today, are you prepared? When “Covid-19” stopped 90% of the economy, how did you fare? These are things all of us anarchists must prepare for. Further, fuck numbers. I am quick to stiff arm anyone that’s against that tide. Don’t waste my time if you’re helping promote any organization in their efforts to increase, create or uphold statism or government. Anarchy – that means everything to me. Being ready to exist without economy or society should be step 1. I’ve got plenty to share there, but Texas prison probably let me mail that out. The best prepared today are those comrades who’ve got little homesteads. No machine in sight, no system allowed.

The system is fueled by labor, labor is provided by us. Calling strikes en masse historically merely accomplishes wage reform, tax reform, etc. Pretty much more “system comfort”. Still a system. Removing ourselves fro such systems of oppression as taxes, laws, fences, borders, etc. is the first step on the path to liberation. How do we do it? Well, first off, for as many of us that leave the matrix, there’s a million who won’t, so a system will still exist for a time.. The nail that sticks out gets hammered. That’s wisdom to live by. By “our”, I mean our collective. You can rock that (A) and talk anarchy all day. That doesn’t mean much. Actions do. So let’s tackle that together. Feedback, organizing, being ready for our goal of no government and no system without economic shutdown wouldn’t mean squat to us.

Pop Quiz:

Martial law is in effect. National curfew is enforced and lights, water, phones and all roads are down. National Guard are locking down the city as they set up road blocks from the outside in (Hurricane Rita in 2005 saw Houston locked down tight in 1 hour). What’s your move? Got a route to take? Some place to hole up? Food? Water? Such is why metropolis and urban areas are strategic traps for anarchist revolutionaries.

My thoughts summarized:

Create a network that exists outside of the system, is fully autonomous and able to sustain the entirety of the collective indefinitely and is able to become a ghost in the machine, so to speak. That means on the down-low. The nail that sticks out will get hammered! In my estimate, the system will eventually self destruct, and that’s when being prepared will count. Create spaces now where that system doesn’t touch, where anarchy exists not just in our hearts and minds.

Your thoughts?

Solidarity Forever,


Noah Coffin 01795167

Eastham Unit

2665 Prison Road 1

Lovelady, Texas 75851

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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