Speaking Truths – by Comrade Z

Free thinkers, comrades, rebel girls, militants, my subsistence has squarely been because of the unwavering love and support from all of you, which is why this essay will begin with you in mind, to let you all know that I appreciate you. Thank you.

So 2021 has started off with me gaining the upper hand psychologically on the Texas Department of Minimal Justice and reigning terror on their financial empire. As I continue to move in to my next campaign I urge prisoners to educate yourself and learn to stop cooperating with the “no win” policy and tactics applied by TDCJ administration to take “workers’ power” back into the hands of the people. You have to deny a broken system. It has no beneficial function to whole communities and, to be quite frank, to humanity.

Grievance process is moot and law libraries are legal props of plastic state designed bullshit remedies that never receive the attention we need it to. Stop participating with it. Simply stop. This agency will never change its terroristic ways of systematically silencing the proletariat. Advocate, abolitionist or free thinker, gay, straight, black, white, brown red, no one but the agency is winning by you slaving for free, forced to support their hustle in commissaries across the state. Millions of Texans without work, they’ll import wage slaves from Nigeria to do their bidding, all for the mighty dollar. How can we write a grievance on an officer and still lose on disciplinary cases that are flawed as fuck?

Am I supposed to continue to pretend “this is just the way it is”? It’s a stage set by the state to continue to exploit, torture and dehumanize so that our families’ good money goes to bullshit brands of flavorless foods on commissary. When you begin to realize that $80 million a year prison slavery business is beginning to feel the pain of losing, apply more pressure, stop working and watch how Huntsville begins to take your snacks and raising commissary prices.

Pay attention, this is the power you hold. Pay attention to the crack in the fence. It’s decaying, showing you that the illusion they have you believing is not really as powerful as it was. You just have to objectify it. You are born free men, and you have a right to assemble, express and speak about anything that is clearly threatening your livelihood and human rights. Stop accepting what they tell you. Seek the truth. People are physically and intentionally being hid from you through mailrooms to keep you “dumb and broken”. Stop that shit! Wake up!

If you can call, write or have contacts on the outside, make it known that something is off. Something is not right and we need to stop participating with TDCJ all the way until they fix it from the ground up. This shit is killing people, 1 out of every 500, every day. That’s just coronavirus, not to mention officers trying to assault people to scare you out of speaking out. Hey man, they are outnumbered, and weak. So is the government.

People are working to change the Texas constitution that is written by blue-blooded AmeriKKKanz. Texas is majority brown and black, why do we not have a black or female governor? Texas is a racist state, so stop believing that they care. Stop believing the illusion that is TDCJ. Kill it. Now is your chance. Prisoners are being heard and organizing is taking place, but you don’t need to. All you need is to agree that shit is fucked up. It’s not making any sense, but it is making TDCJ cents. As long as you are participating, your family is getting further and further away from you. Now is the time to lay it down. Let it die. No need to get violent. It’s a power you have always had. Now take it. Unconditional work stoppage means no work until parole gets us back to our families and the state of Texas changes all tyrannical forms of criminal justice. You know in your heart that something is wrong. You’re watching the way they move, and in bad times they take from your plates and spike up the prices on our families. How long are you gonna let TDCJ jack your people?

I am in the struggle for you, fighting with my pen everyday, and I am winning. For once, I can honestly say I am in ad.seg. for doing something right, for acting like a rehabilitated person, ready for the world, and started right here on B-Line, Darrington.

Here it is. I’ve come a long fuckin’ way and made these fools look stupid, caught them in lies, exposed their violent actions and corruption. All they could do was G5 me and write bogus cases, but all I did was show everyone “how they use tactics”. I have done all of this to show you how to win. Small sacrifices were made, but I’m proud to be a part of this movement. Now, I played their game just to see how far they’d go. They actually believed that we were living in 1933, which is when this unit was built. Dumbasses forgot that I know it’s an illusion, a stage to psychologically fuck you into submitting to their will. Most of you still harbor that terror in your hearts and this whole time it isn’t even real.

They’ve got no chance at scaring me. Anything they do I turn it into gold and I want this to be how you do your time, with the power of the worker in your hands. Texas is the Wizard of Oz, but I pulled the curtain on historically played out forms of their slavery. Stop playing with this bullshit agency. It’s dead. Demand the impossible and do it at will, collectively, and watch it grow into something beautiful. This TDCJ is obsolete and more harmful to humankind than anything in the world. People like us have made mistakes, but how many times do we have to be punished for our crime? No man, black or brown, should be forced into slavery in Texas, the 7th richest state in AmerKKKa. Now, your politicians in congress are changing the rules of government to keep you feeding their families. How much longer are you going to play nice with the ones breaking your families’ hearts and minds?

This is my call to solidarity. All men and women in TDCJ, all of you stop participating, with medical, commissary, with free labor, with grievance, law library. Fuck TDCJ. Go to your families and tell them you are done. Let the people come in with media and TV and inform them that we want parole to take over now and release those who have done their halfway point. Demand whatever you want. Just stop allowing TDCJ to have power over you. Break the system now and we will never have to worry about this shit no more! Unconditional Work Stoppage is to ensure that the TDCJ enter its financial collapse. This is what needs to happen to stop Texecution, prison slavery, solitary confinement, to stop the “no win campaign” against Texas prisoners. This shit is not working in 2021 and we need to make sure it doesn’t harm any more families. End TDCJ now! No work until the State of Texas creates humanitarian forms of criminal justice. Equality and emancipation is at your fingertips. Stop thinking about TDCJ. They can’t help you. They are not here to help you, but to rape you of all humanity. Stop that shit!

Pay attention, focus on what the people are saying. They are wanting us to end this agency by stopping the machines that enslave us by force. Fuck that shit. Unconditional Work Stoppage is the reason I am in ad.seg. but they can’t lock us all up. Even if they do, it’s only going to help the financial collapse move faster. So get on board, kill TDCJ once and for all. Demand the impossible, now, because it is possible now.

This is Comrade Z, Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee – Texas Branch. Send support and love to us on KPFT.org The Prison Show and stay tuned for a future IWW-IWOC show under construction.

For True Liberation,


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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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