The Reality of the Modern Day Slave Complex – by Comrade Z

The Current Slavery Complex continues only because of its profitability. The Slaves perform Free Labor; they perform integral functions in the maintenance of the Slavery Complex;

they provide secondary profit for companies

that provide goods and services to the Slave Population.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice men’s prison, Darrington Unit, Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020, in unincorporated Brazoria County. Houston is redirecting a $4 million contract that was going to go to the TDCJ, which uses unpaid prisoner labor.

A vast number of companies employ Slaves outsourced as labor by the Prison, increasing those companies’ profits. Like TDCJ’s $4.2 Million contract just shot down for ‘unpaid labor’ in the “Tire Plant,”…Asst. Warden Chevalier says TDCJ has no funding for A/C on the unit,… $4.2 Million a year is enough to fit 5 unit’s with it. The prison’s rely upon Slaves to prepare meals and conduct daily maintenance and cleaning of the prison itself. Companies that provide Food on Commissary, Phones, or Email, charge inflated prices and reap super-profits from Slaves and their families. Thus, the Prison with its Slave Population performs a Central Role in the Economic, Political, and Social Status Quo that currently exists.

Fact: City Council Members are standing against “Prison Slavery,”…from the Mayor 

Sylvester Turner’s Administration, they are watching to see what the Darrington Unit does, not the Administrator’s, but the People,…will they Peacefully Demonstrate and let the City know that they too, are not Standing for “Racial Discrimination” that has been Texas’ Tradition Far Too…Long. This era of “Prison Slavery” is over, as soon as the Slaves accept the fact that Democrats are drafting a ‘bill’ now…to get inmates PAID.

This serves for inmates to Bargain and Demand Prison Guideline Reform. Fact!

      Here’s another fact…while every city in Amerikkka is reaping the benefits of their Protests and Demonstrations, you are about to ‘Miss the Bus’…again!! What a Peaceful Protest will do, is get reported back to City Council, State Representatives, Texas Governor, and you can set Parole Reform, and pay wages in stone.

“Unconditional Work Stoppage” will be the End of TDCJ-Oppression in ‘Mail Rooms,’ ‘Ad- Segs’…Disciplinary Offices, and Power of the Worker will be answered to, with respect as a member of the Working Class. Don’t miss out! Lay it Down! All of You! Get Together in the Name of George “Big Floyd” Floyd, who was murdered, so you can have this opportunity. Get with a Movement “Darrington,” get PAID, get Paroles!!

TDCJ is a machine for the continuation of Structural Racism, Oppression and Injustice. The elimination of this Slavery Complex would be the most Expedient Method for directly

confronting and eliminating the vast complex of the current Slavery Structures, from Police to Courts, to Prisons.

        While a great deal of attention has been paid to the brutality and violence on policy on the front end of the criminal justice process, the aims of “Black Lives Matter” would be more effectively served by focusing instead on the back end of that injustice process, the Slavery Complex of prison that creates the demand for black bodies on the front end. To make an analogy, it is more effective to eliminate the Slavers and Slave Ships (Police) by Burning the Plantations (Prisons) that create demands for Slaves in the first place. 

The difference today is Legislators and Executives are for the Anti-Prison Slavery Complex, – so Peaceful Demonstrations not only serve to Empower the People, but for these ‘Execs and Legislators’ to show their colleagues that they are being heard, and that Prisoners are simply asking for what has been way overdue. In 2021, Darrington Unit can make History in Texas, for the entire Prison System, – by Peacefully Laying it Down.

        Black and Brown communities are the hardest hit and are expected to Rise-Up to the occasion, to let Texas know, we care moving with the City Council Members, and State Representatives in Ending Texas Prison Slavery. 

        We must employ Direct-Action, exercising our own power. To Truly Transform the Reality of the Slave Complex and the world we inhabit, we cannot employ reformist strategies appealing to those in power…We Move as One Voice, the Workers Voice…let them figure out the rest. All you gotta’ do is Lay it Down!! And get your Families to contact Media, so the Peaceful Demonstrations is treated with respect. Personally, I’ve Laid it Down since September – and August, in Solidarity with the BLM Movement, and as an organizer with the IWW- IWOC.

        Since a New Direct-Action Campaign is going to be required, to confront the ‘loser’ TDCJ Slave-Holding Committee’s, “I’m listening to all Feedback, Negative, Mediocre, Positive,” – I am listening, and so are my facilitators on the outside. my media connections are prepared to listen to your families’ concerns and are on standby. It is time to bring Slavery to an End.

        The Final Chapter on the History of Slavers in Amerikkka, like the first chapter, will

be written in blood and ashes. With this proposal reaching your hands, and with these ideas reaching your mind…all of you have an opportunity to be a part of History.

Slavery is and can become History again.

Solidarity for Darrington.

Unconditional Work Stoppage to End Texas Prison Slavery. Giving Birth to a New Way of Life, Out of the Ashes of the Old.


Rest in Power!

George “Big Floyd” Floyd

“3rd Ward / H-Town”

         COMRADE “Z”

         Darrington Unit

         IWW-IWOC Texas

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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