CLDC Files Civil Rights Suit On Behalf of Anti-Racist Political Prisoner Eric King


Contact:  Lauren Regan, CLDC Executive Director and Senior Staff Attorney or (541) 687-9180

CLDC Files Civil Rights Suit On Behalf of Anti-Racist Political Prisoner Eric King

Eugene, OR —Today, the Civil Liberties Defense Center filed a federal civil rights lawsuit under Bivens v. Six Unnamed Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 403 U.S. 388 (1971), the Federal Tort Claims Act, and the Administrative Procedure Act, against the Federal Bureau of Prisons (“BOP”) and more than 40 of its correctional officers. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Eric King, whose constitutional rights have been continually violated since 2018 in retaliation for his political and anti-racist actions while incarcerated. The complaint alleges that BOP officers have collaborated with each other, and with white supremacist prisoners, to target, harass, and assault Mr. King. Moreover, King has been held in solitary confinement (the Special Housing Unit, or SHU) for over 1,000 days with no explanation or legal justification, in violation of BOP and federal statutory policy. He is currently one of only 80 people who have been held in the SHU for more than a year, let alone almost three years.

“I’m a human being with a family. I’ve been treated deplorably. For the last two years I’ve been stuck in a 6′ x 9′ cage, denied access to my family and my lawyers, and subjected to physical and emotional torture. They’ve done this because of my beliefs, not because of my actions – not because I’m a violent person, but because I disagree with their government. They treat me like I am not a human, and in doing so they reveal they are the true monsters. It shows how horrible this system is, not how horrible I am,” King said.

Eric King is an anarchist political prisoner serving a 10-year sentence for attempted arson of a government official’s office in Kansas City, Missouri, in September 2014. He acted in solidarity with the Ferguson uprising and rebellion — a movement that took place over the summer of 2014 in response to the Ferguson police murder of Michael Brown. At his sentencing, Eric spoke on the record about his political motivations for committing his criminal act, saying “The government in this country is disgusting. The way they treat poor people, the way they treat brown people, the way they treat everyone that’s not in the class of white and male is disgusting, patriarchal, filthy, and racist.”

“Eric King has faced chronic, targeted harassment, as well as severe emotional and physical torture, from BOP officers and known white supremacists working together, for over two years while held in solitary confinement. We reasonably believe this treatment has been in retaliation for his political views and First Amendment-protected activity. It is not acceptable or constitutional, and CLDC will not allow Mr. King’s civil rights to be eviscerated. He justly demands basic human respect and decent conditions. This type of abuse is rampant across the BOP, and needs to be condemned, and the federal criminal punishment system must be held to account,” said Lauren Regan, one of Mr. King’s attorneys with the  Civil Liberties Defense Center.

One incident of harassment and torture occurred in 2018, when King was ordered by correctional officers to a small storage room and office, where he was verbally and physically attacked. The black eye he suffered as a result of this attack is visible in the photograph to the right.

In the aftermath of this attack, the guard claimed King had attacked him, and as a result, King was placed in restraints for over eight hours, without any clothing or blankets. While he was restrained, BOP guards further tortured him by threatening, suffocating and strangling him.


Above left, King on his wedding day in 2016. Above right, four days after the attack, with a visible black eye.   

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The Civil Liberties Defense Center supports movements that seek to dismantle the political and economic structures at the root of social inequality and environmental destruction.

More about Eric Kingweb:

Who Benefits From Drug Laws? – by Steve McCain

What we need now is less, not more. Drug laws perpetuate crime, which, in turn, perpetuates poverty in a never ending cycle. Is a poor child, who grows up surrounded by drugs and their trappings, more likely to become a stock broker or a drug dealer as an adult? Conversely, is the rich child, who is born into the midst of success, more likely to succeed or fail in life? The children have no control over the environment into which they are born, but it has much control over them.

Drug laws do not make society safer. This is an evil lie. They, in fact, make society more dangerous. They are tools used by the government to control and repress the poor. And who is poverty’s largest constituant? The more things change, the more they remain the same. Who benefits from drug las? You decide.

Drug laws are not the only cause of mass incarceration, but they are a major contributor; likely, in fact, the single largest contributor. A recent statistic proclaimed the 22% of today’s prison population is charged with non-violent drug offenses. Falling into this category are approximately 500,000 individuals, but this statistic is misleading; it is artificially low. Multiple offenses ome to be labeled by the criminal justice system as “habitual criminality” rather than minor non-violence drug offenses. These are not included in the 22% figure above. Also not included, but must be considered, are offenses associated with illegal drugs that would not have occurred were drugs not illegal. For example: were drugs legal there would be no more drug deals to go ad, and no one to get gunned down because of it. This, of course, is a simplified exmple. In reality, the percentage quote above is likely half the truth.

Criminal Injustice – by Steven McCain

Contrary to what some may believe – I myself was in this camp upon a time, that the US Criminal Justice System is not broken. On the contrary, it is functioning as intended. There is a myth told; no, worse, than a myth, a lie; that prisons make society safer. With but few exceptions, they do the exact opposite, and the criminal justice system at large is no less evil. The wheel, with all of its cogs, makes the strong stronger, the weak weaker, the rich richer, and the poor poorer. Indeed, it works like a fine timepiece. To describe the system as ever having been just would be a misnomer, but perhaps there was a time when it was closer to that than it is today.

The public is driven to outrage by unnecessary police violence, and they react (sometimes violently) to it. They do so because much of it occurs in plain view and is reported on by the Press and private citizens alike. But let us consider that portion of police misconduct which is not “violent”, but is hidden from the public view (e.g. falsifying reports, planting evidence, lying in court, etc.). Should not the public be all the more outrages by misconduct hidden from them? After all, if the police are so bold as to become unnecessarily violent while in front of the camera, what ravages might they be committing from behind it?

Worse yet, the violence and misconduct committed by the police is but one small piece of a much larger criminal justice system puzzle. Worse by far, because they are veiled from public view, is the US prison systemwith their more than 6,000 facilities, which, along with federal and state prisons, include: prisons in US imperial territories, military prisons, local jails, Indian country jails, juvenile detention facilities, Immigrant and Customs Enforcement facilities, civil commitment facilities, and likely some facilities that are unknown to all but those with a “Need to Know”. Prison operations differ from police operations – and are more dangerous because of this difference – in that they operate in near complete opacity. Prisons match the police in violent deaths at the hands of their stuff, though the public seldom learns of such, and surpasses them by every other measure of misconduct. On average, six people per day (nearly 2,200 yearly) die violent deaths in the US at the hands of police or prison staff, with the split being more or les equal. Beyond this violent death toll lie a large number of deaths that are attributable to neglect or indifference; but in the end, dead is dead. Whether by violence, neglect, or indifference makes no difference, There are other injuries, hurts and wrongs (both physical and mental) that do not result in death.

Does the violence and misconduct stop with the police and prisons? Hardly. These, in fact, are the least of the lot, but what lies beyond is invisible to the general public audience. It is, however, no less real because of the fact. Let us, then, take the next rung on this ladder and consider prosecutors. Of the US’s wrongful convictions that have thus far resulted in the exoneration of the person convicted, prosecutorial misconduct was cited as a contributing factor in more than fifty-percent of those cases. This suggests, at least in potential, that more than half of the prosecutors in the US are harboring questionable ethics. Could any of these prosecutors be acting out of malice? Former Dallas County Texas District Attorney, Henry Wade, has been quoted as saying, “Guilty ones are easy to convict. It takes real effort to convict the innocent.” (Criminal Legal News, vol. 1 No. 13, Dec. 2018, p.38) Does this sound malicious to you?

Further up this ladder we find judges and their misconduct and, further still, we find politicians and other influencers, but their misconducts are harder to identify and even more so to prove. They are well protected and have many minions to absorb the blame.

They Will Never Kill The Beautiful Idea – by Comrade Z

For many decades, white elites in the South used the punishment system to transfer wealth, confiscate land, and preserve racial hierarchy through convict leasing – that is criminalizing people so that their bodies could be forced to work for profit. In contemporary prisons throughout the United States, 800,000 people work long hours every day in often dangerous conditions with miniscule wages to afford to purchase basic necessities sold by other private corporations inside prison walls. In this way, prisoners work to afford phone calls to their families or toilet paper, soap and nutritious food, needs that the prisons create in order to coerce this labor. This ubiquitous overcharging of prisoners and their families for necessities and the monetizing of human contact with one’s family are not based on what would help improve health, wellness, and community safety during or after release from prison, but on what maximizes profit.”

Most people are not putting any pressure on TDCJ to pay reparations to the Sugarland 95’s families. Most people care not that one of those slaves was a woman. This is classic tactical erasure of the true face of Texas politics and the Minimal Justice System that is still using these racist and atrocious modes of operation of an outdated form of prison use. After long hours of studying the language of crooked-ass politicians, nobody seems to care that these white elites are saying “Fuck you black and brown slaves, poor whites too. We choose who votes and how.” Nobody is calling for the governor’s resignation after the snowmaggedon that he intentionally caused by siding with Big Energy to turn a blind-eye to climate change. Neanderthal Abbott did just like his idol Cheetah Trump. Nobody has called it for what it is: corruption.

It is obvious, when we put our blinders down, Texas government has more contracts with authoritarian communist countries for our daily products. TDCJ is supporting global capitalism while millions are on unemployment.

I’m here to give you facts. Darrington Unit is drinking contaminated water. Inmates are being denied vital medical procedures and life saving treatments. Heating was broken during the arctic blast. Air conditioning is on the unit, but not mfor prisoners. The prison staff has industrial York air conditining and heating units that can heat or cool the Empire State Building, and the slaves making $100,000,000 a year of profits for the Corruption Agency prison slavery company TDCJ get nothing. We get thrown in solitary confinement for speaking out about it. I’m a living witness who just survived an all-out attack on my life by TDCJ-Huntsville for exposing corrupt officers who were entrapping inmates with contraband during a pandemic lockdown where “no visitors” were present. Brazoria County district attorney, judges, and local authorities all knew about it. When I told them I was being attacked and retaliated on, they ran to TDCJ-Huntsville to inform them of a whistleblower. The attempt on my life was psychologically difficult to cope with. It still is, because I can’t see why a man without behavioral problems is being treated like Hannibal the Cannibal.

I am able to cope with the stress, anguish and mental pain now because of my amazing supporters forcing the TDCJ-HQ to answer for my repression. There are two Texas Local Charter IWOCs in TDCJ in full operation and more will be coming. This shows that Texas loves slaving Mexicans and blacks to death. They are still dehumanizing, isolating, discriminating and breaking minds, just to make a buck.

People – this ends now. I’m here to tell you just because you can’t see it does not mean it’s not happening. Huntsville has never been challenged by one man to this degree and what these idiots fail to recognize is that by attempting to kill me, they’ve already lost. They showed a weakness that in prison, you never show. Now, these wannabe criminals will learn that the IWW-Houston and Texas Local-IU 613 is here to stay and they could kill the man, just as they killed the Sugarland 95, but they will never kill the revolution, or the beautiful idea.

I’m back y’all. I was under heavy fire, but a simple inconvenience will not deter me from trying to save your loved ones from the prison slaveholding agency TDCJ. Shoutout to the directors who tried to kill me by using peon wardens and officers. Nice try. You have the wrong guy! As I walk with my head held high, I encourage people to seek the truth and expose all unconsitutional violations in TDCJ unis. Right now you can force change. Shoutout to The Final Straw Radio for holding me down and to TLC-IWOC. We are moving on the state capital.

Please donate to our anarchist media outlet Mongoose Distro:

Solidarity and Sabotage,


Texas Local 613 IWOC

Zombie Regrets – by Eric King

I’m sorry, I ruined the party  

caused a big mess in the lobby 

I’m sorry I killed your best friend 

had to eat your intestines  

I’m sorry I broke your hot plate 

feel bad, for eating your hot face  

I’m sorry, that you weren’t ready 

treated guts like they were spaghetti  

I’m sorry I caused that car crash 

licked your brains off the dash  

I’m sorry I picked up your scent  

You should have been faster,  

I left your fingerprints  

I’m sorry I caused such a big wreck  

That my teeth ripped out your neck  

I’m sorry you tripped while running  

I drove straight in your tummy  

I’m sorry I ate your grandparents 

while you, we’re out running errands. 

I’m sorry I tracked in all that mud. 

Had a, fresh glass of your blood 

I’m sorry I smashed the movie 

And I jut caught Suzy 

I’m sorry that I looked so ghastly 

That I had to eat you last night….

More books have been added to Eric’s wishlist. He has been in segregation for over 700 days. Please share or buy one if you can.

You Are The Resistance (April 11, 2021) – by Sean Swain, from The Final Straw Radio


This week’s episode of the Final Straw has a section by Sean Swain talking about repression against prisoners including both Z in Texas and the hunger strikers in Ohio, here’s a transcription of it:

“We’re three months into the Biden administration, which was promised to be a nationwide kumbaya moment.

But simultaneously, it appears the fascist police state is really concentrating its power, particularly with regard to the captives in the prison complex. It almost seems that the Fartgoblin Bullies of Intimidations are ramping up their illegal counter-intelligence program that they never really disbanded.

I started the Biden term on black site status, completely silenced illegally for six months after a Virginia Department of Corrections operative exchanged multiple emails with the FBI. But I’m not alone.

Fellow anarchist prisoner Julio Zuniga in Texas, has been experiencing the same program of torment for ten months. In recent updates, Z describes getting bogus charges, having his communications obstructed, getting his prison account frozen, and getting blocked from the law library, so he can’t challenge the illegal repression.

Z attributed the following justification to his captors:

“You’re an anarchist, Mister Zuniga. You asked for the mistreatment. You are making us discriminate against you. You are forcing us to hold your meals, supplements and medical. You are forcing us to hold your mail and open your privileged mail. You are an anarchist.

And that is why you are being punished. If we can’t physically or psychologically kill you, we’ll starve you. We won’t allow your family to put money on your books. You won’t have access to the world. You’re an anarchist.”

Mmhm. That sounds about right.

That is the attitude. State terrorists always blame you for their sociopathy.

If only Z didn’t have better ideas than them, they wouldn’t have to be thought-Nazis.

Makes you wonder if Darrington Correctional Warden Armstrong, or some other fascist for the TDCJ, exchanged a few emails with the FBI before tormenting Z for his beliefs.

You can get updates on Z at or on instagram at @MongooseDistro. Z’s artwork, including a stunning portrait he did of my dad when he found out my dad died, can be found at @JulioZunigaArt on instagram. Send funds to Z through @MongooseDistro and folks there will make sure he gets them.

Eric King has had a pretty lousy Biden administration, too. He’s been held in segregation at FCI Englewood for more than eighteen months. He’s facing more than twenty years for getting assaulted by a prison guard. He’s been black sited, just like Z and me, and he’s received bogus incident reports just to justify the torment. It makes you wonder if somebody at the Bureau of Prisons exchanged emails with the FBI before all his nonsense started.

Check out, and

Not all the prisoners subjected to state terror are self-identifying anarchists.

At Toledo Correctional a number of prisoners are on hunger strike protest of the intolerable conditions of long-term segregation there, now called ERH or Extended Restrictive Housing.

Prisoner Mark Hinkston has been more than forty days on a hunger strike and David Easley has joined him, recently being given hundred and twenty days in solitary despite policy 53CLS04 which caps solitary at twenty-nine days, not 120.

Easley is facing two to five years, accused of assaulting two officers who assaulted him. Sound familiar? It’s the same scenario as Eric King. Easley’s communications are blocked, just like the rest of us.

Easley and Hinkston have engaged in self-harm, cutting themselves, which is pretty common for folks subjected to long-term state terror. James Harris, Jr, one of the other prisoners has also engaged in self-harm and instead of mental health or medical care, he got the hot end of a can of mace before the officer tried to break his wrist in the food slot.

The hunger strikers report that the Warden, Harold May, has ordered staff to not provide mental health or medical care for the hunger strikers, and has forbidden trips to the outside hospital. In other words, May is taking the Margaret Thatcher approach and intends to kill the hunger strikers to teach them, and everyone else, a lesson. He seems like a sweet guy. If you want to email him, his email is Harold.May@ODRC.State.OH.US. Tell him how him how wonderful he is.

It seems the staff there are following his orders: hunger strikers report that Andrea Leslie on the medical staff used to laugh and taunt the hunger strikers, who were pleading for help.

She has since resigned or got fired after some kind of a scandal.

Kind of makes you wonder if those jack-wagons were plotting by email with the FBI before employing state terror. Not sure who the ODRC’s FBI agency liaison is these days, because the former liaison, Trevor Clark, now works at the Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, after grabbing my balls. At any rate, that’s what the Toledo Correctional hunger strikers are up against. To support these guys, go to @DecarcerateOhio_33 on instagram or DecarcerateOhio.NoBlogs.Org.

You can check out my partner Lauren’s video presentation on all this on instagram at Swainiac1969. Lauren’s really awesome. And adorable.

This is anarchist prisoner Sean Swain in exile from Ohio at Buckingham Correctional in Dillwyn, Virginia. If the Biden-era FBI is emailing prison fart-goblins to silence you, you are the resistance!

A Cautionary Tale – by Joshua Cook

From: Joshua Cooke. Sussex I State Prison in Waverly, VA:

“The Matrix Killer”. That’s what the media decided to call me. It’s a misnomer really, but yet when it comes to the subject of violent media affecting a young person’s mind, I do happen to have a certain perspective on it that others may not. Especially since I would end up shooting my mother and father to death at 19 years of age. (And since I had aspirations of being a school mass shooter). I was severely addicted to violent video games for years as a teen, and also to violent movies like “The Matrix”. There was a time when I would spend 12 hours a day playing violent video games like Grand Theft Auto, Doom, and Resident Evil. I was a young, impressionable, naive kid with undiagnosed mental health problems. I had become a perfect storm of calamity. A pressure cooker waiting to explode. And I did end up doing so. I have always taken responsibility for my actions in killing my mother and father, yet I think I can honestly say that if I hadn’t had the pervasive violent media around me day after day, week and week, I think my chances of ending up here in prison now would have been greatly reduced. I know that not everyone who immerses themselves in violent media commits crimes. We all know this. But there are millions of people all over the world who should never be subjected to such things, because they don’t fully understand the road they are on and its destination. Everyone’s not the same. Some of us have an (unknown) predisposition to become violent after submerging in violent media. Unknown to myself that was the case too. I was the product of two parents who were mentally ill, paranoid schizophrenics. (My biological parents that is). I was adopted at age 6 and did not know anything about the biological determinism I had inherited from the them. My whole life I never knew anything about them, and my adoptive parents would end up on the receiving end of the results of violent media and mental illness.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to do interviews with the media about my case in regards to violent media. And the main underlying message I always have to say is this: To any parents out there. Beware of the hidden dangers that arise through violent media. It is not a joke. If you do not keep a persistent track of what your child is letting in through their eyes and ears, the results can be devastating and truly tragic. This violence affects younger people more than they even realize at the time. I know from personal experience. This is not to say they too will commit murder but at the least it can turn them into violent, aggressive people in general. Prone to fights and discord in the family and in school. You may not even know, but serious mental illness problems can be brewing right this moment in your kids as they absorb the violence (through their eye gate and ear gate) and you don’t even know it. Beware. Keep track of what they’re doing on the internet and with violent media. I say again. Beware. And take heed of this cautionary tale.
God bless.