Texas Slave Complex (Konsentrationslager Darrington) – by Julio A. “Comrade Z” Zuniga

Dear Anarchists,

It would appear that our goals for humanitarian awareness to be brought to the ass-backwards State of Fuckery, Texas, and the Texas Department of Minimal Justice are beginning to take shape. To all our supports: we appreciate you, and we ask that you continue to ride the storm with us. My current situation has me thinking about the future of our campaigns in Texas and the direction it is taking.

I am making it officially known my goal to bring to fruition an unconditional work stoppage. It is going to take understanding and solidarity. Offenders will know that in “no way” do I condone violence on any TDCJ officers. We as a union will not bow down or sink down to that level of “swine”. Our peaceful demonstration of refusal to continue to slave for the State is to force and agitate the powers that be, and to pay Texas workers in TDCJ. Just as they charge you for “medical”, “indigent mail”, “craft shop”, etc. it makes absolutely no sense that any man should not be paid to work, to pay his way through life in TDCJ, to afford basic hygiene products, and pay for phone calls and medical independently.

Every unit in Texas that is ready to get paid: “Stop Texas Slavery” is going to be the first message we all need to send to our oppressors. “Sabotage on Texas Farm Equipment” has really started trending in Texas. My heart goes out to John Deere. Rest in Pieces, or Rust in Pieces. Whatever.

If you agree with taking workers’ power back into the hands of the people I am asking every Texas inmate and staff member to contact my current branch of Industrial Workers of the World-Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee in Kansas City, Missouri. Send your letters of support and solidarity directly to:

c/o Brianna Peril


PO Box 414304

Kansas City, MO 64141


IWW General Headquarters

PO Box 180195

Chicago, IL 60618

Subject: “Standin’ with Z in TDCJ”

I am going to continue to organize and I am officially forming the first Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee-Texas Branch. So, if you are a “man in white” or “woman in white”, we do not discriminate based on gender. This is a revolutionary movement on a grand scale and we are recruiting members now in Texas. Due to high rate of administrative retaliation we advice “sex offenders” to stand down. We appreciate you standing with us, but we cannot allow that image to hinder our movement.

To all of my future comrades in the struggle, I share some writings of a friend known all over the country for organizing nationwide work stoppage in America: Anarchist Sean Swain, regular guest on The Final Straw Radio with Bursts O’Goodness as host:

Excerpt from Freedom: The Insight, Rage & Fury of Political Prisoner Sean Swain

In the following analysis, I have attempted to demonstrate how tools of cultural genocide that have been honed throughout US history are now employed effectively and with predictable results upon the imprisoned. I describe processes as I have witnessed them in operation and I attribute to the State as a motive for their current use, consistent with the State’s motive for their previous uses. However, you will note in the title that I have used the term “culture war” rather than “cultural genocide”.

I do this because, possibly to my own detriment, I am not qualified to argue that “the imprisoned” compose a particular class or group, that we share a unified identity that makes us the geno against which genocide is employed.

Such an argument becomes difficult because the State contends it treats prisoners as it does not for what we are but for what we do. In previous eras, Native Americans were targeted for who they were, not for what they did. Slaves too were subjected to cultural genocide for who they were.

While the same weapons and methods employed in the genocide of both of those groups are now employed by the State against the imprisoned, the State has a a veneer of legitimacy when it claims it targets us for what we have done and not for who we are!

Of course, this is a lie. One may effectively argue as well that it is more than just ironic that the minority groups targeted for cultural genocide now comprise the majority of the imprisoned, against whom the same methods of genocide are being employed. When these arguments are made effectively, and they should be, I will gladly change the title of this analysis from “cultural war” to “cultural genocide”. I firmly believe the imprisoned represent a specific group: the potential revolutionary, the most likely to defy the demands of a fascist, reactionary control State.

I believe we are the new savages, the new slaves, and we are subject to cultural genocide at the hands of a ruthless state not for what we do, but for the potential of who we would otherwise become if not for the cultural genocide.

In other words, this cultural genocide is designed to assassinate Crazy House or Malcolm X, to abort Cochise and Assasta Shakur while they are still in the womb, before they ever actualize! The State has adopted the philosophy that Bob Marley eloquently attributes to Sheriff John Brown: “Kill it before it grows”.

Kill it before it grows. The State kills the revolutionary potential of the proletariat. That is the true function of the prison slave complex as it employs the tools of cultural genocide.

“The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed”

-Stephen Biko

“(The colonized) do not need to be exterminated anymore. No, the most urgent thing is to humiliate them, to wipe out the pride in their hearts, to reduce them to the level of animals. The body will be allowed to live on, but the spirit will be destroyed. Tame, train, punish: those are the words that obsess the colonizer”

-Ward Churchill

“The people, and the people alone, are the motive force in the making of history”

-Mao Zedong

This is the time to unite for the biggest issues in Texas: parole legislation change, pay wages for all workers in Texas, end of prison slavery, end of solitary confinement. Industrial Workers of the World has our back, with the tools and man power, girl power, solidarity, direct action to take the power back, to end the oppression in TDCJ. No more free labor until we see legislation set it in stone. Parole, pay wages, end Texecution, solitary confinement, end the tradition of Texas sanctioned slavery.

Texas is way too far behind in the Criminal Justice game. We should be the example to all our smaller states. Let’s get our rights back. Unite: “Unconditional Work Stoppage” until we get our shit back in our favor.

Go to Brianna Peril at IWOC-KC and raise up on TDCJ. It’s over with. They gotta pay. Unite. Unite. Unite. Drop all forms of free labor until they get their hearts right at Texas State Capital. See for yourself. Join the One Big Union.

Shout out to: Alexa O, Laura B, Francisca L, Matt B, Richard H, Brianna P

Solidarity and Sabotage,


IG: @julioazunigaart

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"Contains material solely for the purpose of achieving breakdown of prison through disruption" -Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice mailroom

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